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PUBLISHERS AND AUTHORS.–A thoroughly competent and experienced proof-reader, having some A

N old-established book, stationery, and wall-paper store hours daily unoccupied, would like to take the reading of a

cash trade. A rare bargain offered. Address H. G., No. 16 weekly or monthly publication, or of book-work; or would revise and correct (re-write, if necessary) manuscripts for

Walnut St., Cleveland, O. the press. Being a practical printer, the advertiser can save time and money for a publisher by preparing and marking THE Video and plates and all cappurtenances

of a sub"copy" properly for the printer. Refers, by permission, to Address R. R. Bowker, Esq., “Publishers' Weekly.' Address P.

SUBSCRIPTION," care of "Publishers' Weekly,

New York. H. C., at this office.

or BOOKS FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. house. The advertiser, a person of long and varied experience as proprietor, is open for a situation either to take charge or al department or in any way make himself gener Comics, and back numbers of some three thousand difrally valuable. Popular address, capable, and not afraid of work. Address SHERBURNE, at office this paper.

ferent periodicals, for sale, cheap, at the AMERICAN AND

FORBIGN MAGAZINE Depot 24 Dey Street, New York. Y a man thoroughly acquainted with the book business

S. CLARK, 66 Nassau St., N. Y., dealer in seconding with the times. Address A., " Publishers' Weekly,'' 37

hand school-books. Back numbers of 56,789 differPark Row, N. Y.

ent periodicals for sale cheap.



$2 25


810 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Carey's Manual of Social Science...
Carey's Unity of Law...

3 50
Carey's Principles of Social Science,
Smith's Manual of Political Economy..
Syme's Industrial Science..
Wilson's Political Economy..

I 50
Will's Tables of Qualitative Chemical Analysis..

I 50

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3 vols.

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10 00 I 25 2 00

?......... Especially useful to Accountants, Merchants, Lawyers, Draughtsmen, R.E. Agents, Teachers and Scholars. A Ruler, Paper-cutter, Pen or Pencil-case, Foot Measure, Gauge for Lines or Money Columns, LETTER SCALE, Square, Protractor for Angles or Degrees, combined in one durable and ornamental article. Circles, Diagrams, &c., may be described by using the perforations. Directions with each Rule. Sold by all Stationers, News & Notion Dealers.

Sent by Mailon receipt of Price, 50 cents (or P. O. stamps.)
PERRIS & BROWNE, Sole M'f'rs, 164 Fulton St., N. Y.

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go cents.


PUBLISH: concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth. By John ABERCROMBIE, M.D. With addi- Maury's Geographies. tions, etc., by Rev. JACOB ABBOTT.

Holmes' Readers, History, and Grammars. The steady demand for this well-known text-book has induced the publishers to prepare a new set of stereotype Venable's Arithmetics, Algebra, Geometry. plates. Although thus presented in an improved form, the Gildersleeve's Latin Series. book can be used in classes with the previous edition, which it follows page for page.

Johnston & Browne's English Literature. SCOTT'S MANUAL OF HISTORY OF DeVere's French Series. THE UNITED STATES. A new edi.

Favorabie terms for introduction or regular supply. tion, brought down to the administration of President

Correspondence solicited. Hayes, with Illustrative Maps. With the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with questions for the use of Schools. By Prof. David B. Scott. 16mo.


55 cents.

In presenting a new edition of the Manual, it does not

FOR RENT. appear necessary to draw attention to the plan on which the work was originally constructed. Its merit has been tested by twenty years' use in the schools.

Store in Hurd House Block, especially fitted up for The publishers trust that this improved edition, in which

a Book Store on plans of E. B. Smith & Co., the narrative is continued to the close of President GRANT'S | Detroit, and occupied for this business continuadministration, will retain the favor hitherto accorded to ously. the work.

A good chance for an enterprising firm.

But one

other Book Store in this flourishing city. Copies mailed upon receipt of price.

Apply to
Liberal terms for introduction.

COLLINS & BROTHER, Publishers,

Jackson, Mich. 414 Broadway, New York.


25 Bond Street, New York,


Gasc's French Dictionaries,

Which contain many important new words and meanings not found in other similar works.

French-English and English-French. 8vo, half roan, pp. 1190, $3.75. 18mo, cloth, pp. 660, $1.40. Tourists' edition, two vols., in a neat case, $1.60.

Whitney's German Dictionary.

