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America for immediate relief, however, will probably promote the speedy organization of export sales forces and financial connections in the South American field. South American countries are producers of food stuffs and raw materials and import their manufactured products. In the past, Europe has supplied considerably over three-quarters of these products. The principal articles of import in South America are textiles, iron and steel, machinery, railway and electrical equipment and a miscellaneous line of manufactured goods. Tropical South Amerca also imports food stuffs, notably wheat and canned and salted meats. All of these goods are manufactured extensively in the United States, and the only drawback to their export to South America is the lack of knowledge of the particular grades and exact nature of the demand.

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Create a Permanent Mar.

ket in Tropical America. HE largest items of imports into

the United States have been

coffee, rubber and hides from Brazil. · Argentine, on the other hand, being a temperate zone country and duplicating a part of our Mississippi Valley, produces meat and cereals which are more largely in demand in Europe. It is considered by many business men that the principal adantage of the present situation for he extension of the United States rade in South America is not in the bility to take immediate profits, which vill be largely curtailed by reason of he limited nature of South America's urchasing power at present, but prisarily in the opportunity to get the eputation of our goods and our trade onnections established, which will enble us to hold this market in cometition with the Germans and English hen the war is over. A permanent eyelopment of this sort is, of course, uch more to be desired than temprary profits, and it is to be hoped at our manufacturers will take the ecessary steps, perhaps at a sacrifice,

establish such a permanent coniction.

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European Trade

Opportunities. 'HE war has largely put a stop

to the interchange of trade be

tween European countries and ey must obtain goods elsewhere. hile war undoubtedly means imverishment to most of these counes, they have accumulations of cap1 greatly in excess of anything ich exists in South America. The igencies of the situation will com

them to expend this capital for mediate consumption. The greatest portunity for immediate profits prob



Study the History of

Your Country at its Source

in the original spoken and written language of the men who worked out the legal and constitutional principles that have made the United States a great nation. This has been made possible by the publication of


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Professor of Political Economy in Yale University.


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ENTERTAINING This great work, although published but a few months, has earned the unqualified endorsement of the press, librarians, jurists, statesmen, educators and all who appreciate the importance of unquestioned authority in history,

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The New York Times:
The New York Evening Post:

of source material and gives new light on many “A work of great value to those who know A work of this kind cannot but be subjects." how helpful contemporary discussions and opin- ceedingly useful.” the understanding of historical U. S. Senator Ollie James:

Judge James A. Blanchard, Supreme Court,

New York: I know of no work of recent years more “It contains much that is new. As a com

valuable to the student of American History.” The New York Sun:

pendium of our political, social and economic A general view of what has been said Ex-Pres. Taft:

history its possession will be a valuable addition on important questions in the past as well as “I think it a very useful work with a great to every library.” present.” deal of current information."

A. H. Robertson, Supt. of Public Schools, Paw The New York Evening Sun:

Judge Horace E. Deemer, Chief Justice Supreme Paw, Mich.: "The most important speeches which have Court of lowa:

“The assortment of subjects is about as per: had to do with the making of the History of "I value it quite as highly as any set of fect as possible to make. I prize Great De the United States."

books tha
It is an invaluable collection

bates as one of the finest collections I possess."



are to movements.




This is



DEBATES the only con


DEBATES DEBATES DELATE secutive concise legislative history of America as represented in the Great Debates on issues affecting this Continent, from the debates on Colonial Rights in the British Parliament, to the recent diplomatic debates on the Panama Canal.

This is no dry and musty history, but a very comprehensive work of historical activity, so bristling with life, spirit and richness of oratory as to beggar description. You should at least see it.

Fourteen Crown Octavo Volumes, size of each volume 6x9 inches. Printed on the finest quality of paper in large type from new plates, wide margins, gold titles, gold tops.

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ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE we will mail you a four-page Chart, the two inside pages measuring 25x381/2 inches, showing the great legislative debates in American history. The names of the debaters are in consecutive columns and form a list of the greatest men in the history of the country. The Chart will be invaluable to you for reference purposes.

MAIL THE COUPON BELOW TO-DAY Current Literature Publishing Company,

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Please send me your large Chart descriptive of “Great Debates" and showing the legislative history of America and the names of the great debaters who were instrumental in shaping the government of America from Colonial times to the present day. This inquiry places me under no obligation to purchase “Great Debates."





“How I Saved $7,000 a Year"

ably lies in supplying the needs of these European countries. This means demands, primarily, for the necessities of life. Our wheat, of which we fortunately have a large surplus, will be the main article of this trade. There will also be a large demand for textiles, clothing, boots and shoes and other articles of daily consumption. England has been buying from the Continent many raw materials and semi-finished products to be worked up into highly finished goods in her factories.


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This is the true story of one of our subscribers, the assistant treasurer of a New Jersey soap-manufacturing concern of country-wide reputation. He prefers that his name be withheld for

the present. "A few months ago the com "When I brought in my critipany was getting ready to build a

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the facts. Finally I won them “Somehow I felt that there was a flaw in the arrangement of de

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he says:

The Modern Business Course and Service

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“As to American agriculture, the European war will be of no benefit unless it should make agricultural products much scarcer than other products. If all the things which the farmers have to buy rise in price on the average as much as all the things they have to sell, there will be no gain to them as a class. This will depend, first, upon the effect of the war upon agricultural production as compared with production in other fields and, second, on the effect of the war upon the consumption of agricultural products, as compared with the consumption of other things.

