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“GOSUDIR” This is the word by which among the Russians the Czar is most frequently designated. About a hundred years ago the name of “Cesarevitch" (not Czarevitch) was first applied to the heir to the Muscovite throne. At first the European powers declined to recognize the imperial title by which the sovereign of Russia chose to be designated; but ultimately the powers consented to regard his daughters as Grand Duchesses and to give to his consort the name of Czaritsa or Czarina. Officially the young ladies in this picture receive the title of Czarevna,

is renowned for its sweetness precisely Temperament, too, accounts for the never loses his head or his judgment as the manner is unexampled in its long explorations of the spirit world simply because a supernormal agency courtesy. The effect of the whole per- which have led to such astounding mis- has interposed between himself and sonality is thus overwhelming, it being conceptions of the Czar's attitude to every-lay experience. quite impossible to realize, our contem- psychical research. Impressions that Inevitably, with his temperament, porary tells us, that the deferential, his Majesty talks with ghosts by the Nicholas II. addicts himself at times to sympathetic, well-bred gentleman talk- hour and accords to their deliverances versification. This, explains the fiing poetry and art with so insinuating the weight of pontifical infallibility are guro, is scarcely remarkable, in view and yet so wistful a smile as he passes scarcely less fantastic to the Paris Fi- of the literary aptitudes of the present the cigarets can be the head of the garo than some recent tales that his generation of Romanoffs. There is a Romanoff dynasty and first Czar of all Majesty yields to the spell of opium. very respectable playwright in the famthe Russias porphyrogenitus. IIis ca The truth is that Vicholas II. has al- ily and if the Czar were not so powerreer confirms his temperament, for from ways felt the keenest interest in spirit- ful a sovereign he might venture, like the day he ascended the throne twenty ualism, in trance phenomena and in the King of Montenegro or the Queen years ago it has been his consistent clairvoyance. No medium of any im- of Rumautia, to give his poetry to the practice, we read, to refrain from all portance can visit St. Petersburg with- world. It is said to circulate privately personal acts of despotic power. He out attracting in some degree the per- in limited editions printed under an gave from the outset and long before sonal attention of the Czar. His char- assumed name. Quotations from it, anything like a constitution was deemed acteristic courtesy prompts him to appearing at long intervals in transattainable a wider range of freedom to receive these mediators between this lation, are pronounced spurious by the his people than any other Russian ruler world and the next with an affability Paris paper, which understands that the ever gave before. He listened to more incomprehensible to the uninitiated. Romanoff muse is melancholy, on the widely diverging schools of political The spectacle of a potentate in con- whole. This pensiveness is manifest, opinion than any other Czar had lis- fabulation with a nondescript who too, in the favorite literature of the tened to. The one school of thought promises a reincarnation of Peter the Czar and in the music that he loves whose destruction he has sanctioned is Great and the seriousness with which and in the pictures with which he rethe school of anarchy which recognizes preposterous communications are read lieves now and then the monotony of a dynamite as a political weapon and aloud by Nicholas II. to a company of somewhat rural existence. It is someincendiarism as an argument against his intimates, to say nothing of the what unfortunate that Nicholas II. disthe rights of property. He may look irresponsible boasts circulated by the likes the noise and bustle of cities, out upon the world through the eyes mountebank who brought on the ghost, opines the French daily. He is never of the artist, adds this authority, but poison the ear of mankind, as the Gaut- completely in touch. as a result, with the artist is a supremely great one. lois tells us. But the Czar himself the intellectual life of his country.