German-English and English-German, with Notation of Correspondencies and brief Etymol.

ogies. Small 8vo, half bound, pp. 910, $3.50. The same in two vols., fine edition, half bound, in a box, $5.50.

ALSO, Otto's Materials for Translating English into German. With Notes and Vocabulary. 12mo, $1.

Lacombe's Petite Histoire du Peuple Français. With Notes. 16mo, 75 cents.

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Zoology of the Vertebrate Animals. By Alex. MACALISTER, M.D., Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy in the University

of Dublin. Specially revised for America by A. S. PACKARD, Jr., M.D., Professor of Zoology and Geology in Brown University. 16mo, 60 cents.

Zoology of the Invertebrates.


The Studio Arts.


Astronomy. By Robert S. Ball, LL.D., F.R.S., Royal Astronomer of Ireland. Specially revised for Amer.

ica by Simon Newcomb, LL.D., Superintendent American Nautical Almanac ; formerly Pro. fessor at the U. S. Naval Observatory. 16mo, 60 cents.

* * *

Other volumes will follow at short intervals.







Superintendent of Schools of New York City.

Brown's First Lines of English Grammar $0.45.
Brown's Institutes of English Grammar, 1.00.

The excellence of Brown's Grammars is very generally admitted, and notwithstanding the multitude of School Grammars which have come in competition with them, they have steadily advanced in public favor. In perspicuous arrangement, accuracy of definition, fulness of illustration, and comprehensiveness of plan, they stand unrivalled, and are probably more extensively used throughout the United States than any other works on the subject.

Brown's Grammar of English Grammars, $6.23.

Over 1000 pp., royal 8vo.

The Grammar of English Grammars is an invaluable book of reference, and every scholar should have a copy in his library. No teacher can afford to be without it.

Brown's Grammar is unquestionably the Grammar of the English Language. In an experience of nearly thirty years in teaching, I have seen the fraternity annually encountering a food of new Grammars, intended to submerge · Brown. But the stout old teacher refuses to be submerged ; his solid masonry resists the flood—which latter is itself an incontestible proof that a better Grammar than Brown's has not been found."—BENJAMIN MASON, Yonkers Military Academy.

Friends' ELEMENTARY AND High School, BALTIMORE, MD., 5th mo. 12, 1873. I am still using Brown's Grammars in this institution, preferring them to others because they are at once comprehensive and methodical. Beginning with an explanation of what grammar is, and the parts into which it is divided, it takes up each part in detail, places the great principles of the language before the eye of the learner, and impresses them upon his mind by definitions and rules so perspicuous, so simple, yet so comprehensive, that he cannot fail to understand them.

Definitions are illustrated by examples; rules are followed by practical exercises both in parsing and false syntax. Parsing commences with etymology, and thus the student not only learns what each part of speech is, but its relation to other words in the sentence. Going on by constant repetitions and easy gradations, he becomes thoroughly acquainted with the whole subject.

Prosody is treated in a manner as thorough and methodical. The examples are so well chosen, the exercises for practice so numerous, that with the aid and direction of a competent teacher the student can gain so full a knowledge of versification, and the right use of figurative language, as almost to preclude the necessity for studying that branch of rhetoric.

ELI M. LAMB, Principal.





27 Great Jones Street, New York.





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1 00


9 oo

Art Hand-books-Landscape Painting-Sketching from
Nature-Flower Painting -

Cave. Method of, Drawing and of Color, 2 vols., ca. $1 00
Day. The Principles of Æsthetics.
Pellegrin. Perspective.

ASTRONOMY. Denison. Astronomy without Mathematics..

I 50 Evers. Nautical Astronomy for Beginners.

Plummer. Elementary Astronomy
Proctor. Half Hours with the Telescope.
Half Hours with the Stars.

2 50
New Star Atlas
Sun Views of the Earth.
Larger Star Atlas


HISTORY. Armitage. Childhood of the English Nation .....$1 25 Hand-books of History, 9 vols. : England, France, Germany, Landmarks, and Middle

Ages, each.
Greece and Rome, each
Louis XI. and England in the XIVth Century, each, I 25
Haydn's Dictionary of Dates..
Irving. Washington and the American Revolution, 2 50
Lossing's History of England..
Putnam. The World's Progress.
Spaulding. Statistics of the United States.

Bascom. Philosophy of English Literature.
Schmitz' Latin Literature.
Select British Essayists, 3 vols : Spectator.

