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77/<r Great Reference Book for iS-jp.

Gospel Male Choir,"


The distinguishing feature of this new book is that every piece is arranged for men's voices, thus filling a place heretofore unoccupied, and furnishing the means for such inspiring music as is referred to in the following


'*/ cordially recommend Mr. Mc Granahan' s book of Gospel Songs arranged for Male Voices^ for use in Gospel Services.

"I regard the singing of appropriate pieces^ such as are found in this book, by a Male Chorus, as the most inspiring and effective music I have ever heard. D. L. MOODY."

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New Plays. Price, IS Cents Each.

Aunt Betsy's Beaux. Punch and Judy.

The Changelings. Putting on Airs.

The Child of Circumstances. Quite at Home.
A Crumpled Rose Leaf.
Don't all Speak at Once,

The Drunkard's Home.
The Generous Jew.
Geitine Up in the World.
The Great Eastern.
Is the Man Mad?
The Lost Heir.
My Precious Betsy.
Out in the Streets.
Patches and Powder.



Sir Dagobert and the Dragon.

A Slight Mistake.

Society for Saying Good but

Doing Bad. The Three Guesses. To Let, Furnished. A Trip to Cambridge. Twenty-Forty. Wardrobe. The Whiskey Fiend. Wild Flowers. Woman of the World. Woman Nature. The Women's Club. For sale by alt Booksellers, or sent by mail, on receipt oj Pricet by


No. 5 Beekman Street, New York.


(Printing House Square, opposite the Tribune Building).


New York Agents For All Newspapers in the United State- and Canada.

Advertisements Forwarded Daily (as received), to -very section, from Newfoundland to Texas, and from Florida 0 British Columbia. Also to all New York city dailies and weeklies.

Eight Thousand Newspapers kept regularly on file for inspection by advertisers, including all the great dailies from Boston to San Francisco, from Montreal to Galveston.




American Almanac



Statistical* Financial^ and Political.



Librarian 0/ Congress,

This new volume, which has been delayed to include the full returns of the general Congressional election in all the States, will be substantially a new work. It will give in compact form all the most important facts concerning American Agriculture, Manufactures, Mining, Shipping, Railroads, Telegraphs, Banks, Post-Offices, Public Lands, Education, Army and Navy, Currency, Revenue and Ex

fenditure. Taxation, Imports and Exports, Public Debts, nvestments, etc. The book contains an Official Directory of Congress and the Executive and Judicial Officers of the Government, with full Tables of the Administrations and Presidental Elections, from the beginning. To these will be added a view of each State in the Union, with a list of State Officers, Finances, etc.

The book will be published early in January, and will contain the essence of hundreds of volumes of public documents and other books.

Send orders to your wholesale dealer.

AMERICAN NEWS CO., Publishers,

39 Chamber» St., Xew York.

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Wednesday Next, January 15, 1879.



A Story of American Life and Character.

i2mo. Extra Cloth. $1.50.

The Eminent Critic, Dr. R. SHELTON MACKENZIE, who read the advance sheets

of "As It May Happen," writes to its publishers as follows:

"This is a story of American life and character truly original in design and sucressful in execution. The author introduces his readers to possible people and probable incidents. The dialogue is natural all through, very unaffected and characteristic. It is to be noticed that the women, of various grades and ages, maids or matrons, who appear in this story, have the great merit of being truly feminine throughout. There is infinite variety of action, there is suffering, there is crime—and there is detection and punishment, by which ' the wrong is made right' at last. 'Dibbs' is an entirely new creation. There is some humor, to relieve a great deal of mystery. Part of this arises out of the incidents, but more is suggested by an Irish farm-laborer, who differs essentially from the stereotyped 'Paddy' of the stage, and in his idiomatic and amusing language is irresistibly comic, as well as forcible. The story, good as it is, would lose one of its points of attraction if Patrick were removed from it. The author displays great power and skill in constructing and telling a story, the interest of which never flags."

A Prominent Man gives his opinion of "As It May Happen" thus:

"Nothing has interested me so much for many a long day as this story. 'The American novel'—long looked for—has certainly coine; and I prophesy a very great success for this book. It is admirably written, entirely original in its plot and development, and its characters are certainly the creations of a genius. Its humor, especially in its portrayal of Irish character, is simply inimitable, and its pathos is most natural and effective. If it is the work of a new candidate for popular (avor, a new star is about to arise in the firmament of American literature."

Opinion of a Distinguished Clergyman who read the manuscript of "As It May

Happen ":

"It will excite unusual interest and find a rare degree of favor with all lovers of pure fiction* It is decidedly a ' wholesome ' story, and is not dependent for its wonderful interest on anything questionable in matter or method. It points its own moral and teaches its own lesson, and does this the more effectively because it is free from all mere moralizing."

