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28 years

inspiration and a constant stimulus to


Can be all men

now in subordinate places.
of the president are upon


with To Supply the Family Milk them. He is looking eagerly every

various An eminent doctor says: minute of the day for evidences of the TYPEWRITER

type faces "Those buying milk by the quart, sold at a

industry, the loyalty, the broad knowl-
uniform price for all breeds, will get more
commercialvalue by purchasingJersey milk." edge of business and the sound judg-
Nobody attempts to deny the truth
ment that fit men to become business

the Corona
of this statement. Jersey milk is

Typewriter a richest in butter fat and the other

standard solids which make milk valuable.

maIf you keep one ora number of cows EFFECT OF THE WAR ON

chine in every for your own use, there is all the AMERICAN BUSINESS

particular—but it more reason why those

can be equipped cows should be Jerseys. HE business situation is be- with various type faces to meet Your Jersey cow not only

ginning to clear. In the the needs of different professionssupplies you with rich

early stages of the great Doctors and Druggists especially milk, but she keeps it up. One of the well known

conflict, the probable results find it invaluable. Jersey qualities is her

to American commerce and Other notable features of the Corona are persistency in milk. She industry could be seen only in dim visible writing, full width universal key is easily kept, she produces milk

outline. Now we have reached the board, back spacer, stencil cutting device, economically, while her beauty and gentleness single her out as em point where calm analysis is leading front stroke type bar, folding carriage and

aluminum frame. phatically the cow to supply milk business men to definite, clear-cut con No other standard typewriter is at once for the home.

clusions on which they will not hesi so light, inexpensive and portable. The A membership in this Club will

tate to act. Of course, the uncertain Corona weighs but 6 lbs., and when folded prove valuable to all Jersey owners. fortunes of war continue to be

occupies but a corner in a suitcase. We have no Jerseys to sell, but we

Booklet No. 93 will be sent anyone who writes will gladly supply you with con source of disturbance. But at least

CORONA TYPEWRITER CO., Inc., GROTON, N. Y. vincing Jersey facts. we have made the great gain of sub

New York Office, 141 West 42nd Street, at Broadway THE AMERICAN JERSEY CATTLE CLUB stituting clear thinking for either

Agencies in Principal Cities of the World 324 W.23d Street, New York City panicky alarm on one side or bom

bast on the other. In this emergency We've been

We'll please you or economics has suddenly become the pleasing

refund your people for

most practical and helpful of all the
sciences. The views of eminent econ-
omists have been eagerly sought for.
Professor Irving Fisher, of Yale, in

How Weak Eyes are an interview in the New York Times, Strengthened by Exercise DAVIS DELICACIES expresses the opinion that "the out Nearly all eye weaknesses are simple and

traceable to one reasonbreak of the war and the simultaneous When the eyes are affected by strain, nervous From Ocean, Farm and Orchard

exhaustion or other causes, the muscles of the opening of the Panama Canal will tend The best fish in the world are brought

eye become flabby, and the eyes do not focus to divert the course of trade from easily, if at all. into Gloucester. We get the first selection and


reason the muscles become flabby is deliver them to you fresh from the boats, in keep Europe to South America. ... New

because the circulation of blood is deficient. able packages, with the sea flavor retained.

If the normal circulation of blood can be York can largely take the place of The best vegetables in the world

restored by a simple, safe exercise, the eye are brought to our dock, after being packed, London as the world's exchange center

will regain its former strength and power. according to our standard, wliere they grow,

This fact is testified to by the greatest Profor Pan-American trade. This opporin order to assure proper freshness.

fessors of Ophthalmology in the world. The best fruits in the world are untunity is increased by the possibility in

For the past twenty years a simple exercise

has, in a quiet way, been giving thousands loaded at our wharf from Native Orchards, the South, the Pacific Coast and Across the Seas.

the new banking act for the establish independence from the wearing of eye glasses, No matter where you live, we guarantee

and restoring their eyesight. ment of branch banks abroad. With

These people have had some serious eye to bring to your door Nature's choicest prod. ucts from Ocean Farm and Orchard, packord these opportunities and the rise of troubles too, as is shown by their voluntary

letters to us, also from oculists who know the as they grow and packed to keep. interest in Europe, the United States history of their cases.

So if you wear glasses, no matter what your will change to a great degree from a

age—have weak, sore, strained or smarting We sell

debtor to a creditor nation.”

eyes, let us tell you how the Ideal Eye Masseur DAVIS direct to free on

gives this necessary exercise, gently and safely, you never $3.00

over the closed lids for five minutes twice a through DELICACIES, orders east

No Sensational Boom

day. Also how you may try it free for 10 dealers of Kansas


days before you decide to purchase. ROFESSOR EDWIN R. A.

