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ncle of the young chemist, and he backed
p the nephew; but other high execu-
ves, including the founder of the firm
imself, met the new idea with strong
pposition. It was against all the firm's
Fadition and habits. To go about things
fferently looked to them like wanton
“But the soups took hold and, with
Ew selling methods, quickly recouped
e losses of the business. All the old

When you've trimmed the tree

and filled the stockings, and good oducts except were abandoned.

old St. Nick is about due by the -day we think of the great Campbell ompany only as associated with suc

chimney route, why not play 5s, with vast sales, with large adver

Santa Claus yourself to your ing appropriations. Few people know

tired wife ? Get this wonderful at the company came near overlooking

little vacuum cleaner and roll it one best bet. Except for a break in

into the room. Your wife will e old circle of ideas, except for an

be delighted, for no other gift alysis of the market, except for the

can ease her home duties like a urage to conduct radical experimentscept for these things we never should ve known Campbell's soups.”

Making the Dollar

Watch Go.
HE Ingersoll watch furnishes Mr.

Be sure
Woolley with another case in

she gets this new No. 11

Western Electric Cleaner-the cleaner point. It was first sold on the

NOT built like a broom. Guaranteed nil-order plan. The trouble with the

by the world's largest distributors of in was that the cost of doing busi

electrical supplies. Can be attached to 5s was prohibitive. Some different

any electric light socket. Dust bag

rests on a light, rigid frame which nd of selling plan seemed necessary.

makes handling easy and allows jewelry store, of course, was the

cleaner to be hung away on a ical place in which to sell a watch.

closet hook. Price $32.50, int not the Ingersoll watch. Jewelers

cluding extension nozzle for

cleaning under furniture, re after more profit than they could ke on a dollar watch.

Write for details of this

machine and the name of Here, then, was a place to break away

our nearest agent. Ask m the circle of tradition. But how?

for Booklet No. 13-AB. we look back to-day, it seems very y and simple, but in those days the a was bold and original—and impose, some people said. Watches for sale in a hardware store! tches in drug stores! Watches in genI merchandise stores! grocery stores! -cle stores! Watches at railway newsads! It was absurd.

WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY But the Ingersolls had got out of tine thinking. The so-called impossi

looked thoroly feasible. In fact, it ked like the logical way.

To do it uired additional thinking and much r, and untiring persistence in their Statement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc.

FREE: inal sales campaigns and their adver

of CURRENT OPINION, published monthly ait New ng. But they did it.”

York, N. Y., required by the Act of August 24, 1912.

AN ENDLESS CHAIN OF Edward J. Wheeler, 134 W. 29th st., New York, N.Y.

Will You Help


Edward J. Wheeler, 134 W. 29th st., New York, N.Y. THE

STORY is told by Franklin Fish Adam Dingwall, 134 W. 29th st., New York, N. Y. SALVATION

ler in Moody's Magasine of a Current Literature }134 W. 29th st., NewYork, N.Y.
sanguine and trusting investor

ARMY went to a banker and asked for an

OWNERS: (If a corporation give names and addresses LASSIES estment which would be absolutely

of stockholders holding i per cent or more of total
amount of stock.)

Throughout the -, enhance considerably in value in

Current Literature}

134 W. 29th st., NewYork, N.Y. course of time and yield a

supply con

Leonard D. Abbott, 2038 B'thgate av. New York, N.Y. rable return on the investment dur

Adam Dingwall, 134 West 29th st., New York, N.Y. 300,000

Anna C. Ewing, 1067 H st., N.W. Washington, D.C. the process of enhancement. The

Thomas Ewing, 1067 H st., N.W. Washington, 1).C. Poor People ker told the investor that he would Isaac H. Ford, 1412 N st., N.W. Washington, D.C.

with E. W. Ordway, 1093 Dean st., Brooklyn, NY. such an investment in the pot of

E. J. Wheeler, 134 West 29th st., New York, N. Y. CHRISTMAS 1 at the foot of the rainbow. But Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security

DINNERS. holders, holding i per cent. or more of total amount he went on to tell of a plan that

of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: none.