From the private letter of a Brilliant Litterateur who has read an advance copy of " As

It May Happen ":

"I pronounce it the best American novel that has appeared for years. It is exciting in a healthful way, and with alternating pathos and humor steadily maintains its interest from the first page to the last. Most of its characters are strikingly original."

For sale by all Booksellers, or will be sent by mail, post-paid, upon receipt of the price by

PORTER & COATES, Publishers,

822 Chestnut Streti, Philadelphia, Pa.





With which is incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular


Publication Office, 37 Park Row, New York. Vol. XV., No. 3. NEW YORK, January iS, 1879. Whole No. 366.

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7/5 and flf Market Street, Philadelphia,



PAUL FABER. By George Macdonald, author of " Malcolm," "The Marquis of Lossie,"

"Robert Falconer," etc. 8vo, extra cloth, $1.25 ; paper cover, 75 cents.

"The most mature, elaborate, and highly finished work of its distinguished author, whose other novels have had an extraordinary success. It is a story that every reader, who can appreciate vigorous, forcible language, the artistic unraveling of a well-conceived plot, and happy delineation of numerous well-contrived situations, is bound to admire."—St. Louis Post.

HIS HEART'S DESIRE. A Novel. "Like diamonds, we are cut with our own dust.'

Cheap Edition. i6mo, paper cover, 75jcents; i2mo, fine cloth, $1.50.

"Once in an age or two a novel is printed which has a subtle power at once of enchaining the attention, and also of arousing one's thoughts with a sort of shock; such is 'His Heart's Desire.' The characters are drawn with intense power."—Cincinnati Commercial.

ESTHETICS. By Eugene Veron. Being the Fourth Volume of the Library of Contemporary Science. Crown 8vo, extra cloth, $1.75.

Contents: Origin and Grouping of the Arts—Source and Characteristics of ^Esthetic Pleasure—Taste—Genius—What is Art?—Definition of ^Esthetics—Decorative and Expressive ArtStyle—Classification of the Arts—Architecture—Sculpture—Painting—The Dance—Music— Poetry.

A HOLIDAY TOUR IN EUROPE. By Joel Cook (" J. C"). Fourth Edition, nmo,

fine cloth, $1; paper cover, 75 cents.

"One of the most instructive and best written books of travel that has of late been published in this country. . . . It is a book that statesmen and tourists may read with profit."—Forneys Philadelphia Progress.

JEAN; or, Clouds with a Silver Lining. A Story. By Blanche Westcott. i2mo, fine

cloth, $1.25.

"'Jean ' is quite the best American novel we have seen this winter, and Blanche Westcott's is a name that is destined to take high rank, if this is only an example of what she is capable of doing as a novice in letters."—Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

A HAND-BOOK OF NURSING. For Family and General Use. Published under the auspices of the Connecticut Training School for Nurses, State Hospital, New Haven, Conn. i2mo, extra cloth, $1.25.

Contents: Part I. Medical and Surgical Nursing. Part II. Directions for Monthly Nursing. Part III. Family Hygiene.

"This is probably the very best work of the kind ever given to the world, and we thoroughly assent to the endorsement of President Porter, of Yale College, that, though brief in language and simple in its form, it is the fruit of the experience of years in the supervision of hospital cases and duties."—Philadelphia Press.

"FOR PERCIVAL." A Novel. Profusely illustrated. 8vo, extra cloth, $1.25 ; paper cover, 75


"It is not often the critic's happy lot to be able to praise a book unreservedly; but we can truly say that 'For Percival' is a most lovely story, one of the most charming works of fiction that has appeared for the last ten years."—Boston Literary World."


C&e f nbltsters' Wittily

JANUARY 18, 1879.


One page $18 oo

Half page 10 oo

Quarter page 6 oo

Eighth page . 400

Per line 20

Special rates /or yearly or other contracts,

A deduction at the rate of $4 per page* throughout these terms, for each re-insertton of standing matter. Pages for re-insertion must be ordered kept standing.

Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for special pages will be honored in order of receipt.

All advertisements not ordered re-inserted or contracted for, to be charged at single rates. In case of imperfect fulfilment of contracts, all pages inserted to be charged up at single rates.

Books Wanted* or for Exchange^ or Rare and Secondhand Books/or Saley 10 cents p=r line. Situations Wanted, free insertion of five lines.

Short advertisements must be paid in advance.

Advertisements should* reach the office not later than Wednesday morning* but are desired as much earlier as possible.


