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tary Strength of Morocco, Fez, Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis ; also, a Description of their Mode of Warfare; interspersed with Anecdotes of their cruel treatment of Christian Captives. By W. Janson. Illustrated by a new and correct Hydro• Geographical Map, drawn by J. J. Asheton. 5s.

The Emigrant's Guide ; or, Á Picture of America ; exhibiting a View of the United States, divested of democratic colouring, taken from the original, now in the possession of James Madison and his Twenty one Governments. Also a sketch of the British Provinces, delineating their native beauties, and superior attractions. By an Old Scene Painter.

Reports from the Select Committee of the House of Commons appointed to inquire into the Education of the Lower Orders in the Metropolis, with the First, Second, Third and Fourth Report of the Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed. To which are subjoined, an Addenda, and a digested Index. 8vo. 15s.

Minutes of Evidence taken before a Select Committee appointed by the House o. Commons to inquire into the State of the Police of the Metropolis. With Notes, Observations, and a Preface, by a Magistrate of the County of Middlesex. 8vo. 15s.

The Police Report, containing the Minutes of Evidence taken verbatim before the. Select Committee of the House of Commons. 8vo. 7s.

Conversations on Political Economy; in which the Elements of that Science are. familiarly explained. By the Author of "Conversations on Chemistry. 12mo. 93.

Correspondence of M. Fouché, Duke of Otranto, with his Grace the Duke of Wet. lington. 8vo. 155.

Å Sketch of the Public Life of M. Fouché, Duke of Otranto ; comprising various Correspondence, addressed to the Emperor Napoleon, King Joachim, the Duke d'Artois, Prince Blucher, Louis XVIII. Count de Blacas, and other Ministers, &c: 8yo, 83.

The Agricultural State of the Kingdom, in February, March, and April, 1816 being the Substance of the Replies to a Circular Letter, sent by the Board of Agriculture to every part of the Kingdoin. 8vo. 9s.

The Agricultural Siate of the Kingdom, in 1816; being the Substance of the Replies of many of the most opulent and intelligent Landholders, to a Circular Letter sent by the Board of Agriculture to every part of England, Wales, and Scotland. 155

Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, Vols. XXXII. and XXXIII. ; comprising nearly the whole of the late Session of Parliament. 11. Ils. 6d.

THEOLOGY. Ån Apology for the Ministers of the Church of England, who hold the doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration, in a letter, addressed to the Rev. George Stanley Faber, B. D. in consequence of the misrepresentations of their opinions contained in his Sermons on Regeneration. By Christopher Bethell, M. A. Dean of Chichester.

A Brief Statement of the Nature of Baptism, and of the Benefits bestowed upon Christians in that Sacrament; according to Scripture, and the sense of the Church of England. To which are added, some Observations intended to show the necessity on the part of baptized persons, of a perseverance in the performance of their Baptismal Vows. By Robert Hardy, A. M. Vicar of the United Parishes of Walberton and Yapton, and of Stoughton in Sussex, and Chaplain to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. 125. 6d.

Sermons, particularly addressed to Young Women in the Higher Ranks of Life . By a Lady., 4s.

A Sermon delivered at the Cathedral of Ely, June 17, before Mr. Justice Abbott, Mr. Justice Burrough, and Chief Justice Christian, on the opening of their Special Commission for the Trial of the Rioters. By the Rev. Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bart. LL. D. Prebendary of Ely, &c. Is.

Prayers and Discourses for the Use of Families. In tiro parts. By the Rey Joseph Bowden, of Leeds. 8vo. Is.

A Sermon, preacked in the Lower Church at Hastings, Sussex, on Thursday, July 11, 1816, at the Annual Meeting of the Rape of Hastings District Committee of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. By Edward Nares, D. D. Rector of Biddenden, Kent, and Regius Professor of Modern History of the University of Oxford. Published by the particular desire of the Committee. Is. 6d.

Sermons on Moral and Religious Subjects, adapted for the Use of Families. 8vo. 105. 6d.

Considerations on the Doctrines of Regeneration, in the sense in which that term is used in the Church of England in her Public Formularies. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, Archdeacon of Sarum. 2s. 6d.