THE CLOAK AND SUIT TRADE ESSRS. Mawruss Perlmutter charged because his expense account young Russian composer, a penniless and Abe Potash, the most contains an item of “twenty-two dollars refugee who has been in New York famous partners of modern for sleeping cars, and he was recom- only a few weeks. Evidently he is a times, have not only proved mended as a wide-awake salesman.' better musician than bookkeeper, for

to be as vital on the Amer- The two partners have put the Rock- the two partners quarrel violently ican stage as in the pages of Montague away Sackerine on the market to com about him. Glass' book, but they have conquered pete with the famous Arverne Sacque English audiences as well as American of a rival firm, but it has proven a PERL MUTTER. (Looks at Andrieff anin Mr. George M. Cohan's brilliant failure. They have opened negotia- grily.) Say, how long we going to keep dramatization. We are indebted for tions with the designer of the Arverne that fellow? our selections to the courtesy of Mr. Sacque in order to retrieve their for

Potash. Why, what's the matter? A. H. Woods. “Potash and Pearlmut tunes, in the meantime discharging

He's all right. ter” may be said to have made dramatic Max Pinkel, their own designer. Perl- he send it last week a bill to Perlstein,

PERLMUTTER. He's all right, eh? Didn't history. It has been perhaps the most nutter explains the situation to Potash. Gimmel and Company for eighty dollars conspicuous success of the New York

when should it have been eight hundred ? season. The play deals with a phase

PERL MUTTER. Are we here to ask ques- Bah! He understands music and opera of life peculiar to New York, yet the tions all day?. Listen. Feldman, the law- better than he understands bookkeeping. atmosphere of "local color” which yer, has got the cutter and designer who

Potash. Well, can he help it that he saturates this comedy emphasizes the created the Arverne sacque to promise to

loves it music? All the operas he knows come and see us. What we lose on Pinkel it from Travayter and Travatory backessential and elemental humanity of its

we make up on him. central characters.

wards—to Palliatski. The boy is simply

Potash. By golly! that's fine, Maw- musical. The fun in this clever comedy, de russ. We'll get him to design for us no

PERLMUTTER. What is it here, a music clares the London Public Opinion, matter what it costs.

store or a cloak and suit house? Maybe arises out of the relation of Potash to PERLMUTTER. My, my, my! What's

you want him to write operas in our Perlmutter and Perlmutter to Potash: going to happen? For ten years we have books? And his character! With no ref"tho they are perpetually abusing each been partners—this is the first time you

erences he comes. From off the streets other and quarreling, they are united don't give it me an argument.

you take a man to make out our checks by a tie of the strongest loyalty and

Potash. For why should I give you an

and handle our cash? affection.”

Max Pinkel is a
The London Spectator
argument, Mawruss.

Potash. Say, Mawruss, a student with rotten designer. points out that nothing quite like them

an education from St. Petersburg College

PERLMUTTER. Well, you hired him, not has been on the English stage before.

is no thief. Mawruss, he knows it lan"Playwrights and novelists have given

guages—German and French—and EngPotash. You introduced him to me as

lish. English he speaks as perfect as you as endless portraits and caricatures a first-class man.

or me—even perfecter—und I should let of Jews, mostly unpleasing, sometimes PERLMUTTER. Introducing is one thing, him starve? Now you got me mad. The tragic. It is only of recent years that hiring is another.

only use some people got for a partner any attempt has been made to bring

Potash. All right, I hired him; but is they could always blame him for everyhome to the public at large the possi- you wanted him.

thing that goes wrong—and take credit

PERL MUTTER. I wanted him? You bility for comedy, conscious or uncon

for everything that goes right. Partners know, Abe—honestly—you've forgotten it -Bah! scious, which are to be found in the

how to tell the truth already. life of the modern Jew. Mr. Zangwill


POTASII. That one partner should live

POTASH. Yes-partners. has given us mordant, ironic. and to call the other partner a liar. (Rising.)