One year, postage prepaid 93 ao

Three months, postage prepaid x oo

Single copies, 8 cents; post-paid, to cents.

All subscriptions payable in advance.

Remittances should be made by draft on New York, P.O. money order, or registered letter. We cannot be responsible for loss.

Address P. O. Box 4205, N. Y.

Publication Office, 37 Park Row, N. Y.


A. S. Barnes & Co. have ready in their readable Atlas Series " Resorts for Money-makers— the New York Gold Room, Stock Exchange, and Clearing House."

A. D. F. Randolph & Co. have nearly ready a second thousand of Dr. Hitchcock's little book on "Socialism," which has attracted much attention and met with an increasing sale. In this will be inserted a new prefatory note, in which Dr. Hitchcock refers to some of the criticisms upon his paper, but declines to change the positions he has taken.

James Miller announces for the middle of February an entirely new edition of Mrs. Browning's Poems, uniform with the widely selling Favotite Edition of Tennyson's Poems, to be called the Florence Edition. It will be at the low price of $1.25, with illustrations by American artists, and will be sure to sell widely. He contemplates issuing Hood's Poems in similar style. A reduction of prices on other editions of Mrs. Browning is also to be noted.

Harper & Bros, will issue together, presently, the new edition of Crabb's Synonyms, an always useful book made more useful by revision and enlargement; another volume in the English Men of Letters series, that on "David Hume," written curiously enough by no other than Prof. Huxley: and several Half Hour books, Henry James, Jr.'s, new story, "An International Episode," a companion piece to "Daisy Miller;" Lamb's "Adventures of Ulysses," and either Goldsmith's Plays or Poems, both of which are in preparation.

T. B. Peterson & Bros, are beginning the new year enterprisingly. They have just ready

still another new book by that brilliant writer Mme. Henry Greville, " Pretty Little Countess Zina," another Russian story, uniform with "Dosia," " Helene," etc. ; still others of Mrs. Burnett's earlier stories, "Jarl's Daughter" and "Lindsay's Luck," and the twenty-eighth volume of their Dollar Series, " The Old Patroon," by James A. Maitland. Among the latest volumes of their fifty-cent paper series, as already noted, are Prosper Merimee's " Carmen," from which the opera was dramatized ; George Sand's "Fanchon the Cricket," the origin of Maggie Mitchell's play; and Jules Sandeau's prize story of " Madeleine."

G. P. Putnam's Sons announce a considerable list of books for the early part of the year, of which several may be expected this month. A second edition is to be issued of "The Life of Gerrit Smith," by O. B. Frothingham, of which the first edition attracted no little attention, and was made the text of a good deal of controversy, which resulted in the withdrawal of copies unsold. "The Great Fur Land ; or, Sketches of Life in the Hudson's Bay Territory," is an interesting book of travel by H. M. Robinson, formerly U. S. Consul in Manitoba, and the Evening Post's correspondent there, with numerous illustrations from designs by Charles Gosch. "The Currency of the Country," by the Hon. Carl Schurz, being his Boston lecture revised, will be No. n of the Economic Monographs. "Soldier and Pioneer" is a record of the life and family history of Richard Clough Anderson, and a picture of frontier life in Virginia in the last half of the eighteenth century, of local interest, but also a valuable contribution to general history.

Scribner & Co. issue this week the new hymn and tune book, edited by Dr. Charles S. Robinson, whose experience at this work has been very wide and all of whose books have been popular, " A Selection of Spiritual Songs." It is an admirable collection, and the shape in which the publishers have put it on the market is especially noteworthy. The book is made convenient by printing on fine linen paper, with small margins, the binding is with tapes, and the flexible cover edition, to fold back, is especially adapted for choirs. The inside cover papers are decorated with Scripture texts in color. The regular edition retails at $1.50; an extra edition, in the novelty of American gros-grain silk, found to be very durable, costs $2.50. The publishers state that they "do not propose, as a rule, to offer any inducements to churches to discard other books, by reduction of price on first introduction of this, but the earlier and later supplies will be furnished to churches in considerable lots, by leading booksellers or the publishers, uniformly at the Jow rate of twenty per cent discount from the retail prices." Special editions for special denominations are in progress, the Baptist, or "Calvary selection," being edited jointly with Dr. Robinson by Rev. Robert S. MacArthur.


January 20, 3.30 P.m. :—Library of the late Chas. S. Hunt, comprising rare and valuable works on poiit. econ., finance, currency and banking, hist., and general lit. Bangs.

January 21, 3 P.m. :—Miscellaneous books (consigned directly from England). Bangs.

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