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Extract from the Royal License.

BY Grace and License of the King, given at Paris and signed "Cramoisy," permission is given to Sebastien Cramoisv, Bookseller under Oath in the University of Paris, and Printer in ordinary to the King and Queen, Citizen, former Alderman, and former Judge-Consul of this City of Paris, to print or cause to be printed a Book entitled, Relation de ce qui s'est passé en la Mission des Peres de la Compagnie de JESUS, au Pays de la Nouvelle France, is années 1652. et 1653. envoyée au R. P. Provincial de la Province de France. And this during the time and space of nine consecutive years, forbidding all Booksellers and Printers to print or cause to be printed the said Book, under pretext of any disguise or change that they might make therein, under penalty of confiscation and of the fine provided by the said License.

Permiffion du R. P. Prouincial.
OVS François Annat Prouincial de la

Compagnie de IE s v s en la Prouince de

France, auons accordé au fieur Sebastien Cramoisy, Marchand Libraire Iuré en l'Vniuerfité de Paris, & Imprimeur ordinaire du Roy & de la Reyne, Bourgeois, ancien Echeuin & ancien Iuge Conful de cette Ville de Paris, l'impreffion des Relations de la Nouuelle France. Fait à Paris ce io. Feurier 1654.


François Annat.

Permission of the Reverend Father Provincial. ; T 7E, Francois Annat, Provincial of the

Society of J E s u s in the Province of

France, have granted to sieur Sebastien Cramoisy, Bookseller under Oath in the University of Paris and Printer in ordinary to the King and Queen, Citizen, former Alderman, and former JudgeConsul of this City of Paris, the printing of the Relations of New France. Done at Paris, this 10th of February, 1654.


Francois Annat.



For a bibliographical account of this document, see Vol. XXXVIII.


In presenting the text of the Relation of 1652-53 (Paris, 1654), we follow the original Cramoisy edition, from the copy in the Lenox Library. The prefatory epistle of the superior, Francois le Mercier, is dated on p. 4, "A Quebec ce 29. d'Octobre 1653." The " Priuilege" is not dated; but the " Permiffion," signed by the Provincial, Francois Annat, was " Fait a Paris ce 10. Feurier 1654." This annual is no. 101, in Harrisse's Notes.

Collation: Title, with verso blank, 1 leaf; "Table des Chapitres," pp. (2); prefatory epistle from Le Mercier to the Provincial, pp. 1-4; text (9 chaps.) pp. 5-184; "Extraict du Priuilege du Roy," with verso blank, 1 leaf; '' Permiffion du R. P. Prouincial," with verso blank, 1 leaf. Signatures: a in two, A-L in eights, M in two, N in four.

In the Harvard copy, line 17 of p. 132 ends with "de," and line 18 begins with the same word. This duplication is removed in the Lenox copy. On p. 159, line 15, of the Harvard copy, we find " fa-famille;" but in the Lenox copy it is corrected to "fa famille." The Harvard copy is, therefore, apparently, the earlier impression.

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