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Again the Statist, in speaking of the financial difficulties of the situation,

The Test

“The Mister goes on to say:

sure knows

good of All

"It is incumbent on all of us without Underwear
exception to do what we can to assist
one another, so that there may be no

Is the
material decline in the production of the Washtub
country; that provisions of all kinds may
be cheap and abundant; and, above every-
thing, that there shall be full employment
and fair wages for every man and woman
willing to work. In order that this may
be accomplished, it is absolutely neces-
sary that the banks should discharge
duties which rest upon them. They are
given very considerable privileges by the
law on the express condition that they
fulfill their duty. If they fail to do so,
it will be necessary for Parliament to
step in and take such measures as may
be required to prevent injury being done

CLOSED CROTCH to the nation." -yes, teaching him the love of home, r sport and clean companions:

BENNINGTON,VT. -tempering his boyish arms with manly “THE MAN WHO LOST nfidence to hit the mark in life:

If you men who are sick and tired of buying -breaking up the corner "gang."


underwear that looks good when new, but Thus in the homes of thousands now, real Carom

comes out of the first wash misshapen and 1 Pocket Billiards played on scientific Brunsk Tables are helping "Young America” grow [In a little trade journal called The

harsh—if you want to know the satisfaction and “Grown America” keep strong. Lace Curtain and edited by Thomas

of wearing undergarments of the highest Royal games that make the mind and muscle Dreier, we find an article that makes one

quality—take home a couple of suits of the gle with a healtlıy cost.

sit up and think. It may even make one Give your boy this rapturous training through long winter. evenings, at home. Brighten your

quote Scripture—“What shall it profit a n leisure hours with merry rivalry among the man,” etc. We reproduce the article alole family.

most entire.-Editor CURRENT OPINION.]


**Young America'

to Shoot!



an advertising genius who

Made by
Carom or Pocket Billiard Tables

labored under the delusion
that if he didn't work twenty-

six hours every day the wheels and see how beautifully they fit. You stretch of progress would stop and the world this fabric and it springs right back to its

would go to pot. He made oodles of knitted shape. But the great test is the washThe Great Home money and folks thought that he was a

tub. With a little care, Cooper-of-Bennington Entertainer real success. The other day they took

Underwear comes back from the wash like Che famous Brunswick “Baby Grand” Home

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back word to his friends that it was de wood-bed tables or toys.

comfort of the patented Closed Crotch makes gives the perfect playing qualities of Brunswick almost certain that he would remain this underwear the best you can buy. zulation Tables-fast imported billiard cloth [ Monarch Cushions famed for quick action. there until Death came alone to release

At best men's stores and departments. speed and accuracy are the marvel of Billiard

him. And yesterday afternoon I read, erts. For Homes of All Sizes

in CURRENT OPINION [September], an Baby Grand" Tables for carom billiards, pocket

article on Efficiency that he had writiards or combination carom and pocket billiards ten. de 3 ft. by 6 ft., 372 by 7 and 4 by 8; new

Sole Distributors CHICAGO inswick "Grand" 412 by 9. All have disappear Of course I may be an ignoramus,

cue rack and accessory drawer that conceals ying outfit when not in use.

but it strikes me that the place where Other Brunswick Home Tables include “Contrue efficiency (which is pure religion)

WRITE MOVING PICTURE PLAYS tible" models that are changed in a moment

Constant demand. Devote all or spare time. m perfect Billiard Tables to Dining or Library should be practised is inside the effi

Correspondence Course Not Required. les.

Past experience and literary ability $50 ciency engineer himself.


