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Nos. 715 and 717 Market Street, Philadelphia.

A Charming Novel, by the Author of “ His Heart's Desire."

Fine edition. 12mo, cloth, $1.25. Cheap Edition. 16mo, paper cover, 60 cents.

One of the best of the class of fiction to which it belongs."-New York World.

" The author is not only an acute and experienced observer of human nature, but a capital writer. The narrative is uninterrupted by egotistic sentimentalism and by superfluous descriptions. The characters tell the story in the direct, natural way, in which each one appears as a distinct figure. The whole tone is pure and healthful.”Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

A New wodd Trump" Novel.

THE GHOST OF REDBROOK. A Novel. By the author of “The Odd Trump,” “The Lacy Diamonds,” “The Clifton Picture,'

etc. 8vo, extra cloth, $1.25 ; paper cover, 75 cents.

" This story possesses all the elements that have made its predecessors from the same hand so welcome to a large class of readers. The plot is highly interesting; the mystery is well preserved and admirably managed; the characters are depicted with uncommon skill, and the whole tone of the book is pure, pleasing, and attractive. Some portions are powerfully dramatic, and these are told with marked skill and effect." Boston Saturday Evening Gazette.

A MERE ADVENTURER. A Novel. By Elzey Hay, author of "A Family Secret.” 8vo, cloth, $1.25; paper cover,

75 cents.

• Has much of a genuine and pleasing freshness, and many of the incidents, as we have hinted, possess an originality all their own."- Philadelphia Times.

RHONA. By Mrs. FORRESTER, author of "Mignon,” “Viva," “ Dolores,” etc. 12mo, extra cloth, $1.50.

"A bright, vivacious, and forcibly written story, abounding in dramatic incidents and graphic portraitures."-Boston Traveller.

HIGH-WATER-MARK. By Ferris JEROME. 12mo, extra cloth, $1.50.

"Very well written, and strong and intense."Cincinnati Commercial. A new and very entertaining novel."-St. Louis Republican.

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“AIRY FAIRY LILIAN.” By the author of “ Molly Bawn” and “ Phyllis.” Eighth Edition. 12ino, fine cloth, $1.25 ;

16mo, paper cover, 60 cents.
"A delightful novel to read ; a piquant, sparkling, entertaining story." -New York Evening Post.
“It is a charming romance, that interests the reader from the first."--Baltimore Gazette.

CASTLE HOHENWALD. A Romance. From the German of ADOLPH STRECKFUSS, author of "Too Rich,” etc. By Mrs.

A. L. Wister, translator of “ The Old Mam'selle's Secret, The Second Wife," etc. 12mo, extra cloth, $1.50.

"A brilliant and attractive story, full of incident and adventure, and sure to entertain the reader with its clever delineations of fashionable society."Boston Evening Traveller.

Orders from the Trade respectfully solicited.



Publications for the Summer Trade.

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Books of handy size, and large, clear, open type, for rail- Select Sunday School Libraries. Nos. I to 8 induway reading

sive contain 274 books, which have been selected and approved IDLE HOUR SERIES. (Just ready.)

by a committee of the highest character and ability. The

reduced prices are: No. 1, 25 vols. 12mo, $18.40; No. 2, 50 I. Poor Papa. By Mary W. PORTER. Illustrated. 4to,

vols, 16mo, $30.40; No. 3, so vols. 16mo, $28; No. 4, 23 illuminated paper covers, price soc.

vols. 18mo, $8; No. 5, 24 vols. iómo, $9.60; No. 6, 30 "Poor Papa" is sure to be a favorite. It is a graphic story vols. 18mo, $4.50; No. 7, 50 vols. 16mo, $20; No. 8, 25 of the perplexities of a father, a widower left to care for two vols. 16mo, $5. children. The father is an artist, absorbed in painting, and

The above net prices to Sunday Schools average LESS THAN having no knowledge of child-nature; while his two children,

HALF THE USUAL PRICES of the same books when sold sepa. loving and true, are like young colts, with irrepressible life and rately. Library No. 7 has been enlarged and bound in new spirits, and perpetually in trouble.

style, making it the most desirable $20 library in the market (In Press.)

