Cornelius Nepos: with answered questions, and imitative exercises

D. Appleton and Company, 1878 - 403 páginas

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Página 408 - Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. With English Notes, Critical and Explanatory ; a Lexicon, Geographical and Historical Indexes, a Map of Gaul, etc. By Rev. JA SPENCER, DD 12mo, 408 pages. In the preparation of this volume, great care has been taken to adapt It In every...
Página 408 - Curtius: Life and Exploits of Alexander the Great. Edited and illustrated with English Notes, by WILLIAM HENRY CHOSBY.
Página 408 - It is seldom that a classical book is submitted to me for examination, to which I can give so hearty a recommendation as to this. The external appearance is attractive ; the paper, type, and binding, being just what a text-book should be, neat, clear, and durable.
Página 406 - ... to the former work in its plan and all the details of instruction. While it proceeds in common with Arnold on the principle of imitation and repetition, it pursues much more exactly and with a surer step the progressive method, and aims to make the pupil master of every individual subject before he proceeds to a new...
Página 379 - Cell. ii. 26. having an helmet on her head, and a plume nodding formidably in the air ; holding in her right hand a spear, and in her left, a shield, covered with the skin of the goat Amalthea, by which she was nursed, (hence called jEGIS), given her by Jupiter, whose shield had the same name, Virg.
Página 408 - ... advancing him in a thorough knowledge of Latin, and inspiring him with a desire for further acquaintance with the classics of the language. Dr. Spencer has not, like some commentators, given an abundance of help on the easy passages, and allowed the difficult onea to speak for themselves.

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