The Fourth Part of Dr. Marsh's Theological Lectures, relating to the Interpretation of Prophecy. 28. 6d.

The Fourth Volume of Practical and Familiar Sermons, designed for Parochial and Domestic Instruction. By the Rev. Edward Cooper, Rector of Hamstall Ridware, and of Yoxall, in the County of Stafford; and late Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. 5s.

The Sunday Lecturer; or, Fifty-two Sermons, addressed to Youth. Selected and abridged from approved Authors, and adapted to the Use of Sehools and Families ; with Questions for examination. By Anne Lee. 75,

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Walks through London, including Westminster and the Borough of Southwark, with the Surrounding Suburbs; describing every thing worthy of observation in Public Buildings, Places of Entertainment, Exhibitions, Commercial and Literary Insti. tutions, &c. down to the present period, and forming a Complete Guide to the British Metropolis, By David Hughson, LL.D. No. I. (to be continued monthly.)

Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis, the Second Edition, with Corrections and numerous Additions, together with an entire Volume of Original Matter, containiug an Account of the District supposed to be comprehended by Venerable Bede, under the terms Loidis and Elmete, containing the modern Parishes of Berwick, Sherburne; Methley, Swillington, Castleford, Wakefield, Thornhill, Dewsbury, Mirfield, Batley, Huddersfield, Almonbury, Bradford, Halifax, &c. By Thomas Dunham Whitaker, LL.D. F. S. A. Vicar of Whalley, and Rector of Heysham, in Lancashire. Illustra-ted with above Eighty fine Engravings from Original Pictures and Drawings, by the late J. Russell, Esq. R.A. J. Northcote, Esq. R. A. J. M. W. Turner, Esq. R. A. Professor of Perspective, Mr. Dewint, Mr. H. Carbould, Mr. T. Taylor, Mr. C. Cope, and other eminent Artists. Engraved by Bond, G. Cooke, Heath, Holl, Le Keux, Milton, Porter, Roffe, Scott, Smith, Woolworth, &c. &c. &c. In Two large Volumes, folio, 141. 14ş.

Volume the Seventh; containing Cumberland--of Magna Britannia ; being a concise Topographical Account of the several Counties of Great Britain. By the Rev. Daniel Lysons, A. M. F.R. S.F. A. and L. S. Rector of Rodmarton, Gloucestershire; and Samuel Lysons, Esq. F. R. S. and F. A. S. Keeper of His Majesty's Records in the Tower of London. 4to. 31. 3s.m-large paper, 61. 6s.

Britannia Depicta; being a Series of Views of the most interesting and picturesque Ohjects in the several Counties of Great Britain ; engraved from Drawings by J. Farington, Esq. R. A. Part VII. containing 28 Views in Cumberland. 31. 15s Proofs, 61. 6s.

The Lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland, and Cumberland, delineated in fortya three Engravings, by the most eminent Artists, from Drawings by Joseph Faring ton, R. A. With Descriptions, Historical, Topographical, and Picturesque, the result of a Toar made in the summer of the year 1816, by Thomas Hartwell Horne. 4to. 81, 88.--Proofs, 127. 128.

Brussels and its Environs; or, an Accurate Description of every Object that can interest the Stranger, both in the City and its vicinity. By J. B. Romberg. Embellished with eight beautiful Engravings. 89.

Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland to his Friend in London; containing the description of a capital Town; an Account of the Highlands, and of the Custoins and Manners of the Highlanders, interspersed with many curious Facts and Circumstances; first printed 1754. Crown 8vo. 15s.


Sketches of India; or, Observations descriptive of the Scenery, &c. in Bengal Written in India in the years 1811, 12, 13, and 14. Together with Notes on the Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena. Written at those places in February, March, and April, 1815. 8vo. 7s.

The Traveller's Guide in Switzerland, describing every object of curiosity, with a detailed Account of the Cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Berne, and Zurich, the Alpine Passes of the Simplon, St. Gothard, and St. Bernard, and the Glaciers of Chamouny and Grindlewald." By Henry Coxe, Esq. 5s.