Adam Dingwall Les pretty near to fulfilling these Sworn to and subscribed before me this first day MISS BOOTH

of October, 1914.

Pauline K. Schlotter, sued by a solid citizen, a neighbor It was a plan (SEAL)

Certificate filed in New York County, Western Dept., Commissioner Estill, 108 N.Dearboro St., Chicago

Notary Public Westchester County. 118 W, 14th Street, New York City (My commission expires March 31, 1915.)

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United States to

Send Donations to


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ered all these years. So when he began to get an income from common stock he cut loose. Every cent his common stock has brought in he has invested in purely speculative ventures, buying a few shares now and then as his funds would permitthat is, his funds for that purpose, the invested in mining stock-gold, silver, co per, coal, and lead. He has bought #1 shares, public service flotations-anythi

and not too heavily watered.”

of the banker, who, twenty years ago, had saved a little money and wanted to

invest it. He had about $1,000, and Alone in your office, inspiration never escapes you. It dictate

with that he bought a good, safe railmay be a letter, a memorandum to your assistant, a consectophone

road bond that brought him in 5 per firmation of a telephone call, or, perhaps, a memorandum to yourself as a reminder, but the Dictaphone gets it all,

cent. Next year he saved another Reg.U.S. Pat.Off. instantly, silently and accurately.

$1,000, and bought another bond-not Your train of thought, your flow of language is never chilled, never

of the same issue, but a bond equally choked by the consciousness of the stenographer's presence. The

as safe. Every year since he has made Dictaphone never asks you to repeat, never suggests that you talk slower when you wax enthusiastic and dictate rapidly.

it a rule to save his $1,000, and every And your letters are transcribed quicker, better, more accurately

year he has bought a bond. He manand at less cost.

aged never to miss a year. THE DICTAPHONE

“The income from his bonds he has inSuite 2206, Woolworth Building, N. Y.

vested each year in good, safe, dividendStores in the principal cities

paying preferred stock, something that dealers everywhere

would bring him in an average of between "Your Day's Work”

six and seven per cent on the amount ina book we should like to send you

vested. For instance, the first year of his career as a bondholder he received something like $50 in interest. He put that in the savings bank, where in the course of the next year it earned $2. The second year he had, of course, two bonds, and the interest amounted to something like $100. With that and a little more from his sayings-bank account he bought his first share

of preferred stock.”

turers want Owen patents. Send for 3 free
books; inventions wanted, etc. I get patent or

The Story of a Suc. no fee. Manufacturing facilities,

cessful Investor. "Gaumer lighting every where follows the evening glow" RICHARD B. OWEN, 12 Owen Bldg., Washington, D. C.

E HAS followed the same plan Print Your Own

ever since. As soon as he gets Cards, circulars, book, newspaper, &c. PRESS

the interest from his bonds into $5. Larger $18. Rotary $60. Save money. Print for others. All easy, rules sent. Write factory his hands he buys preferred stock–

for press catalog, TYPE, cards, paper, sam. EXCELSIOR ples, &c.

for THE PRESS CO., Meriden, Conn. many shares as his funds will pay

in full. He buys outright, never on MAKE STORY-WRITING TAUGHT MAL margin. The story goes on:

MSS. criticized, revised, and typed; also, soldi
let, "WRITING FOR PROFIT." tells how,

“Now, all these years, of course, our WRITING

friend has been receiving an income from tion, Dept. 41, Indianapolis, Ind.

his preferred stock. It wasn't much at We will compose first, naturally, for all he had to start with

music to your was one share, and that brought him in verses and arrange for publication immediately. only about $7 a year.

But gradually, as Write today. .010182

Dugdale Co., Studio 296, Washington, D. C.

he has increased his holdings of preferred HIGH-CLASS RESEARCH stock, his income from that source has for Speakers, Writers, Lecturers, Debators. Reliable data and grown, and now it is considerable. Al material gathered for speeches, debates, essays, special articles. Up-to-date information on any subject and other literary assistance. in he has invested in dividend-paying com

that his preferred stock has brought him A Gift of Lasting Beauty. IERALD RESEARCIL BCREAL', 1.531 Broadway, N, T.

mon stock the best he could find accordGAUME R Hand Wrought Portables are noted for their distinctive style and

ing to his judgment. Some of it is railtheir guaranteed finish.