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Atlas Publishing Co. 436 Cincinnati, o. My friend P-, down in New York, th every Brunswick Table regardless of style we give all neces. had an idea that he was a success beballs, cues, cue clamps, tips, markers, cover, brush, book "How

We will compose etc.-a complete high-class slaying outfit frce.

music to your r popular purchase plan offers factory prices and lets you try any table 30 days in your own home. Payments spread over a as low as 20 cents a day.

ning the recognition of the big bankers. verses and arrange for publication immediately. w edition of our de luxe Billiard book, illustrated in colors, When I visited him I found that he

Write today. Dugdale Co., Studio 296, Washington, D.C. 5 all Brunswick home tables, gives prices and full details. Send upon printed below and book arrives by return mail, free. was as uninteresting as a bit of wet MSS. SUCCESSFULLY PLACED

sponge, that his home had no more Mail For FREE Billiard Book

Criticised, Revised, Typed. Send for leaflet L. harmony in it than a boiler factory, References: Edwin Markham and others. Established 1890. and that all of it came from his own

UNITED LITERARY PRESS, 123 5th Ave., New York he Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

Peninsular &

Oriental Dept. 4-S, 623-633 S. Wabash Ave.,

Chicago I inability to practise the greatest of all Please send me free color-illustrated bookarts—the art of living leisurely. One

S. N. Co. Frequent SailBilliards- The Home Magnet"

ings, India, China, day they toted him to the hospital and

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Cunard Line, 21-24 State St., New York

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How the Public Profits
By Telephone Improvements



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367 T TIMES a man gets the fool no

1 tion that he must be a nasty, curs

ing, irritating sort of a creature, provided he can pretend to the public that the reason for his general nastiness is the Fearful Load of Responsibility he carries all week.

Here is a big fact in the telephone progress of this country: The other night a business man said to me, “Dreier, I wonder if you can help me to save my soul?” “Why,

Hand in hand with inventions what do you mean?” I asked. “I mean

and developments which have imthat I want to be saved from the

proved the service many fold have thoughts of business that dominate me.

operating economies that My wife and I would be eager to go

have greatly cut its cost. back to the time when I was earning

To appreciate these betterments $20 a week, if we could get with that

and their resulting economies, conwage the same sweet feeling that was

sider a few examples: ours then. My home life is lost. In mad rush after business success, the

Your present telephone instruOriginal

Standard ideals of my youth have vanished. I

Bell Telephone Bell Telephone

ment had seventy-two ancestors; it 1876

To-day is better and cheaper than any of don't know when I have laughed out

them. from my heart.” I shall write a story some day about “The Man Who Lost

Time was when a switchboard moule His Laugh." And in that story I shall

required a room full of boys to dan show that no man can lose his laugh

handle the calls of a few hundred without making others lose theirs.

subscribers. Today, two or three There can be no success in business

girls will serve a greater number B when there is failure in one's personal

without confusion and very much life. And it is certain that the man

more promptly. who has lost the power to live leisurely

A three-inch underground cable is an abject failure as a man, no mat

now carries as many as eight hunter how many dollars (net) he earns



dred wires. If strung in the old each month. When his children crawl


Present-day way, these would require four sets under the bed, the cat hikes for the


of poles, each with twenty cross back fence, the dog growls, and the

arms-a congestion utterly prohibineighbors call their children into the

tive in city streets. 1 house when they see him coming

These are some of the familiar there's something wrong, even when

improvements. They have saved the man thinks he is making sweet

tens of millions of dollars. music by rattling the loose change, in the shape of five-dollar gold pieces, in

But those which have had the most his pocket. I think that a little gold

radical effect, resulting in the largest in one's heart and in one's laughter

economies and putting the teleis worth more

phone within everyone's reach, are than a whole lot of gold in a bank or a pocket.

too technical to describe here. If City Wires


And their value can no more be
Were Carried in Underground


estimated than can the value of the THE GOLD POOL AND

invention of the automobile. AMERICAN TRADE

This progress in economy, as well as in service, has given the United N the United States as in Great

States the Bell System with about ten times as many telephones, proporBritain the foreign exchange situ

tionate to the population, as in all Europe. ation has proved more difficult to solve than was anticipated. In spite of

AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY the large amount of grain exported, our credits have not been large enough



TELEPHONE to offset our maturing obligations in

One Policy One System Universal Service Europe.

