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Página 66 - Touching the duty of the Speaker. 1. He shall take the Chair every day precisely at the hour to which the House shall have adjourned on the preceding day; shall immediately call the members to order; and, on the appearance of a quorum, shall cause the Journal of the preceding day to be read.
Página 82 - Provided, That nothing in this section shall be so construed as to prevent the employment of a seamstress by any family for manufacturing articles for such family use. None of...
Página 125 - Teachers are authorized to require excuses from the parents or guardians of pupils, either in person or by written note, in all cases of absence or tardiness, or of dismissal before the close of school.
Página 117 - ... school hours, but during the time when the pupils are on the school premises, before and after school, and during recesses. Assistants shall be held responsible for the order and discipline of their own rooms under the general direction of the Principals.
Página 111 - Every member who shall be present when a question is put, shall give his vote, unless the Board for special reasons excuse him.
Página 27 - No man ever yet made intellectual progress without intellectual labor. It is this alone that can strengthen and invigorate the noble faculties with which we are endowed. However much we may regret that we do not live a century later, because we...
Página 121 - It shall be the duty of the teachers of the schools to read to the pupils from time to time so much of the school regulations as apply to them, that they may have a clear understanding of the rules by which they are governed.
Página 115 - The power of the school committee of a town to pass all reasonable rules and regulations for the government, discipline, and management of the public schools under their general charge and superintendence is clear and unquestionable.
Página 114 - He shall visit all the schools as often as his duties will permit, and shall pay particular attention to the classification of the pupils in the several schools, and to the apportionment among the classes of the prescribed studies. In passing daily from school to school, he shall endeavor to transfer improvements and to remedy defects.
Página 28 - ... deficiencies.* A series of oral lessons, occupying fifteen minutes a day, and continued through the entire course of the Grammar Department, would be sufficient to embrace a wide range of practical exercises in common philosophy, and common things. Such a course of lessons would introduce an agreeable variety, without interfering with the successful prosecution of the other branches. If called up at the right...

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