Just ask for booklet No. 163K and full de

tails will be sent you by return mail. OUR SEA FOODS range from the Mack

SELIGMAN, of Columbia Unierel (fresh or salted), Codfish (fresh or salted),

THE IDEAL COMPANY Salmon, Lobsters, Crabs, Clams and Shrimp of

versity, writing in the
the New 134 West 65th Street

our native waters, to the specialties of Italy,
France, Portugal and the North Sea Ports.
York Journal of Commerce, says:

Canadian Office: 275 College Street, Toronto, Ont. OUR FARM PRODUCTS include all the “So far as the immediate effects of

and inventive ability good things that grow in and near the ground,

should write for new special cures of bacon, dried meats, pork-and

Lists of Needed Inbeans and other New England goodies. OUR ORCHARD SPECIALTIES are gathered are concerned, the prospects are not ventions,” Patent Buyers and “How to Get Your Patent

and Your Money.'

Advice FREE RANDOLPH & from the selected crops of American and more very favorable as to cotton and per CO., Patent Attorneys, Dept. 75, Washington, D.C. Tropical Climes. All are of a quality rarely found even

haps a little less unfavorable as to in the best markets.

wheat and other food products. We We are glad to send, upon request, our descriptive price-list, telling of the

shall be sharing in the inevitable loss many specialties we handle and how best to enjoy them.

which is consequent on such a war. Book of Receipts is an au. thority. Fill out coupon

In industry, however, the situation
today and begin to
get your share of

promises to be different. . . . There is
every reason to believe that under

CORRECT ENGRAVING favorable conditions an immense im


making of Wedding and Social Invitations, Visitpetus will be given more particularly

ing Cards,and Stamped Paper is our special work, done

in our own shop. Samples and prices upon request. to the textile and the metal industries,

LYCETT, Society Stationer the influence of which will considera

Desk C, 317 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md.




the war upon our chief raw materials MEN OF IDEAS

Our free

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these unusual delicacies.

Frank E. Davis Company,
91 Central Wharf, Gloucester, Mass.
Please send me....







bly overbalance any possible loss from a fall in the price of our raw materials.” In the course of an able review of the situation written for the Alexander Hamilton Institute, Dean Joseph French Johnson, of New York University School of Commerce, sums up his conclusions as follows:

All-Weather Treads

One Matchless Goodyear Feature

Here is one reason why Goodyear tires hold top place in Tiredom.

Here is a tread double-thick and tough. It is immensely enduring and it makes puncture most difficult.

It is flat and regular, so it runs as smoothly as plain treads. Yet there is no other

OD YEAR anti-skid with such resistless grips.

AKRON, OHIO When you know these

No-Rim-Cut Tires treads you will adopt them for all wheels at all seasons.

With All. Weather Treads or Smooth

"A striking feature of the situation is the uneven influence of the war on American industries. We shall probably see, if the situation continues, certain industries and commercial organizations working at top speed and making enormous profits, while beside them will be the empty offices and deserted factories of other industries. It is, of course, impossible to estimate at this time in dollars and cents the profits and the losses that will come to the people of this country. But, this fact stands out clearly: that even though the profits and advantages we reap overbalance the losses, we must expect severe retrenchment on the part of many firms.

"To further complicate the situation, we must consider also the probable sharp rise in prices of food and clothing, as they will affect the wage earners and salaried employees of the country. The present 'high cost of living will in all probability be far higher within the next few months."

[graphic][merged small][merged small]

The conservative, yet hopeful, view of these eminent economists may safely be considered representative of the best-informed thought of the country. The loose and bombastic talk to the effect that the United States was being ushered into an era of wonderful prosperity as a result of the war, which was at first so prevalent, has now given way to soberer discussions of the immense possibilities for good or for harm to our business interests.

Goodyears are not merely quality tires. They are not merely the utmost in fabric and formula. In addition to that, they definitely combat your four major tire troubles in four exclusive ways.

Men who know them adopt them. And so many now know them that Goodyears outsell any other tire in the world.

Your dealer will supply them.


Toronto, Canada
London, England

Mexico City, Mexico
Branches and Agencies in 103 Principal Cities Dealers Everywhere
Write Us on Anytbing You Want in Rubber


Supply of Capital

VEN before the struggle opened,

Mr. Frank A. Vanderlip, Presi

dent of the National City Bank of New York, foretold the most vital result of the war—which seemed then only a vague threat — on American financial operations in these words: “The idea which some people have that a war would be beneficial to this country is a theory which belongs to the Stone Age of economics. A war would prove a great hindrance to necessary financing which many industrial plants and railroads must do in the near future.” Right here is a serious problem which must be faced either immediately or in the near future by nearly every progressive business concern in the United States. How are maturing bond and note issues to be either repaid or refunded? How is the fresh capital which this country normally requires year after year to be raised under present conditions ?

