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Read of the experience of two ambitious young
people who have entered college on the money


November 7th, 1914. CURRENT OPINION SCHOLARSHIP FUND, New York City.

Gentlemen :—The work with your company during the past summer was remunerative, pleasant and profitable and I consider it the best proposition of its kind that I ever heard of. During a working period of less than nine weeks my gross proceeds amounted to about three hundred and forthy ($340) dollars, and by working in my native city and state at very little expense, I am able to report a clear profit of over three hundred dollars (more than one hundred and fifty dollars per month) for my summer's work.

The work brought me in contact with the best people of every community and offered an unexcelled opportunity to study human nature from an entirely new viewpoint.

The courteous treatment and even cordiality with which I was received by those with whom I came in contact together with the royal treatment at your hands, made the work a pleasure. Too much cannot be said for the manner in which I was treated in my dealings with you, and knowing by actual experience that you will live up to your half of a bargain, I feel no hesitancy in saying that if a candidate fulfils his part of the contract as well, there is no reason why success should not crown his efforts.

I know of no better way in which a student can secure pecuniary means necessary for obtaining a college education than by enrolling as a candidate under the Current Opinion Scholarship Fund.

Sincerely yours,


University of Virginia.


134-140 West 29th St., New York City. Gentlemen :-I am now looking back over the summer just past and can safely say that it has been the most enjoyable and profitable vacation I have ever spent. And the reason for it all is the Current Opinion Scholarship Fund. I not only enjoyed every day of my vacation, but found myself the proud possessor of $310, the first money I have ever earned. I find that it alone almost covers my college expenses.

I have made many friends in several cities and can easily expect a hearty welcome when I revisit them next summer. And as a last remark I wish to say that there are no words of praise in the English language that are good enough for the editor and manager of this Fund. No person but Mr. Clayton could possibly take such a personal interest in each candidate. I am grateful to him and to the assistant manager for their advice which surely was a help to me in getting the Scholarship. I take a great deal of pleasure in speaking of the Scholarship Fund to my friends and I hope to be able to represent CURRENT OPINION again next summer.

Sincerely yours,
University of Cincinnati.



Ex-President of the United States.

Ex-Chamberlain of the City of New York.


Commissioner of Education, State of New York. Ex-President of Lafayette College.
Scholarship Fund,

134 W. 29th St.,
Chancellor, Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.

Editor of CURRENT OPINION. New York, N. Y.

Gentlemen :- Please send During the past six years the Current Opinion Scholarship Fund has helped me, without obligation on my

free booklet “THE over 1000 college and high-school students solve the problem of their colOPEN Door TO A COLLEGE EDUCATION," and full information about

lege expenses.

The fund is ready to help you solve your problem. the operation of the Fund.

Send at once for free booklet, The Open Door to Nome.

a College Education.' Use the handy Coupon.


134-140 West 29th Street, New York City








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Music Cabinet crush your rivals; and on the solid

at previous meetings, it was customary in
the days gone by to harbor the same feel-
ings and to pursue the same line of con-
duct in the iron and steel trade that have
been exhibited in the European conflict.
Business men struggle for revenge, or
conquest, or suppression, or other reasons

just as bad. The graves of concerns de-
The stroyed were numerous. This has lately

been testified to in open court by those

who are familiar with the subject.”
Christ -


Cooperation Replacing War

fare in Business.

