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&ESOL VED, That this Convention recognize the PublishERs'WEEKLY as the established organ of the entire trade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their “first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on Aublica

tion.-AMERICAN Book-TRAde Association.

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Heroes of the Mission Field. By the Rt. Rev. W. Pakenham Walsh, D.D. 12°. why am I a Christian? By Viscount Stratford de Red, cliffe. From the 5th Londoned. Sq. 18°. The Evangelical Church. A Series of Discourses by the Ministers of the different Religious Denominations, illustrating the Spiritual Unity of the Church of Christ. 749 p. 8°. Cl., $2.50.


From the New York Commercial Advertiser for the week ending February 1o. February 6. D. Appleton & Co.:—New Novels by Victor Cherbuliez, by Octave Feuillet, and by Andre Theuriet, from the Revue des Dew.r Mondes. February 6. r & Bros.:—The Last of Her Line.—Blue and Green.—The Prodigal Daughter.—For a Dream's Sake.Harding, the Money Spinner.—Clara Saville. J. B. Lippincott & Co.:—The Witch, by K. E. Franzos.-Married, by H. Wild.—Straying Stars, by George Horn.

February 8. incott & Co.: — Blue and Green.—The Prodigas Laughter.—My Experience in a Lunatic Asylum.—For a Dream's Sake.--On the Wolds,-Elizabeth Eden.—Written on their Foreheads.-The Wish of his Life, from the French of Cherbuliez.-A Fatal Passion, by Mrs. Fraser.—That Artful Vicar, by G. Murray.-Les rand Didiers.-La Chartreuse des Russ de Londres-Nouveau Deluge, by Julius Rodenberg. February 1o. D. Appleton & Co.:-The Countess von Halla, from the German of E. v. Dincklage. Henry Holt & Co.:—Symond's History of the Renaissance in Italy.—Wanderings in Patagonia.-Old Paris.Kettner's Book of the Table. J. B. Lippincott & Co.:-The Dawn of History : an Introduction to Prehistoric Study, by C. F. Keary.

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American Educational Catalogue for 1878.


Notice.In comparing this Supplementary List with similar compilations, it should be noted that such educational books as are omitted in this have been given already in our Educational Number for July 20, 1878.

Books marked with a dagger (f) denote wholesale prices; those marked with two asterisks (**) have been announced since our Educational Number.



See also Zoology, Teachers' A ids.

Dunman, T., Glossary of biological, anatomical, and

physiological terms, sm. 8°, $: Appleton.

Letoumeau, C, Biology (Contemporary science series),

iL cr. 8°, $1.75 Lifpincotl.

Whittaker, J. T., Physiology, 16°, $1.75.

R. Clarke & Co.


Bardwell, F. W., Course in arithmetic, 120, $1.25.

Putnam. Davies and Peck's United course of elementary or brief arithmetic, 60 c—Key to complete arithmetic, $1.12.

Barnes. Metric primer, 160, bds., 40 c.Bost., Am. Metric Bureau. Milne's First lessons in arith., 30 c.—Practical, 60 c.—

Key to practical, 60 c Cine, jtones Bros. cV Co.

Nash, L., Table book and introductory arithmetic, 16°,

bds., 20 c N. y., Benmigvr Bros.

Singer, E. A., Model practical arithmetic. 120, $1.10.

Phil., Eldredge &• Bro.


See also Natural Philosophy.

Ball, R. S-, Handbook of astronomy, i6°, 60 c Holt.


Crittenden's Key to new counting-house and commercial

college book-keeping, $1.50.

Phila., W. S. Fortescue 6V Co. Groesbeck, J., Practical book-keeping, school ed., ia°,

$ 1 Phil., Eldredge cV Bro.

Packard, S. S., and Bryant, H. B., New Bryant and

Stratton common-school book-keeping [rev. ed.], I8°,+$i.

—New Bryant and Stratton counting-house book-keeping,

8°, +$2.70 Ivison.


See also Natural Philosophy.

