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Now they wage the battle hot,

Raised by what miracle? Shaped by what These are the beasts he holds at bay, Plunging under shell and shot;


And he cries: “Make way! Make way! Bearing dealers of the death, Breathed into by what god ?

Make way for the race that is to beCharging in the cannon's breath,

And a hundred years hence one like my The conquering race, the coming man, Till in agony they hide,

self may come,

Clean, courageous, intrepid, free, Fallen in the carnage tide.

And stoop, and take a handful of the Pure as the great God's plan.
yielding earth,

Dream of the ages—a vision dim-
What to them the sounding phrase
And never dream that in his palm

Martyrs have burned and died for him; Which excuses bloody ways?

Lies she that laughed and ran and lived Prophets have preached him, unafraid; Honor, place or racial stem,

beside this sea

For him we have wept, we have prayed." Slav or Teuton, what to them,

On an afternoon a hundred years before. A man cries out in the wilderness, Torn and dead, or death denied,

And the lightning's wrath is in his face. Fallen in the carnage tide? Listen to the dust in this hand.

A man cries out in the wilderness, Who is trying to speak to us?

And he pleads for the human race.

For I tell you, a race shall come to Theirs was not the chance to say

birth, Words of peace to save the day.

The skylarks and nightingales and Godlike, glorious, on this earth, The Creator made them dumb

all the rest of the tuneful bird-throng As far in advance of present man They who could not hush the drum

have been celebrated over and over As the heavens that we only scan. Yet are one with those who ride, Fallen in the carnage tide. again by the poets. Mr. Bynner, in the Did we dream it could breed from low

Bellman, praises a different kind of

Did we dream it could rise from bestial The Century Magazine devotes six

mire ? pages to poems about a dozen in

Could the beautiful, celestial thing

TO A PHOEBE-BIRD. number—by James Oppenheim. They

From lust and lechery spring ? are all written in "free verse," and we

By WITTER BYNNER. find in most of them a certain visible

A man cries in th

wilderness, NDER the eaves, out of the wet, And his heart is raw to the world's disstraining after effect. But Mr. Oppen

You nest within my reach;

tress. heim is manifestly one of the younger You never sing for me and yet With terrible truth his feet are shod. poets who must be reckoned with. He

You have a golden speech. “Make waymake waymake way for has fire and force and compels atten

the sons of God!
tion. We reprint one of the poems on You sit and quirk a rapid tail,
an old theme:

Wrinkle a ragged crest,
Then pirouet from tree to rail

The field of Waterloo is close to A HANDFUL OF DUST.

And vault from rail to nest.

some of the scenes of carnage enacted

in Belgium a few weeks ago, a fact By James OPPENHEIM. And when in frequent, witty fright

which injects a grim sort of sarcasm You grayly slip and fade,

the last line in Stephen Phillips's STOOPED to the silent earth and And when at hand you re-alight

notable poem in the Poetry Review: lifted a handful of her dust.

Demure and unafraid, Was it a handful of humanity I


And when you bring your brood its fill
Was it the crumbled and blown beauty of
Of iridescent wings

BY STEPHEN PHILLIPS. a woman or a babe?

And green legs dewy in your bill, For over the hills of earth blows the dust

Your silence is what sings.

ORBEAR! This plain is still too of the withered generations;

deaf with cries, And not a water-drop in the sea but was once a blood-drop or a tear, Not of a feather that enjoys

This soil too sanguine for thy stucco

lies. And not an atom of sap in leaf or bud but

To prate or praise or preach, was once the in a human O Phæbe, with your lack of noise,

Shall Earth where reeled The Guard thy being;

What eloquence you teach!

Where nations groaned be heard the cacAnd not a lump of soil but was once the

kling hen? rosy curve of lip or breast or cheek.