"As to agricultural production in Europe, there is no convincing reason to expect that the present war will materially reduce agricultural production and it is pretty certain that it will not reduce this line of production more than other lines.

“The recent war in the Balkans which was as hotly contested as any other in recent years, had little or no effect upon agricultural production in the countries affected.”


will give you the knowledge you want in the way that is best adapted to your own particular needs. It will help you in little every-day problems and big emergencies.

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Dr. Carver goes on to say that the fighting in the present war is likely to be confined to the national frontiers, and so the area of destruction is relatively limited; secondly, that much of the agricultural labor of these countries at war is performed by women at all times, and consequently no readjustment of habits is required for them to continue the entire agricultural production; third, agriculture is performed in Europe to a much less degree than in the United States through the use of machinery, which offers the possibility of maintaining production by the introduction of machinery, as the North

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A L E X AN DER Η Α Μ Ι L Τ Ο Ν INSTITUTE 35 Astor Place, New York


(Name of firm or company) Number of years in business.

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maintained its agricultural production at the time of the American Civil War. Mr. B. Olney Hough, in a special War Bulletin for the American Exporter, says:

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Can you feel that way about your letters? Do they impress a man, at a glance, as worth reading? Unread letters bring no orders. Make your letters seem as important as they are. The right kind of stationery will do it a handsome letterheading on a substantial paper, Construction Bond. Construction Bond is a product of modern economies in both manufacture and distribution. It is sold in large quantities direct-to respon. sible printers and lithographers in the 160 principal cities of the United States. It carries no jobber's proft, no expense of handling: small lots, no losses on questionable accounts. You can secure Construction Bond only through the best equipped and most competent manufacturing stationers in America. The result for you is 'always fine business stationery on a paper of 'manifest quality and character, all at a moderato, usable price As possible suggestions for the improvement of your stationery, let us send you' free of charge our collection of 25 handsome specimen letterheads on Construction Bond showing its nipe colors and four. finishies, with envelopes to match. We will also tell you the firms in your locality who can supply Construction Bond. Please write us on your business stationery. W.E. Wroe & Co., 1011 · South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

“The United Kingdom has been buying goods from Germany at the rate of about $145,000,000 a year.

Not one penny's worth of this enormous trade will continue under present circumstances, nor will British colonies, chief among them Australia, India and South Africa, continue to patronize, nor can they if they would, German suppliers of goods which have annually amounted to, in case of Australia, upward of $30,000,000, and in the case of South Africa to more than $16,000,000. Here is a total, then, of $193,000,000 worth of German trade which invites the enterprise of American manufacturers.”

Trade Opportunities in

ITH the withdrawal of Ger-

man competition, an increas

ing share of Asia's trade should come to the United States. Here, however, shall probably meet very active competition from both Japan, which has developed largely as a manufacturing nation lately, and from England, who is apparently able tr keep her manufactures going to the extent of looking after a good deal of her Colonial trade. Japan will probably come into our market as a purchaser of raw material—especially cotton—to a greater extent than previously, and also of industrial equipment. The trade of China has for two years been hampered by the internal troubles with which she has been beset. It is capable of tremendous development, but this will come slowly, and Japanese competition is likely to be keen. Australia will probably deal, as in the past, primarily with England, who takes the greatest amount of her exports, but we may take some of the trade, which has recently gone to Germany. Taking all things into consideration, in spite of largely curtailed purchasing power, there seems to be ample evidence that the situation in foreign countries is such as to afford encouragement to many of our industries to operate to their fullest capacity. The principal foreign markets are England, France, Holland, Italy, South America and perhaps Japan.

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idea of stocking up a shipload of goods
and going down to South America to
trade it for a cargo of South American
goods to bring back—a return to the
good old methods of Stephen Girard.
Men who are handling the export trade
have expressed the fear that losses will
be experienced by Americans who are
plunging headlong into foreign trade,
through incurring unwarranted
penses or through injudicious exten-
sion of credit. The small manufac-
turer who desires to enter on the ex-
port business will be likely to secure
the best immediate results by placing
his export business through the es-
tablished export houses. Mr. M. A.
Oudin, Manager of the Foreign De-
partment of the General Electric Com-
pany, in an interview published in the
Electrical World, advocates the estab-


lishment of export associations, in That tense moment

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which manufacturers of allied, but

—when the cue ball pauses with indecision right non-competing lines of goods, combine

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The Need of a Merchant

Marine HEN the war involved as Carom or Pocket Billiard Tables belligerents the countries

A cabinet masterpiece in rich San Domingo

mahogany Note controlling nearly all of the

the equipment-genuine Ver

mont slate bed, celebrated Monarch quick-acting world's carrying trade, the lack of an cushions and fast imported billiard cloth. These

give the same speed, accurate angles and long American mercantile marine was im

life of Brunswick regulation tables, from which the “Baby Grand” varies only in size.

Not a toy mediately felt. In recognition of this

nor cheap-made make-shift. Yet sold to you at need, Congress has passed a bill factory prices—terms as low as 200. a day.

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The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. financial and shipping circles to this

De 2-J, 623-633 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago bill. It is considered that such a step Please send me the free color-illustrated

is unwarranted and unnecessary, since
a number of ships have been trans-

“Billiards—The Home Magnet" ferred to American registry, and since and details of your 30-day free trial offer. England has practically cleared the

seas and made her own merchant ma-
rine available to the foreign carrying H Address...



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