THE road stock, and some of it industrial; his Ask your dealer for our Guarantee Tag with every purchase.

Portfolio on request. Address Dept. L.


bonds and preferred stock are both varied

the same way. He doesn't hold much of Biddle-Gaumer Company

LAMP (Formerly John L.Gaumer Co.)

any one issue. He has picked up one or 3846 to 3856 Lancaster Avenue, PHILADELPHIA

two bad ones, but his losses have been


"His common stock brings him in a little more than 8 per cent Investing in common stock, of course, is more or less of a speculation under almost any circumstances, but it wasn't enough of a specu

lation to satisfy the latent gambling fever For over three years European motorists have been getting from 10,000 BESKNE TABLE LAMPS

in this man—the fever that he had smoth-
to 15,000 miles out of their tires by
"half-soling” them with Steel Studded

The Emeralite" Floor Lamp is the ideal

eye-resting lamp for the library or den.
In eight months 20,000 American

Like all "Emeralite" Lamps, it has the motorists have followed' their example

scientifically adjustable shade-emerald and are saving $50. to $200. a year

green glass outside, opal inside-that conin tire expense.

centrates a strong daylight-white" licht

exactly where you want it. No hurtful We Ship On Approval without a

glare, no annoying shadows.

Just an posit, prepay the express and allow you

even, soothing brightness.
to be the judge.

Booklet Free-Shows in actual colors
Durable Treads double the life of your

the thirty different styles of "Emeralite" returns from his common
tires and are sold under a signed guaran-

Lamp, for ofice, library, parlor, sicktee for 5000 miles without puncture.

room, piano, etc.
Applied in your own garage in 30 minutes.

Dealers Everywhere Can Supply You
Special Discount offered to motorists in

H. G. MCFADDIN & Co. shipment direct from factory. A portal will get full in

54 Warren Street, formation and sample within a week. State size of tires, Don't wait-write today. Address nearest factory office.

THE COLORADO TIRE & LEATHER CO. 345 z West Austin Ave., Chicago, II. 1320 Acoma St., Denver, Cold


on cominission. Big story contest. Free book.

gives proor.

The National Press Associa



Don't Throw Away
Your Worn Tires

stock. He has




To-day, after twenty years, this man has from his first class of investments bonds worth $20,000 or

more; from his second, preferred stock worth easily $12,500; and from his third, common stock that in normal market he could sell for $6,000. In addition he has his purely speculative investments —those that have turned out well—and they are worth perhaps, all told, $20,000. Now he has started at the beginning again, with a new cycle; that is to say, all the money he gets from his fourth line of investments—mining stocks, etc., he puts into bonds.

Our Business Strategy

has Outdone the War's


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HIS is a story of business strategy

of foresightedness and prepara.
tion. It is the history of how one
American manufacturing business

has fostered a domestic source of, supply. It is the story, in brief, of the bond paper business.

0Bond paper is made of rags. It takes several thousand tons of rags to keep a

THEN the war broke, the importation single modern paper machine running a

of rags was curtailed. Makers of year. The collection and preparation of

bond papers turned to domestic rags for bond paper is an industry of no

sources of material and flattered mean importance. But this industry has

themselves that they were supe always had its center in Europe. Hamburg porting American industry. But now who and Antwerp have been two of the hubs - 'gets the first choice of the American paper around which the rag industry revolveda material market? Not those who have been

driven to buying American material. No,
That's why Construction Bond now main.
tains its quality-because there has been no
change in material. We know 'that if we

had to change our making formula to Peter

conform to a different kind of rags, we could not guarantee the uniformity of our grades. But our strategy outdoes the war's. We

don't have to change.
HILE peace reigned, rags could be

brought over to America a little
cheaper than they could be

secured here. That's why most

makers of bond papers bought their rags abroad. They preferred to save


With a little money rather than to support an American industry.

in White

Envelopes and

to But as far back as ten years ago we per

8 Colors ceived the necessity of encouraging the

Match packingof highgrade Americanrag cuttings.

