The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 ; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volumen45

Burrows Bros. Company, 1899
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Establishment of Jesuit missions: Abenaki ; Quebec ; Montreal ; Huron ; Iroquois ; Ottawa ; and Lousiana.

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Página 20 - Paternité de ne point voir, dans cette expression de mes sentiments de reconnaissance , le simple désir de remplir un devoir de convenance; c'est du fond de mon cœur que je vous parle. Je sens qu'il m'est impossible de rendre de dignes actions de grâces à des hommes qui m'ont appris à aimer Dieu et ont été mes guides dans la voie du salut et des vertus chrétiennes.
Página 239 - But if the Iroquois goes thither, why shall not we also? If there are conquests to make, why shall not the faith make them, since it makes them in all parts of the world? Behold countless peoples, but the way to them is closed ; therefore we must break down all obstacles, and, passing through a thousand deaths, leap into the midst of the flames, to deliver therefrom so many poor Nations.
Página 191 - ... this country with their furs and we should visit them to enrich Heaven with the glorious spoils that we should wrest from the powers of Hell."14 And again the Jesuit Fathers write, "Truly, our hearts bleed when we see ourselves at the gate of so fair a harvest and unable to enter; when we see so many fall into Hell, when they are so near the Kingdom of Heaven. And what is the cause of all of this? A little handful of Iroquois who all together would not equal a thousandth part of those whose salvation...
Página 225 - ... must be separated from Groeslande (Greenland) by some strait, of which a good part has already been discovered; and that it only remains now to push on some degrees farther, to enter nothing less than the Japan sea. In order to make the passage of Hudson strait, this is to be attempted only in the months of August and September ; for during these months only, the passage is less blocked with ice. "But enough for the present. If the Iroquois permit, we shall be fully able to go and enlighten ourselves...
Página 205 - That was at the time when the Dutch took possession of these regions and conceived a fondness for the beavers of the natives, some thirty years ago; and in order to secure them in greater number they furnished those people with firearms, with which it was easy for them to conquer their conquerors, whom they put to rout, and filled with terror at the mere sound of their guns. And that is what has rendered them formidable everywhere...
Página 191 - Iroquois, who, like an obtrusive phantom, besets us in all places. They prevent the tribes from five or six hundred leagues about us from coming down hither, laden with furs that would make this country overflow with immense riches — as was done in a single journey which some of those Nations undertook this year — although secretly, and, as it were, by stealth, from fear of their foes.
Página 205 - ... of the last century, the Agnieronnons were reduced so low by the Algonkins that there seemed to be scarcely any more of them left on the earth.\ Nevertheless, this scanty remnant, like a noble germ, so increased in a few years as to reduce the Algonquins in turn to the same condition as its own. But this condition did not last long; for the Andastogehronnons waged such energetic warfare against them during ten years that they were overthrown for the second time and their nation rendered almost...
Página 207 - Nations with whom they have been at war; it has also put into their heads that idea of sovereign sway to which they aspire, mere barbarians although they are, with an ambition so lofty that they think and say that their own destruction cannot occur without bringing in its train the downfall of the whole earth. But what is more astonishing is, that they actually hold dominion for five hundred leagues around, although their numbers are very small...
Página 173 - RELATION OF WHAT OCCURRED MOST REMARKABLE IN THE MISSIONS OF THE FATHERS of the Society of JESUS, IN NEW FRANCE, in the years one thousand six hundred sixty-seven and one thousand six hundred sixty-eight.
Página 22 - Quoiqu'il en soit, mon sort est bienheureux, et le partage que m'a fait le Seigneur est bien digne d'envie. Quoi de plus beau que de se dévouer, de se dépenser tout entier pour le salut des âmes ? C'est la grâce que je demande, que j'espère, que j'aime.

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