Consequently foreign exchange has remained far above par. To meet this situation and make

John Barleycorn's all our maturing payments promptly, considered


Master port gold, and in order to take it necessary to ex

Our scientific treatment from those places in which it could be

removes the appetite for best spared, the plan has been adopted

drink or drugs-does not

nauseate. of organizing a gold pool, to which

Only regis

tered physicians are bankers contribute in proportion to

permitted to administer their reserve holdings.

the remedies in our

authorized institutions. Under this plan the gold is shipped

During the last thirtyto a branch of the Bank of England

five years, half a million

have been cured. in Ottawa, as needed, and the Bank of England in London issues notes

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it was

Buy this Weis. File for the Efficient Service it

will give you-not merely because the Price is Low

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Smoke Five Free

All superfluous parts and operations in manufacture have been eliminated. All necessary parts are amply strong. Joints are interlocked, glued and screwed together. The file is practically wear-proof. Roller Bearings at points of bearing let drawers roll easily.


[blocks in formation]

If you

of any


Roll on
Roller Bear.

Solid Oak,
Top 28 x 52

My Offer: towara ship


against the gold in the Ottawa bank J. ROGERS WARNER

928 Lockwood Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y, as a reserve. These notes then are

I should like to smoke five of your available for the settlement of AmerPrivate Havana cigars. Enclosed find 10c. toward shipping expenses. I prefer ican obligations maturing in Europe. (....) Light (....) Dark cigars. Name

The Shipments of Gold Address

to Canada.

ANKERS and business men take (Please pin coupon to your business

pride in the fact that the United letterhead or business card, stating

States in this way is meeting its your position.)

obligations promptly at maturity, when
a large part of the rest of the world has
declared moratoria. The N. Y. C011-
mercial and Financial Chronicle, how-
ever, considers that this shipment of

gold was unnecessary and that the withI make this offer es

drawal of so much gold from bank repecially to men accus

serves, at a time when the reserve in tomed to smoking 10c

many of our banks is below the legal and two-for-25c cigars.

limit, has jeopardized unnecessarily the For these are the men who most appreciate tlie exquisite

foundation of American credit. It flavor of my private Havana.

says: The leaf is from a mountain. ous district in Cuba. lected for me by a resident WARNER'S

“Considering the matter entirely from expert. Then inade up especi- J.RW. ally for me under ny

the standpoint of the deficiency in regram band.

In 40 years of HABANA snioking I have never found

serves, additional impairment of these reso mild and sweet a smoke.

serves seems to be fraught with peculiar I want you to know, as thou

menace at this juncture. We are on the sands already do, what a delightful smoke this is.

threshold of the crop-moving season, don't say that these cigars at

when the New York City institutions are $5 per hundred are the peer 100. cigar you

always called upon to meet exceptional desmoked, the trial will have cost

mands for funds; and these demands inyou nothing. Send me ioc.

variably persist, notwithstanding Govern

ment aid in the shape of additional public ping expenses and I will send you trial cigars. Then you can

deposits. As it happens, too, the banks get future supplies at my low

will, the present year, be subjected to still price — $5 per hundred, $2.60 'for fifty, all charges prepaid. I offer other cigars, too, for

the new Federal Reserve Banking Systriose who like heavier, stronger smokes. You will find them

tem is about to be definitely inaugurated, described in my booklet. But

and as a consequence large amounts of send for the trial J. Rogers Warner Panetelas now. The

reserve will have to be transferred from coupon above is for your con

the vaults of the banks to those of the venience.


new Federal reserve banks. Thus the J. ROGERS WARNER

banks are confronted with the possibility 928 Lockwood Bldg. Buffalo, N. Y.

that they may ultimately find themselves

with very little or no gold under their
ELECTRIC BLANKET own direct control.”
for Outdoor Sleeping
Sleep in comfort for health.
A Hold-beat Blanket is warmer than four ordi-

Restoring the Foreign
nary blankets. Practical for every beil. Ap-

Exchange Market.
proved by Good Housekeeping Iustitute.
NAT'L ELECTRIC CO., Dept. 5032

HATEVER the advantages,
145 W, Austin Avenue, Chicago

therefore, as far as thc for

eign exchange market is con-

cerned, a further outflow of the metal,
Safe and Sure-No Worry

so the Financial Chronicle thinks, is
Here in the great fertilo Northwest

distinctly to be deplored. This being
and where " we're right on the
ground," where values are stendily

so, the question comes up whether adWERE RIGHT increasing, is the best place to invest ditional gold exports are imperatively ON THE GROUND your money.