Miss Morgan, in the Cosmopolitan, A mansion mark where in the gathering

is more eloquent than poetic in her murk, Handful of dust, you stagger me; I did not dream the world was so full of flaming prophecy of the race that is Those terrible horsemen so did work? to be:

Here wilt thou dare to live, where such the dead,

men died And the air I breathe so rich with the


And on that memorable dust reside! bewildering past.

Here only ever let the solemn moon Kiss of what girls is on the wind ?


Uninterrupted weave a spirit-noon; Whisper of what lips is in the cup of my

Here only falter down a pensive dew hand?

MAN cries out in the wilderness, From skies too wistful to be purely blue, Cry of what deaths is in the break of the

And he has a terrible thing to But shouldst thou build on consecrated wave tossed by the sea?


ground, I am enfolded in an air of rushing wings;

He cries aloud to age and youth, Then be those houses filled with spectral I am engulfed in clouds of love-lives gone. His words are hot with the sting of truth sound Who leans yonder? Helen of Greece?

And fierce as the bite of hell.

Of clashing battle and the ghostly war, Who walks with me? Isolde?

A man cries out in the wilderness, Of charging hosts against the battered The trees are shaking down the blossoms

For his heart is raw to the world's dis door! from Juliet's breast,


Let solemn bellow of hollow cannon boom, And the bee drinks honey from the lips

His soul is seared with the people's A dreadful cavalry invade the gloom! of David.


Until in awe of those who fell or fled

And his message brands like flame. The living flee from the more living dead! Come, girl, my comrade;

Oh, ltis breast is scarred and his hands are That silence now too conscious is for Stand close, sun-tanned one, with your


sound, bright eyes lifted.

He has blazed the trail through hate and It broods upon itself and is self-bound. Behold this dust!

Then let no builder of this field have This is you; this of the earth under our Vice and ignorance, wrong and wrack lease, feet is you.

These are the foes he has beaten back; 'Tis let to Time, the property of Peace!

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shall finally decide that mere bigness

the mere elimination of competition, DISSOLVE

accompanied by unfair and unjust dea

with competitors or the public, is for HE United States District toward the view that it is foolish to den by the Sherman act, it will rer Court has found that the try to eliminate all combinations, but for the people to determine whether International Harvester Com- that we should instead regulate them in a law shall continue to be the founda pany is a monopoly in re such a way as to take advantage of the

stone of their trust législation. straint of interstate interstate trade good points which they offer.

“We do not believe they will so de

For we do not believe that the co under the Sherman Anti-Trust Law

Why the Company

decision in the International Hary and has ordered it to dissolve into not

Was Dissolved.

case is sound public policy. less than three separate corporations. HE fact that the present manage “In this day of the world combina The peculiar feature of this case is ment has been sufficiently enlight- in business is as inevitable—and as that the court is not able to find any ened not to use their tremendous sirable—as competition at an earlier s act on the part of the Corporation, power to any social disadvantage is rec of the world's development. Compet since its original organization, or im- ognized as no criterion that such power was and is good as a protection of mediately thereafter, which is consid- in existence may not be transferred to public interest. But it is no thing sa

in itself. To make a fetish of com ered to be illegal or contrary to public an unscrupulous management, who can policy. The Courts duly admit that its use it and will use it to perform acts of

tion is to exalt a means into an end,

erect an altar to a false god.” acts since its organization have been disadvantage to the public. fair and reasonable. It has not in The Springfield Republican, in recog

WORKMEN'S COMPENSA dulged in any of the methods of unfair nition of this point says: competition in order to crush any

TION LAWS “The Sherman Act is based on the other competitors; it is not overcapi- theory that benevolent monopolies of in

