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This transaction was too important not to require thought, and neither one day nor two, nor ten, were sufficient to settle it. To leave a country so much desired, so much sought after, where each one had his heart, — a Country which we regarded as the key to so many missions to a thousand unknown peoples; and where we actually had, besides 6 missions in the Huron language, 5 for various nations of Algonquins,— was not a small affair. On the other side, the reasons of the Barbarians appeared to us unanswerable and convincing. What was to be done? We redouble our devotions, together with the 40 hours' prayer. With prayer we consult Heaven; and with frequent deliberations we confer among ourselves, 15 or 20 times, at considerable length. It ever appears to us that God has spoken by the mouth of those Captains. They were telling the truth; the country of the Hurons was no longer aught else than a place of horror and of slaughter, and appeared uninhabitable to others than the furies of Hell. Whithersoever we looked, that we might retire, and yield to the miseries of the time, we encountered both hunger and war; and, besides, we hoped to be able to save many of them when near the French settlements, with greater facilities for instructing them in the Faith, in which they were still new. It was therefore necessary to yield,- all with a common consent, though against their own inclination, acknowledging themselves convinced by the Barbarians' reasons. And because the enemy was not asleep, it was necessary to hasten the execution of the plan to the utmost, before he laid snares for us by the way. We abandoned, therefore, but not without tears, that dear country, which, blessedly

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watered with the sweat and the blood of our brethren, was promising us an abundant harvest, and was giving all of us the hope of imitating them, both in life and in death. Our only consolation was to take with us about 300 persons of a nation formerly most populous, but now almost utterly ruined, at the time when it was most faithful to God,- who had drawn from it his elect, and by depopulating that Land, had peopled (127 i.e., 129] Heaven, which is enriched by our losses. These unhappy remnants from the divine scourges, did not, in the loss of their possessions, their native Country, and their kinsmen, lose the Faith, which in this last year had been bestowed by Holy Baptism upon more than three thousand persons; these now enjoy, as we hope, the fruit of it in Paradise. We departed from the Hurons at the beginning of May; and, after 900 miles of march, amid various hardships and perils, and frequent shipwrecks,— we all finally arrived in perfect health, on the 28th of July, 1650, at Kebek,- whither, soon afterward, about 300 others followed us. Here, although the Most Illustrious Governor, a certain private citizen, and the two Convents of Nuns, burdened themselves above their strength with some few families; nevertheless the bulk of the load fell upon our shoulders; but with good courage we charged ourselves with the spiritual and temporal interests of the remnant, whom God has not hitherto allowed to die of hunger. But on this account it has been necessary to relieve the mission of some laborers, - especially as they are not, in this paucity of people, indispensable as before. Now if the Reader should ask me, “What will become of this mission?”– whether it will be restored some day; cia Dei abyssus multa. Ma se il furor de l' Hirochese si reprimefle, perche no? Io sò, che vi sono grandissime difficoltà, mà quæ impoffibilia funt apud homines, polzbilia funt apud Deum, apud quem non est imposibile omne verbum. E per altro il mondo non finirà, che l' Euangelio non sia predicato da per tutto. Hor verso l' Occidente degli Huroni fino al mare della China sono innumerabili nationi, quibus nondum est annunciatum Regnum Ameri, Sagata dunque che vn giorno l' Euangelio e arre

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e t irke che quanto prima Aduen?)." pes o res de la glorificato da ogni gente, LA S A tua puni sunit, thus pastor, & o ne's indelie --7616 Karlie .-*16** (XBkit mer Kereciere

YB Wim im jacula sæculorum. All I

Roi Canadà circa 30. PP. per un'

abit, e volanti; à Tadusaki VETE

Atticameghi &c. oltre il Collegii Ka l e Residèze di Sylleri, de i tre fiumi, Huntreale, nominate al principio, l'h ria delle quali si feritta ogn' anno in Franceie. " tutto lì farrobe più ichiarito colla mappa, che sperauo qui aggiungere, ma non essendo in ordine; chi la detiderara, la potrà di quì à poco hauer à parte con le figure de Barbari, e delle loro crudeltà.



whether there is hope of a return for the Hurons and for ours,— I would answer him that Judicia Dei abyssus multa. But if the fury of the Hiroquois should moderate itself, why not? I know that there are very great difficulties, but quæ impossibilia sunt apud homines, possibilia sunt apud Deum, apud quem non est impossibile omne verbum. And, furthermore, the world will not end until the Gospel has been preached everywhere. Now Westward from the Hurons, even to the sea of China, are innumerable nations, quibus nondum est annunciatum Regnum Dei, hence it is necessary that the Gospel one day reach thither; even though all these missions should cease for a time; God knows how. Non est nostrum nosse tempora, vel momenta, quæ pater posuit in sua potestate,- but, indeed, to beseech him that Adveniat regnum suum as soon as possible; and that he be glorified by every people and nation, until fiat unum ovile, et unus pastor, et omnes labio unum laudemus viventem in sæcula sæculorum. As it is, there still remain in Canadà about 30 Fathers for various missions, both stationary and itinerant,at Tadusak, toward the English, among the Atticamegues, etc.,— besides the College of Kebek and the Residences at Sylleri, three rivers, and Montreal, mentioned at the beginning, the history of which has been written every year in French. The whole would have been made clearer with the map which I was hoping to add here, but it is not ready. Those who shall desire it can have it a little while later, in separate form, with pictures of the Barbarians and their cruelties.


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