The English Baronetage: Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of All the English Baronets, Now Existing: Their Descents, Marriages, and Issues; Memorable Actions, Both in War, and Peace; Religious and Charitable Donations; Deaths, Places of Burial and Monumental Iiscriptions [sic], Volumen3,Parte1

Tho. Wotton, 1741

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Página 213 - Anne, by the grace of God, queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland. Defender of the Faith...
Página 74 - Foot, asChriftendom yielded ; and was fo generally efteem'd ; very difcerning and prompt in giving Orders, as the occafions required, and moft chearful, and prefent in any Action. In Council he ufed few, but very pertinent words ; and was not at all pleafed with the...
Página 90 - Hill, where being attacked by some of the Parliament forces he defended himself till he fell, with most of his tenants about him ; but being taken up, and life perceived in him he was carried away prisoner to Kenilwerth Castle, where he lay a considerable time, and was forced to purchase his liberty at a dear rate.
Página 90 - ... upon which it is reported that he fetched a deep sigh, and asked who that gentleman was that hunted so merrily that morning, when he was going to fight for his crown and dignity ? And being told that it was Richard Shuckburgh, he was or• dered to be called to him, and was by him very graciously received.
Página 74 - In council he used few, but very pertinent words ; and was not at all pleased with the long speeches usually made there ; and which rather confounded, than informed his...
Página 260 - ... son, Robert Bertie, laid claim to the office of Lord High Chamberlain of England, by right of his mother, and took his seat in the House of Lords above all the barons. In 1626, King Charles I. made him Earl of Lindsey. In 1636 he was constituted Lord High Admiral of England, and in 1642 he was chosen General of the King's forces at the breaking out of the Civil War. He fell at the Battle of Edge Hill, and was succeeded by his son, Montague Bertie, who was wounded at Naseby, but lived to fill...
Página 223 - Grace ys ryght well content and ryght thankfully acceptyth the same, 1 Sir Edmund Bedingfeld was made a Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of Richard III. He was likewise in high favour with Henry VII., who paid him a royal visit at Oxburgh, in Norfolk. He died in 1496. — F.
Página 116 - Kent, her only husband, who had at her decease, lawfully descended from her, 367 children, 16 of her own body, 114 grandchildren, 228 in the third generation, and 9 in the fourth.
Página 183 - Fenwick, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir William Fenwick of Meldon in Northumberland, kt.
Página 349 - In 1570, he was admitted into the privy council, and the year following, was engaged in a project for tranfmuting iron into copper.

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