PERL MUTTER. By golly, the man that tragic sketches of the Jew in transition: PERLMUTTER. It was me-call it to my invented partners had a grudge against the Mr. Glass is concerned with the humor- face-go on-call it—it's all right—I don't human race. (Boris, who has heard the ous aspects of that type as conditioned mind.

conversation referring to him, comes down by the commercial system of a great

POTASH. No, Mawruss, I wouldn't call

stage. His manner is very polite and

Here's American city. He shows us the Jew you a liar, even if I thought so.

dignified.) as 'hustler,' yet at every turn governed a fine cigar that Marlinisky gave

Boris. I beg your pardon, Mr. Potash, Smoke it. What's the use of having aror affected by the abiding character

Mr. Perlmutter, it was impossible for me istics of the race.

Foolish argu-
guments all the time?
The chief interest

not to overhear. I-if it won't cause you ments.

any inconvenience I'll leave at the end of of the play is in the conflict between PERLMUTTER. Abe, I would rather you the week. the acquisitive instinct and generous call me a liar than give me this.

PERLMUTTER. Suits me domestic impulses. ... But it is inter POTASH. What's the matter with it?

Potash. Leave! Why? esting as a psychological study of the PERLMUTTER. What's the matter with

Boris. In regard to my being without mingled enterprize and caution, astute- it? If you got another like this give it references. I left Russia in extreme ness and rashness, of the Semitic tem

to your wife's brother. (Rising, throws haste—all my papers and baggage were perament." cigar in waste basket.)

taken from me. Since I have landed here With the rise of the curtain on the The milk of your kindness has turned I could not think of coming between you.

POTASH. Vot a disposition, Mawruss!

you have been my only friends. Really, first act, we find ourselves in the midst

into acid. No wonder you got rheumaof the cloak and suit trade in East tism.

Potash. Mawruss

PERLMUTTER. What is it? Broadway, in the busy offices of Potash

Potash. We owe to this gentleman an and Perlmutter. The traveling sales The new bookkeeper of the cloak and

apology. man, Mannie Immerglick, is to be dis- suit manufacturers is Boris Andrieff, a Boris. No, really I





PERL MUTTER. Nothing the matter with it. It's all right.

BORIS. Thanks! I–I smoke cigarets.

PERL NUTTER. I suppose you save the coupons.

How much are you getting in wages now?

BORIS. Twelve dollars a week, sir.

PERLMUTTER. From Saturday night you
get fifteen.

BORIS. But, Mr. Perlmutter, I don't

Pay no attention to Pot-
ash. If he makes a kick about my raising
your wages I fix it. It's all right, eh?



Henry P. Feldman, the lawyer, has arranged to bring the designer of the famous sacque to meet Messrs. Potash and Perlmutter. Presently the designer enters, a charming, energetic young woman named Ruth Goldman. Miss Goldman modestly declares the famous Arverne sacque which has made thousands of dollars for Mendal and Gleckstein, a “mere trifle.” But Potash and Perlmutter involve themselves in so many quarrels during the interview that Miss Goldman is not anxious to sign a contract with them, pointing out the difficulties of pleasing both partners. They finally ask her to name her own figure. At this point Miss Goldman discovers the


of Andrieff, whom she had met on the steamer in returning from Europe. She greets him so cordially that Perlmutter

POTASH GLARES BACK AT PERLloses no time in giving Andrieff a tendollar bill to enable him to take Miss

They always make up" in the end. Goldman to luncheon and to influence

government—bomb-throwing or somethin the young woman to sign a contract

of that sort. with them.



Presently appears Mark Pasinsky, Potash. No, sir, never. The two famous partners always quarrel.

He's a peace buyer for a Chicago store. The Potash able young man. PERLMUTTER. So! and Perlmutter models do not please

FERGUSON. Now, listen. The Russia POTASH. Yes, so. We have insulted him until Miss Goldman hastily re

Consulate has applied to the State Depar him.

ment for his extradition and return t BORIS. Really you understand.

models a gown in accordance with the
western taste, and Pasinsky immedi- Kiel has been killed and he's charged wit

St. Petersburg. The Chief of Police
POTASH, I say, Mawruss, do you think
I shall sit here day after day looking ately places a large order for that par- being concerned in the case.
into your face after you have done this? ticular model.