Our 6% Farm Mortgages are safe and called for, even to rehabilitate the for-
sure. Never a loss in 31 years. Write for
Booklet "K" and List of Otferings. eign market. Says the same journal:
Grand Forks, N. D.

"Exports of the metal, of course, fur-
Established 1883
Capital and Surplus, 8100,000

nish an easy and a quick way of break-
ing exchange rates. The attendant dan-
gers, however, as we have seen,


serious, and exports should hence be

avoided if possible. Shipments of gold
are, after all, a primitive method of mak-
ing foreign exchange settlements. The
enlightened way is to offset credits with

debits, and within certain limits the
$100, S500, $1,000 DENOMINATIONS
Bonds mature in 1 to 5 years. Secured by high-

creation of both debits and credits is grade Chicago apartinents and land, having incorne 3 to 4 times total interest, Security 2 for 1. Debt

within the control of the foreign exreduced semi-annually hy serial prepayments. Chicago Title & Trust Co. acts as trustee,

change houses themselves. They can anguarantees title and first lien, and certifies each Interest promptly paid twice a year. Our

ticipate credits and defer debits. Shipbook of valuable information sent free on request. Ask for No. B43.

ments of gold should not be resorted to W. N. MACQUEEN & CO.

except as a last extreme; and at the Mortgage & Bond Bankors 10 So. La Salle St.,


present time they ought to be avoided

[blocks in formation]


are attachable to either side of any
desk, For typewriters, reference books,
etc. Swing or lock. Top 14 x 18 inches.
Strong inetal frame, black enamelled. Al-
way's handy, never in the way. Increase desk
room, take no foor space. Order now. Shipped
by Parcel l'ost.
The Wui. Manufacturing Company

Made in Canada by The Knechtel Furniture Co., Ltd

Ilanover, Ont.

[blocks in formation]
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invested in First Mortgages on Oklahoma City improved real estate. We have never had a loss. Interest paid promptly. Value of property three times mount of loan. Write for free booklet describing our business and list of loans. We have loans of $150.00 to $10,000.00

AURELIUS-SWANSON CO. 37 State National Bank Building, Oklahoma City, Okla.

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Delicious Pecan Nuts Fresh, Wild Grown, Full Meated, Exquisite Flavor

Fine new crop of Wabash Valley Pecans now ready. Thin shelled-easily cracked-appetizing -healthful. We ship

direct to consumers in ten, 15 and 20 lb. cartons at 250. per pound,

express prepaid east of Missouri River. Also Wild Hickory Nuts, Walnuts, and Shell Barks. Order Ten Pound Trial Carton Today, $2.50. Southern Indiana Pecan Co. Mh. Vernon, "Ind!




at all hazards on account of the menace involved."

The N. Y. Times voices the more generally accepted view of the gold pool, when it says:

"The amount of gold which the banks forming this pool agreed to supply is $100,000,000, which, it is realized, would not go far toward paying all of our requirements in the next few weeks; but the moral effect upon Europe of the knowledge that the United States is prepared to send gold abroad is counted upon to lessen the pressure for payment.

"Contributions to a gold pool to protect this country's credit are not new, having been collected twice before in the past twenty years. But the present operation is the first that has enlisted the support of the entire country. Credit for the success of this pool must be given in part at least to the new Federal Reserve Board, which furnished a national organization through which appeals could be made to the various banking centers. The success of the plan is a favorable augury of the value to the country of the new banking system.”

Tone up your kidneys and get out of your system all the poisonous products of faulty metabolism which have naturally resulted from a sedentary life. If you suffer from kidney or bladder trouble, strike at the root of the evil by drinking freely of BUFFALO LITHIA SPRINGS WATER


American Exports Continue

to Be Normal. XPORTS of the United States reached a normal amount with

the week ending September 19th, which was the first week for a long time to show an increase in exports over the corresponding week for 1913. Our imports, however, remained still below the normally expected amount.

The increase in exports does not reflect, however, the advantage of the new opportunities arising through the European war. It is made up primarily of unusually large shipments of grain to Europe to furnish food supplies for warring nations.