Roger de Coverly and Tatler, each.
Tyler. A Hist. of American Literature, 2 vols.

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75 I 25

4 50 i oo

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3 00

12 50

1 75 I 25 125 I 00

....10 00

5 oo

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Library Atlas of Mod. Hist. and Class. Geography.
Mercantile Map of the World....
The International Atlas..
The Collegiate Atlas ..
The Student's Atlas of Mod. and Class. Geography.
The Academic Atlas...
Atlas of Historical and Classical Geography.
Atlas of Physical Geography.
Atlas of Political and Classical Geography.
Atlas of Classical Geography, and Atlas of Historical

Geography, each.
Portable Atlas of Modern Geography.
Atlas of Scripture Geography, and Hand-book of Scrip-

ture Geography, each.. Pocket Atlases of Class. and of Hist. Geography, each,

BOTANY. Balfour. Systematic and Economic Botany.

Vegetable Anatomy and Physiology

CHEMISTRY. Beilstein, Manual of Qualitative Analysis.. Hill. Lecture Notes on Qualitative Analysis .. Howard. Practical Chemistry. Kemshead. Inorganic Chemistry. Thorpe. Inorganic Chemistry, 2 parts, each. Watts. Organic Chemistry.

FRENCH. Gombert. French Drama, 8 vols., each. Moliere's Le Misanthrope; Le Bourgeois' Gentil

homme : Le Tartuffe ; Les Femmes Savantes; Cor-
neille's Le Cid; Voltaire's Zaire ; Racine's Iphigenie
and Phedre.

Bryce. Student's Atlas of Physical Geography.
Macturk. Physical Geography.
Young. Physical Geography

Davis. Elementary Geology
Newberry's Geology. (In preparation.)


NATURAL SCIENCE AND PHYSICS. Angell. Animal Physiology and Magnetism and Elec., each..

75 Cleland. Animal Physiology

I 25 Collins. Mineralogy.

75 Coal and Metal Mining, 2 vols., each

75 Davis. Acoustics, Light, and Heat Guthrie. Magnetism and Electricity.

I 25 Harbison. Elements of Zcology. Lees. Acoustics, Light, and Heat.

75 Macginley. Principles of Biology.



I 25




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I 25
1 00

Brackett. Poetry for Home and School.
Irving. Sketch Book.
Leffingwell, English Classics for Schools.

I 75 Reeves. Student's Speaker.

75 Books on Subjects Connected with Education. Brackett. Education of American Girls

1 75 Bristed. Five Years in an English University 2 25 Eggleston, How to Educate Yourself

75 Hart. German Universities

1 75 Hill. True Order of Studies.

I 25 Putnam. Best Reading

1 75 Thwing. American Colleges..


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les Complete catalogues and specimen pages of the Series and German Classics sent on application.

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HOUGHTON, OSGOOD & CO.'S Educational and Reference Books.



BOOKS FOR REFERENCE. Edited by Prof. E. A. Andrews.

Dictionary of American Biography. By F.

S. Drake. Svo, cloth, $6. Latiu Grammar. School Edition. An Epitome of

Andrews & Stoddard's Latin Grammar. For the use of Comprises, in 1019 double-column pages, a vast fund of Academies and Schools.

information about persons more or less famous in American 12mo, go cents. First Latin Book; or, Progressive Lessons in Read history. ing and Writing Latin.

This book should be in every school where American 12mo, 70 cents. Latin Reader, with a Dictionary and Notes, contain

History is studied. ing explanations of difficult idioms, and numerous references

Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction. to the lessons contained in the First Latin Book. 12mo,

By William A. Wheeler. 12mo, $2.50. 87 cents.

This dictionary explains many of the allusions so frequently Viri Romæ, with a Dictionary and Notes, referring to • the First Latin Book. 2mo, $1.

occurring in modern literature—the names of the Greek,

Roman, Norse, and Hindu mythologies; noted fictitious per. First Lessons in Latin; or, An Introduction to sons and places, etc.

Andrews & Stoddard's Latin Grammar. 18mo, 60 cents. Latin Lessons. Revised and enlarged edition, 70

Treasury of Thought. An Encyclopædia of Quo

tations. By M. M. Ballou. 8vo, cloth, $5. A Manual of Latin Grammar.

12mo, 64 cents.

This book comprises a vast array of striking sentences, on

almost every conceivable topic, from the greatest thinkers and Latin Grammar. Revised, with Corrections and

best writers of all times. Additions. By Prof. E. A. Andrews and S. Stoddard. 12mo, $1.05.