Boris. It's absolutely false. I kne PERLMUTTER. Have your desk turned We soon discover that Irma Potash, nothing whatever of the matter. around.

the senior partner's daughter, is at- only a student at the time. Boris. Saturday night then, sir. (Re- tracted to the young Russian book

Miss GOLDMAN. Don't say anything turns to desk up stage.)

keeper, and has come down to invite We'll get a good lawyer. He'll tell yo POTASH. Say, Mawruss, if I didn't

him to a musicale. know it that deep down in your heart you

But suddenly two what to say.

FERGUSON. We'll have to take you be are not a cold-blooded villain, only pig- with a warrant for the arrest of AnUnited States deputy marshals enter

fore the Commissioner, or will you waiv headed, obstinate, I would tear it up my

examination and go back to Russia ? partnership papers and throw 'em in your drieff. Abe and Morris are in a panic

POTASH. Don't waive, don't waiveface. Bah!

of fear, certain that they have been wait till FeldmanPERLMUTTER. Tear 'em! It's all right, victimized by a forger. The act con Miss GOLDMAN. Feldman! That crook tear 'em. (Enter Sidney.) cludes:

Senator Murphy is the man for us. POTASH. (To Sidney.) Say, boy.

it's a political job we want a politicianSIDNEY. Yes, sir.


What did I tell you? I'll not a trickster. POTASH. When the

designer bet you we ain't got it a cent left in the BORIS. (Rising.) What can I say comes, call me, ain't it? bank.

you, gentlemen, for having caused yo SIDNEY. Yes, sir. (Exit both.)

POTASH. My, my, my! (To Andrieff, all this trouble. It's my fault, tho. PERLMUTTER. He'll tear up the papers rocking himself from side to side.) A never should have left Russia until m and throw them in my face! (Runs up misfortune. Why did you do it? I would was cleared. My father and m to top of step.) I don't take no bluffs have lent it you some money like as you eldest brother were killed in the massacı you know, Mr. Andrieff.

vas my own son. Why did you commit in Kiel—while I was studying at the S BORIS. Yes, sir. forgery?

Petersburg University. When the Chie PERLMUTTER You know that fellow BORIS. I didn't, Mr. Potash, I didn't. of Police was killed I was accused of be Abe Potash is a fine fellow; but he can't Potash. (To Ferguson.) How much ing concerned in the plot because I kne take it a joke, by golly; he ain't got an did he take, Mr. Policeman ?

some of the men who were mixed up i ounce of humor in his whole body. Have FERGUSON. I'm not a policeman, I'm a it. If I stayed in Russia I'd have bee a cigar.

U. S. Deputy Marshal. This isn't a for- executed or in Siberia by now. Don't le BORIS. No, thanks, I

gery case. He's wanted by the Russian them send me back. You don't get a fa

I wa







I got




trial over there. You're suspected—that's thousand dollars we deposited with the our ace of trumps yet. Wait till Henry quite enough to convict you.

court. A fine time we got raising it, too. Steuerman comes into the case. Potash (Confidentially to Ferguson.) If Andrieff skips out, we're finished. Mrs. Potash, Steuerman, the rich Say, Mister! (Acts as if he wants to Potash. What do you mean-skip out? banker, the multi-millionaire? bribe policeman.) Couldn't you manage

Andrieff won't skip out, and besides, even PERLMUTTER. A multi-millionaire is it FERGUSON. Nothing doing. Come on! if he did skip out, it would only mean a pauper compared to Steuerman, SteuerBoris. I thank you, Mr. Potash, and they hold the money up on us for a little

a multiplex millionaire when I thank you, Mr. Perlmutter. I shan't while.

Carnegie and Rockefeller couldn't pay forget your kindness. (To Miss Gold PERL MUTTER. Say, what

you—a their laundry bills. (To Miss Goldman.) man.) Good-by. I'm sorry, Ilawyer or something?

