Off the Skelligs, Volumen3


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Página 235 - Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, Not light them for themselves ; for if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike As if we had them not.
Página 281 - vers de socie'te'' the writing of which has almost become a lost art."— Pall Mall Gazette. "A bright, fresh, and original book, with which we recommend all genuine novel readers to become acquainted at the earliest opportunity.
Página 282 - Crown 8vo. 3-f. 6d. *'The author of these verses has written a very touching story of the human heart in the story he tells with such pathos and power, of an affection cherished so long and so secretly. . . . It is not the least merit of these pages that they are everywhere illumined with moral and religious sentiment suggested, not paraded, of the brightest, purest character."— Standard.
Página 282 - Abounding in quiet humour, in bright fancy, in sweetness and melody of expression, and, at times, in the tenderest touches of pathos.' GRAPHIC. 'Mr. Collins has an undercurrent of chivalry and romance beneath the trifling vein of good-humoured banter which is the special characteristic of his verse The " Inn of Strange Meetings
Página 281 - For the delicacies of character-drawing, for play of incident, and for finish of style, we must refer our readers to the story itself: from the perusal of which they cannot fail to derive both interest and amusement." — Daily News. " This undeniably pleasing story.
Página 281 - THE PRINCESS CLARICE. A Story of 1871. By MORTIMER COLLINS. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. "Mr. Collins has produced a readable book, amusingly characteristic. There is good description of Devonshire scenery ; and lastly there is Clarice, a most successful heroine, 'who must speak to the reader for herself.
Página 282 - A bitter and able satire on the vice and follies of the day, literary, social, and political."— Standard. " Shows real poetic power coupled with, evidences of satirical energy.
Página 281 - THE STORY OF SIR EDWARD'S WIFE. By HAMILTON MARSHALL, Author of " For Very Life." One vol., crown 8vo. [Just out. "There are many clever conceits in it . . . Mr. Hamilton Marshall proves in ' Sir Edward's Wife ' that he can tell a story closely and pleasantly.
Página 282 - The volume is anonymous ; but there is no reason for the author to be ashamed of it. The ' Poems of Italy' are evidently inspired by genuine enthusiasm in the cause espoused ; and one of them, ' The Execution of Felice Orsini,' has much poetic merit, the event celebrated being told with dramatic force.
Página 282 - No one after reading the first two poems— almost perfect in rhythm and all the graceful reserve of true lyrical strength — could doubt for an instant that this book is the result of lengthened thought and assiduous training in poetic forms.

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