S BEARING on these condi-

tions, Judge Gary quoted from

an address made by another
member of the Institute at a former oc-

casion: "The old basic principle,” so
STYLE 0, $19
ran the quotation, “was based on a dis-

Third Call for
trust of one's competitors; on the feel Christmas Dinner-
ing that, to succeed yourself, you must

yet the only response is the merry

click of the balls as mother banks There has never been a Cabinet like

belief that they were mean enough to the number 7right into the this for saving the time, bother and feel the same toward you. As a result, corner pocket. embarrassment of searching for mis

“Bully shot!'' cries Master Dick. placed music. Every selection at your every man went out knifing for his

Father groans—Thatfinishes me!” finger's end when you want to use it. competitors; and industrial panic ran

"And it also ends this hunger Made for Sheet Music, Player-Piano

like wildfire. The smaller concern went strike," adds mother. Rolls and Talking-Machine Records. down to ruin, and the stronger, which A good laugh all around. Then Cabinet illustrated is for sheet music.

they're off to the dining room, where worried through to harbor, required Mahogany and Oak, in graceful de

everybody plays the whole game over signs, beautifully finished.

at the feast! Prices financial experts to heal or hide his

* from $17.00 upward. Cash or con

wounds. No one benefited by this—all venient terms.

This is the royal sport of Carom or suffered, manufacturer and consumer

Pocket Billiards that thousands of Write for Illustrated Catalogue No. 16

alike.” Judge Gary thus proceeded in families are playing right at home! TINDALE CABINET COMPANY the same view:

And now this Christmas-give No. 1 West 34th St., New York

your own folks a scientific Brunswick

Table. Only a smallinvestment. Yet “To-day I congratulate you on your

it keeps boys home, and pays big divi. success in bringing about a new order of

dends in pleasure all your life! FOR XMAS-A TYPEWRITER! things in business. You have become well Look at these bargains ! Typewriters Rebuiltin

acquainted; you have confidence in each our own Factories, and guaranteed for one year.

other; you believe what is told you; you Remingtons 320 to $53 Royals $25 to $15

recognize the interests of your neighbor; Carom or Pocket Billiard Table

you are glad when he prospers and equally and address of nearest branch office.

sorry when he fails of success. You have AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO., Inc.. 345 Broadway, N.Y. a better and clearer understanding of

business obligations. You can faithfully

represent your stockholders, or the ownSPEND YOUR WINTER ers of your properties, and indulge in the

Brunswick "Baby Grand” keenest competition without doing any

Pocket Billiard Style thing that is destructive and oppressive Has the perfect playing qualities, the

speed and accurate angles that have won or unfair.

the world's experts to Brunswick Tables. “And so I trust that in all our delibera

Built of genuine mahogany-a master

piece of cabinet work-in sizes to fit all eines tions we bear these principles in mind.

homes. Vermont slate bed, fast imported Commercial warfare, which means de billiard cloth, and Monarch cushions

known in all lands for their life and lightstruction and oppression, should be as dis ning action. tasteful as the battles which kill and maim

30 Days' Trial- A Year to Pay the soldiers, for they are the same in peOut of the Beaten Track !

With every Brunswick Table we give a cuniary results. They are injurious to

high-class Playing Outfit free-balls, handall of those who are engaged and they tapered cues, rack, markers, table cover, January, February and March are

tips, cue clamps, expert book “How to seriously distress those who may be de Play,” etc. the joyous, outdoor months in pendent upon the concerns which are

Save all intermediate profits by buying the gorgeous, blue-laved

direct from the makers. And spread your eliminated. Without taking more time to payments throughout the year-monthly further discuss these questions, I suggest

terms as low as 20 cents a day!

Valuable new billiard book sent free, that it is to the benefit and interest of all postpaid, pictures these tables in actual of us to have each one of those engaged

colors and gives full details. Send coupon Surf Bathing, Sailing, Fishing, Tennis,

today-and learn the rousing sport thou. Golf, Court Golf, Polo, Pony Racing, in competition proportionately successful

sands are planning for Christmas. Dancing, Cycling, Driving, English Rugby,

with others; and that by all fair, honor

able and proper means we should en- I Mail For Billiard BookFREE All Winter Long!

courage these conditions. Accommodations to suit all tastes and purses. "Communities succeed or fall together. The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Steamer Service under American Flag. Three days from New York

Competitors in trade, producer and con Dept. 7G-623-633 S. Wabash Av., Chicago hours from Miami, Florida.

