Reports of Cases Determined in the Courts of Appeal of the State of California, Volumen30

Bancroft-Whitney, 1916

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Página 221 - A contract in writing may be altered by a contract in writing, or by an executed oral agreement, and not otherwise.
Página 117 - All other officers whose election or appointment is not provided for by this Constitution, and all officers whose offices may hereafter be created by law, shall be elected by the people, or appointed, as the Legislature may direct.
Página 868 - ... in the usual course of the trade, business, profession' or occupation of his employer.
Página 65 - Any person violations. or corporation violating any of the provisions of this act Is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than...
Página 540 - Either husband or wife may enter into any engagement or transaction with the other, or with any other person, respecting property, which either might if unmarried; subject, in transactions between themselves, to the general rules which control the actions of persons occupying confidential relations with each other, as defined by the title on trusts.
Página 278 - Know all men by these presents, that for and in consideration of...
Página 45 - He must restore to the other party everything of value which he has received from him under the contract ; or must offer to restore the same, upon condition that such party shall do likewise, unless the latter is unable or positively refuses to do so.
Página 138 - All persons concerned in the commission of a crime, whether it be felony or misdemeanor, and whether they directly commit the act constituting the offense, or aid and abet in its commission, or, not being present, have advised and encouraged its commission...
Página 227 - The language of a contract is to govern its interpretation, if the language is clear and explicit, and does not involve an absurdity.
Página 367 - After the passage of this act, all property which shall pass by will or by the intestate laws of this state from any person who may die seized or possessed of the same while a resident of this state; or, if the decedent was not a resident of this state at the time of his death...

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