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Elected 1859 BATTYE, RICHARD F., M.R.C.P. Ed., 6, Gloucester street,

Belgrave road, Pimlico, S.W. 1871 Beach, FLETCHER, Medical Registrar, Children's Hospital,

Great Ormond street, W.C. 1871 BEADLES, ARTHUR, 11, Park road terrace, Forest hill,

Kent. 1859 BECK, T. Snow, M.D., F.R.S., 7, Portland place, W. 1868 BEIGEL, HERMANN, M.D., Lichtenstein Strasse, Vienna. 1866 BELCHER, HENRY, M.D., L.R.C.P. Ed.; 10, Pavilion

parade, Brighton. 1871 BELL, ROBERT, M.D. Glasg., 50, Woodland road, Glasgow. 1867 BENNET, WILLIAM FORD, Westgrove House, Emsworth,

Hants. 1859 BERRY, SAMUEL, F.R.C.S., Consulting Surgeon-Accoucheur

to the Queen's Hospital, and Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children in the Queen's College ; Hatfield House, 281, Hagley road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Vice-Pres. 1859. Hon. Loc.

Sec. 1872 BETHUNE, NORMAN, M.D., Professor of Anatomy, Trinity

College, Toronto. 1859 BILLINGHURSE, HENRY, M.D., Redwood House, Bromley,

Kent. 1859 BIRD, FREDERIC, M.D., Obstetric Physician to, and Lec

turer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women at, the Westminster Hospital, Senior Physician to the Westminster Maternity Charity; 13, Grosvenor street, W.

Council, 1859. 1868 BLACK, JAMES Watt, M.D., Obstetric Physician to the

Charing Cross Hospital ; 15, Clarges street, Piccadilly,

W. Council, 1872-3. 1868 BLAIR, John, Collins street east, Melbourne, Victoria. 1861* BLAKE, THOMAS WILLIAM, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover,

Hants. 1859 BLAKE, VALENTINE W., F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the Birming

ham and Midland Counties Lying-in Hospital ; 6, Old square, Birmingham.

Elected 1872 BLAND, GEORGE, Park green, Macclesfield. 1866 BLEASE, THOMAS, Clairville, Altrincham, Cheshire. 1860 BLOOD, MICHAEL, 15, Portland place, St. Helier's, Jersey. 1859 BLOXAM, WILLIAM, M.D., 21, Mount street, Grosvenor

square, W.

1868 Boggs, ALEXANDER, M.D., late of H.M.'s Madras Army,

13, Boulevard de Courcelles, Paris. 1872 BOSWORTH, JOHN ROUTLEDGE, Sutton, Surrey. 1866 BOULTON, PERCY, M.D., Physician for Out-patients to the

Samaritan Free Hospital ; 6, Seymour street, Portman

square, W.

1868 BOUSFIELD, EDWARD, L.R.C.P. Ed., Market place, Thetford,

Norfolk. 1869 BOYD, HERBERT, Assistant-Surgeon, Indian Army, Fort

William, Calcutta [agents, Henry S. King and Co.,

65, Cornhill]. 1859 BRACE, WILLIAM HENRY, M.D., 7, Queen's gate terrace,

Kensington, W. 1872 BRACEY, CHARLES J., M.B., Surgeon to the Birmingham

and Midland Hospital for Women ; Priory House, Old

square, Birmingham. 1862 BRAITHWAITE, WILLIAM, M.D., late Lecturer on Midwifery,

Leeds School of Medicine; Clarendon House, Clarendon

road, Leeds. Council, 1869-70. 1862 BRICKWELL, JOHN, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. 1872 BRIDGEWATER, THOMAS, M.B., Harrow-on-the-Hill. 1864 BRIGHT, JOHN MEABURN, M.D., The Glen, Forest hill,

Sydenham, S.E. Council, 1873. 1869 BRISBANE, JAMES, M.D., 30, Lisson grove, N.W. 1860 BRITTON, WILLIAM SAMUEL, 53, Wellington road, St.

John's Wood, N.W. 1871 BROCKMAN, EDWARD FORSTER, Assistant-Surgeon, General

Hospital, Madras, and Professor of Pathology, Madras
Medical College, Madras.


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Elected 1866 BRODIE, GEORGE B., M.D., Physician to Queen Charlotte's

Lying-in Hospital ; 56, Curzon street, Mayfair, W.

Council, 1873. 1868 BROWN, ANDREW, L.R.C.P. Ed., Elton villa, Bartholomew

road, Kentish town, N.W. 1865 Brown, David DYCE, M.A., M.D., 22, Union place, Aber

deen. 1866 Brown, GEORGE DRANSFIELD, Henley villa, Uxbridge road,

Ealing, Middlesex. 1866 Brown, THOMAS, M.D., 236, Kennington park road, S.E. 1865 BROWNE, J. LENNOX, 41, Welbeck street, Cavendish square,

W. 1865 BRUNTON, JOHN, M.D., M.A., Surgeon to the Royal

Maternity Charity; 21, Euston road, N.W. Council,

1871-3. 1866 BRYANT, JOHN HENRY, 23A, Sussex square, Hyde park

gardens, W. 1863 BRYANT, Thomas, F.R.C.S., Surgeon to Guy's Hospital ;

53, Upper Brook street, W. Council, 1866-67. 1859 BRYANT, WALTER JOHN, F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Ed., 23A,