HE New York State Workm talized and it has not used its monop- dustries are likewise unworthy of public Compensation Law, which oly power in control of eighty-five per confidence. So the law prohibits them, came effective on July 1, I cent. of the harvester business to raise good or bad, and the Courts are making has already brought about an inyprices to the consumer. The courts an end of them. The present law may be gation into its workings by reason held, however, that the combination of too drastic. A good trust, so called, may

the alleged discrimination against r five competing companies into this one be capable of achievements, particularly in the foreign trade, that small companies The employees of the General Elec

ried men and physically defective i gigantic trust was a restriction of com

cannot match. The Germans have long petition and clearly in violation of the

thought and acted on that idea in de- Company at Schenectady threatene Sherman Law. The fact that they con

veloping their foreign commerce. But if strike unless the Company abando sidered the management of the corpora- experience finally demonstrates that these its policy of requiring a physical ex tion has been guilty of no unfair and advantages can be secured in no other ination of all men employed. illegal practices in recent years has way than through great combinations, Company considers that the dange nothing to do with the legal point to strict Government regulation will be the accidents is greater in the case of be decided under the Sherman Law. inevitable accompaniment of a change in

defective physically, and for their Mr. Perkins and Mr. McCormick, the law, whereby greater freedom and protection they should reject such a Directors of the International Har: combination could be lawfully enjoyed.”

The results of the investigation ten vester Company, claim that this is a

Change Our Trust show that actual discrimination aga moral victory for the corporation. It

Policy. certainly tends to show that the man

HE Independent editorially takes

married men and physical defect

has been greatly exaggerated and

the stand that this case offers eviagement was guilty of no practice

dence that we should change our

12ot exist to any considerable ex which we would consider immoral and

Many employers, nevertheless, of no practice which they could know trust policies from elimination to regulation.

been greatly alarmed by the provi to be illegal, since their combination

of the law which requires the pays went unchallenged from a legal stand “That question is, in dealing with big of 30 per cent. of the wages of a w point for ten years after it was organbusiness shall we punish mere size, or

man killed in their employment to ized. Many business men have a tend- shall we reserve punishment for conduct widow during the remainder of her ency to feel that this decision is based that is detrimental to the public welfare?

unless she remarries, and 15 perc

“Here, then, was a good trust, if there merely on legal technicalities and amounts to a sort of political persecu- honorable in its dealings, fair in its treatcan ever be one. Here was a combination additional to each dependent child

der 18 years old, and for each dep tion of business men. It seems clear,

ment of rivals and the public. But it had ent brother, sister or parent. In however, that the combination of five

a fault-it was big; it had by the very provision for dependents the New companies, which had been engaged in terms of its existence committed a heinous Law is more liberal than other com bitter competition, into a single cor

crime-it had eliminated competition. sation laws. This liberal provision poration, controlling eighty per cent. or

Therefore, says the court, honorable and dependents will, of course, tend to more of the entire industry, is just that fair and decent as were its acts, it must go.

crease rates for compensation in

“Whether the decree of the court is sort of thing which the Sherman Anti

It will not, however, react Trust Law was aimed to prohibit. The good law or not will be decided by the

Supreme Court and the rest of us must especial severity on those emplo fact that this particular corporation await its word. But whether it is sound who happen to have an exception was so enthusiastically commended by public policy or not is a question for no high percentage of married men ex judges of the court on other grounds, court to decide. It is a question for the in the case of the plants which c may tend to influence public opinion American people. If the Supreme Court their own insurance.





The rates for individual plants in an in the following statement of the ex the act is that people refuse to go to industrial group will be varied by the perience of the New York Inspection work while they are in pain. Before the Commission only according to the de Rating Board in the Journal of Com- act went into effect the uninsured workgree in which provision is made to

man with a broken leg, whose muscles guard against accidents. For this

became contracted and partially atrophied reason discrimination against married

“Manager Leon S. Senior states that because of the fracture, was forced by men would be in most cases futile and at the rate of one thousand a week, this work. Every day he found that the pain

while the board is now making inspections necessity to go to work, and did go to would not reduce rates unless all em

service could easily be increased but for was less and less, and it soon disappeared. ployers in an industry discriminated the fact that in many instances employers The injured employee receiving half or against married men to the extent of ask that the inspection be deferred to more of his average weekly wage under a driving them out of the industry. Pub- afford them an opportunity to make im- compensation act, and who for any realic opinion would certainly not tolerate provements in their plants before the in son is not ambitious, may, and sometimes such a preposterous attempt. Such a spection. This is readily granted by the does, refuse to go to work while there is policy would also be poor business bureau, as the disposition is to stimulate any pain in the injured part. The longer

all protective effort that the assured are such injured employees stay away from judgment, since it is generally recognized that married men are more steady disposed to put forth, thereby reducing work the harder it is for them ever to go the loss ratio.”