Since then every pound of Construction
Bond has been made of American rags-

IN your next order of letterheads specify

Construction Bond. Construction clean factory clippings—the by-products

Bond is sold direct to the most capable of American industries. Such rags cost us

and responsible printers and litho. a little more, but the packings were more

graphers only in case lots. Small won.

der that Construction Bond offers bet. uniform than foreign rags, and we preferred

ter value than papers marketed in them to rags gathered amid the squalor small lots in the usual manner through jobbers. of Europe.

Use Construction Bond for your letterheads. Write us today and we'll tell you where you can secure Construction Bond in your locality. We'll also send you our handsome portfolio of specimen letterheads which may offer valuable suggestions for the improvement of your own stationery. Write us today on your letterhead. please.


IN BUSINESS NDICATIONS are abundant that war has done its worst so far as

the business conditions of the United States are concern

erned, and that business is now entering a period of increased prosperity. The present improvement is principally in those lines of goods which are demanded by the warring nations as supplies. During the past two months the United States has made record-breaking shipments of wheat to England and France, and the United States manufacturers have received large orders not only for arms and munitions of war, but for clothing, boots and shoes, underwear, canned meat, other canned foods, motor trucks and horses. Activity in these lines is, of course, bound to be followed by improvement in other lines. For example, certain manufacturers of boots and shoes are considering large increases in their plants and machinery to take advantage of this tremendous demand for army shoes.

Such increases in equipment indicate orders for the iron and steel and machinery industries. The steel industry suffers more severely than others when times are hard and no extensive improvements to plants are being made. Steel, it is said, is either "prince or pauper.” Lately it has been decidedly "pauper." Its plants have been operating at only about 40 per cent. of capacity and prices have been cut drastically. The revival of activity in other lines will bring about a resumption of activity in the steel business, but this is of the future, not the present.

Wheat and Cotton

A Contrast.
HE wheat-grower is having the

unusual experience of selling the

largest crop he ever had, at a high price, and his influence on retail trade is soon to become important. The movement of the wheat crop will increase the earnings of many railroads, which will in turn put these roads in the market for iron and steel. The reopening of the Liverpool Cotton Exchange, with a minimum price set for cotton at 872 cents a pound, and the

W. E. WROE & CO. Sales Office: 1006 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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Not one of our customers has e
lost a penny on our 6% Farm Mortga-

WITH ABSOLUTE SAFETY ges since we started in business 31


We're Right Here on the Ground" and know values and borrowers in this

$100, $500, $1,000 DENOMINATIONS great fertile North west territory. In

Bonds mature in 1 to 5 years. Secured by highvestigate. Write for Booklet "K" and

grade Chicago apartments and land, having income

3 to 4 times total interest. Security 2 for 1. Debt List of Offerings.

reduced semi-annually by serial prepayments. E. J. LANDER & CO.

Chicago Title & Trust Co. acts as trustee,

guarantees title and first lien, and certifies each Grand Forks, N. D.

bond. Interest promptly paid twice a year. Our Established 1883

book of valuable information sent free on request.

Ask for No. 143. Capitaland Surplus, 8100,000


Mortgage & Bond Bankers 10 So. La Salle St.,

Chicago PROTECT YOUR HEAD with hair just like your own. Nature demands this covering—want of it causes colds, neuralgia, catarrh, etc. Why look or feel older when the world demands younger men ?

Let us make you one of our Special Undetectable Wigs or Toupees (Top Piece) on approval. If it doesn't match and fit perfectly—if it isn't satisfactory in every waywe will promptly refund your money. Prices $15 to $35. Send for Illustrated Wig Book and Measurement Blank PARIS FASHION CO., Dept. 6312, 209 S. State St., Chicago, Ill.