Appleton's Young chemist, 00 c.—Qualitative analysis, oac Cowperthivait.

Caldwell, G. C, and Breneman, A. A., Introductory chemical practice, rev. ed., 8°, $1.50 Van Nostrand.

Roscoe, H. E., and Schorlemmer, C, Treatise on chemistry, v. 1, The non-metallic elements, il. 8°, $5. .Appleton.

Thorpe, T. E., Chemical problems, with Key, 180, 75 c.


Witthaus, R. A.. Essentials of chemistry, inorganic and organic, pocket ed., 240, $1 W. Wood 6V Co.


See also Grammar, Literature, etc.

Ballard, H. H., Words, and how to put them together,

18", 40c Appleton.

Hill, A. S-, The principles of rhetoric, 120, hf. leath., $1.17.



See also Special Branches. Crabb, English synonymes, new ed., $2.50 Harper.


Including (partly) Map, Geometrical, and Technical Drawing. See also Geometry, etc.

Buckelew, MissS. F., Dictation lessons in drawing for primary grades, 120, bds., 30 c Ivison.

Carter, S- N., Art handbooks :—Sketching from nature.— Landscape painting.—Flower painting.—Figure drawing, ea.,5oc Putnam.

Forbriger's Drawing tablets, free-hand ser., no. 1, 15 c.— nos. a, 3, 4, ea., ao c.—nos. 5, 6, 7, ea., 30 c.

Cine., Jones Bros. cV Co.

Marshall, W. V., The parallel and meridian system of map drawing, 40, 25 c Barnes.

Melville, F., Elements of industrial drawing: curved lines, no. 2, 12 cards in case, 35 c . Chas. Scribner^s Sons.

Millar, J. B., Elements of descriptive geometry, 12°, $a.


Tomkins, E., Machine construction and drawing, 3 v., text, Si.50 ; plates, $2.50 Putnam.

"Warren, S. E., Elementary free-hand geometrical drawing, rev. ed., 120, $1.—Same in 4 parts, ea., pap., 30 c.


"White, G. C, School scr. of industrial drawing, free-hand, prep, by H. P. Smith, 6 nos., obi 8°, pap., nos. 1-3, ea., ti2 c. ; nos. 4-6, ea., T15 c... Ivison.


Including Speakers, Debates, School and Exhibition

Dialogues, Selections for Becitation, etc.

See also Literature, Readers, etc. Bell. A. M., Principles of elocution, enl. ed., 130, $1.50.

Salem, Mass., F. P. Bur lank. Branch, O. E., The Hamilton speaker, ia°, $1.

Dick cV Fitzgerald. Diehl, Mrs. A. R., Carleton's popular reading, 120, $1.50.

Car let on. Legouve*, E., Reading as a fine art, 16s, 50 c.

Roberts Bros.

Penney, Miss L., Readings and recitations, no. 2, 12°,

60 c. ; pap., 25 c .N. K, Nat. Temp. Soc.


Alan's Second French reader, with notes and vocabulary, by Dr. P. Henn.—Same, with foot-notes and vocab., ea., 13°, bds., 80 c.; hf. roan, $1.—Key to Ahn's second French reader, 130, bds., 40 c Steiger.

Brachet, A., Etymological French Diet., ad ed., 120, $2.50 Macmillan.

Joynes-Otto, Elementary French course: Introductory French lessons, 120, $1.25 Holt.

Lacombe, P., Petite histoire du peupte francais, with notes by Jules Bu£, ia°, 75 c Holt.


For Geographical Drawing see Drawing.

Benjamin, S. G. W., The multitudinous seas, il. 18*,

pap., 25 c .....Appleton.

Clarke, C. B., Class-book of geography, 160, $1.25.



Andrews, E. B., Elementary geology designed especially for the interior states, il. 120, t$i.

Van A ntwerp, Bragg cV Co,

Collins, J. H., Mineralogy, part 1, The general principles, 120, $1.50 Putnam.


See also Drawing, Mechanics, etc. Ferrers, N. M., Elem. treatise on spherical harmonics,

etc., 120, $2.25 Macmillan.