How are the lines of industry that manufacture

A College Education

Hundreds of Students have paid all or part of their college expenses by working under the CURRENT OPINION SCHOLARSHIP Plan.

Ambitious High-School Boys who want to go to college should write us at once and secure full information as to how to work for a scholarship in any college in America.

College students already working their way through college should get in touch with us at once and secure choice territory while it is open.

Write for “The Open Door to a College Education.”


134 W. 29th Street, New York City

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exclusively "capital goods" likely to
be affected ? These are the questions
that are causing worry to the responsi-

ble heads of business enterprises all
Use it every day

over the country. Eventually these
A bottle of Listerine,

questions will be satisfactorily an-
the safe antiseptic, swered. This country is too powerful
should be included and too rich to suffer long on account
among the traveler's of lack of capital. But a temporary
toilet requisites. check to our progress and prosperity
There is nothing like is now generally conceded to be in-
it as a mouth-wash evitable.
protects the teeth and
sweetens the breath.

Our Benefit in the Long

It is soothing to the

N THE long run

we shall benefit.
skin when used as a toi-
let wash after shaving.

What is actually happening is that

we are paying off—at a heavy disMany other uses

count—debts that Europe has long TISH ERDAL given in folder

held against us. Already hundreds of wrapped around

millions of dollars of American securi-
the bottle. Don't

ties have been thrown back at us and
risk using imita-
tions--they may

we have bought them at bargain prices.
be unsafe.

This process is likely to continue

at the best, the normal European deAll Druggists sell

mand for American securities will be

Listerine TAMETRI

much cut down. As a result, the rate AMAC AT COMPLambert Pharmacal Co. of interest in this country is bound to St. Louis, Mo.

advance. It will be difficult to sell

stock and bonds or in any other way is visited by “The Doctor." to raise fresh capital. We shall have Every Many times his calls are un to make up our minds to use more Home

necessary, because you do
not know what the patient's

cfficiently and more economically the
temperature is. It is easy to

capital already in our hands.
use à fever thermometer and nation we are in a position like that of
know when to call a doctor. A the farmer who is forced to pay off


a mortgage and is unable in conse

Thermomotor tells immediately whether or not the tempera.

quence to buy the luxuries he would ture is at the danger point.

like to have for his family or even to Most dealers sell Tycos Fever Thermometers. If your dealer does not have them, or buy new agricultural equipment. The will not order for you, send us his name and address with $1.50 and we will send you one.

farmer scrimps and saves for a few Booklet "Health and Comfort" on request.

years and at the end of that time finds Taylor Instrument Companies 52 Ames Street Rochester, N. Y.

himself in full possession of the farm There's a Tycos Thermometer for Every Purpose and prosperous enough to begin makARN ladies and children's hairdressing (incl. marcel ing investments in surrounding farms. waving), face massage, manicuring, beauty culture. y earn $18 to 850 weekly. Home correspondence course.

Something like that will be our
msant, easy. 100 pago book FREE.
32 A Station F, New York City

tional industrial history during the
next few years.



Miss Cocroft is a college-bred woman. She is the recognized authority on the scientific care of the health

and higure of women.


As a


When notifying Current Opinion of a change in address, subscribers should give both the old and the new address. This notice should reach us about two weeks before the change is to take effect.



6% Investments For Short or Long Time


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The Restful Glow
Without the Glare

For funds of $500 or more.

A wide selection as regards maturity and character and location of security, including many seasoned investments (repurchased from our clients) where a large amount of the original loan has been paid off serially, the margin of security correspondingly increased and the borrowers' ability to meet obligations proved.

Ask for Circular No. 866 T.



Meeting American Ob

ligations in Gold.
HE vast sales of European-owned

securities in the New York mar-
ket prior to the opening of the

left us owing immense
payable in gold in the European capi-
tals. It was impracticable to ship gold
for some weeks after the opening of
hostilities. Thereafter, owing to our
cumbersome banking system, it would
have been dangerous in the extreme to
send out of this country the great
quantities of gold-estimated at be-
tween $100,000,000 and $200,000,000—
that would have been necessary to ful-
fill to the letter the financial obliga-
tions of the bankers of this country.
Most bankers and business men seem
to prefer to let the situation rest in the
expectation that shipments of wheat
and other produce will soon cancel
our obligations. This would virtually
amount to an informal moratorium.