You sent Mr. Steuerman that letter, Miss Miss GOLDMAN. Don't worry — we're Potash. I ain't a lawyer, but Senator Goldman? not going to desert you.

Murphy is. He says to me we shouldn't Miss GOLDMAN. I did. I explained Boris. I thank you. (Farrell and Fer- worry because, even if the feller does skip, the case to him and asked him if he would guson take Boris out. For a moment there's a loophole. The papers in the case see Messrs. Potash and Perlmutter at his after his exit there is silence. Potash and ain't right.

office. Perlmutter are both inuch affected. Miss PERL MUTTER. Why ain't the papers Potash. But do you think he will see Goldman rouses herself with an effort.) right?

Miss GOLDMAN. May I use your tele POTASH. There's an affidavit missing. Miss GOLDMAN. He always does answer phone?

PERLMUTTER. An affidavit missing? appeals of that sort. PERLMUTTER. Go as far as you like it. Then what do they hold the young feller PERLMUTTER. You bet your life. He Miss GOLDMAN (At telephone.) Eighty- for?

never turned his back on a poor man who six hundred Cortlandt. Yes, I want to POTASH. Senator Murphy says if he had it a trouble like this. Say, Abe, speak to Senator Murphy. (To Perlmut- calls their attention to it, they could fix it he don't like Russia better as you do. ter.) Of course the firm will go on his up and hold the feller; if he don't call You go and see him, Abe. bail bond ?

their attention to it, and Andrieff skips POTASH. I should see him! I shall talk PERL MUTTER. Of course—for you, any- out, they can't hold us, or our money it face to face with a fellow worth a hunthing; but bail bonds is a ticklish thing. either.

dred million ! It might cost ten thousand dollars or PERLMUTTER. That's altogether some PERLMUTTER. Say, he won't bite you. more. thing. Why didn't you say so?

POTASH. It's better you see him. You Potash. It don't matter what it costs, POTASH. That's what I'm trying to tell got it nerve like a ostrich. we go. (Abe and Perlmutter arguc.) you.

PERLMUTTER. Yes, I got nerve. PERLMUTTER. Where will we get the Miss GOLDMAN. Are they going to nerves; but you got the face, Abe, you money? Oh, I know. Your Rosie's got a send him back to Russia ?

got the face. It's better I don't tell you, house

Potash. Yes.

that's all. Never mind, we go see him toPOTASH. And you've got some Con PERLMUTTER.

gether. solidated Gas. We go—we go.

POTASH. Yes, Mawruss, if the Judge Miss GOLDMAN. Yes! Oh, is that you, says so.

Irma Potash confesses to her father Senator? This is Miss Ruth Goldman. PERLMUTTER. But he didn't say so. her love for Boris Andrieff, and pleads Yes, I've got a case I want you to look POTASH. But the counsellor—for the

with him to do everything in his power into — an extradition There's Russian Counsil—that man with the iron

to prevent the extradition of her lover. young man just been taken to the Lud- face—he says yes. low Street jail on a charge of murder PERLMUTTER. Who cares what he says? The Jewish philanthropist, Henry in Russia. Yes, an

Senator Murphy says-

Steuerman, calls upon Potash and Thanks, I'll be right down. (To Potash Potash. But Senator Murphy is on our

Perlmutter and promises to use all his and Perlmutter.) And I'm going to work own side-he's paid to say it.

influence towards the release of the for you to-morrow morning—at your own PERL MUTTER. (Rises.) Isn't the other young Russian. Believing that the determs.

man paid? Abe, by golly,—in the pres fect in the affidavit will render void PERLMUTTER AND POTASH. Fine! Fine ! ence of the ladies I can't say it

the bail bond put up by the firm, Potash Potash. Shall I know it whether he is secretly sends Andrieff to Canada. “We Mr. Henry P. Feldman, the lawyer, paid or not? Say, Mawruss, do me a

found out today that, if you stay here, is also a real estate agent, and a walk- kindness—stop talking a minute and let ing delegate of a union. By threaten me say something.