Comments in the press regarding export opportunities are divided between glowing descriptions of opportunities and warnings from the more experienced business men. The National City Bank has started a publication of a new magazine called The Americas, to be published in the interest of the extension of the United States trade with South America. In its first issue, Mr. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank, says regarding the trade opportunities in South America:

The pressure of business need not be interrupted while you are making yourself “fit” again. Buffalo Lithia Springs Water offers the conclusive evidence of thousands of complete cures. For years and years it has been the standard corrective for many ills -particularly of the digestive and eliminative organs.

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Your druggist sells Buffalo Lithia Springs Water. Phone for a case now (12 one-halfgal. bottles).

HUNTER MCGUIRE, M. D., LL. D., late President American Medical Association, said: “I know from constant use of it personally and in practice that the results obtained from its use are far beyond those which would be warranted by the analysis given. I am of the opinion that it either contains some wonderful remedial agent as yet undiscovered by medical science, or its elements are so delicately combined in Nature's laboratory that they defy the utmost skill of the chemist to solve the secret of their power."

Write for little book, "Springs of Health.Buffalo Lithia Springs Water Company

Buffalo Lithia Springs, Virginia

Print Your Own 50c OFFER FOR 10c

Cards, circulans, book, newspaper, &c. PRESS $5. Larger $18. Rotary $60. Save money. Print for others. All easy, rules sent. Write factory

for press catalog, TYPE, cards, paper, samEXCELSIOR ples, &c. THE PRESS CO., Meriden, Conn.

Send 10c (stamps) and roll of film, any

size, 6 or 12 exposures; we will develop film and also make 6 pictures from best negatives. Beautiful work. Prompt service. 8x10 mounted enlargements 25c. ROANOKE CYCLE COMPANY, ROANOKE, VA.

THE FAMILY Shoe Stretcher

"We may as well understand at the very threshold that we are not to enter upon an easy conquest. There are serious difficulties inherent in our own national character, industrial conditions, and political attitude. There are difficulties in the depressed financial condition in which we find many of our South American neighbors and in the fact that their point of view in commercial matters is in many instances at a different angle from our own. Nor must we forget that while the ability of our own great competitors in these markets has been seriously hampered

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Fully guaranteed. Made right to write right. Lasts a lifetime.
Don't let Your Feet Suffer from tight The “VULCAN” INK PENCIL $1
or ill fitting shoes, Corns, bunions, callouses
stop hurting and disappear if you remove the pressure
which is the cause of all foot trouble. The improved

Family Shoe Stretcher is a scientific device

(look at the picture) which by simplo adjustment dis-

tends the shoe wherever pecessary-produces perfect Pat

fit, ease and comfort and makes your shoes wear knob

longer. Endorsed by doctors and chiropodists. where Writo TO-DAY for free booklet, giving full

Highly polished rubber and safety lock cap. Absolutely non-leakable. corn rube information with list of best things for foot

Red or Black

1.00 Long or Short No moro corn comfort THE PEDICURE CO., Dept. 34, Buffalo, N. Y.

J.R. ULLRION & 00., 27 Thames Street, New York

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for the time being, those abilities in the
past have been demonstrated to be in
many ways superior to our own.

The government of China and of
Greece have both expressed a desire
to develop trade relations between their
countries and the United States. In
the case of China this takes the form
of a letter from President Yuan Shi
Kai, requesting the National Associa-
tion of Manufacturers to appoint a
commercial adviser to aid the Chinese
Government in the development of
manufactures and trade. The Greek
enterprize involved the direct purchase
on the part of the Greek government
of large quantities of American goods,
and their sale throughout the Balkan
States and Orient.

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If your typist spent two hours every day with herarms folded-1

Bookkeeping costs can

never be anything but “overhead” expense.

Labor costs are a great part of the primary basis of "price-at-a-profit."

Labor costs are carefully worked out to-day-down to cost per operation.

The first principle of efficiency, whether in labor cost or in accounting, is the elimination of waste.

You substitute perfected machine processes for hand labor in your factory wherever you can—it helps the worker, too.