A strong, rich light that never strains the eyes streams from the "Emeralite.” No glare; no shad. Ows. The adjustable shade-emerald green out. side, opal inside-is scientifically constructed to throw the light exactly where it is wanted and is easiest on the eyes.

Dealers everywhere can supply you.

Write for booklet.-It prices and pictures in actual colors the thirty handsome styles of “Emeralite" Lamps for office, library, parlor, sickroom, piano and many other uses.

Peabody, Houghteling & Co.

(Established 1865)

H. G. McFaddin & Co. 54 Warren Street

10 So. La Salle St.




While it would be inexcusable under
normal conditions, it is felt by most
American business men that the highly
exceptional circumstances of the war
make it both wise and honorable.

Examine FREE the
Indispensable NEW

The new, completely revised, greatly enlarged 1914 edition of the foremost of

money-savers in telling one WHAT NOT TO DO, is just off the Presses THE FAMOUS LEGAL STANDARD PARSONS'






International Financial

'HE French Government attempted
to arrange with J. P. Morgan &

Company a loan of $100,000,000
to defray some of the expenses of the
war. A similar loan had been arranged
at the time of the Franco-Prussian
War, yet President Wilson considered
that to preserve the strictest neutrality,
it was better not to make the loan to
one of the belligerents. Consequently,
the loan was not made. The sale of
American securities in New York by
foreign owners, however, has prac-
tically amounted to the creation of a
forced loan the part of the
United States to European people.
The money realized for such sale will
presumably be invested in French
rentes and English consols, and will
then be used to purchase American
goods to maintain the armies. This is
the only way we can pay for these
securities in the long run. This illus-
trates, also, how European trading and
capital are being spent for consump-
tion and diverted from constructive
use. The payment for American goods
by foreigners has been further facili-
tated by the deposits of the French
Government of $16,000,000 with Mor-
gan, Harjes & Company, of Paris,
which was immediately transferred to
the credit of the French Ambassador
to the United States with J. P. Morgan
& Company, of New York, and by the
establishment of a branch of the Bank
of England at Ottawa. The branch of
the Bank of England at Ottawa was
also intended to facilitate the settle-
ment of American debts in London.
Gold can be shipped from New York
to Ottawa without risk of seizure on
the part of the enemies of England and
without the expense of war risk insur-
ance and transportation incurred in
shipping it to London. The Bank of
England can then issue notes against
this gold deposit in Ottawa as a re-
serve and settle American debts in
London. This plan would have been
successful had it not been so impera-
tive for the United States to cease
exporting more gold.


The invaluable companion of anyone in busi. ness, anyone who does business, anyone needing knowledge about business, anyone who holds property or wishes to hold it.

Over 250,000 sold of for-
mer editions. Whether or
not you have one, you cannot
afford not to own the New, Greatly
Enriched 1914 Edition.

Up-to-date chapters on Employers' Liability;
Powers and Liabilities of Stockholders. Offi-
cers and Directors of Corporations; Food and
Drug Law; Trade-Mark Law; Copyright Law,
Bailment, etc., and a Full Glossary of Law

Interprets in untechnical, understandable busi-
ness English, the newly enacted WORKMAN'S
COMPENSATION legislation of the various states.
It is an indispensable reference book of supreme
authority and superlative value to every employer
of labor.

It treats also of rights and duties under Contracts, Sales, Notes, Agency, Agreement, Consideration, Limitations, Leases, Partnership, Executors, Interest, Insurance, Collections, Bonds, Receipts, Patents. Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Assignments, Minors, Farmers, Automobilists, Married Women, Arbitration, Guardians, Wills, abstracts of 'All State Laws relating to collection of Debts, Interest, Usury,

Deeds, Holidays, Days of Grace, Limitations,
9x6/4 in. Liens, etc. Likewise nearly 300 Approved

Forms for Contracts of all kinds, Assign-
Splendidly bound in ments, Guaranty, Powers of Attorney, Wills,

Law Canvas
Sent by prepaid express, on examination for five days. If what we claim,
remit $4.00 in payment; if not wanted we will send stamps for return.