you havn't got a chance," he tells Boris. ing a strike among their workers, he PERLMUTTER. Go on-say it—something

Immediately following the departure has forced Potash and Perlmutter to -go on—well, we're waiting.

of Andrieff, Senator Murphy calls at

POTASH. Now, in the first place, the the Potash and Perlmutter offices and move up-town to Fifth Avenue and Judge he says yes

informs the partners that evidence is Twentieth Street, thereby getting a fat

PERL MUTTER. We didn't ask you to closing in around Boris and that the commission for himself on their lease. sing, you know.

case against him appears hopeless. Here we find them, ensconced in "ele Potash. The Judge he says yes. Then “They'll make out a prima facie case gant offices,” several weeks later. An comes the Counsel for the Russian Coun

and the boy is bound to go back. I drieff is still held, and the Russian gov- sellor

wish it was a state instead of a federal ernment is gradually weaving a web of PERLMUTTER. The Counsellor the

matter. evidence about him. The two partners

It looks rotten, rotten, and Counsellorare at the hearing before the United Potash. By golly, when you don't talk when they get him back I wouldn't give

a nickel for his life.” States commissioner, and when they you itch it to say something—no one else

got a chance. return Ruth Goldman, Irma Potash

PERL MUTTER. Why should I talk when PERLMUTTER. But they mustn't get him and Mrs. Potash anxiously question an opera like you is around?

back. You must stop it some way. them concerning the possible release Miss GOLDMAN. What was done?

SENATOR MURPHY. The entire bench of Andrieff.

Mrs. POTASH. Is the man dead or alive, and bar combined couldn't stop it and or what?

I've come here to tell you, gentlemen, that Miss GOLDMAN. Oh, Mr. Potash! Here Potash. There he is. He'll tell you you've got to keep an eye on that boy. you are at last. What has happened? everything

POTASH. Keep an eye on him? Why? Mrs. Potash. Is Mr. Andrieff still in PERL MUTTER. On Monday comes the SENATOR MURPHY. Twenty thousand jail?

witnesses for the Russian counsellor who dollars of your good money goes with Potash. He's not in jail—he is in the shall identify Boris as the man what him if he disappears. custom of the United States Commission. threw it the explosion, and if they suc Potash. But, Senator—you says—this

PERLMUTTER. What's the difference? ceed, he shall go back and be tried for his morning—you told me that it would be Can he get out? life.

all right even-even if Andrieff did skip Potash. But he is out-on bail.

POTASH. Then he's as good as dead. out. PERL MUTTER. Yes-on


Twonty PERL M UTTER. Listen, we ain't played it PERLMUTTER. Sure, Senator. You told


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him that there is some affidavit missing. think of that for a partner? He's ruined over the firm of Potash and PerlmutSENATOR MURPHY. I did say it; but

ter. Mrs. Rosie Potash's pinochlesince this morning the attorney for the FELDMAX. Ruined you?

playing has led her into trouble and in Russian Consul has supplied that affidavit PERLMUTTER. Our twenty thousand dol

order to pay her card debts she has and the proceedings are now perfectly lars is lost. Andr:eff's gone, skipped, and

been forced to mortgage the home. regular. There's no loophole and Andrieff he sent him away. He couldn't bear to has got to be there three o'clock to see Andrieff go back to Russia. A feller

Pasinsky is demanding money he has

borrowed for the firm. Andrieff is still morrow afternoon or your money is for- he don't know six months he does everyfeited. (Potash collapses.)

thing for, and his own partner he don't missing. Everything appears hopeless; PERLMUTTER. Don't you worry about give a damn for

but Potash and Perlmutter contrive that. He'll be there at two.