to work; and unless prompt and stringent and efficient than single men. The loss

means are taken to force them back into of efficiency that would result from the

The Increase of

employment it is not long until the atrophy rejection of married men would largely


O laws are so effective as to be becomes permanent, and the injured emoutweigh any reduction in the insur

incapable of abuse in unscrupu- ployee becomes a charge on the law up ance rate.

lous hands. The report of the

to full period of total disability, and sub

sequently on private or public charity.” Industrial Accident Board of MassaThe Cost of Com

chusetts notes the increase of malinpensation.

It proposes as a remedy for malinTHE National Civic Federation in gering and fraud in connection with

gering: its report on Workmen's Compen- the operation of compensation laws in sation Laws says: Europe, where they have been in force

“First-The establishment of a definite longer than in the United States. It medical policy regarding injuries, so that, “Enployers who feared the legislation says:

as far as possible and human, all injuries with its increased cost have freely stated

shall be judged on a uniform basis. Every

“European doctors are accused of using time the board is outwitted by a malingerer to the commission that, although the law costs them more than the old law, they irregularity in the workmen's compensa- the precedent is important. The board were mistaken in their original opposition tion acts as a form of revenue; some of needs a medical adviser whose duty it will to its enactment and would oppose any

the workmen are accused of exploiting be to pass on the medical problems which effort to repeal the law. A similar change their accidents—a process so human and rise out of industrial injuries. A comof feeling is found on the part of the

easy to understand that it is a proceeding petent medical adviser will assist the workmen. In some States where work quite normal and psychical. It does not board in fairly and uniformly administermen were inclined to oppose the enact

follow that these cases of simulation are ing the law, and, while benefiting the emment of the law, feeling that a wide-open always ground for making the original ability honest, will prevent the malingerer

wholly fraudulent, because there is nearly ployee whose injury is genuine and disliability law with the employers' defenses removed would be better than a compenclaim.”

from getting benefits which are not sation act, they have changed their opin


The Board does not consider that ions after their experience with the Law.” this evil has reached serious propor- dent Board authority to hire or establish

"Second–To give the Industrial Accitions in Massachusetts as yet, but it Effective compensation laws supply

one or more wards in hospitals, located to the money to relieve the effects of in: mined to find an effective preventative. monwealth, where doubtful cases of dissees signs of an increase and is deter

serve the industrial centers of the Comdustrial accidents at the time when the


says in this connection: need is greatest. Litigation is so slow

ability may be sent, at the discretion of

the board, for observation and study, the a process that the worker cannot obtain

“The object of the act is to return cost to be assessed pro rata on the insurrelief in many cases during the time of people to industry; one of the effects of ance companies." his disability. To provide for this period is the object of compensation, and so, even if the worker secured more by IS BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY BECOMING litigation, which he usually does not,

