The Conservation of Energy


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Página 164 - Oh ! o'er the eye death most exerts his might, And hurls the spirit from her throne of light ! Sinks those blue orbs in that long last eclipse, But spares, as yet, the charm around her lips...
Página 217 - A human being is an extended and material thing, attached to which is the power of becoming alive to feeling and thought, the extreme remove from all that is material ; a condition of trance wherein, while it lasts, the material drops out of view — so much so, that we have not the power to represent the two extremes as lying side by side, as container and contained, or in any other mode of local conjunction. The condition of our existing thoroughly in the one, is the momentary eclipse or extinction...
Página 60 - Now, heterogeneity is an essential element of this latter force — there must be a difference of some kind before it can exhibit itself — and under these circumstances its exhibitions are frequently characterized by very extraordinary and interesting phenomena. We allude to that peculiar exhibition arising out of the forces of heterogenous bodies which we call electricity, and, before proceeding further, it may not be out of place to give a short sketch of the mode of action of this very mysterious,...
Página 211 - In. the second place, we have every reason for believing that there is, in company with all our mental processes, an unbroken material succession. From the ingress of a sensation, to the outgoing responses in action, the mental succession is not for an instant dissevered from a physical succession.

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