A Tour through some parts of Istria, Carniola, Styria, Austria, the Tyrol, Italy, and Sicily, in the Spring of 1811. By a young English Merchant. Crown 8vo. 7.

Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli, in Barbary. From the original Correspondence in the Possession of the Family of the late Richard Tully, Esq. the British Consul; comprising authentic Memoirs and anecdotes of the reigning Bashaw, his Family, and various persons of distinction; an Account of the domestic Manners of the Moors, Arabs, and Turks, &c. &c. 4to.

The Swiss Tourist. By Reichard, Bourrit, &c. With a Map. 6s,
Reichard's Itinerary of France and Belgium, with a Map. 85.

OGLES, DUNCAN, and COCHRAN, 295, Holborn, have recently imported a large Collection of FOREIGN THEOLOGY; selected by one of their Partners in Holland, and other parts of the Continent ;-consisting chiefly of OLD CRITICAL DIVINITY ;-FATHERS OF THE CAURCH ;~and WORKS of the most eminent REFORMERS, &c. &c.-A Catalogue, including the whole of their importations since the opening of the Continent-together with their extensive Stock of English Divinity

op will be ready about Christmas.-- The following have been lately received,

Marckii (Johannis) Opera Omnia; 25 tom. 4to. vellum.
Venemæ Opera Omnia ; 25 tom. 4to. calf elegant.
Witsii Opera Omnia; 6 tom. Sto. calf gilt.
Lutheri Opera Omnia ; 24 tom. 4to. calf neat, (in German).

; 6 tom. folio, neat.
Melancthoni Opera Omnia ; 4 tom. folio, vellum.
Calvini Opera Omnia; 9 tom. folio, vellum.
Calovii Biblia Illustrata ; 4 tom. folio, calf gilt.
Critici Sacri ; 13 tom. folio, half bound, neat.
Erasmi Opera; cura Clerici; 11 tom. folio, dellum.
Junii, (Francisci) Opera Theologica, folio, neat.
Zanchii Opera Theologica ; 8 tom. 3 yol. folio, vellum.
Arminii Opera Theologica; 4to. vellum.

Walchii Bibliotheca Theol. Selecta; cụm Bibliotheca Patristica, 5 tom. 81,0. pellum.

Also, inost of the Benedicline editions of the FATHERS, &c. &c. &c,




Abbas the Great, sovereign of Persia, reign of, 260m-his character and,

magnificence, 261-anecdote of his cruelty, ib._and of bis obedience
to the ministers of religion, 284, note-misery of his declining years,

262-character of his successors, ib.
Abbott, (Britton,) interesting anecdote of, 212, 213.
Afghans, 'place one of their chieftains on the Persian throne, 262ma

new kingdom founded by them, 267.
Affonso V., King of Portugal, conquests of, in Africa, 301.
Aga Mohammed Khan Khujur usurps the throne of Persia, 269-anec-
dotes of his early adventures, ib. 270_invades Georgia, and Khoras-
san, 270, 271and also Bokharah, 271, 272-bis dominions invaded

by Catherine II. Empress of Russia, 272-is assassinated, 273.
Agra, (pretended Bishop of,) his adventures, 38.
Algiers, notice of the fortifications of, 149, 150-atrocious conduct of the

Dey of in 1633, 153—succession to the deyship, 172.
Ali Bey, Travels of, in Morocco, Tripoli, &c: 299—the real author a

