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Designed as an Introduction to “Barker's College Chemistry.” By S. F. PECKHAM, A.M., Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota.

“ I find it clear and accurate in its statement of facts, scientific in its arrangement, and, being written in the conversational style, it can but be interesting, hence well adapted to the class for which it is designed.”—Prof. Coon, Alfred University, New York.

"It is clear, simple, and very practical, and must make the study of chemistry a pleasure to the pupil instead of a bore.”—Prof. GARBER, Muhlenburg College, Pa.

Retail price, $1. BARKER'S COLLEGE CHEMISTRY. The best Text Book on Chemistry in the

English language. " It is the best work I have met.”—M. N. KANE, New York. "As a text book it has fully equalled our expectations, and we count it the best."-S. M. CAPRON, Hartford, Conn. “We are using Barker's Chemistry in our High School with great satisfaction."-W. H. SHELLEY, York, Pa.

Retail price, $1.75. SADTLER'S CHEMICAL EXPERIMENTATION. Handbook of Lecture

Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry, for the use of Students in Normal Schools and Colleges, and for private study. By S. P. SADTLER, Assistant Professor in the University of Pennsylvania.

" It is excellent, and will be of the very greatest service to teachers as well as students.”—Prof. Gibbs, Harvard University,

"I am very glad to welcome such a book, as it was most certainly needed.”—Prof. REMSEN, Fohns Hopkins University:

"It comes nearer to what our yoụng teachers need than anything I have before discovered.”—Prof. LADD, State Nor. mal School, New Hampshire.

Retail price, $2.50. Correspondence invited.


Louisville, Ky.


The undersigned offer for sale the entire Stock, Goodwill, and Fixtures of their Bookselling and Stationery Business, of over thirty years standing. Our store is known to every traveller in the trade, as being one of the best equipped and handsomest bookstores in the country. Our trade is with the very best class of retail buyers only. Stock on hand between $20,000 and $25,000, all bright and fresh. We will sell the whole at a very low valuation, and, with the right party, we should be pleased to retain Office Room, thus decreasing running expenses. Full particulars will be given to bona fide inquiries. We would prefer though to have applications made in person.

It is well known that Baltimore is growing as rapidly, perhaps more so, both in population and volume of business, than any other American city. Through the instrumentality of The Johns Hopkins University and the celebrated Peabody Library, it is destined to take high rank as a literary centre.

As a place of residence Baltimore has but few equals. Cost of living is very moderate. The social advantages are great. Educational facilities the best. Our present store can be leased on favorable terms.

To any one possessing energy, business tact, and a moderate capital, we can confidently say



8 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.


Now Ready. Price One Dollar.


Addresses and Sermons in America, 1878.

With Woodbury Type Portrait. Forming a handsome 12mo volume of 255 pages.

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Dr. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
To be completed in about twelve quarterly parts. Part 5, now ready, $1.25. Annual subscrip-

tion Four Dollars.


MACMILLAN & CO., 22 Bond Street, NEW YORK.

When calling, please ask Mr. GRANT to show you a copy of



Author of the “Color Guard," etc. One Volume, large 12mo, pp. 604. Price, $2.25. "Prof. Hosmer has done more than sketch the Literature of a remarkable nation-he has attempted, as Taine did in his English Literature,' a short history of the nation itself. It is done with learning, diligence, good temper, and good judgment. Prof. HOSMER writes in an easy, well-informed style. He describes with force and point. The biok will be as. good introduction to German Literature for those who have read little, a guide to those who wish to read more, and a refresher of the memory to such as are already familiar with the books and authors of whom he treats—as well as with the national character which he displays historically.”—Spring field Republican.

"We like the book wonderfully, and we assure our readers that we believe they will like it better than can be indicated by the terms in which we here speak of it—terms so excessive indeed that the book must be read to vindicate us for using them." — St. Louis Evening Post.

G. I. JONES & CO., Publishers, CHAS. T. DILLINGHAM, New York.

St. Louis, Mo.







Offer for sale a stock of over 2,000 titles in new (or slightly shelf-worn) School Books, at discounts of from fifteen to thirty per cent, from net wholesale list.

State fully what you can use, and prices will be given.

If you have on hand any books not now current with you, send list, indicating condition and dates, and we will make an offer for them.

COWPERTHWAIT & CO'S Popular School Books, Educational Series,



628 and 630 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

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MONROE'S First Reader, (Leigh Type Edition).

25 MONROE'S First Reader, (German-English Edition)..

42 MONROE'S Chart-Primer.. MONROE'S Reading Charts, (Full Series, 50 Numbers, per set).

7 00 MONROE'S Reading Charts, (Abridged Series, 24 Numbers, per set)...