FELDMAN. Jumped his bail, hey? Do ways to reestablish themselves on the SENATOR MURPHY. (Rising.) All right, you know where he went?

ruins of their business. gentlemen. I'll see you at the Commis PERLMUTTER. Canada.

But the situation becomes still darker sioner's office to-morrow. (Shakes hands FELDMAN. Canada! Well, that's easy. when federal agents appear upon the with Perlmutter.) Good-by. Just leave that to me. I'll get him back

scene and announce that Potash may be SENATOR MURPHY. Good day, Potash.

to you.
I will stop him at the border.

arrested for helping Andrieff to escape. (Shakes hands. Exit.)

We'll have him back to-morrow morning, PERLMUTTER. (To Potaslı.) Well!

It can't cost you more than five

They have been informed by the repreWell, what are you worrying about? thousand dollars at the outside, and I

hensible Feldman. It is at this astonThat young fellow wouldn't skip out. I'd guarantee that he'll be deported to Russia ishing point that Mawruss Perlmutter trust that boy anywhere, and, besides, I'm and strung up inside of a month. finds courage to propose marriage to going to take him up to the house with PERL MUTTER. Strung up! Strung up! Miss Goldman:

FELDMAN. Well, how about my propoPotash. You don't have to take him sition? If you want to take up the case,

Miss GOLDMAN. I've half promised to up to the house, Mawruss—he's gone. I've got to get busy. And if you want

narry someone else. PERL MUTTER. Gone! What d'you that young fellow back

PERL MUTTER. A half promise is only mean?

PERLMUTTER. Who the hell said we fifty per cent. Well, give me the other Potash. He's gone.

wanted that young fellow back? All you fifty and I'll take the balance. PERL MUTTER. Gone where?

think of is dollars. You're the original Miss GOLDILAN. Then you'll have to POTASH. To Canada.

Shylock, all right. You-you-you would get Pasinsky to release me. PERL MUTTER. To Canada ? How do send one of our own people back to Rus PERLMUTTER. Pasinsky? Oh, I sia—to die? You-you

you're only joking. But what does it matPOTASH. I sent him.

FELDMAN. Then you don't want that ter to me! Everything is changed since PERLMUTTER. You sent—are you crazy? fellow back?

yesterday. Yesterday I was a business What are you talking about?


man-a merchant-to-day I am not much Potash, Mawruss, I found out to-day FELDMAN. And you're going into bank better than a beggar. that he didn't have a chance, so I sent him ruptcy ?

Miss GOLDMAN. Not as bad as that, to Canada. I've been trying to tell you all PERL MUTTER. Yes.

Mr. Perlmutter. day.

FELDALAN. All right.

PERL M L'TTER. Yes, Miss Snyder, little PERL MUTTER. You sent him to Canada PERL MITTER All right, damn you—get better than a beggar-a bankrupt. Yes-in a parlor car, I suppose. Twenty out. Abe, for God's sake, why did you

terday I could hope that you—that you thousand dollars! Twenty thousand dol- do it-why did you send him away?

would some day let me speak to you all lars ! Give it to the Government! We Potish. Because Irma—she loves him. that is here (taps breast) and you promdon't need the money! (Enter Feldman.) PERL MUTTER. (Offering a cigar.) Abe, ised me you would. To-day I have no Twenty thousand dollars! We're ruined ! have a Bismarck.

right to hold you to it. Do you hear, Abe? Bankrupt ! We

Miss GOLDMAN. You mean you want shan't pay ten cents on the dollar. We're

The last act occurs in the Potash

me to forget that youdisgraced ! home in Lexington Avenue. The day PERLMUTTER.

forget? FELDMAN. What's the trouble?

for the threatened forfeiture of the God knows I don't want you to; but PERLMUTTER. Feldman, what do you bond has arrived. Bankruptcy hangs what have I got now to offer you? This


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Want you


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