Symmes, Theory of concentric spheres, 8°, pap., 50 c.

Louisville, Ky., Bradley & Gilbert. Wheeler, N. H., Elements of plane trigonometry [rev.

ed.], i3°, t75c Qinn & Heath.

Wostenholme, J., Mathematical problems, 2d ed., $6.

Macmillan. GEBMAN. Crorner, C. A., Englisch, with Eng. notes by A. H. Edgren (College series of German plays), 30 c Holt,

Heness, G., Der Sprechlehrcr unter seinen Schiilern, 120.

$1.35 Holt.

Klemra, L. R., Poesie fur Haus u. Schule** Putnam.

Lessing's Laokoon, ed. by A. Hamann, 160, $1.75.

Macmilian. Macmillan's Progressive German course:—First year,

by E. Fasnacht, 50 c.—Second year, 75 c Macmilian.

Schiller, F. v., Egmont's Leben u. Tod, etc., ed. with

notes by C. A. Buchheim, 160, $1 Macmilian.

Schueth, H., Leitfaden f. deutschen Sprachunterricbt,

ia°, bds., 25 c N. K, Fr. Pustet.


See also Teachers* A ids.

Bigsby's First lessons in philology, 75 c.

Cine, yones Bros. &* Co. Butterfleld, C. WM System of punctuation, 120, 40 c.

Madison, Wis., W. J. Park & Co. Carpenter, S. H.. Elements of Eng. analysis, 160. bds.,

25 c Madison, Wis., W. J. Park & Co.

Greene's Outlines of Eng. grammar, 60 c. Cowperthwait. Kerl, S., Language lessons, ed. by S. M. Perkins, 16°,

bds., +33 c Ivison.

Morris, R., Elementary lessons in historical Eng. grammar, $< Appleton.

Morris, R., and Bowen, H. C, Eng. grammar exercises,

i8°,4SC Appleton.

Oliphant, T. L. K., Old and middle English. is°, $2.75.


Wedgwood, H., Diet, of Engl, etymology, 3d ed., 8°,

$6.50 Macmilian.


JEschylllS, Pfometheus bound, introd. and notes by A. O.

Prickard, 160, 75 c Macmilian.

Cary, Geo. L., Introduction to the Greek of the New Testament, 75 c A ndover, W. F. Draper.

Hailstone, H., Hellenics of Xenophon, bks. 1 and 2, 160,

$1.50 Macmilian.

Jerram, C. S., Cebetis Tabula, 16°, 00 c Macmilian.

Merry, W. W., Homer's Odyssey, books 13-24,160, $1.50.

Macmilian. Miners, D. N., Homer's Iliad, book 1, 160, 75 c.

Macmilian. Rushbrooke, W. G., First Greek reader, 160, $1.25.

Macmilian. Selections from Greek historians (based upon Felton's),

with notes by O. M. Fernald, 120, $1.75..Bost., y. Allyn. Xenophon, Anabasis, 2d bk.. ed. with notes by C. S.

Jerram. t6°, 75 c... Macmilian.

Xfenophon, Anabasis, first five books, new ed., notes,

etc., by J. R. Boise, $1.75 Appleton.

Yenni, D., Grammar of the Greek laneuage, 8°, bds.,

$1.35 D. 6" y. Sadlier &> Co.


Richardson, Abby Sage, Hist, of our country. 8°, $4.50. Houghton, Osgood & Co. Ridpath's Hists. of the U. S.:—Academic, $1.50.— Grammar school, $1.—Unabridged, $3.

Cine., yones Bros. & Co. Short stories in Eng. hist., 180, $t Barnes.

Smith, P., Student's ecclesiastical history, il. 120, $i-75


Swinton, W., Condensed history of the U. S.. rev. ed., 120, too c Ivison.

Tait, C. W. A., Analysis of Eng. hist., based on Green's short hist., 160, $1.25 Macmilian.