4 50 SPELLING BOOKS. MONROE'S First Steps in Spelling. MONROE'S Practical Speller...

GEOGRAPHIES. WARREN'S New Primary Geography.... 60 WARREN'S New Common School Geo

graphy... WÅRREN'S New Physical Geography

.... I 60 WARREN'S Brief Course in Geography.. I 25 WARREN'S Brief Course, Pennsylvania Edi





I 50

I 40


Hill's Ethics of Moral Philosophy. By Rev.

W. H. HILL, S. J., Professor of Philosophy in St. Louis University. Author of Logic and Ontology, or General Met

aphysics. Second Revised Edition. $1.50. Hill's Elements of Philosophy, Comprising Logic and General Principles of Metaphysics. By Rev. W. H. Hill, S. J., Professor of Philosophy in St. Louis

University. Fifth Revised Edition. $1.50. Jenkins' English Literature. The Student's

Handbook of British and American Literature, containing Sketches, Biographical and Critical, of the most distinguished authors from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, with Selections from their Writings, and Questions adapted to the use of Schools. By Rev. 0. L. Jenkins, A.M., late

President of St. Charles College. 12mo, cloth, $2. History of the Catholic Church, from the Com

mencement of the Christian Era to the Ecumenical Council of the Vatican. With an Appendix to 1876. Compiled and Translated from the best authors, by Rev. THEODORE NOE

With Questions adapted to the use of Schools. Fourth Enlarged Edition, $1.25. Lingard's History of England. By JOHN

LINGARD, D.D. With a Continuation from 1688, to the reign of Queen Victoria. Abridged by JAMES BURKE, Esq., A.B.

With an Appendix to 1873. To which are added Marginal Notes and Questions, adapted to the use of Schools. Seventeenth edition, $1.50.

The ipsissima verba of the great Historian of England, has been religiously preserved in the Abridgment. Fredet's Ancient History, from the Dispersion of

the Sons of Noe, to the Battle of Actium, and the change of the Roman Republic into an Empire By PETER FRE

DET, D.D. Thirty-second Revised Edition, $1.50. Fredet's Modern History, from the Coming of Christ, and the Change of the Roman Republic into an Empire, to the Year of our Lord, 1867: By PETER FREDET, D.D. Thirty-fourth Revised and Énlarged Edition, $1.50

BY The student will find in Dr. Fredet's two books, the Ancient and Modern Histories, the most complete, authentic, and teliable History of the World, from its Creation to the Year of our Lord, 1867. Kerney's First Class Book of History.

Designed for pupils commencing the study of History, with Questions, adapted to the use of Schools. By M. J. KERNEY, A.M., author of Compendium of History, etc.,

Revised and Enlarged edition. (Eighty-fifth Thou. sand) 60 cents.

Upwards of 80,000 copies have been sold—it is clear, comprehensive, truthful, and impartial, and can be recom. mended with confidence, as the best and most reliable School History published. Kerney's Compendium of Ancient and Modern History, from the Creation to the year 1867, with Questions adapted to the use of Schools; also an Appendix, containing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the U. S., a Biographical Sketch of Eminent Personages, with a Chronological Table of Remarkable Events, Discoveries, Improvements, elc.

By M. J. KERNEY, A.M. Forty-sixth Revised and Enlarged Edition, $1.25.

This work has been recently introduced into the Fe male Public High Schools of Baltimore, and is extensively used in Colleges and Schools throughout the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, and the British Provinces.

10 00

The Geographical Question Book. WARREN'S Political and Outline Charts,

(Per Set). WARREN'S Physical and Outline Charts,

(Per Set)... APGARS New Geographical Drawing

Book. Map-Drawing Paper, to accompany Apgars' New Drawing-Book..

GRAMMARS—New Series. GREENE'S Introduction to English Gram

18 00



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GREENE'S New English Grammar.
GREENE'S New Analysis of the English

Thought and Expression. Part I..
Thought and Expression. Part II..
New Outlines of English Grammar.

MATHEMATICS. HAGAR'S Primary Lessons in Numbers, HAGAR'S Elementary Arithmetic. HAGAR'S Common School Arithmetic HAGAR'S Elementary Algebra...

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Dictation Problems and Reviews in Arithmetio..

45 Key to Hagar's Common School Arith

metio.. Key to Hagar's Elementary Algebra. Eddy's Analytic Geometry. Plane ..

I 50 HISTORIES—New Series, GOODRICH'S (New) Child's United States. Revised Edition...

60 BERARD'S (New) History of United States.

Revised Edition....

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SPECIMEN Copies of any of the above will be supplied to Professors or Teachers, with a view to Introduction, only on receipt of one half the retail price.

Liberal terms for introduction. p Catalogues, comprising several other standard works, with recommendations, etc., furnished on application.


