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Altemus' Dainty Series of Choice Gift Books.




Bound in half-white Vellum, illuminated sides, unique design in gold, with numerous half-tone illustrations. Size, 61⁄2 x 8 inches.

I The Silver Buckle. By M. Nataline Crumpton. With 12 illustrations.

... 2 Charles Dickens' Children Stories. With 30 illustrations.

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3 The Children's Shakespeare.


With 30

4 Young Robin Hood. By G. Manville Fenn. With 30 illustrations.

5 Honor Bright. By Mary C. Rowsell. With 24 illustrations.

6 The Voyage of the Mary Adair. By Frances E. Crompton. With 19 illustrations. ... 7 The Kingfisher's Egg. By L. T. Meade. With 24 illustrations.

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8 Tattine. By Ruth Ogden. With 24 illus


9 The Doings of a Dear Little Couple. By Mary D. Brine. With 20 illustrations. ...Io Our Soldier Boy. By G. Manville Fenn. With 23 illustrations.

... The Little Skipper. By G. Manville Fenn. With 22 illustrations.

...12 Little Gervaise and other Stories. With 22 illustrations.

...13 The Christmas Fairy. By John Strange Winter. With 24 illustrations.

...14 Molly, The Drummer Boy. Crompton.



Embracing popular works arranged for the young folks in words of one syllable.

Fine English cloth; handsome, new, original designs. 50 cents.

1. Æsop's Fables. 62 illustrations.


A Child's Life of Christ. 49 illustrations. 3. A Child's Story of the Bible.


72 illus 4. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 70


5. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 46 illus


6. Swiss Family Robinson.

50 illustrations.

7. Gulliver's Travels. 50 illustrations.

8. Bible Stories for Little Children. 80 illustrations.




Robinson Crusoe. (Chiefly in words of one syllable.) His life and strange, surprising adventures, with 70 beautiful illustrations by Walter Paget.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

With 42

illustrations by John Tenniel. "The most delightful of children's stories. Elege and delicious nonsense."-"Saturday Review." Through the Looking-glass and what Alice Found There. A companion to "Alice in Wonderland," with 50 illustrations by John Tenniel.

Animal Stories for Little People. The animals tell the stories themselves. There are fifty pictures of favorite beasts and birds in characteristic attitudes.

Altemus' Young Peoples' Library.—Continued.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Arranged for young readers. With 50 full-page and text illustrations.

A Child's Story of the Bible. With 72 full-page illustrations.

A Child's Life of Christ. With 49 illustrations. Non-sectarian. Children are early attracted and sweetly riveted by the wonderful Story of the Master from the Manger to the Throne. Swiss Family Robinson. With 50 illustrations. The father of the family tells the tale of the vicissitudes through which he and his wife and children pass, the wonderful discoveries made and dangers encountered. The book is full of interest and instruction. ६

Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America. With 70 illustrations. Every American boy and girl should be acquainted with the story of the life of the great discoverer, with its struggles, adventures and trials.

The Story of Exploration and Discovery in Africa. With 80 illustrations. Records the experiences of adventures and discoveries in developing the "Dark Continent."

The Fables of Æsop. Compiled from the best accepted sources. With 62 illustrations. The fables of Æsop are among the very earliest compositions of this kind, and probably have never been surpassed for point and brevity. Gulliver's Travels. Adapted for young readers, with 50 illustrations.

Mother Goose's Rhymes, Jingles and Fairy Tales. With 234 illustrations.

Lives of the Presidents of the United States. By Prescott Holmes. With portraits of the Presidents and also of the unsuccessful candidates for the office; as well as the ablest of the Cabinet officers. Revised and up-to-date.

Vic. The Autobiography of a Fox-Terrier. By Marie More-March. With 24 illustrations. The Story of Adventure in the Frozen Seas. With 70 illustrations. By Prescott Holmes. The book shows how much can be accomplished by steady perseverance and indomitable pluck. Illustrated Natural History. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, with So illustrations. This author has done more to popularize the study of natural history than any other writer. The illustrations are striking and life-like.

A Child's History of England.

By Charles Dickens, with 50 illustrations. Tired of listening to his children memorize the twaddle of oldfashioned English history, the author covered the ground in his own peculiar and happy style for his own children's use. When the work was published its success was instantaneous. Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse. By Anna Sewell, with 50 illustrations. This work is to the animal kingdom what "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was to the Afro-American. The Arabian Nights Entertainments. With 130 illustrations. Contains the most favorably known of the stories.

Grimm's Fairy Tales.

With 55 illustrations. The tales are a wonderful collection, as interesting, from a literary point of view, as they are delightful as stories.

Flower Fables. By Louisa May Alcott. With numerous illustrations, full-page and text.

A series of very interesting fairy tales by the most charming of American story-tellers. Andersen's Fairy Tales. By Hans Christian Andersen. With 77 illustrations.

These wonderful tales are not only attractive to the young, but equally acceptable to those of mature years.

Altemus' Young Peoples' Library.--Gontinued.

Grandfather's Chair; A History for Youth. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. With 60 illustrations. The story of America from the landing of the Puritans to the acknowledgment without reserve of the Independence of the United States. Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard. By Mary and Elizabeth Kirby, with 60 illustrations. Stories about Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice and Chinaware, and other accessories of the well-kept Cupboard. Battles of the War for Independence.



Prescott Holmes, with 70 illustrations. graphic and full history of the Rebellion of the American Colonies from the yoke and oppression of England. Including also an account of the second war with Great Britain, and the War with Mexico.

Battles of the War for the Union. By Prescott Holmes, with 80 illustrations. A correct and impartial account of the greatest civil war in the annals of history. Both of these histories of American wars are a necessary part of the edu cation of all intelligent American boys and girls. Water Babies. By Charles Kingsley, with 84 illustrations. A charming fairy tale.

Young People's History of the War with Spain. By Prescott Holmes, with 86 illustrations. The story of the war for the freedom of Cuba, arranged for young readers.

Heroes of the United States Navy. By Hartwell James, with 65 illustrations. From the days of the Revolution until the end of the War with Spain.

Military Heroes of the United States. By Hartwell James, with nearly 100 illustrations. Their brave deeds from Lexington to Santiago, told in a captivating manner.

Uncle Tom's Cabin. By Harriet Beecher Stowe, with 50 illustrations. Arranged for young


Tales from Shakespeare. By Charles and Mary Lamb. With 65 illustrations.

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