A JOKE? the object of social justice would not be attained. The costs of litigation are NSISTENCE upon the inherent al- tance, a psychology of business depresalso vastly in excess of the costs of ad liance of business and psychology sion. The exponents of the new busiministering the compensation fund. It these days is becoming general. ness psychology insist that all business is also in accord with the ideas of We are told that business pros men should familiarize themselves with social justice that the cost of compen perity or depression is "psycholog- all its details. Now comes a psycholsating workers for injuries incurred ical.” Efficiency experts are pointing ogist who scolds psychologists for atthrough the hazards of their occupation out the value of experimental psychol- tempting to teach business men busishould become part of the cost of pro- ogy in increasing profits. Such well- ness. In his recently issued “Foundaduction of the industry and be passed known psychologists as Hugo Münster- tions of Normal and Abnormal Psyon to the consumer of the goods in berg and Walter D. Scott have written chology” (Richard G. Badger, Boston), the price that he pays for the goods. at length in support of the claim that the eminent Dr. Boris Sidis declares These costs generally are not greatly in every department in all great industries that "business psychology” is purely excess of the expenses involved in liti- ought to be under the supervision of a imaginary. He insists that "any ingation where compensation laws do not psychological expert. There has grown telligent business man knows infinitely exist.

up a psychology of employment, a psy- more about business and how to obtain Perhaps the greatest advantage of chology of advertising, a psychology of the best results out of certain condicompensation laws is the pressure they salesmanship, a psychology of window- tions than all the psychologists with bring on the employer to use all availa- dressing, a psychology of farming, a their laboratory experiments, their artible devices and precautions to eliminate psychology of investment, a psychology ficial statistics and puerile, trivial exaccidents. This effect is already shown of prosperity. and, not least in impor- perimental arrangements, giving results

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F ALL the puzzling problems

Why? It is not hecause Gargoyle Mo- engine's mechanical conditions. If your

biloils are entirely free from carbon-giv car is not listed send for our complete you face in motoring none is ing properties. Such oils cannot be pro Chart of Automobile Recommendations. more befuddling than-Carbon De- duced.

On request we will mail a pamphlet on posit.

It is simply because the grade of Gar the Construction, Operation and Lubri

goyle Mobiloil recommended for each car cation of Automobile Engines. Barring mechanical troubles and

It deis fully suited to that motor's mechanical scribes in detail the common engine faulty carburetion (too much gas) conditions.

troubles and gives their causes and remand ignition, carbon deposit from


The oil will not reach the combustion lubricating oil may be summed up chambers in exces's quantities. as follows:

In buying Gargoyle Mobiloils it is If the oil is not there to

safest to purchase in original barrels, Carbon Deposit is caused

burn, it naturally cannot give half-barrels and sealed five and oneby excess lubricating oil burn

carbon deposit.

gallon cans. Look for the red Gargoyle ing in the combustion cham

on the container. bers.

The various grades of Gargoyle MoPrevent the presence of ex

It is sometimes said that

biloils, purified to remove free carbon, are: cess oil and you avoid undue

the body of an oil indicates carbon in your combustion

the amount of carbon it will

Gargoyle Mobiloil “A” chambers.

deposit. Such advice is in

Gargoyle Mobiloil “B” correct.

Gargoyle Mobiloil “EIn some motors, the piston stroke will, by suction, draw

In many motors a light

Gargoyle Mobiloil “Arctic" a light oil too freely to the piston heads. bodied oil will deposit far more carbon They can be secured from reliable In other motors a heavy oil will work to' than a heavy oil, due to the excessive garages, automobile supply houses, hardthe piston heads.

quantity that works past the piston rings. ware stores and others who supply luIn either case excess carbon will de


Oils have sometimes been put forward posit.

as "containing no carbon.” All petroleum For information, kindly address any The remedy is obvious. oils are chemical compounds, consisting inquiry to our nearest office.

The city almost entirely of hydrogen and carbon. and state address will be sufficient. Keep excess oil from your combustion To remove the carbon in chemical comchambers by using an oil whose body and bination would destroy the oil. Free car- VACUUM OIL COMPANY quality fit the mechanical conditions of bon and other impurities are easily reyour motor, moved.

Rochester, N. Y., U. S. A. Every day it is being demonstrated Your safeguard against undue carbon Specialists in the manufacture of high-grado that Gargoyle Mobiloils, used as specified deposit is the chart printed in part be

lubricants for every class of machinery. in the lubricating chart shown below, low.

Obtainable everywhere in the world.

