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Página i - ... 1831 ; to 14 per cent, from 1831 to 1841 ; to 13 per cent, from 1841 to 1851 ; and to 12 per cent, from 1851 to 1861. The progress of population for the last quarter of a century may be stated roundly in the fact that each quinquennial period added about a million to the account. Thus, in 1836-40 the population was rising through its sixteenth million ; in 1841—45 through its seventeenth; in 1846-50 through its eighteenth; in 1851-55, through its nineteenth; and in 1856-60, through its twentieth...
Página iv - ... Catholics and Dissenting denominations, and registered for the solemnisation of marriages. A third part of that number belonged to Independents, 1,000 to Baptists, 895 to Wesleyan Methodists, 551 to Roman Catholics, 193 to Calvinistic Methodists, 152 to Unitarians, 137 to Scottish Presbyterians, and 141 to various other bodies who have not yet acquired numerical importance. The number of Roman Catholics in England has greatly increased within the last thirty years.
Página 224 - A Treatise on the Continued Fevers of Great Britain. By C. MURCHISON, MD Senior Physician to the London Fever Hospital. 8vo. with coloured Plates, 18s.
Página i - I HAVE the honour to submit to you my Annual Report for the year 1861.
Página iii - Catholic marriages were 7,782 ; those in the registered chapels of other religious denominations, 13,182 ; those of Jews, 262; of Quakers, 58; while marriages contracted in superintendent registrars' offices were 11,725. In 1851 the marriages in the Established Church were about 131,000; and in 1861 they were nearly the same number. In 1851 those not performed in the Established Church were about 23,000; in 1861 they were 33,000. It appears from these figures that an increase of 9,000, which the...
Página 1 - In the meantime it is evident from the preceding table that the mortality of the sick who are treated in the large general hospitals of large towns is twice as great as the mortality of the sick who are treated in small hospitals in small towns. It remains to be seen whether the mortality in small hospitals is not twice as great as the mortality of the same diseases in patients who are treated in cottages.
Página 136 - Diabetes . Stone Cystitis . Stricture of Urethra Kidney Disease IX. Paramenia Ovarian Dropsy Childbirth Organs of Generation X. Arthritis . Rheumatism Joint and Bone Disease XI.
Página 173 - Chorea .... Epilepsy Tetanus Insanity Convulsions . Brain Disease Pericarditis . Aneurism Heart Disease Laryngitis Bronchitis Pleurisy Pneumonia Asthma .... Lung Disease Teething Quinsey Gastritis Enteritis Peritonitis Ascites .... Ulcération of Intestines Hernia .... Ileus .... Intussusception . Stricture of Intestines . Stomach Disease . Pancreas Disease...
Página 53 - Rheumatism Joint Disease Carbuncle . Phlegmon . Skin Disease . Cyanosis . Spina Bifida Other Malformations Intemperance . Privation . Want of Breast Milk Neglect Cold .... Poison Burns and Scalds Hanging, etc. Suffocation Drowning . Fracture and Contusion Wounds . Other Violent Causes...

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