Largest Mail Order Hair Merchants in the World


If a census of business prohibition of new short sales indicate men in the large cities tion of the trade in American cotton




hand—whether traveling, at home or elsewhere. Carrying a Corona is 110 trouble at all-it weighs only six pounds, and when folded occupies about the same amount of space as rona; so should you—and so should that someone dear to you who you are going to pleasing, give him or her a Corona Portable New York Salesroom-141 West 42nd Street and Broadway

Corona Typewriter Co., Inc., Croton, N.Y.

determination to bring about a resump-
tion of the trade in American cotton

An Excellent and to restrict the opportunity of specu 6% Investment for


lators to beat the price down. could be taken to discover their

American cotton-grower will shortly Your Present Funds average physical condition, re

have the opportunity to move his crop, sults would show that the great but at a low price, which will involve

Thoroughly secured First majority of them suffer from a loss to Southern farmers of $450,

Mortgage $500 and $1,000 bonds sluggish kidneys, nerves 000,000, the difference between the

of established, growing company. strung, dyspepsia, bladder disvalue of this year's crop at 6.3 cents a

Security nearly 3 to I. orders, uric acid, rheumatism or pound, the present farm price, and 13

Excellent earnings. one or more of the many ills that cents, the price before the war. With are caused by lack of proper the resumption of British buying, the Capable management. exercise and diet.

price ought to increase. Probably the Strong ownership. The remedy—be careful of what

New York Cotton Exchange will soon Valuable water power and follow the Liverpool example. The

other rights. you eat, exercise more and keep

closing of this Exchange may at least the body flushed out by copious

Strategic location. show the Southern grower that the exdrinking of change performs a valuable service in Send for Circular No. 843T before

deciding on your Fall investments. the distribution of cotton and may do much to dispel the feeling that the exchange has been primarily a means of keeping the price down to the grower, and extracting an exorbitant profit.

(ESTABLISHED 1865) Poor Business to Bank

CHICAGO rupt Customers.

10 S. La Salle Street, It tones up the kidneys and purifies BELIEF that it is desirable for the blood by cleansing the system

a country to export goods and unof the poisonous products of faulty desirable to import them crops up metabolism. As a result, gout, continually. "The Onlooker," writing in

Your Money Will Earn 7% 88%

invested in First Mortgages on Oklahoma rheumatism, gravel, renal calculi, the N. Y Annalist, assails this belief

City improved realestate. We have never

had a loss. Interest paid promptly. Value albuminuria and Bright's Disease held by those who advocate an exten

of property three times amount of loan. are relieved. Leading physicians sive campaign for the sale of goods

Write for free booklet describing our busi.

ness and list of loans. We have loans of 8150,00 have endorsed and prescribed “Made in America” and at the same

to $10,000.00

AURELIUS-SWANSON CO. Buffalo Lithia Springs Water for time advocate a high protective tariff

37 State National Bank Building, Oklahoma City, Okla. over forty years.


HUNTER McGUIRE, M.D., L.L.D., late
President American Medical Association,

Learn ladies' and children's hairdressing, incl said: “I know from constant use of it

“If we personally and in practice that the re

are going to trade with the

marcel waving and shampooing, complexion

improvement, face and scalp massage, manfeur sults obtained from its use are far beyond world, then we must buy from the world;

ing. Home correspondence courses. Eams, fascinating, refined ;

unusual opportunities. those which would be warranted by the analysis given. I am of the opinion that and we must be prepared, indeed, to buy

Suitable for women of all ages, married or single. it either contains some wonderful reme.

All or part time. Your own home. parlor, or visitas much as we sell. The only way in

ing patrons. Send for FREE book. 100

Address: dial agent as yet undiscovered by medical

pages, profusely illustrated.
science, or its elements are so delicately
which you can sell people more than you

Elizabeth King, 32 B, Station F, New York City
combined in Nature's laboratory that buy from them is to lend them the capital
they defy the utmost skill of the chemist
to solve the secret of their power.

to buy with, and this is not a

country yet. ... Indeed, this thing called Buy a case of Buffalo Lithia international trade is so wonderfully and Springs Water from your drug delicately ramified that you not only cangist. 6 to 8 glasses a day will do not stop buying from the world if you much toward bringing back your

want to go on selling your own goods, but good health again.

you cannot steal, appropriate, gain, or pre

empt another nation's trade without hayWrite for our booklet,

ing to pay a high price for it in the end, Springs of Health

because in so far as you impair another This year, the

nation's power to sell you impair its power Buffalo Lithia Springs Water Company to buy, and that may easily react upon Buffalo Lithia Springs, Virginia

yourself. The English are just beginning
to perceive that if they seize the whole of
Germany's foreign trade, as at first they

