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Report on the Action of Prison Diet and Discipline on the Bodily
Freight as affected by Differences in the Dynamic Properties of Steam
Report on the Progress of Celestial Photography since the Aberdeen
On the Theory of Exchanges and its recent extension By BALFOUR
On the Recent Progress and Present Condition of Manufacturing Che
On EthnoClimatology or the Acclimatization of Man By JAMES
On Experiments on the Gauging of Water by Triangular Notches
Report on Field Experiments and Laboratory Researches on the Con
Provisional Report on the Present State of our Knowledge respecting
Contributions to a Report on the Physical Aspect of the Moon
Preliminary Report of the Dredging Committee for the Mersey and
Mr R A Macrie on Patents considered Internationally
Preliminary Report on the Best Mode of Preventing the Ravages
Rev W N MOLESWORTH on the Progress of Cooperation at Rochdale
On the Explosions in British CoalMines during the year 1859
Brief Summary of a Report on the Flora of the North of Ireland
On the Psychical and Physical Characters of the Mincopies or Natives
Report from the Balloon Committee By Colonel Sykes M P F R S
Professor W J MACQUORN RANKINE on the Resistance of Ships
Coasts of Scotland
Continuation of Report to determine the Effect of Vibratory Action
Report on the Theory of Numbers Part III By H J Stephen
Mr W H L RUSSELL on the Calculus of Funciions with Remarks on
W Haldingers attempt to account for the Physical Condition and
Rev EDWARD Hincks on the Quantity of the Acceleration of the Moons
Professor W Thomsons Physical Considerations regarding the Possible
Mr Joan Smith on the Chromascope and what it reveals
Mr F J Evans on H M S Warriors Compasses
Mr W H Bailes Palæontological Remarks upon the Silurian Rocks of
Gould on the Results of the Geological Survey of Tasmania
Mr GEORGE H Morton on the Pleistocene Deposits of the District around
Professor Phillipss Notice of the Postglacial Gravels of the Valley of
Messrs J T WILKINSON and J WHITAKER on the Burnley Coalfield
Professor DAUBENY on the Functions discharged by the Roots of Plants
Rev T Hincks on the Development of the Hydroid Polyps Clavatella
Rev Alfred MERLE NORMAN on the Crustacea Echinodermata and Zoo
Dr P L Sclaters Remarks on the late Increase of our Knowledge of
Dr John Cleland on a Method of Craniometry with Observations on
Professor H Müller on the Existence and Arrangement of the Fovea Centra
Dr J TURNBULL on the Physiological and Medicinal Properties of Sulphate
Mr R Alcocks Journey in the Interior of Japan with the Ascent of Fusi
Captain Camerons Notices on the Ethnology Geography and Commerce
Dr James HECTOR on the Capabilities for Settlement of the Central Parts
Captain W P Snow on the Geographical Science of Arctic Explorations
Rev W Caine on Ten Years Statistics of the Mortality amongst the Orphan
Dr W Clarke on a Revision of National Taxation 216
Mr J Heywood on the Inspection of Endowed Educational Institutions 222
Alderman Neild on the Price of Printing Cloth and Upland Cotton from 1812
Rev Canon RICASON on the Income Tax 240
Colonel Sykess Notes on the Progress and Prospects of the Trade of England
Sir W G ARMSTRONG on the Patent Laws 252
Mr Peter Effertz on a Brickmaking Machine 258
Mr F W SHEILDS on Iron Construction with Remarks on the Strength
Dr Mouatt on Prison Dietary in India

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Página xvii - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, — to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
Página 25 - It is also impossible to conceive either the beginning or the continuance of life, without an overruling creative power ; and, therefore, no conclusions of dynamical science regarding the future condition of the earth can be held to give dispiriting views as to the destiny of the race of intelligent beings by which it is at present inhabited.
Página xli - That the gentlemen whose names are appended be requested to act as a Committee (with power to add to their number) for the purpose of carrying out the previous resolution and of reporting to an adjourned public meeting to be held during the second week in October next.
Página 131 - The German and Irish millions, like the Negro, have a great deal of guano in their destiny. They are ferried over the Atlantic and carted over America, to ditch and to drudge, to make corn cheap and then to lie down prematurely to make a spot of green grass on the prairie.
Página 102 - I conclude further, that the dark lines of the solar spectrum which are not evoked by the atmosphere of the earth, exist in consequence of the presence, in the incandescent atmosphere of the sun, of those substances which in the spectrum of a flame produce bright lines at the same place.
Página lxiii - When it is considered that stone bridges do not exceed 200 feet in span, nor cast-iron bridges 250 feet, we can estimate the progress which has been made in crossing rivers 400 or 500 feet in width, without any support at the middle of the stream. Even spans, greatly in excess of this, may be bridged over with safety, provided we do not exceed 1800 to 2000 feet, when the structure would be destroyed by its own weight.
Página liii - Newton to introduce, at a later period, the idea of an attraction varying directly as the mass, and inversely as the square of the distance, and thus to reduce celestial phenomena to tho greatest simplicity, by comprehending them under a single law.
Página lxv - Wray's compound and pure gutta-percha far surpass the commercial gutta-percha hitherto employed; but it remains to be seen whether the mechanical and commercial difficulties in the employment of these new materials can be successfully overcome. The external protecting covering is still a subject of anxious consideration. The objections to iron wire are its weight and liability to corrosion. Hemp has been substituted, but at present with no satisfactory result. All these difficulties, together with...
Página 149 - This formula is submitted at present temporarily as being accurate enough for use for ordinary practical purposes for the measurement of water by notches similar to the one experimented on, and for quantities of water limited to nearly the same range as those in the experiments ; but...
Página 101 - In the atmosphere around the sun, therefore, there must be present vapour of sodium, which, according to the mechanical explanation thus suggested, being particularly opaque for light of that quality prevents such of it as is emitted from the sun from penetrating to any considerable distance through the surrounding atmosphere.

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