MONROE'S Physical and Vocal Training.
ROYSE'S Manual of American Literature. i 40
BERARD'S Manual of Spanish Art and

COWDERY'S Elementary Moral Lessons,
KNISLEY'S Arithmetical Questions..
BUEHRLE'S Grammatical Praxis.
APPLETONS' (New) Quotations Analysis
APPLETONS' (New) Young Chemist.....

75 75



35 90 90

Publishers and Booksellers, Baltimore.

Crittenden's New Book-Keeping Series,

ROYAL 8vo, PRINTED IN COLORS. No. 1. New Single Entry, 104 pages.

Key to do., comprised in Key to Elementary.

Eight Blank Books for do., cap folio, with extra paper for practice, per set..
No. 2. New Elementary or School Edition, single and double entry, 192 pages.

Key to do

Seventeen Blank Books for do., cap folio, with extra paper for practice, per set..
No. 3. New High School and College Edition, single and double entry,


pages. Key to do., comprised in Key to Counting-House Edition

Thirty-seven Blank Books for do., cap folio, with extra paper for practice, per set.
No. 4. New Counting-House and Commercial College Edition, single and double entry,

432 pages....
Key to do
Fifty-six Blank Books for do., cap folio, with extra paper for practice, per set..
Copies of the books for examination, with the view to adoption, sent on receipt of two-thirds of the price annexed.
Blank Books for examination, on account of their weight, can only be mailed at the price annexed.

75 75

75 I 25

75 1 25 2 00 I 50 2 50

3 50 I 50 3 50

W. S. FORTESCUE & CO., Publishers, 811 Arch St., Philadelphia.


Maycock's Industrial Drawing Books.

By M. M. MAYCOCK, M.P., Professor of Drawing, State Normal School, and Superintendent of

Drawing in the Public Schools of Buffalo, N. Y. Complete in 12 numbers, Retail price,

each, 25 cents. A liberal discount to the trade and for introduction. No. 1. Lines, Angles and Curves.

No. 7. Principles of Designing. With suggestions for couNo. 2. Elements of Decorative Design.

structing designs. No. 3. Elements of Decorative Design.

No. 8. Mechanical Drafting. Plane Problems. No. 4. Elementary Principles of Design.

No. 9. Mechanical Drafting. Isometric Projection. No. 5. Ornamental Treatment of Plant-forms.

No. 16. Mechanical Drafting. Orthographic Projection. No. 6. Adaptation of Ornament to different materials and No. 11. Artistic Perspective and Shading. (In preparation.) different surfaces.

No. 12. Scientific Perspective. (In preparation.) This is a thorough graded course of drawing for Schools and Academies. All the principles of Design are presented, and the adaptation of ornament to different materials, and different surfaces, fully illustrated. Address,

MARTIN TAYLOR, Publisher, Buffalo, N. Y,


Greek, Latin, and Hebrew Text-Books,




$2 75.

Webster's Unabridged.


A Grammar of the New Testament Greek. EDITION

By ALEXANDER BUTTMANN. Authorized Translation [by 3000

Prof. J. Henry Thayer. D.D.] With numerous addiENGRAVINGS

tions and corrections by the Author. 8vo, cloth, reduced to Hand-Book of Latin Synonymes. Transla

ted by Rev. H. H. ARNOLD, B.A. With an Introduction by S. H. Taylor, LL.D. (New Edition, with an Index of

Greek words]. 16mo, $1.25.

A Harmony of the Four Gospels in Greek, 3000 Engravings: 1840 Pages, Quarto.

according to the Text of Tischendorf, with a Collation of

the Textus Receptus, and of the Texts of Griesbach, FOUR PAGES COLORED PLATES.

Lachmann, and Tregelles. Revised Edition, with an Ap

pendix on the Principles of Textual Criticism. By FRED. Published by G. & C. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mass.

ERIC GARDINER, D.D., Professor in the Berkeley Divinity

School. 8vo, pp., lvi and 268. Appendix pp. 64, $3.

A Harmony of the Four Gospels in EnWarmly indorsed by

glish, according to the Authorized Version. Corrected Bancroft,


by the best Critical Editions of the Original. By F. GARMotley,

George P. Marsh,

DINER, D.D. 8vo, $2. Fitz-Greene Halleck,

John G. Whittier, Hermeneutics of the New Testament. By N. P. Willis,

John G. Saxe,

Dr. A. IMMER, Professor of Theology in the University of Elihu Burritt,

Daniel Webster,

Berne. Translated from the German [by Rev Albert H. Rufus Choate,

W. D. Howells,

Newman). With additional Notes and full Indexes. Smart,

Horace Mann,

Crown, 8vo, $2.25. Ezra Abbot,

William T. Harris,

An Introduction to the Greek of the New More than fifty College Presidents,

Testament. By Geo. L. Cary, of the Meadville And the best American and European Scholars.