Folding Typewriter
thought of trying to do, they would, on

favorite Christmas gift with many people. the other hand, so cripple Germany that $5.00 they would lose Germany's custom for

There is now no reason for writing a

letter, report, or anything else, in long
English goods.”
Made of

The German toy trade was one thing
thick furred glossy
black dog skins

the English were extremely hot for, Above are lined with lamb skins. Price with

thinking that the only price to pay mohair fleece linings $4.50. Any buyer not en

a large camera. would be the direct cost of winning the tirely satisfied may return them before soiling

Thousands upon thousands and have his money. Our illustrated catalog gives

trade; but here is another price, to measure directions and a whole lot of other information about custom tanning of hides and

which attention is directed by a writer remember this Christmas. So, to skins with hair or fur on; coat, robe and rug in The New Statesman: making; taxidermy and head mounting; also

. prices of fur goods and big mounted game heads

Send for Booklet No.8 we sell.

“The war cry, 'Capture German trade,' THE CROSBY FRISIAN FUR COMPANY implies a belief that British prosperity will Rochester, N. Y.

be increased by the collapse of German in

He says:

by mail,



Why Men Die Too Young

dustry. It is apparently forgotten altogether that by robbing Germany of her toy trade with Great Britain, amounting in 1912 to £1,147,400 worth of German imports, her £1,404,500 worth of toy trade with the United States, and her considerable trade with France, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Australia, and various other countries, we may also rob her of her capacity to purchase, for instance, British cotton goods. We may have much to gain by the collapse of German militarism, but we have nothing whatever to gain by the collapse of German industry, and one of the first things to be done after peace is restored will be to remind the public that we are a nation of admirable shopkeepers, and that there is no advantage for us in the bankruptcy of our customers.”

My twelve years' experience in life insurance work plainly showed me the reason. Over half the deaths of those in the prime of life are from insidious diseases of liver and kidneys-diseases which develop dangerous-evenfatal-stages before their presence is suspected. Men who think themselves in perfect health suddenly "give out.” Without warning they find themselves “on the shelf” just when business demands their matured ability. Why should this be so ? Can not a man by taking intelligent precautions discover these usually unsuspected diseases in time to head them off ? To head off these diseasesthat's the problem. Increase in

death rate Among those under 40 the

since 1880 number of deaths per thousand has decreased remarkably since 1880.




[blocks in formation]

says I




balance in the bank. Year after year they have continued to subscribe the small annual fee—many stating that the longer they have received our service the more they appreciate its value. Writes one Chicago man:

“I wouldn't be without the assurance your service gives me if it cost ten times your small fee. Here's my check for another year." A well-known importer wrote us:

"Last week we entertained a friend at dinner. Yesterday we attended his funeral. He died of Bright's Disease. When talking of the suddenness of his taking off I told my wife such a thing was impossible with us (from that cause) while under the watchful care of your Bureau.' A physician's brother kindly says:

"I went to my brother, a physician, with your first report, which showed the presence of albumin.

“He exclaimed, 'You great, strapping athlete, who would have thought it?' But he found it as you reported and now has me on a rigid diet.

He was much interested in


automatic service, and

owe the Bureau more than its small membership fee.”

Keep Informed of Your Condition And this wonderfully valuable service is so simple and automatic that it takes no timeno trouble on your part. Every three months we mail you a receptacle in plain wrapper marked "Personal.' You simply fill the receptacle, replace it in mailing tube, tear off outer label, and the inner one is ready stamped and addressed to We do the rest. No trouble. Absolutely secret. In

few days you receive, certified report of your condition written so you can understand it. It will tell you when it is necessary to consult your physician, and will never send you to him un. necessarily. Your physician himself will recommend our service once he understands that we have no treatment to offer-nothing but a scientific report of your bodily condition.

Don't guess about your health. Keep in formed of your bodily condition through scientific urinalysis. Long before the actual appearance of trouble, tendencies to disease are shown and explained which may easily be corrected by a little care. Don't take chances with your health.