Fifty Catalogues accompany each Library. A list of books in 11. Miss Priscilla Hunter. By “Pansy.” With fif the above Libraries sent on application to D. LOTHROP & Co,

teen full-page drawings by Miss L.' B. HUMPHREY. 40, il-Publishers, Boston. luminated paper covers, price 50c.

“Wecommend to Library Committees the books by Pansy," A highly humorous story of how one plain little woman

31 vols., Julia A. Eastman, 6 vols., Ella Farmán, s rols, raised the money to pay off a church debt. Why she did it,

together with such carefully selected works as are included in and how she did it, is told in Pansy's best fashion: her encoun

the $1000 Prize Series, 16 vols., $500 Prize Series, 21 vols,

and the Select Sunday-School Libraries, as being strong, standters with crabbed folks, and stingy folks, and folks determined

ard books, sure to be called for again and again, read and renot to give to the church debt, are highly amusing, as well as

read year after year. The leading characters of these books her devices to get something from everybody. On the whole we give our vote for Miss Priscilla Hunter as a better agent for followed and imitated, either consciously or unconsciously."

are lovely, generous, and noble, sure to be adınired, sure to be paying church debts than Mr. Kimball.

The Watchman.
Several other brilliant stories have been secured for the
IDLE HOUR SERIES, and will appear in rapid succession.

NEW EDITIONS. Now ready.
The right volume to take to summer resorts.

Child Toilers of Boston Streets.

By EMMA E Entertainments. Edited by Lizzie W CHAMPNEY. Large

BROWN With twelve illustrations, drawn from life, by Tómo, price $1.

KATHERINE Peirson. 16mo, cloth, 75C. Full directions for all sorts of parlor dramatiques and

Royal Lowrie. A Boy's Book By MAGNU'S MERRI. specta

WEATHER cles, especially those in which children are actors. Many

With drawings by L. HOPKINS. 16mo, clich, novel exercises and programmes for church encampments and

$1.25. Sunday-school Sète-days. The volume contains the famous Pil- True Blue. A Girl's Book By Mrs. LưCIA CHASE BELL. grim's Progress, as enacted by Mrs. George McDonald and Illustrated. Tómo, cloth, $1.25. her children, together with dramas by Mrs. Abby Morton Diaz, Louis XIV. and xv, The Bungener Historical Series Susan Hale, Mrs. Champney, and others.

contain graphic sketches of Louis XIV. and XV., and of the THE OUT-OF-SCHOOL SERIES are delightful illustrated story religious aspects of France during their reign. New edition. books for young people. Square 16mo, 190 pp., 300. per vol.

Four vols. 12mo. Vol. I. Boys of Brimstone Court, and other Stories.


By ELIZABETH STUART PHELPS. Will be ready June roth.

Vol. II. The Forbes-Doolan Affair. By the author of THE TOWER OF CONSTANCY.

"Detmold." Will be ready June 2oth. Other volumes in Price reduced from $6 to $4.

In Preparation, NEW EDITIONS in uniform binding.

Ella Farman's Works.


vols. Yensie Walton. By Mrs. S. R. GRAHAM Clarke, 16mo, Julia A. Eastman's Works, 6 vols.

illustrated, price $1.50. Six Months at Mrs. Prior's, By Emily ADAMS. 16mo, Mrs. A. E. Porter's Works.

Mrs. E. D. Kendall's Works. 3

vols. illustrated, price $1.25. Soine Snow Hill Girls. By ADDIE BARNARD. 16mo,


Rev. Z. A. Mudge's Works. 3 vols. illustrated, price $1.

Works by the author of “Andy Luttrell.' 6 vols. The Ruthford Frown. A bright new English story. VALUABLE HISTORICAL WORES BY CHARLOTTE 4. YONGE

16mo, 75C.
Good books to put up for children's reading in the country.

Richly Illustrated Edition.

Young Folks' History of Germany. 12mo, $1.50.
New l’olume for Sunday Reading.

