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You should read this book if you are interested in the Civil War: it is free and it won't take more than an afternoon of your time. Freemantle's account of coming upon the immediate aftermath of Pickett's Charge (he misses the main event while struggling to find a relatively safe vantage point), is very moving - as he describes moving forward through a crowd of retiring wounded; then encountering Generals Longstreet and Lee as they try to contain the consequences of defeat. Within days of Gettysburg he is enjoying the comforts of New York before that city is engulfed in the draft/race riots. Finally, most poignant, is his confidence in eventual Confederate success. A perfect lesson, if one were needed, to be cautious of the opinions of military experts - indeed of any 'experts.' Freemantle is a man of his time, profession and class, but, for all that, he has a sense of humour. He is an unusual and stimulating guide through the madness of war.  

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