It doesn't pay. Write to-day for book of Grateful Reports from many of America's prominent men, and we will also send you one of the copyrighted keys which accompanies each report and explains its significance. Write now.

FRANK G. SOULE, Founder National Bureau of Analysis, 1901 Republic Bldg., Chicago



WARS OT only is the world—especially the business world—awaking to

the foolishness of wars between nations but to the foolishness as well of employing the principles of warfare in business. Judge Gary, chairman of the board of directors of the U. S. Steel Corporation, believes that those principles are equally abominable in both cases.

He spoke recently before the American Iron and Steel Institute, on the similarity of the results of the European War and competitive warfare in business. He said:


Among those over 40 there

has been a terrific increase Decrease in in the death rate since 1880. death rate since 1880 You can see the matter a little clearer when you know

on what grounds life insurance companies base their rejections of applicants. All the examiners rely on analysis of the urine as the one sure proof of the applicant's bodily condition. Sounding the chest and listening to the heart reveal only what is on the surface, SO to speak. To discover the hidden, unsuspected and yet the most surely fatal diseases nothing will satisfy them but a scientific urine analysis.

And what is the result? More than half the applicants over 40 years old show signs of the early stages of Bright's Disease or Diabetes-and rejected by "standard” companies. If you are over forty the lesson is plain. You need to keep informed of your condition. If more than half the men of your age are not safe risks for insurance companies, you can't afford to

risk early death when knowledge and a little care will prevent it. Yes, the one hope of curing Bright's Disease and Diabetes lies in detecting them in the early stages. It was largely to make this possible that I founded the National Bureau of Analysis.

From Maine to California we have thousands of subscribers-mostly men of affairs who realize the importance of being informed of their balance of health as well as of their



[blocks in formation]

Weio. Files Serve Me Splendidly
For Letters,

Letters, Orders, Catalogs, Etc.

“The nation that wins will surely lose, altho this would seem at first blush a paradox. The enormous cost and the longcontinued suffering on the part of the survivors will not be fully covered by any

Before success or glory or indemnity. now every participant in the contest must realize that it would have been better to have settled, if possible, all the existing differences, real or imaginary, on a basis approved by some competent and impartial tribunal. The sums expended and to be expended by the different nations would have greatly extended their opportunities for success and happiness if wisely used for those purposes. Personally, I believe in a positive and binding agreement between all the nations for the final settlement by arbitration of all international disputes by a competent and impartial tribunal, and for the enforcement of decisions by the nations not personally involved in the question at issue. Such an agreement could be made, such a tribunal could be permanently established and such an enforcement made practical if the nations were so disposed. . . . I hope the time will come, even tho not in my time, when wars and rumors of wars will cease altogether.

“All that I have said applies forcibly to our business.

We who are here to-day are engaged in competition; we are naturally selfish. We are often inconsiderate and indifferent. In representing the incerests of those who place us in official position, we feel obligated to strive for success, and

we go beyond reason ustice. As many of you have remarked

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Thousands of satisfied users attest the excellence of this
demand-filling cabinet. Has all the constructional advantages
embodied in higher priced files. Its 30 frame-joints are inter-
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operation. Inexpensive yet serviceable. Fitted with follow
blocks which hold contents on edge, classified for quickest ref-
erence. Handsomely finished Golden, Natural or Weathered.

Size Papers. Roller Bearing Drawers
Made also in 3 drawer height $11.25, 2 drawer

Freight paid in
$8.00. Also Cap, Invoice and other standard

Eastern and Central sizes and finishes at proportionate prices.

Weis. Swinging

Desk Stand For typewriter, reference books, card index, etc. May be fastened to either side of any desk or table. Swings away when not in use.

One twist of Locking Lever holds it firmly where

wanted. Does not collapse nor vibrate. (ak top 14x18

in, on strong, Black enameled metal frame. Post paid
U, S.

on receipt of price.
Helpful Booklet “Filing Suggestions” solves filing problems.

Sent with 96-page catalog F'i of modern
office appliances and catalog "H"-2 lines Sectional Bc okcases.

53 Union Street,

Monroe, Mich.
New York Office, 75 John Street
Made in Canada by the Knechtel Furniture Company, Ltd., Hanover, Ontario



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