Young Folks' History of France. 12mo, $1.50.
Walks to Emmaus. By Rev. Dr Nehemian Adams. Young Folks' History of England, 12mo, $1.50.
Price $1.

The series under this title will include sermons for every Sab- Young Folks' History of Greece. 12mo, $1.50. bath in the year. Vol. I. now ready.

Young Folks' History of Rome. 12mo, $1.50.

5 vols.

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Send for Catalogue of 8oo Books of our Publication. Sent free. Address,

D. LOTHROP & CO., Publishers,

32 FRANKLIN ST., Boston, Mass.




12mo, 629 pages,

$1 75 * The story is told with singular fidelity and grace and feeling. It will receive a wide welcome from the lovers of a pure literature.”-N. Y. Observer.

“Under the skilful pen of Miss Warner this life history is one of intense interest. There is a New England flavor running through it, so beautifully represented by Desire Burgoyne, a quaint, bright girl in that section. There is a charm about the story that has always been a marked feature of her books."Telegraph.


$ 50

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SAVED AT SEA : A LIGHTHOUSE STORY. By Mrs. Walton, author of "Christie's Old Organ,”




I 2mo,

I 50

ROBERT CARTER & BROS., 530 Broadway, New York.





With Notes, mainly Biograph al or Critical, and, where deemed necessary, pretty full, on the many Authors, Orators, Professors, Dramatic Writers, Actors, Actresses, Artists, Institutions, etc., so frequently alluded to in the text-eighty-seven in all. Without some aid of this kind, the ordinary American reader can hardly appreciate the Book.

By Prof. EDWARD ROTH, A.M. With an excellent Portrait of Ernest Legouvé, of the French


Ministers, Teachers, Lawyers, Actors, Lecturers and Speakers in general, should be particularly interested in this work, as it gives them, COMPLETE AND WITHOUT ABRIDGMENT, the ideas of one of the first Readers in Europe on this most important art.

376 pages, 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

Rollins' Ancient History.
A new stereotype edition in 4 vols., 8vo, type, cloth, gilt, $10; library sheep, $12; cheap edition, 4

vols. bound in 2, cloth, $6; sheep, $8. Johnson's Lives of the English Poets, With Critical Observations on their Works. With Notes by Peter CUNNINGHAM, and a Life of the

Author, by MACAULAY. New and cheap edition, 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, $2.50; sheep, library style, $3.50. Heavenly Dawn ; Original and Selected Pieces. By MARGARET H. MORRIS, author of "The Beauties of Upham." I

vol., 16mo, 402 pages, cloth, extra, gilt edge, $1.25; full English calf, pure flexible, $3. The Rights and Duties of Rectors, Church-wardens, and Vestrymen in the American

Church (Episcopal).
By Rev. HENRY MASON BAUM. 12mo, cloth, 300 pages, $1.50.

For sale by all Booksellers.

624, 626, and 628 Market Street, Philadelphia



EDITED BY HIS Son. 8vo, $4. As editor of the “ Encyclopædia Britannica" and Edinburgh Review," Mr. Napier had an extensive correspondence with literary men. This selection includes letters from Macaulay, Brougham, Carlyle, Mill, Dickens, Lytton, Thackeray, and many others.

EDUCATION: ITS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE, as developed by GEORGE Combe, author of " The Constitution of Man." Collected and edited by William JOLLY. 8vo, $5.

THE RELATIONS OF MIND AND BRAIN. By HENRY CALDERWOOD, LL.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Edinburgh. 8vo, $4.


1879. 16mo, paper, 35 cents.


By M. J. Guest. With Maps. 12mo, $1.75.

OUTLINES OF FIELD GEOLOCY. By ARCHIBALD Geikis, LL.D., F.R.S. Second edition, revised and enlarged. With Maps. 16mo. $1.


By the Author of Janet's Love and Service :" David Fleming's Forgiveness. By MARGARET

M. Robertson. 16mo, cloth. Price, $1.25.


The Life of Prof. Albert Hopkins. By the

Translated into English
Rev. A. C. SewaLL. 16mo, cloth. Price, $1.50.
The Life of Count Agenor de Gasparin.