115 Trumbull St., Hartford, Conn.


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Organizing Federal

Reserve Banking

T IS unfortunate that the Federal
Reserve Banking System was not

organized before the outbreak of
the European hostilities. This system
presents advantages for the solution
of such difficulties as
experiencing, through its lower re-
:serve requirements, through its cen-

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1914 by

The United
Electric Co.


of the Heart Home

S the human body has its own A

organs for removing broken

down tissues and poisonous gases and replacing them with fresh, pure air, so should the home be equipped with means for getting rid of dust and dirt and bad air and of purifying itself with wholesome air from outside. This need is perfectly supplied by the

tralized control of financial matters,
and through the provision for the es-
tablishment of branch banks abroad.
It is probably much better, under the "Gaumer lighting overywhere follows the evening glow"
circumstances, to delay the organiza-
tion of the Federal Reserve System
until such time as our financial affairs
are more nearly in normal condition.
An institution which is so important
to the future welfare of American
business should not be compelled to
establish itself under such disadvan-
tageous circumstances. The transfer
of reserves from their present position
to the Federal Reserve Banks would
be fraught with dangerous conse-
quences at the present time. It is

understood that Mr. Warburg, the
member of the Board who has had

DESIGNS of unusual beauty and a the widest banking experience, has finish guaranteed against deterio

ration are found in Gaumer
stood out against the immediate, hasty
organization of the Reserve System,

Hand Wrought Portables

Table or Desk Lamps, either gas or electric, in spite of the pressure of his col

to harmonize with the furnishings of any room. leagues on the Board and the opin

Ask your dealer for Guarantee Tag with

purchase. Portfolio on request. Write Dept. L ions of many of his former colleagues

Biddle-Gaumer Company among the New York bankers.

(Formerly John L. Gaumer Co.)

3846 to 3856 Lancaster Avenue, PHILADELPHIA Prospects for the United ULIGHTING FIXTURES

States Export Trade.
HE closing down of Europe's in-
T dustrial plants has been widely PATENT API want Owen patents. Send for 3 free

"ABLE IDEAS WANTED. Manufacheralded in the press of the

books; inventions wanted, etc. I get patent or

no fee. Manufacturing facilities. United States as offering a tremendous

RICHARD B. OWEN, 12 Owen Bldg., Washington, D. C. opportunity for the industries of the United States to establish themselves

We will


music to your South America, which in the past has

verses and arrange for publication immediately.

Write today. been so largely supplied by England

Dagdale Co., Studio 296, Washington, D.C. and Germany. Prominent exporters who are familiar with South American MSS. SUCCESSFULLY PLACED conditions are inclined to think that References: Edwin Markham and others. Established i8go.

Criticised, Revised, Typed. Send for leaflet L. the extent of this opportunity has UNITED LITERARY PRESS, 123 5th Ave., New York been exaggerated. A representative of one of the largest firms engaged in South American trade said:



For Health and Cleanliness

in the export trade, particularly in SONG POEMS WANTED We will compose

Permanently installed, out of sight in the basement, with ample piping connecting it with all parts of the house, the TUEC,—“The Heart of the Home,”—furnishes the vital force that means cleanliness and health and vigorous life.

The pressure of a button starts its motor throbbing,-its powerful fan revolves and the whole house begins to breathe.

Down through the pipes come the dirt and dust into a sealed, air-tight vessel. With them come thousands of cubic feet of dead,

breathed-over air, laden
01 with minute bacteria that

would other wise find their
way into the throats and
lungs of the family. This
air is all expelled through
a vent outside the build-
ing and its place is taken
by fresh, pure atmosphere
from out of doors.

Dirt, dust, disease and mel-
ancholy, household drudg.
ery and the ills that follow
it, are strangers to

the home that is equipped with the TUEC. And there is

a TUEC perfectly. suited to the requirements of your building, no matter what its size or age. The cost is well within your means and less than your expectations. Installation can be made at any time.

Write today for the TCEC Book.

No obligation involved THE UNITED ELECTRIC CO. 56 Hurford St.

Canton, Ohio


“Discount 90% of what you read about the increase of our trade in South America. South Ajnerica has always been dependent on Europe for its capital, and now that supply is cut off absolutely. South America will have something like two or three hundred dollars to spend now where they formerly had a thousand.”







HILE it is true that the ex-
penditures of South America

must be largely curtailed, still
with the competition of Germany with-
drawn absolutely and that of England
greatly reduced, it is probable that the
United States trade can be considera-
bly extended in this field. A large
majority of our exports in the past
have gone to Europe. Our sales or-
ganizations and export machinery are
very much better developed in the
European field than they are in South
America. This offers a difficulty to
the immediate extension of our trade
in South America. The need of South

Read our 80-page book before enrolling for any law course Tells how to judge the claims of correspondence schools, also explains the American School's simple new method of home law instruction. Prepared by 56 of America's greatest legal authorities-28 more subjects and 30 more authors than any other correspondence law course. 13 volume Law Library, 60 Text Books, and 36 Case Books furnished free. Don't fail to investigate before taking up the study of law. Send postal today for your free book.

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