The grade of Gargoyle Mobilgive remarkable freedom from carbon oils there specified for your car was de

Chicago deposit.

termined by a thorough analysis of the Pittsburgh Philadelphia Indianapolis Minneapolis


New York


A guide to correct Automobile lubrication Explanation:—In the schedule, the letter opposite the car indicates the grade of Gargoyle Mobiloils that should be used. For example,

“A” means Gargoyle Mobiloil “A,” “Arc,” means Gargoyle Mobiloil “Arctic.” For all electric vehicles use Gargoyle Mobiloil “A. The recommendations cover both pleasure and commercial vehicles unless otherwise noted.

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Abbott Detroit ... A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. Arc. Arc.

Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc. Arc. Arc.Arc.

A Arc. A Arc. A Arca Arc. A Arc Autocar (2 cyl.). A Arc. A Arc. A Arc A Arc. A Arc (4 cyl.)

AE A Arc. A Arc Avery

ΑΤΕΙΑ E А A A А A А (Model C)

Arc Arc Buick (2 cyl.).

ΑΤΑ А A A А A А (4 cyl.) Arc. Arca Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc (6 cyl.).

A Arc. Cadillac..

Arc Arc Arc Arc Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc Arc.

A E A E A E A E Arc Arc
Com'). AEA Arc. A Arc. A Arc.

А A A Arc. A Arc. A Arc

Arc. Arc. A Arc Arc Arc Arc Arc A A Chase (air).

B B B B B B B B B B (water).

Arc. Arc Cole..

Arc. Arc. A Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc. Arc Delaunay-Belleville B А ТВ A B A B A B А B. M. F.

Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc. Arc. Empire.

A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Are Fiat..

ΑΤΑ B A А А ΒΙΑ B А Flanders.


E Arc. Arc....:: (6 cyl.).

Arc. Arc. Ford..


B Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc A А
Com'l.. B A BA A Arc. A Arc.
G. M. C. Truck.

....Arc. Arc. A Arc. A Art Havers


A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A А (Model-6-60).

Arc. Arc Paynes

.AEA Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc Hudson.

Arc.lArc. A Arc. A Arc A Arc. A Arc Hopmobile (Model 20) Arc. Arc. Asc. Asc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. (Model 32)

A Arc. A Arc LH.C. (air)

B A вЈА (water).

A А А A International

в. А 'B B В ТА Laterstate.

AE A Arc. A Arc A Asc.
Jackson (2 cyl.). A.A
ID A Arc

Arc A Acc.


A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc Arc Mitchell..

Arc.Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc A Ara .

A E A Arc. A Arc. A Arc.
Moline Knight

Moon (4 cyl.)

A E Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. A Arc (6 cyl.)

Arc. Arc National

AA А А A А А А А A Oakland

AE A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. Arc. Arc. Oldsmobile.

A E A Arc. A Arc. Arc.Arc. Arc. Arc. Overland.

А E Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Packard.

Arc. Arc. Arc.Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. A Arc Paige Detroit.

E E A Arc, AEAEAA Pathfinder.

A Arc. Arc. Arc. Peerless

Arc. Arc. JArc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Pierce Arrow.

Arc. Arc. A Arc. A Arc Arc Arc Arc. Arc Com'l.

Arc. Arc Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Pope Hartford. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc. Premier.

A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc Rambler.

А A A Arc Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. .... Regal..

A E A Arc. Arc Arc Arc Arc.Arc.Arc. Renault.

A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. Ro...

А E A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Arc Saxon

E S. G. V..

B Arc. B Arc. B Arc. A Arc Selden..

AE А E Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc Simplex.

Arc Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc Arc. Arc Speedwell

Arc Arc. A Arc. A Arc Arc Arc. Arc. Arc Mead.

A Arc B А

Arc Arc. A Arca Arc.

Stevens Duryea. Arc. Arc. (Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc
Stoddard-Dayton Arc. Arc. A А A А А А
* Knight.


E E A Arc. Arc. Arc. A Arc. A Are

Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. AA Velie (4 cyl.).

A E A Arc. A Arc A Arca Arc (6 cyl.).

....... Arc Arc Welter

A E Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc White.

Arc.Arc. Asc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc Arc Arc Winton

Arc'Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc Arc,

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Jackson (6 cyl.)

Arc. Aro


Arc Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc

Arc Arc Arc. Arc.Arc.Arc. A A


Arc. Arc
Kissel Kar..

А EA Arc. A Arc. A Arc. Arc. Arc
" Com'l.

Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc Arc Arc Arc. Arc
(Model 48)

Kline Kar..

Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. A Are



JArc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. EE

JArc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. A Arc

(Model S).


А E А E A Arc] A Arc, Arc. Arc

A E A Arc. A Arc. A Arc. A Are
Marwell (2 cyl.). E E E E E B

(4 cyl.) BB Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc. Arc.Arc. Arc.Art
16 gyl.

Arc Arc. Ar. Ar

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"The claims made by psychologists as to

industrial efficiency which psychology can WARM

give are ludicrous in the extreme. We WOOL

may as well expect the astronomer to

claim that astronomy can give points on YOUR

how to successfully conduct a political

i campaign. As a matter of fact, the COMMON SENSE

psychologist has nothing to say on the SHOULD TEACH YOU TO WEAR subject of advertisements, industry and

business, but commonplace trivialities expressed with all the pomposity of scholastic authority. Industrial efficiency does not belong to the domain of psychology. We may as well expect the comparative

psychologist to offer practical points on Underwear

the efficiency of cows to give milk, or on the efficiency of hens to lay eggs. ... The

ordinary psychologist understands little of Combines All the Protection

business life, knows almost nothing of the

life of the laborer, and is woefully ignoof Wool and All the

rant of the economical questions of the Comfort of Cotton

times. Psychological business claims are illusory. The sooner the practical busi

ness man learns this fact the better for ETTER protection him, and also for the earnest psycholog

ical investigator."
against sickness and .
more REAL comfort are

Psychology, in Employing

Locomotive Engineers. given by Duofold than by any other underwear. I N entirely different view of the

value of experimental psychology Duofold is a double garment, fortable than ordinary under

to industry is expressed in an

article in the August World's Work by made of two fabrics which wear.

Arno Dosch, which describes the applitogether weigh much less than

Colds are caused by sud cation of psychological method in emordinary underwear. The outer den chilling after overheating,

ploying locomotive engineers on the

l'ennsylvania Railroad. The accuracy fabric is warm, light weight and no other underwcar keeps

of the method was tried out by testing wool. The inner lining is soft, the body at so nearly natural many men, whose characteristics were thin cotton. Nowool touches heat under all changes of tem

known to Mr. G. W. Creighton, general the skin. The cotton lining ab

superintendent of the road. The result perature as Duofold.

of these tests showed a close conformity sorbs the moisture of the body

Its woolen outer fabric to the opinions formed by Mr. Creighand protects the flesh from the keeps you from getting chilled

ton in a number of years of practical irritating wool. The woolen

observation of these men. In the same as quickly as you do in an all

way the management was convinced outer fabric repels the Winter's

cotton garment.

The cotton of the value of Professor Münsterberg's cold and retains the natural lining keeps you from perspir

tests of street railway motormen and heat of the body. ing so excessively as you do

telephone operators. The tests are ap

plied by means of two rapidly revolving The two fabrics are joined by in all-wool underwear.

concentric disks on each of which a wide stitching through which the Duofold keeps you warm,

band of color appears, which can be

varied at the will of the operator. The air circulates and keeps the but it doesn't scratch like all.

men are tested for the speed and accugarment fresh and dry.

wool underwear—the cotton racy with which they can recognize and Your physician will explain inner fabric is soft as a rose.

record by touching a key on a recording

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of the time in thousandths of seconds

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This tests the man's speed of reaction from a mental impression or his ability to act quickly

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