Translated from the French. 16o, cloth.
A Life Worth Living. Memorials of EMILY Bliss

Gould, of Rome. By LEONARD WOOLSEY Bacon, immo,
cloth. Portrait on steel. Price, $1.50.

"An endeavor," says the preface, "toward making a loyal

translation of the Æneid into living English blank verse. “There is no more precious legacy to the world than a I am convinced that a rhyming version must always be para. good life, and there is no literature more helpful and inspiring phrase rather than translation, besides offending against classic than the biography of good woman. Such a biography we

dignity-like a modern bonnet on the head of Minerva. The have in ‘A Life Worth Living.'”-Hartford Courant.

most faithful translation is of course the best; and in mine I The Lady's Knitting-Book. Containing eighty rendering to bring out in to-day's phrase, so far as I could,

have tried—not hesitating now and then at an anachronistic easy patterns of useful and ornamental work. By E. M. C.

the force of all the Latin words.' Illustrated. 18mo, cloth, 40 cents; paper, 25 cents.

The Boston Traveller says: "Either because the political The Lady's Crochet-Book, Containing over duties of American statesmen are more exacting, or a smaller three dozen easy patterns.

By E. M. C.

Illustrated. proportion have commenced life with the classical training 18mo, cloth, 40 cents; paper, 25 cents.

which alone can give ability as well as inclination for such a

task, the appearance of such a work as that undertaken by The Ages Before Moses. By JOHN MONRO GIB- Lieut.-Gov. John D. Long in the translation of the Eneid of

Virgil, is an event of rare occurrence.

Lovers of SON, D.D. 12mo, cloth. Price, $1.25.

classic literature will find in Mr. Long's 'Eneid' the two prime “ It would be hard to find in the same compass anything qualities of a translation--accuracy and lucidity of expression," more reasonable as to its matter, more attractive as to its style, and more satisfactory as an argument. "- The Interior.

"It seems to us," says the Boston Journal, “that Mr. Four Lectures on some Epochs of Early Long may be fairly said to have accomplished his purpose;

and his rendering is one which students of Virgil, as well as Church History. By CHARLES MERIVALE, D.D. those who have not read the Æneid in the original, may read

with interest and pleasure." 12ino, cloth, $1.50. ANSON D. F. RANDOLPH & CO.,

I vol., 12mo, 431 pages, cloth, $2. 900 Broadway, New York. Can be obtained of the booksellers, or will be sent by mail, LOCKWOOD, BROOKS & CO., post free, on receipt of the price, by the publishers. Fraca tional amounts can be remitted in postage stamps.

381 Washington St., Boston, Mass. ...50 C. Guide to Moosehead Lake and Vicinity. With the Van Loan's Catskill Mountain Guide. With Bird's


. $1.25

.50 C.

D. APPLETON & CO., New York.

Appletons' General Guide to the United States and Canada. Miller's Guide to Saratoga Springs and its Vicinity. Illus.
With Maps and Illustrations. 16°, 500 pp., roan....

... $2.50
trated. Paper, 25 C. ; cloth.

.... 50 C.

Miller's Guide to New York, Brooklyn, and adjacent Appletons' Guide to New England and Middle States. Places. Illustrated. Paper, 50 c. ; cloth..

$1.00 160, 264 PP., cloth....

..$1.25 Miller's Guide to Central Park. Illustrations and Map. Paper, 25 c. ; cloth...

...50 c. Appletons' Guide to Western and Southern States. 16°,

Miller's Guide to the Hudson River. Illustrations and 234 pp., cloth....

Map. Paper, 25 c.; cloth...

.....50 c. Appletons' Illustrated Hand-Book of American Cities, with Map of New York City. Cloth...

......40 C. Principal Routes of Travel. Small 8°, cloth, 75 C. ; pap., 50 C. Appletons? Illustrated Hand-Book of Summer Resorts.

PETER PAUL & BROTHER, Buffalo, N. Y. Small 8°, cloth, 75 C. ; paper......

Lake Chautauqua Illustrated. With numerous Maps. Appletons' Railway Guide and Time-Table..