The Burroughs bookkeeping machine eliminates the time and labor wastes of hand-figuring. It increases the bookkeeping output while decreasing the bookkeeping time - it helps make the bookkeeper more efficient.

Our new “Pay Rolls Bulletin" deals with an important phase of bookkeeping efficiency-cutting the costs of handling a

Write for it-no cost to you. We would be glad to demonstrate a Burroughs on regular work in your office, if you will mention it when writing for the book.




Burroughs Adding Machine Co. 143 Burroughs Block, Detroit, Michigan

The American Cotton

Grower's Plight.
N SPITE of all the financial aid
that the government can extend

to the cotton grower, it seems -Well, what's the difference likely that his interest is to suffer whether she sits with her arms folded through the decrease in manufacture of or sits at your desk making pencil- cotton. This year, with an exceptionnarks in a note-book?

ally large crop, this slackening of de

mand is likely to make itself felt in Every minute of the time is wast

low prices both this year and next, ed, either way

unless production is curtailed. On this Every minute of the time she point the secretary of agriculture says: might just as well be writing on her

“It is not a question of sympathy—the ypewriter.

cotton growers have the sympathy of the Cost? Man alive, the Dictaphone whole world in their distress—but a ques

tion of sound business and good governSystem isn't a cost at all. It's an

ment. All the efforts that are being made economy. The saving in “overhead” by public-spirited citizens and business hows up the very first day.

men to ease the burden of the planters

should be commended, however far they DICTAPADNE fall short of meeting the necessities of the

hour. The acreage devoted to the next Woolworth Bldg., N. Y., Suite 2106 cotton crop ought to be greatly reduced. Stores in the principal cities

This is very important, of course, but dealers everywhere.

the acreage cannot be regulated or ref you don't find "Dictaphone"

stricted by the Congress or the State n the 'phone book-just tear off

Legislatures. They have no authority to 'the man at the desk-pin him


legislate upon this subject; but the farmn your letterhead and send him 7. Nothing else. That's all.

Dictaphor ers, acting upon their own initiative, or

the farmers and merchants and bankers,
Your Day's Work”-a book
we should like to send you.

acting together and for the protection of
all, can control the acreage—the farmers

by planting food crops and making cotton
CORRECT ENGRAVING their surplus crop, the merchants and

and FINE STATIONERY bankers by laying down the rule and stickThe making of Wedding and Social Invita

ing to it that they will not extend aid in and prices upon request. Write Desk C. the way of advances to any farmer who

LYCETT, Society Stationer does not reduce the acreage devoted by
817 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md.

him to cotton growing, and the bankers
by refusing loans to farmers and mer-
chants who will not make such

Keep your music-every selec “What will the crop next year be
tion-instantly at hand, without
useless and destructive hand-

worth? Unless the next year's crop is
ling. Made for

reduced, there will be the same thing to
Sheet Music and Music Books

do over again next year. There will be
Player.Piano Music Rolls
Talking Machine Records demands for relief from the Government
(Cabinet illustrated is for sheet and more emergency currency and more

Graceful designs and beau-

'buy-a-bale' makeshifts to protect the cot-
tiful finishes, from $17 up. ton grower, who has it well within his
Write today for Illustrated

own power to protect himself. How ?
Catalogue, No. 16

Why, by cutting his cotton crop to suit
TINDALE CABINET CO. the demand and by planting for the largest
No. 1 West 34th St. New York of food crops that has ever been grown

in this country.”

to the



tions. Visiting Cards and Stamped Paper is our
special work, done in our own shop. Samples

Can be attached to any
bed. Affords perfect

reading comfort.



BED LAMP This convenient, practical "Emeralite" Lamp fits any bed post-round, square, vertical horizontal. Will not mar bed's finish. The emerald green glass shade with white glass lining protects the eyes and concentrates a soft restful light right where you want it.

Write for booklet showing in actual colors this and thirty, other handsome styles of "Emeralite" Lamps-for office, library, parlor, piano, den, sick-room, etc. Dealers everywhere can supply you.

H. G. MCFADDIN & CO. 54 Warren Street

Now York


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