Spaniard, ib. lands at Tangiers, 300-his reception there, ib.-
sieges of that town by the Portuguese, 301-- victories of Affonso V.
King of Portugal, ib.-1'angiers ceded to King Charles II. of Eng-
land, 302, 303m--the town dismantled by the English, and rebuilt by
the Moors, ib.--present state of its port, 304--administration of jus-
tice, ib. diet of the inhabitants, ib. 305-condition and treatment of
the Jews there, 305, 306–reception of Ali Bey by the Emperor of
Morocco, 306---follows the Court to Mequinez, 307_description
of Fez, 307, 308—the University of Morocco-state of Literature
there, 308--number of scholars there, 309-narcotic effects of the
plant Kiff, ib.--celebration of the feast of Easter at El Emsalla, 310mm
severity of the previous fast of Ramadan, 311-Moorish amusements,
312-proceeds to Morocco, 313_notice of the Argan plant, 314-
population of Morocco, ib.--Mahommedan Saints and Sanctuaries,
315--reception of Ali Bey by one of the saints, 10.-his pursuits at
Semalalia, 316-his departure from Morocco, ib.-perilous journey
across a desert, 317--319-dangerous voyage, 320--arrives at Alex-
andria, 321-a singular island in the river Nile, 321-lands at Araboh,
322--Puts on the vest ihram, ib.---is insulted at Djedda, 323—Holy
Water of Zemzem, ib.--character of the Chief of the Well, 324-fabu-
lous account of the Kaaba, or Temple of Mecca, 325- black stone,
ib.--account of it, 326m-perambulations of the Kaaba by pilgrims, ib.
--women permitted to visit the Kaaba, 327-ceremony of purifying
the Kaaba, 328-account of the Wahabees entering Mecca, 329-en-
campment in the plain of Mina, 330--visit of Ali Bey to Mount Arax
fat, ib.--fabulous account of it, 330, 331-ceremony of stoning the
Devil, 332, 333-General appearance of the Kaaba, 334_diminished
number of Mahommedan pilgrims accounted for, 334-state of arts
and literature at Mecca, 335—appearances of the inhabitants, ib.-
population, ib.-decline and fall of Mahommedanism, 336—singular
batile among fish, 337—Ali Bey plundered by the Wababees, 338–
singular phenomenon in the Red Sea, ib.-curious custom among the
carriers of the desert, 339—-remarkable fossil bank in the Red Sea,
340—reflections of Ali Bey on entering a cultivated country, 341–
account of his visit to the Mosque at Jerusalem, 342—fabulous ac-
counts concerning it, 343-penance of the pilgrims, 344--concluding

remarks, 344, 345.
Alli Caromanli, Bashaw of Tripoli, character of, 173-bis popularity

among the Moors, 174-his unsuccessful attempt to reconcile his

brothers, 174, 175.
America, supposed difficulties concerning the peopling of, removed, 443

-remarks on the hieroglyphic paintings of the Mexicans, 447—an-
cient Mexican pyramids, 455-ancient monuments found in Peru,
456, 457-account of volcanoes in South America, 458-462-state
of parties in, 555_state of society in Old and New England, 557—

various opinions concerning America, in England, 561.
Antiquary, (The,) 125-comparison between it and Waverely and Guy

Mannering, 125, 126-advantages of the present work, 126, 127–
its defects, 128--portrait of a Scotch mendicant, 129-graphic de-
scription of danger, 129-134-curious interview with a fisherman's

wife, 134, 135~a Scottish funeral, 136-138.
Arabs, of the Barbary States, account of, 158-account of their en-

campment, 159—their character, ib. anecdote of their savage hos-

pitality, 160-state of their women, 161.
Arafat, (Mount,) visit of Mahommedan pilgrims to, 330--fabulous ac-

count of it, 330, 331-ceremony of stoning the Devil there, 332, 333.
Artaxerxes Babigan, reign of, in Persia, 254.
Arts, state of, in Persia, 289.
Ashraff, ascends the throne of Persia, 264-defeated by Nadir Shah, and

put to death, ib.
Assassins, sect of. See Hussun.
Austin, (Joseph,) interesting account of, 214, 215.

Bakewell, (Thomas) on Madhouses, 387.
Baltic Sea, supposed subsidence of, accounted for, 528, 529-extraordi-

nary passage over the frozen Straits of the Baltic, 529.
Baptism. See Regeneration.
Baptist Missionaries. Summary of their religious and literary labours,

350—353—their disinterestedness, 35). See Marshman, Morrison.
Barrow, (Dr.,) opinion of, on the doctrine of the sacraments, 491.
Barbary States, circumstances that led to the expedition against, 139,

140—the question considered, whether England ought to join the
League in putting down the Barbary powers, 141--144-it would not

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