Fishes, Volumen2

Taylor & Francis, 1889

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Página 511 - THE CLASSES, ORDERS, ETC. OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. By FRANCIS P. PASCOE. Also, by the same Author : — Foolscap 8vo, price Is. NOTES ON NATURAL SELECTION AND THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES. Mr. GJ ROMANES, FRS, writes : — " It is the best compendium of objections that I have seen, and, being presented in such brief compass, is of real value as a rade mecum to an evolutionist.
Página 511 - Olsen (OT). The Piscatorial Atlas of the North Sea. English and St. George's Channels. Illustrating the Fishing Ports, Boats, Gear, Species of Fish (How, Where, and When Caught).
Página 107 - have been assured by a credible native that he saw one which was a " load for six men, and which certainly, therefore, exceeded in weight
Página 359 - ... India and China. They carry the fishes about, and when a fitting audience can be obtained take the fishes from their receptacle and place them on the ground, when they proceed to " walk " or " crawl about," greatly to the wonder and amusement of the children. '' Owing to the breadth of their bodies they are able to progress in a serpentine manner, chiefly by means of their pectoral and caudal fins, first one of the former being advanced and then its fellow.
Página 280 - They climb on to trees and large pieces of grass, leaves, and sticks, holding on by their pectoral fins exactly as if they were arms. Now and then they plant these firmly as an organ of support, the same as one places one's elbows on a table, then they raise their heads and take a deliberate survey of surrounding objects.
Página 12 - It frequents the shores and sides of the sea and rivers in search of food. When it spies a fly sitting on the plants that grow in shallow water, it swims on to the distance of four, five, or six feet, and then, with a surprising dexterity, it ejects out of its tubular mouth a single drop of water, which never fails striking the fly into the sea, where it soon becomes its prey.
Página 61 - C. 19, L. 1. 30-32 L. tr. 5/6. Length of head 5f, of caudal 4£ to 5, height of body 3 to 4 in the total length. Eyes — diameter 3 to 4 in the length of the head, 1 diameter from the end of snout, and 1£ to 2 apart. Inter-orbital space flat. Dorsal profile more convex than that of the abdomen. Upper jaw the longer. Lower labial fold interrupted. Teeth — pharyngeal, pointed, curved, 5, 3, 2/2, 3, 5.
Página 447 - Mouth unsymmetrical, narrow, narrower on the left side than on tie right ; teeth minute, on the blind side only. Dorsal and anal rays scaly ; the dorsal commences on the extremity of the snout, and terminates at the root of the caudal. Pectorals none. Two separate ventrals. Scales small, not or only...
Página 458 - Length of head 4|, height of body 3| in the total length. Eyes — close together, the upper scarcely in advance of the lower ; 8 diameters in length of head, and 2| from end of snout.

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