Van Laun, H , The French revolutionary epoch, 1 v. 12** $3-5<> Appleton.

Vincent, J. H., English hist., 940, pap., 10 c.Nclson &P.

"Willard, S., General hist., from B.C. 800 to A.d. 1876, outlined in diagrams and tables, with index and genealogies, 8°, $2 Appleton.

Yonge, Charlotte M., Young folks' hist, of Greece.—Do. of Germany, ea., 120, $1.50 Bost., Lothrop.


Capes, W. W., Livy, books 21 and 22,160, $1.50.


Church. A. J., and Brodribb, W. J., Tacitus, the sixth book of the Annals, 160, 00 c Macmilian.

Ellis, R-, Commentary on Catullus, 8°, $7. — Catulli Veronensis liber, new ed., 8°, $7 Macmilian.

Harkness' Preparatory course in Latin prose authors, with notes, il,, map and diet., 120. $1.75.—Sallust's Catiline, with notes and vocabulary, 120, $1.15 Appleton.

Hoyt, J. P., A one-term course in Latin, 16*, pap., 20 c.


Mayor, J. E. B., Thirteen satires of Juvenal, v. 9. i»°, $3.50 Macmilian.

Sauveur'fl Latin text-books (the natural method):—Introduction to the teaching of ancient languages, 25 c— The vade mecum of the Latinist, 30 chapters of Caesar, 25 c.—A word-for-word rendering into English of Caesar'-. "De bello Gallico," bk. 1, 25 c—Talks with Cxsar de bello Gallico, rev. ed., $1.50 Holt.

SchultZ, F., Latin exercises, 8°, hf. roan, $1.35.—Latin grammar, 120, hf. roan, $1.50 N. Y., Fr. Pustet.

Shuckburgh, E. S., The Havton Timorvmenos of Terence, i6*,fx.fO Macmilian.

"Wright, J., Complete Latin course, t6°, $1.50.


Sewall, F., Latin speaker, i2°,$i Appleton.

Yenni, .1)., Grammar of the Latin languaee, 8°, bds$1.95 D.&y. Sadlier & Co.


Davies, B,, Compendious and complete Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon to Old Testament, and English-Hebrew index, with concise statement of principles of Heb. grammar, by E. C. Mitchell, 8°, ** IK F. Draper.


Berard's History of United States, rev. ed., $1.10.

Cotvpertkwait. Dickens' Child's hist, of England, Household ed., il. sq.

8°, $1.25 ; pap-, 75 c Appleton.

Epochs of ancient history: Ihne's early Rome, 160, $1.

Chas. Scribner's Sons. Epochs of modern history: Johnson's Normans in Europe, 160, Si Chas. Scribner's Sons.

Goodrich's Child's hist, of the United Stales, rev. ed.,

60 c Cowperthivait.

Green, J. R., History of the Eng. people (in 4 v.), v. 1, 2,

8°, ea., $2.50 Harper.

Hassard, J. R. G., History of the U. S., 12°, $1.50.

N. Y.,Cath. PubSoc. Introductory history of the United States, 160, bds.,

40 c A*". Y, Cath. Pub.Soc.

Kirkland, Miss E. S., A short history of France, $1.50.

Chicago, 7an en, McClurg fir* Co.

Lacombe, P., Short hist, of the French people, 12*, $1.25.

Bost. ,H.A. You ng cV Co.

Leeds, J. W., History of the United States, new ed., with

maps, 120, ft.75 Lippincott.

Lyman's Historical chart, folio, colored plates, bds., $2.50 ;lcl., $;;lhf.^or.t $4.50.

^Cinc, yones Bros. &r* Co.

Sow also Elocution, Readers, Teachers' Aids, etc.

Arnold, T., English literature, from 596 to 1832. x8°, pap.

25 c Appleton.

Artist biographies:—Vols. 0-15, cont. Guido Reni; Vaa
Dyck; Fra Angelico; Allston; Landseer; Turner; Leo-
nardo daVinci, ea., 180, 50 c.. ..Houghton, Osgood& