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ON TIIE WAY TO GOLGOTHA Scenes from The Life of Christ as shown in the movies.

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tinue to pass boycott resolutions Poison."

The style of this militant ardly to utter a syllable of protest or a against the Panama-Pacific Exposi- Missouri paper is sufficiently indicated word of indignation. Ignorance has not tion on account of the appointment of by a few sample headlines from a sin- vet reached its limit; impudence has not Mayor Nathan of Rome as commis- gle issue, such as: "Money Collected gone to its full bounds; hatred has not sioner from Italy. "Xo Catholic by Nuns for Orphans is Spent for

become sufficiently great; attempts to stir should patronize, or visit, or have any- Whisky by the Priest"; "Rome llas

up civil and religious strife are not numerthing whatever to do with any section Black Christ for Black Dupes": "Be- played, new hatred must be stirred, new

ous enough. New ignorance must be disor department of the exposition with ware of the Holy IIospital”; “The insults must be invented.

The governwhich Nathan has any connection or Menace Forces the Roman Catholic

ment which has sworn to protect all citiassociation,” says the Vew York Free- Hierarchy to Salute the Stars and zens in their rights, irrespective of race man's Journal. The anti-Romanist Stripes." Roman Catholic papers are

or creed, will be a tool for this. Its mails Christian Herald, New York, under protesting that such publications should will be at the service of abandoned men the caption "Father Phelan Called to be excluded from the mails. America who wish to force their evil papers into Order,” reprints in full the letter from reprints the text of a proposed amend- Catholic homes.” the Apostolic Delegate to Washing- ment to the Constitution thus circu

There is no doubt that on the whole ton, John Bonzano, directing the Arch- lated which calls for denial of public bishop of St. Louis to summon Father or public school office to any person

such attacks upon the Catholic Church, Phelan, intimate to him that he must "who owes allegiance to any foreign writes Rev. Dr. Frederick Lynch, a change his method of writing (as ed- king, country, or individual"; the rais- prominent Congregational minister of itor of The Western IVatchman in- ing of the American flag daily over

New York City, in a leading editorial dulging in criticism of bishops), and churches as well as schools and public in the Christian Work, “not only de

feat their end, but mightily strengthen if he should fail to do this withdraw buildings, expulsion of Jesuits and

the Catholic Church. It is also a questhe necessary permission for editing abolition of convents and nunneries,

tion whether the Protestant Church a public journal. By direction Father and either marriage or surgical op

ever heads off the Catholic Church in Phelan reprinted the Apostolic letter eration for ordained clergy. America in full in his paper without comment. calls this “A Burning Shame,” saying: its use of methods distasteful to ProtBut in the same issue he writes: “We

estants by any attacks, by resolutions do not see why the Catholics of the “Imagine this and other matter of its

of ministers' meetings, or by lectureUnited States should try to bankrupt kind carried into Catholic homes by of- ships maintained to disclose the neSan Francisco and the whole State of ficials whose salary is drawn from money

farious things in the Roman Catholic California because the King of Italy of Catholics, too. Indignation is almost Church.” He continues: has seen fit to designate a Freemason

too great for words. Protestantism is

welcome to its heroes; but let these heroes “Protestants will never really hinder the churl to represent his government at understand that if the final issue comes,

Catholic Church in accomplishing its ends the Panama Exposition.

What can

there are both priests and laymen who can by what it thinks evil machinations except the directors do in the premises?" and will protect themselves...

by strengthening its own position mightily The recent rise of a flood of ve "For some time past Catholics have and outdoing the Catholic Church in zeal hement anti-Catholic publications has been calumniated and ridiculed in a man for some of those same ends both are been phenomenal, and supports Dr.

ner that is well-niglı past belief. Their seeking. As we see the conflict it is the Gladden's panic theory. motives have been misrepresented, their

the Catholic Church uses that One called The Icicace claims a circulation ex

faith has been reviled, their priests have frightens Protestants more than the ends

been branded as scoundrels, their nuns it has in view. No one can object to the ceeding a million and a half, and there have been made a hissing and a by-word. Catholic Church desiring, religious trainare a dozen or more similar period. The very halls of Congress have rung ing for all its children. It is when Cathoicals in the field. The lonace carries with denunciation of their supreme act of lics try to divert public funds to their own a sketch of a mitre-crowned skull and adoration as idolatrous. Catholics have schools that the objection comes. It is not crossbones on one side of its title been put on the level with the offscourings because the Catholic wants his missions heading, labeled "Temporal Power a

of the people. Thieves, adulterers, trait- and schools to the Indians enlarged and Public Menace," and on the opposite to them, either in the press or on the Aoor him. It is when he tries to divert govern

ors, idolaters, such are the terms applied more fully maintained that people criticize side a sketch of a public schoolhouse of Congress, in the very presence of ment funds to these purposes. No one oblabeled “The Antidote for Papal Catholic Congressmen apparently too cow jects to the Roman Catholics holding a

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But we

thanksgiving service in Washington for Catholic Church in its activities along the religious claims of the Navy. Dr. the South American States, and we sup these lines just as vigorously as does any- Lynch concludes: pose few would seriously object to a

are convinced that the President of the United States honoring Protestant is often taking the most futile “There are moral issues continually besuch a service by his presence, inasmuch course to protect the nation or to win in fore Congress, and often they bear as as it is a sort of official function of South the conflict for predominance in the re

directly on Protestants as on Catholics. Americans. But if the Catholic Church ligious world.”

The way to check legislation partial to should slyly send out reports around the

Catholicism-if there is any such—is to be world giving the impression that this is

there as ably represented as are the Cathothe official service of the nation, then ob

Dr. Lynch points out that instead lics seeking the proper legislation or those jection would be proper. And so on, one of wasting energy protesting against great religious issues Protestants have at method after another is distasteful and Roman Catholics going to Washing- stake. The way to meet the aggressiveseems fraught with evil to Protestants, ton, Protestants have now sent Rev.

ness of Roman Catholicism as a whole and there is no doubt but that some ends Dr. H. K. Carroll there to represent throughout the nation is to be more agthat Church has in view seem equally a

them, and Roman Catholics have wel- gressive as Protestants by all justifiable menace, namely, the restoration of tem

methods. comed this strengthening of religion

If every Protestant were poral power, the participation of the

eager for the supremacy of the Church at the capital. A few weeks ago the Church in political programs, and the

over the moral, spiritual, religious life of strengthening of her influence with govRoman Catholic agent and the sec

the people and the nation as the Catholic ernments.

retary of the Federal Council of is for his, we doubt if there would “Wherever these methods, tendencies Churches walked arm in arm into the long be any Roman Catholic problem in and political ends exist we oppose the President's office and put before him America.”




as the




OT PROGRESSIVE Amer- lection of material

as well

are most realistically portrayed. In ica nor the advanced reli manner in which details are worked the making of wine out of water in gious thought of Protestant out show that the author had in mind Cana, Jesus is pictured rather as Europe but the

sensational or semi-sensational pur- magician, and in the awakening of the ative Greek Oriental Church poses rather than religious.

daughter of Jairus the gospel story of Rumania has produced on a large Such important events in the life is misrepresented in that Christ is picscale the Life of Christ on the film of Christ, for example, as the Sermon tured as doing this in public. The of the popular movies. It is the ex on the Mount are omitted because they picture of the institution of the Lord's tremely modern film house of Pathé could not readily be utilized on a film. Supper, Petri declares to be entirely Brothers which has accomplished this, Very realistic is the Slaughter of the unfortunate, as Christ and his disciwith a success that makes the matter Innocents in Bethlehem, and the col- ples are represented as standing around notable. Throughout Rumania this lapse of Jesus on the way to Golgotha, a table, each with a filled glass in his film has been reproduced again and in which a fanatical Jew is represented hand, while Judas has emptied his. again, the Minister of War has urged as striking Christ and soldiers as prick- The disciples then leave the room the soldiers of the army to attend, the ing him with a lance every time he still chewing their food. The scene in royal family has honored its produc- breaks down, which he is represented Gethsemane is dramatic, especially the tion with their presence, and even the as doing only too often. The Awak- actions and despair of Judas. The heads of the Orthodox Church and ening of Lazarus is pictured with the final picture of the Ascension pictures the clergy of the capital city of the tomb open to the audience, and the God the Father as an old man with a kingdom have attended and have been dead man is represented in the gradual long beard; over him hovers the Holy "delighted” with what they saw. The process of coming to life again. All Spirit in the form of a dove, and to public schools have been dismissed so these and kindred episodes that readily the right and left are angels swingthat the children can go and see and lend themselves to vivid reproduction ing censers and engaged in musical be edified.

exercizes. Dr. H. Petri, a German

Dr. Petri concludes with writer of note, has recently

the statement: "Such efforts analyzed this pictorial ac

to depict the life of Jesus count of Christ's life. He

must always fail, the declares that the artistic

movies cannot convey scenery surrounding the ca

ligious convictions or edify reer of Christ is indeed beau

the soul. Only the formaltiful, often in fact exquisite,

istic and

and crude religious and the scenic setting of this

ideas and ideals of the Oribiblical drama has without

ental Church can faver such doubt contributed largely to

methods of picturing Christ its success, but, Dr. Petri

and his work." goes on, in its religious ef

There are 9,000 feet of fects the film is and must be

this film which reproduces in a failure. Such scenes

colors. It rents for $100 a the birth in Bethlehem, the

day and was first shown in flight to Egypt, as also other

the United States on the Shuevents that readily yield

bert circuit during Easter themselves to purposes of a

season, according to agents movie, like the miracles, are

of Pathé Frères from whom

TIIE KISS OF BETRAYAL excellently done; but the seFrom the Life of Christ in the Movies.

photographs were obtained.









NARIES OF DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS HE Chicago Theological Sem- Chicago which will have consequences far grouped around that great educainary, one of the most im- afield. It may do much to shade off the tional center. We presume the indeportant schools of the Con too sharp lines between the sacred and the pendence of the institution will not gregational denomination, by secular, as religion and all the relation- suffer by the change, and that its own

unanimous vote of its direct- ships of life are studied together, as stu- inner life and activities will proceed ors, will hereafter be associated with the Divinity School of the University may thus be impressed. The identificameet and mingle. The unity of all life substantially as heretofore.”

"With Andover now linked with Harof Chicago, Baptist, in a cooperative tion of religion with everything common plan of education for the ministry. to man will be more apparent. The ap- Berkeley and Yale and Oberlin long ago

vard, Pacific with the State University at The Seminary will continue to be in- plication of the common faith to the social officially related to their undergraduate dependently controlled, but conditions conditions of the common life can be communities, only Hartford and Bangor of admission will be uniform and stu- brought to bear both in theory and prac are left of the original six northern Condents may take courses under either tice more effectively through the combined gregational seminaries to represent the unfaculty, thus enlarging the range resources of both institutions.

affiliated idea in theological education. elective work and opportunity for spe

"Without compromize of the distinctive May the result at Chicago be as satisfaccialization. Already associated with tenet or sacrifice of unique heritage, or

tory from the point of view of students, loss of institutional independence, or the Divinity School are the Disciples' change of charter, or alienation of funds, the community as has been the case at

character of work done and influence in Divinity House, the Ryder House, and

or weakening denomination 1 fellowship, Cambridge and Berkeley.” the Norwegian Baptist Divinity House. this reciprocity will be the working deThe affiliation of the Chicago Semi- monstration of the larger loyalty to more

The Baptist Standard, Chicago, renary will make the membership of the fundamental principles, to the higher ideals gards the affiliation as “one of the associated theological faculties include of the greater common cause. It will show most significant steps ever taken in between forty and fifty professors, and that there can be an agreement to differ in theological education in the United more than 250 courses will be avail some things that is entirely consistent with

States,” but takes the occasion to able.

the agreement to work together for most point a moral to Baptists themselves :

things. It may be the beginning of the The present Divinity School is a

end of much waste, duplication, competi “We have long felt that some such affilgraduate school with five organized tion, misunderstandings between denom- iation as this ought to take place among groups of courses: Preparation for

inations and denominational institutions some of our Baptist theological seminathe Pastorate, Religious Education, which have far more in common than to ries, four of which are hardly more than Social Service, Foreign Missions, and divide them. It may be followed by the 300 miles apart, and two of which are in highly organized special courses lead- grouping of other church training schools the same state. Separate maintenance, ining to the university degree of Ph.D. around the University such as is taking volving duplication of effort and conseA Graduate School of Religion and place in Montreal and Toronto and on quent waste of funds, is almost criminal. Ethics for graduates of theological

some of the foreign mission fields of these We hope that the time may not be long seminaries, with specialized or

same denominations, such as has long been until the boards of trustees of some of

successfully demonstrated at old Oxford our Baptist schools will at least investitional courses, is projected as a result

in the cooperation of church colleges with gate the legal possibilities and the moral of the latest affiliation. the universities.”

obligation of joining forces. Something is Dr. Shailer Mathews, dean of the

wrong when two of our seminaries have Divinity School (who is also presi

By removal to the South Side of scholarship funds too large to spend legitdent of the Federal Council

comments The Congrega- imately for this purpose with their present Churches' and director of Religious tionalist, of Boston, “the school not

number of students, while another semWork of Chautauqua Institution), only roots itself in a section in which inary, like the one on the Pacific Coast, writes in the Chicago Advance : the ordinary man studying theology field with practically no resources.

is making an heroic struggle in a needy

If “Above and beyond the academiz advan- would prefer to live, but acquires the only some Baptist Hercules could pluck tages, the personal and public significance advantage of affiliation with Chicago up one of our eastern seminaries and of this cooperation is sure to mark an University and with the other denomi- plant it, with its endowments, in Denver epoch in the educational development of national schools of the prophets now or on the Pacific Coast !”


of Chicago,

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HE coming into power of the Roman Catholic clergy who materially the Mexican Constitutionalists have of-
Constitutionalists in Mexico or intellectually have assisted the ficially made the annihilation of the
can hardly fail to raise an usurper

Victoriano Huerta," and de- Catholic Church part of their policy and acute church question which clares that the issue is "up to” the

our Government has permitted itself to thus far appears to have oc United States government:

stand before the world as patron of that

policy. The Mexican rebels have quoted casioned little comment save in the

“The issue is: the Constitutionalists us as patrons, are using our patronage Roman Catholic press. These journals have adopted the organized persecution, to abet their interest and further their have bitterly criticized Francisco Villa suppression, annihilation of the Catholic plans. In short, our Government, as in particular and discover in each Church as such, as part of their policy. Such, has been made to stand before succeeding manifesto of the Constitu- That is the first part of the issue. It has the world as an assistant to a political tionalists a sentence of extermination another part, of interest to every fair- party in a foreign country, whose ofagainst the Roman Catholic Church. minded American citizen. This part is : ficial policy is destruction of the CathoAmerica, New York, cites the resolu- the United States Government has allowed lic Church. There is the naked issue.

itself to stand as patron and abettor not It could not be clearer. There is no tions of the Villa-Carranza conference of the Constitutionalists but of the Con- chance of misunderstanding it. It is comat Torreon in July agreeing “to pun- stitutionalist policy. Here then is the mended to the consideration of those in ish and exact responsibility from the whole issue, both parts of it in one: power."




John Reed, the brilliant correspond- every state of the Republic held ban- bells only to celebrate fiestas in honor ent of the Metropolitan Magazine with quets of rejoicing. They thrust on

of the country or for triumphs of the Villa's army in Mexico, has described the greatest superstition the world has Constitutionalist army! the expulsion of Spaniards from Chi ever known—the Catholic Church. They

At a recent session of representahuahua on ten days' notice, by Villa's ought to be killed for that alone. I consider we are being very generous with

tives of Protestant mission boards in order, and quoted Villa's reply to the them.”

Cincinnati a repartition of mission American consul through whom pro

fields in Mexico was agreed upon test was made, as follows:

According to press dispatches the by Congregationalists, Baptists, Disci

Constitutionalist governor and “We Mexicans have had 300 years of

ples, Friends, Southern Presbyterians, the Spaniards. They have not changed Antonio I. Villareal, has issued mander of the State of Nuevo Laredo, Methodists, Associated Reformed Pres

byterians, and Presbyterians North. since the conquistadores. They disrupted the Empire and enslaved the people. We decree regulating Roman Catholic Consolidation of theological schools did not ask them to mingle their blood

churches and schools "in the interest around Mexico City and of publicawith ours.

Twice we drove them out of of public health, morality and justice,” tions, redistribution of high schools, Mexico and allowed them to return with declaring that "the Church has been and the establishment of a college that the same rights as Mexicans, and they a pernicious factor in disruption and shall provide classes for women were used these rights to steal away our land, discord and has entirely forgotten the recommended to the various denomito make the people slaves, and to take spiritual mission.” The decree expels national boards. The combined appelup arms against the cause of liberty, all foreign Roman Catholic priests and lation of “The Evangelical Church," They supported Porfirio Diaz. were perniciously active in politics. It Jesuits and requires priestly absten- with the denominational name in brackwas the Spaniards who framed the plot tion from politics, prohibits confes ets following, for Mexican churches, that put Huerta into the palace. When sion, requires official supervision of was approved, similar to the Philippine Madero was murdered, the Spaniards in schools, and allows ringing of church- missionary policy.

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INTELLECTUAL COWARDICE S IT true that tolerance is a sign of the history of religion know that this is Our present efforts to be tolerant in of decaying standards of belief not so. They know that there have always religion, as analyzed by the Atlantic and thought? Assuming that tol- been successive waves of tolerance and in

essayist, are based upon the presuptolerance in religion, as in every other position that there is no such thing erance grows out of a sense of uncertainty regarding truth, in- realm of human thought, and that religion as objective religious truth :

has evolved out of tolerance into intolertolerance comes in as the constructive

ance just as often, and as rightly, as the force. For example, decadent Roman other way about. Most of us, however,

“This is to say that, in the thing which civilization tolerated every sort of know nothing of this. The result of this for a human being must correlate all his morals, philosophy, religion. The rise mistake of ours is that the return or pro- theory of life, his religion,—there is no

other thought and activity,—namely his of that civilization which succeeded it gression toward constructive intolerance was heralded by the intolerant perse- manifested in every other line of thought objective reality at all, toward which he

may approximate. This is to deny that cution of Christianity, itself an intol- to-day is almost entirely. absent from

there is anything which may rightly be erant inovement. Thus argues Ber- modern religious thinking.”

called fundamental truth. It is to exalt nard Iddings Bell, in the Atlantic

In the popular campaigns for peace at any price into the throne of ultiMonthly, in pointing out “The Danger "Church Unity,” Mr. Bell notices that

mate reality. It is to destroy the search of Tolerance in Religion.” Construct- what is to unite is never defined, tho

for that reality. It is to glorify intelive thinking in regard to marriage pulpits and compliments may be ex

lectual cowardice and inefficiency. It is and the problems of sex has become changed. "If this was the sort of thing morals; it is, in the end, to destroy a

not merely to destroy a rational basis for intolerant; in politics, education, lite- Christ wanted,” Mr. Bell asks, "why rational basis for thinking as a whole. rature, "we are gradually and hope- did He not practise this modern, tolerfully emerging from an age of good- ant method when He was on earth ?" lift themselves up toward the realities of

“To prohibit men from attempting to natured tolerance into one of contra

eternity, to compel them to abandon the dictory and frankly clashing ideas and

“Why did He not seek to conciliate, on ideals.” But “the very same man who a basis of mutual toleration, the Sad- mighty gropings which have ever char

acterized the seers — intolerant because is a healthy bigot on sex-relationship, of denouncing them both for differing to substitute for these a unified “religion ducees and Pharisces, for instance, instead

they were seers and not politicians and politics, economics, and what not else,

from his own conception of religion? imagines that in religion he is bound, Why did He preach things so definite as

consisting of platitudes about being good if he would be in accord with the Zeit to alienate most of the people whom He ities to do this would be a dire calamity

to one's grandmother and similar banalgeist, to be tolerant of all kinds of re came to carth to save? Why did He die? ligious belief or disbelief.” Mr. Bell Apparently it was because He uttered such

to the generation and to the race." proceeds:

definite and positive teaching as to force,
by his very intolerance, the reflex intoler-

Better the bitter intolerance of those “Of course, part of this attitude is due

ance of those opposed to that teaching. It who believe too much and too strongly, to the impression, not now so prevalent is apparent to any one who reads the concludes Mr. Bell, than the easy comas once it was, that truth is truth demon- Gospels that Christ stood for definiteness plaisance of those who believe too strable physically, and that religion, which in religion, that He himself died rather little. “Better the Inquisition and the is incapable of such demonstration, is a than tolerate the religious ideas of most of rack than the drugging of those who thing in which uncertainty is inevitable. his contemporaries, and that He earnestly else might seek for God. Better that (Of course such an assumption is quite urged his followers to imitate the steadunscientific.) The main reason for it, fastness of his example. He prayed, it is

we live and die slaves to a half-truth, however, is the unthinking or superficially true, that all the world might become

or a millionth-truth, than that we rethinking assumption that mankind has de- united; but He must have meant united fuse to look for truth at all. Better veloped religiously from intolerance into on the positive and definite platform on

even that in religion a man should tolerance, and that tolerance, complete, un which He himself stood. Any other in- live and die believing with all his soul questioned, is the highest point yet reached terpretation would stultify not merely His in a lie, than that he should merely in the development of religion. Students words but His whole life.”

exist, believing in nothing."

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Taking the Future Out

hooked fingers; he shall find the impossi- Futurism, if it may be called a philosoof Futurism. HEN Joaquin Miller, wearing ble postures.'

phy, he is grave enough. This and a white velvet jacket and a

"Or, suppose you or I were giving hos- similar esthetic schools, he says, are

pitality to some princess or peeress, we red sombrero, or something might say, in our hospitable mood : 'Let's

but the toilsome and rather tired resurof the sort, went to London he was make her an apple-pie bed.'

rection of something with which the

It might enthusiastically received by London awaken her silvery laughter-or our sil- early and medieval Church was ceasesociety. Here, said the veterans of a very laughter, anyhow. But Mr. Hari- lessly at war—the heresy of evil asthousand teas, is real American netti wouid not be content with laughter; ceticism. The paradox of Futurism is Poet! How picturesque and exotic he would want seriousness as well. He that it has no future, it is sterile and and entertaining ! And when lIr.

would say (speaking of the apple-pie suicidal. Therefore, so far as there is Marinetti failed to convert his native bed): 'Sleep is our foe! We have abol

any principle in it at all, it is that prinItaly to Futurism, he, too, went to

ished Vight! We affirm to Italy, Lon- ciple of death which was in the ancient

don, and the Suburbs that every bed is a London. And in that city he and his

heresies,—the wrong kind of ascetigrave! The Futurist Bed, which, we anfantastic “movement” found a wel

cism. Futurism, he says, combines Futurism produces some pic

asceticism with anarchy and bases tures compared with which the fanious

both on

a kind of pessimism. HE “Nude Descending the Stairs” is al

finds a striking resemblance between most photographic. It produces prose

the Gnostics and Manichees and the or verse (no one knows which it is)