Please send me free color-illustrated booksumer, employer and employee, the private Winter temperature averages 72 degrees. World's individual and the public—all secure the

“Billiards — The Home Magnet” most equable climate-Inequalled as a health resort,

best results if they work together. The and details of your 30-day free trial offer. Write BAHAMAS GOVERNMENT AGENT

success of one on legitimate lines means Suite 39, 303 Fifth Ave., New York City, for Booklet

Name. the benefit of all, and the failure of one

(:39) means loss to all."




Smiths $18 to 840
Underwoods $35 to $60
L. C. Smiths $30 to $30 Oliver's $20 to $33

We have all inakes. Send for catalog



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By the


Sells for Less Than Ever Before
One slender volume, of exactly the same size and thickness, replaces every two of the
original edition. The thin paper has every advantage of the old style paper but not the cum-
bersome weight and bulk. Reading and wearing qualities are better than ever. Best of all,
this wonderful paper, expressly made for this edition, neither tears nor wrinkles easily.

volumes, bound in

soft, rich, red leather and gold'stamped

, makine Shakespeare's Every Word

which you

C. 0. 12-14

up this first Thin-Paper Edition. There are is included in this famous Booklovers. A17,000 pages. 40 magnificent full-page color

though unexpurgated, every hidden meaning plates and hundreds of rare oid woodcuts.

and obscure word is explained. This makes Knowledge of the rare value of this thin the Booklovers as interesting to read as a novel. paper Booklovers Shakespeare makes us offer For every purpose the Booklovers Edition to send you the entire set, 20 volumes, is best. Notes, commentaries, glossaries, topical charges prepaid, for

index, life, etc. (which are contained in no other

edition), are the work of famous scholars and
FREE Inspection so clear that all enjoy them.
Your name and address on the

coupon are all we ask until you Sixteen-Picture Portfolio FREE

see the set and decide for New York. yourself. If you don't like the

Presented absolutely free to early purchasers books we expect their return

of this Limited Edition. This magnificent Art Send. prepaid, for my examination, the Book.

you Portfolio consists of sixteen Shakespearean lowers Shakespeare, twenty

do like the set, just send volumes, in full limp leather

us One Dollar. The

Gravure Plates, sise 919 x 1214 inches. They at your special price of $29.50.

balance may be will beautify any home and would cost $0.50 If satisfactory, I shall pay you

paid in 81.00 within five days and $2.00 each

easy each in any art shop. With the Booklovers month until balance is paid. Other

monthly pay. Shakespeare as a cornerstone and these wo11wise, I shall notify you and hold them subject to your order. Also send. pre

derful pictures for decorations, you will have
paid, the 88.00 Art Portfolio which I am to
retain without cost if I keep the books.

the foundation of a real library. Do not neglect
the chance.

110 risk.

You should know Shakespeare as only the Booklovers will Name

acquaint you with him. Send the coupon today.

The University Society

44-60 East 23d St., New York
(If you wish cloth binding change $29.50 to $19.50)

No Other Edition Contains
the following invaluable fea
tures. They make Shakespeare
casy to read, to understand and
to appreciate.
Topical Index

can find in stantly any desired passage

in the plays and poems. Critical Comments

on the plays and characters. They are selected from the writings of Coleridge, Hoclitt, Dowden, Furnivali, Goethe, and many other world-famed

Shakespearean scholars. Glossaries

A complete one in each volume explaining every difficult,

doubtful or obsolete word. Two Sets of Notes

One for the general reader and a supplementary set for

students. Arguments

These give a condensed story of each play in clear and in

teresting prose. Study Methods

which furnish the equivalent of a college course of Shake

spearean study. Life of Shakespeare

by Dr. Israel Gollancs, with critical essays by Walter Bagehot, Leslie Stephen, Thomas Spencer Baynes, and Richard Grant White.

at our expense.



You run

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