Theological Seminary. 12mo, pp. 72, 75 cents. WEBSTER is the Diçtionary used in the Govern- This work is designed for the use of those persons who,

though previously unacqainted with the Greek language, Etymologies and definitions far in advance of those of would nevertheless be glad to read the New Testament in its Best family help in training children to become intelli- original congue. It contains what is absolutely

necessary for the understanding of New Testament Greek, omitting what

is applicable only to classical authors. Sale of Webster's is 20 times as great as the sale of any A Grammar of the Idiom of the New TesNHIRTY-TWO THOUSAND COPIES have been placed in as

tament, prepared as a Solid Basis for the Interpretation many public schools in the U. s.

of the New Testament. By Dr. GEORGE BENEDICT WINER. ngravings,- contains 3000, nearly three times as

Seventh Edition, enlarged and improved. By Dr. Gott. many as any other Dictionary:

lieb Lünemann, Professor of Theology at the University of ecommended by State Supts. of Schools in 35 States, Göttingen. Revised and Authorized Translation: [by and by 50 College Presidents.

Prof. J. Henry Thayer, D.D.) 8vo, $4. Published by G. & C. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mass.

W. F. Draper, Publisher, Andover, Mass.


Second Thousand.




Just Issued.

An Introduction to the Study of the

Holy Scriptures. By Rev. Henry M.
HARMAN, D.D., of Dickinson College. 8vo,

FIRST EDITION EXHAUSTED IN SIX WEEKS. pp. 738, $4. This volume discusses carefully the text, genuineness, and Printed upon handsome toned paper, with red authenticity of each book of the Old and New Testaments,

line borders. and is especially full upon the controversies relatiye to the Pentateuch and the Gospel of St. John. It will be an indispen. sable work to every travelling minister, and valuable to all Acknowledged by the press to be the handsomstudents of Scripture. In size it is a large octavo of 738 pages.

est ribbon book ever made in Copious indexes direct the reader to every important topic oi author noticed.

this country. Lectures on Preaching. Delivered be- No live, energetic bookseller can allow himfore the Theological Students of Yale College,

self to be out of it. by Rev. Matthew Simpson, D.D., LL.D., one of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal

ORDER EARLY. Church. Cloth, 12mo; price, $1.50.

[blocks in formation]


Elements of General und Christian
Theology. L. T. TOWNSEND, D.D. Flexible,

BROWN & GROSS, cloth, 12mo, 40 cts. • The design of this treatise is to furnish those interested in

Hartford, Conn. these subjects such a hand-book upon the "Elements of General and Christian Theology" as may be somewhat abreast with the times, and which will, in a measure, give direction to our First Lessons in Natural Philosophy. By Mrs. thinking, studying, and teaching, that they may henceforth be MARY A. SWIFT. Part first, 50 cts.; Part second, 56 cts. less discursive and more effective.

Alcestis of Euripides.-With Notes. By President New Edition, containing Topical Index.

Woolsey, of Yale College. $1.25." The People's Commentary. By Amos

Antigone of Sophocles. By President WOOLSEY, of

Yale College. $1.25. Binney, author of the “ Theological Compend

Electra of Sophocles. By President WOOLSEY, of Vale Improved." 12mo, $3.

College. $1.25. ! Including Brief Notes on the New Testament, with Copious Gorgias of Plato. By President Woolsey, of Yale References to Parallel and Illustrative Scripture Passages, designed to assist Bible students and common readers to un

College. $1.75. derstand the Meaning of the Inspired Word. With an Intro

Prometheus of Aeschylus. By President WOOLSEY, duction by Daniel Steele, D.D., author of “ Love Enthroned,” and "Commentary on Joshua," etc.

of Yale College. $1.25. For the last six months of this year, it will be an invaluable help to those who study the International Lessons, as it covers

Robbins' Outlines of History. Ancient and Modall of the ground in the lessons.

ern. $2.25.

The Song Land. A Book for High and Grammar Schools. Christian Life and Practice in the Seminaries, and Social Singing. By IRVING EMERSON, Early Church. By E. DE PRESSENSE, D.D.

Teacher of Music in the High and Grammar Schools of

50 cents. 12mo, $1.75.

The Song Tablet. A Collection of Songs, Trios, Quar. It being the fourth and last volume of “Early Years of

tettes, and Sacred Pieces, for Public and Private Schools, Christianity."

and the Home Circle. By IRVING EMERSON. 50 cents. A Sanskrit Hand-Book for the Fireside. By


History of Connecticut. From the First Settlement 805 Broadway, New York. of the Colony. By Gideon H, HOLLISTER, 2 vols, 8vo, $s.


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