Futurists, who despise the separate compared with which Gertrude Stein's

senses and the strong arts that have “Tender Buttons: Things, Food, Ob

been built on the separate senses. Не jects” is lucid and coherent. But the

says in conclusion: London counterparts of Hermione and

“Yet the creed that is now reproached her "little group of serious thinkers”

as ascetic has in all ages fought this have "taken up” Mr. Marinetti and

strange and horrible decorum. The Futurism. There has been a Futurist

deepest of all indecencies is to strip the exhibition and Mr. Marinetti's lectures

soul of its body. It is blasphemy to have been well attended. Some Eng

despise the forms of things; to have lish critics have praised Futurism,

eyes and see not, to have ears and hear some have condemned it. All who

not; to have only an imprisoned mind. have discussed it have taken it se

This is something worse than bodily riously — except Mr. Gilbert Keith

murder that banishes the soul and leaves Chesterton. But Mr. Chesterton's

a dead body. This is spiritual murder

that banishes the body, and leaves a dead favorite method of attack is to

soul.” fuse to take things seriously. An effective method it is, as Mr. Joseph

A Counter Revolution to McCabe and many another of his adversaries know to their cost.

HE Futurists have other troubles Homeric laughter has blown many

than those due to Mr. Chestera sham into oblivion, and in a recent

ton's attack. They have lately issue of T. Pi's Weckly (which now,

suffered a secession from their ranks by the way, is edited by Mr. Hol

From the press of the John Lane Combrook Jackson, author of "The Eight

pany, strange to say, comes Blast, an een Nineties”) he subjects Futurism to

illustrated quarterly which is described the batteries of his destructive mirth.

on the title page as “The Organ of the CHESTERTON SAYS

FUTURISM In the first place, he tells us, he rather

POOR PRACTICAL JOKE Great English Vortex.” Vorticism, we likes Mr. Marinetti. This vivacious

learn, is a revolutionary movement nounce, refuses admission to the abject revolutionary's praise of the literary suppliant who asks from it the old repose.

which has arisen among London painvalue of calamities and violence, he

What exploded drama can compare with ters, sculptors and writers, and it is thinks, is only a dithyrambic and the vigilance and vigor with which the to supplant Futurism. Mr. Wyndham transcendental way of praising the old- Bed baffles and eludes the statuesque Lewis is the leader of the Vorticists fashioned practical joke. Mr. Chester- wrestlings of the Man! This seriousness and the editor of Blast. He contributes ton then gives the following cruelly is all that Mr. Marinetti has added to the to his magazine several unintelligible practical parody of the Futurist spirit: good old Christian practical joke. But, drawings and a composition entitled

when all is said, there is a certain Latin "The Enemy of the Stars,” which is “Thus, you or I might say, in the lightness of touch in the way he does it

, said to be a play. All that a non-Vorcasual course of our social custom: 'Let's

that makes it very hard for me to be-
lieve that he takes such seriousness seri-

ticist can understand of this play is make a butter-slide for the bishop.' But Mr. Marinetti would say: 'The Priest,

that the names of the two characters ously.”

are Arghol and Hanp. Ezra Pound, laden with the age-long fatness and slow

Futuristi as an Evil

Asceticism. ness of a blind and swinish Past, shall

who is an American, contributes sevsuddenly change his plodding tread for

R. CHESTERTON refuses to eral specimens of the sort of verse he one mad moment of the Glory of Speed.

consider Mr. Marinetti except has been writing since he stopped makHis legs shall aviate with an insane

as a joker or a joke. But ing poetry, and endeavors to show that smoothness; he shall claw the air with when he discusses the philosophy of all Vorticist poets must be Imagistes.





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