Sussex square, Hyde park gardens, W. Council, 1859. 1870 BUCK, JOSEPH RANDLE, L.R.C.P. Ed., Inkberrow, Redditch,

Worcestershire. 1872 BUCKINGHAM, CHARLES E., M.D., Professor of Obstetrics

in Harvard University ; 53, Worcester street, Boston,

U.S. 1871 BULMER, THOMAS SANDERSON, M.D., Toronto; Taranaki

street, Wellington, New Zealand. 1861 BUNNY, JOSEPH, M.D., Hon. Surgeon to the Newbury Dis

pensary ; Northbrook street, Newbury, Berks. 1870 BURDETT, DAVID E., M.B., Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Hon. Loc. Scc. 1867 BURNETT, CHARLES, M.B., Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. 1866 BURROWS, Join CORDY, F.R.C.S., Consulting Surgeon to

the Brighton Hospital for Sick Children ; 62, Old Steyne, Brighton.

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1862 BURTON, JOHN MOULDEN, F.R.C.S., Lee park lodge, Lee,

Kent, S.E. Council, 1868-69.

Medical College, Bombay. Hon. Loc. Sec. 1864 BUTLER, FREDERICK JOHN, M.D., Surgeon to Winchester

College and St. Cross Hospital, and to the Hants

County Hospital, Winchester. 1870 BUTLER, John M., M.D., Physician to the Royal Kent

Dispensary, and to the Woolwich Dispensary; 6,

Queen's terrace, (28) Woolwich Common, S.E. 1868 BUTLER, WILLIAM HARRIS, L.R.C.P. Ed., 15, Thomas

street, Woolwich. 1868 BUTT, WILLIAM FREDERICK, 12, South street, Park lane, W. 1862 CAMPBELL, CHARLES, M.D., Kingston, Jamaica. [Agent :

Mr. Lewis, Gower street.] 1861 CANDLISH, HENRY, M.D., Physician to the Alnwick In.

firmary, Bondgate street, Alnwick, Northumberland. 1861 CANDY, JOHN, M.D., Assistant-Surgeon, H.M.'s 109th Regi.

ment at Mooltan, India. [Per Messrs. Price and Boustead, Army Agents, 34, Craven street, Strand,

W.C.] 1872 CARLESS, EDWARD NICHOLLS, M.B., C.M., Lansdowne

grove, Devizes, Wilts. 1866 CARLESS, JOHN, M.D, Stratford lodge, Stroud, Gloucester

shire. 1863 CARLYLE, DAVID, M.D., 2, The Crescent, Carlisle. 1861 CARTER, ALBERT PLEYDELL, Wellington House, 43, London

road, Gloucester. 1872 CARTER, CHARLES HENRY, B.A., M.D., 8, Old Cavendish

street, Cavendish square. 1869 CASKIE, John Boyd, M.D., 89, Goswell road, E.C. 1869 Cass, WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, 20, St. George's road, S.W. 1865 CASSELS, THOMAS, M.D., 38, Denbigh street, Warwick


square, S.W.

1870 CAUSTON, WILLIAM HENRY, Hepworth lodge, Westcroft

place, Hammersmith.


Elected 1863 CAYZER, THOMAS, Mayfield, Aigburth, Liverpool. 1864 CHAMBERS, Thomas, 2A, Sutherland street, Warwick square,

S.W., and 2, Bolton row, Mayfair. 1859 CHANCE, EDWARD JOHN, F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the Metro

politan Free Hospital and City Orthopædic Hospital ;

59, Old Broad street, City, E.C. 1862 CHAPMAN, WALTER, F.R.C.S., Lower Tooting, Surrey. 1867* CHARLES, T. EDMONDSTOUNE, M.D., Professor of Midwifery

at the Calcutta Medical College, 10, Harrington street,

Calcutta, Hon. Loc. Sec. 1865* CHARLTON, EGBERT, M.D., Fareham, Hants. 1863 CHAVASSE, PYE HENRY, F.R.C.S., 12, The Square, Bir

mingham. 1868 CHILD, EDWIN, New Malden, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. 1872 CHITTENDEN, CHARLES P. DOWNEY, L.R.C.P. Ed., As

sistant-Surgeon R.N., Haslar Hospital, and South

Lodge, Lee park, Lee, Blackheath. 1861 CHURCH, WILLIAM John, F.R.C.S., 22, Circus, Bath. 1859 CLAREMONT, CLAUDE CLARKE, Millbrook House, 1, Hamp

stead road, N.W. 1861 CLARK, JAMES, M.D., 57, Regent's park road, N.W. 1859 CLARK, JAMES FENN, 18, York terrace, Leamington. Hon.

Loc. Sec. 1862 CLARKE, JOHN, Lynton, North Devon. 1872 CLARKE, WILLIAM MICHELL, late Surgeon to the British

General Hospital ; 2, York buildings, Clifton, Bristol. 1859 CLAY, CHARLES, M.D., late Lecturer on Midwifery and

Clinical Medicine in St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester;
Andenshaw Lodge, Andenshaw, near Manchester, and

101, Piccadilly, Manchester. Council, 1863-65. 1859 CLAY, JOHN, Professor of Midwifery, Queen's College,

Birmingham; Allan House, 138-9, Steelhouse lane,

Birmingham. Council, 1868-69. Vice-Pres. 1872-3. 1859 CLAYTON, OSCAR, F.R.C.S., Extra Surgeon-in-Ordinary to

H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, and Surgeon-in-Ordinary to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, 5, Harley street, W.

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