.......25 C.

Special Maps of the Assembly Grounds at Fair Point, and

Point Chautauqua on the opposite side of the Lake, nearly 50 Appletons' European Guide. With Maps and Illustra

72 pp.

25 c. tions.

$5.00 16°, morocco, tuck.... Same in 2 vols. New York Illustrated. 4°, paper.

PORTER & COATES, Philadelphia. The Hudson River Illustrated. 4o, paper...

Official Guide to Philadelphia. Illustrated... $1.50 Pacific Railways and Colorado. Many Illustrations. 4°, cloth, $1.25 : paper.....

.....75 C.


From the Lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn. ESTES & LAURIAT, Boston,

By Henry M. Field, D.D. I vol., 12°, cloth........ $2.00

From Egypt to Japan. By Henry M. Field, D.D. Sole Agents for the Sale of vol., 12mo, cloth.


.60 C.

..50 c.




Baedeker's (Karl) Guide-Books:

Belgium and Holland.
The Rhine...

Murray's Guides to England, Ireland, Scotland, and all

the Countries of Europe. Northern Germany, as far as the Bavarian and Austrian Frontiers.

$2.00 Baedeker's Guides to London, Paris, Holland, and Belgium, Southern Germany and Austria.

the Rhine, Germany, Italy, etc.

3.50 Northern Italy...

Black's Guides to Scotland, England, London, etc. 2.50

Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guides, etc. Central Italy and Rome.


*** Full detailed Lists supplied on application. Southern Italy and Sicily.

2.50 Paris and its Environs.

2.50 Switzerland..


S. R. STODDARD, Glens Falls, N. Y.
Lower Egypt, the Fyoom, and the Peninsula of Mount


“ The Adirondacks.” Map. 12°,($1.25; paper..50 C. Palestine and Syria....


"Lake George Illustrated. Map. 12°, $i; paper, 50 C. The Traveller's Manual of Conversation, in English, Ger

man, French, and Italian London and its Environs....

TAINTOR BROS., MERRILL & CO., New York, 2.50

Taintor's “Hudson River Route," “ Erie Route,"

York to Buffalo and Niagara Falls (via H. R. & N, Y. C.

R.R.), “Shore Line Route," "The Newport Route," HOUGHTON, OSGOOD & CO., Boston.

Connecticut River Route" (New York to White Moun.

tains), “Northern New England," “Pennsylvania Coal ReBoston Illustrated. 16°, paper....

.35 C., gions," " Delaware and Hudson Route" (Philadelphia to Osgood's American Guide-Books :--New England.— The

Saratoga Springs), “New York to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Middle States.-The Maritime Provinces.-- The White

and Washington," "City of New York," "Saratoga Illus

trated," "American Seaside Resorts."
Flexible cloth, each..$2.00
Mountains, Maps and Plans,

......25 c. Satchel Guide to Europe. 16o.

E. B. TREAT, 805 Broadway, New York.
LEE & SHEPARD, Boston.
Treat's New York and Brooklyn. 100 Cuts....

50 C.






Over the Ocean; or, Sights and Scenes in Foreign
Lands. By Curtis Guild. Cloth...


E. R. WALLACE, Syracuse, N. Y. Abroad Again; or, Fresh Forays in Foreign Fields. By Guide to the Adirondacks. Richly Illustrated, Maps, the author of "Over the Ocean. Cloth.

New (7th) Edition. 12°, $2.00; paper......... 75 C. England from a Back Window. By James M. Bailey. Cloth......


MACMILLAN & CO., New York. An American Girl Abroad. By Miss Adeline Trafton.

Dickens' Dictionary of London. Paper......35 c. Illustrated..

.$1.50 Guide to Rangeley and Richardson Lakes. By Chas. A. J. Farrar. Illustrated. Paper..

WALTON VAN LOAN, Catskill, N. Y.

Game and Fish Laws of the State of Maine. By the same Eye View, Maps, and Illustrations. List of 69 Boardingauthor. Edition of 1879. Ilustrated. Paper...... - 50 c. Houses. Paper, 25 C. ; cloth....

50 C.

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