American Guide-Books. By M. F. Sweetser. Questions on the Grammar. 12mo, 15 cents. New ENGLAND. 6 Maps and 11 Plans, $2. Exercises in Latin Etymology. 12mo, 25 cents. THE MIDDLE STATES. 8 Maps and 15 Plans, $2. A Synopsis of Latin Grammar, comprising the THE MARITIME PROVINCES. 4 Maps and 4 Plans, $2. Latin Paradigms and the Principal Rules of Latin Etymology and Syntax. 12mo, 25 cents.

THE WHITE MOUNTAINS. 6 Maps and 6 Panoramas, $2. Latin Exercises. 12mo, $1.

These guide-books, though primarily intended for the use of

Lourists, describe so fully and minutely the territory they A Key to the Latin Exorcises. 12mo, sheep, $1.

cover, and contain so much information respecting places and Cæsar's Commentaries on the Gallic War, institutions mentioned slightly, if mentioned at all, in common with a Dictionary and Notes. 12mo, $1.05.

geographies, and have so many maps and plans that they have Ovid. Selections from the Metamorphoses and Heroides of

a positive and very high value as aids to geographical study. Ovid, with Notes, Grammatical References, and Exercises in Scanning. 12mo, $1.

Artist Biographles. By M. F. Sweetser. 18mo,

cloth, each, 50 cents. Virgil. The Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil, with Notes and a Metrical Key. 12mo, $1.20.

Vol. 1. TITIAN.


2. RAPHAEL Sallust. History of the War against Jugurtha and of the

9. GUIDO RENI. Conspiracy of Catiline, with a Dictionary and Notes.


10. Van Dyck. 12mo, $1.10.


11. TURNER The French Parnassus.


12. FRA ANGELICO. A Book of French Poetry, from 1550 to the Present Time. Selected and

6. CLAUDE LORRAINE. 13. LEONARDO DA VINCI. edited by James Parton. Household edition, r2mo, $2;

7. JOSHUA REYNOLDS. 14. ALLSTON. Holiday edition, with portrait of Victor Hugo, 8vo, $3.50.

15. LANDSEER. A very large and varied collection of French poetry, carefully pruned of all objectionable matter, and admirably adapted

These little books are admirable compendiums of art biogfor school use or private reading.

raphy, and furnish a great deal of information concerning Vocal Culture. By J. E. Murdoch.

styles and masters of art. $1.25.

The Family Library of British Poetry. This work has passed through scores of editions, and has From Chaucer to the Present Time. Edited by James T. had the heartiest practical indorsement of the best American Fields and Edwin P. Whipple. One vol., royal' 8vo. 1028

pages, with heliotype portraits of Chaucer, Spenser, ShakesColburn's (Warren) Intellectual Arithmetic upon the peare, Milton, Pope, Goldsmith, Burns, Wordsworth, Scott, Inductive Method of Instruction. 30 cents.

Byron, Tennyson, and Mrs. Browning Cloth, handsomely "Everything I have seen confirms me in the opinion which stamped, $6.50; half calf, $10; morocco or tree calf, $14. 1 early formed, that Colburn's Arithmetic is the most original “It renders a hundred dollars' worth of other books unnecand far the most valuable work upon the subject that has essary."-Educational Weekly, Chicago. yet appeared."-George B. EMERSON. How to Learn Russian. A Manual for Students

The History of Our Country. By Abby Sage

Richardson. One vol., 8vo, very fully illustrated, $4.50. of Russian. Based upon the Ollendorffian System of Teaching Languages, and adapted for Self-Instruction. By

“A very simple, clear, flowing interesting narrative-a Henry Riola, Teacher of the Russian Language.

With a

most timely work, most admirably done."-G. W. Curtis. Preface by W. R. S. Ralston, M.A. 16mo, $3.

Handbook of Universal Literature. From Key to the Russian Manual. $1.25.

the Best and Latest Authorities. By Anne C. L. Botta. A Primer of American Literature. By 12mo, cloth, $2.50. Charles F. Richardson. Cloth, 50 cents.

This admirable bird's-eye view of the world's literature has A brief history of American literature, with biographical long been recognized as one of the most useful works of its and critical sketches of authors. An excellent book for schools. kind ever prepared for study or reference.

12mo, cioth,

teachers for many years.



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