Modern Reports, Volumen10

G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1795

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Página 26 - AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid, That from and after the passing hereof, it shall and may be lawful for any Defendant or Tenant in any Action or suit, or for any Plaintiff in Replevin in any Court of Record with the Leave of the same Court to plead as many several Matters thereto, as he shall think necessary for his Defence.
Página 22 - Precedents in actions for words are not of equal authority as in other actions, because, norma loquendi is the rule for the interpretation of words, and this rule is different in one age from what it is in another.
Página 20 - There is this difference between a prosecution for perjury and a bare contest about property, that in the latter case the matter stands indifferent; and therefore a credible and probable witness shall turn the scale in...
Página 8 - April, to be made, fuffered or done, to or for the ufe or behoof of any fuch perfon or perfons, or upon any truft or confidence, mediately or immediately, to or for the benefit or relief of any fuch perfon or perfons, ihall be utterly void and of none effect, to all intents, conftrudlions and purpoib whatfoever.
Página 4 - In 1713 an English court recognized the principle of dedication in the following opinion: "If a vill be erected, and a way laid out to it, if there be no other way but that to the vill, it is not material quo animo it was laid out, it shall be deemed a public way.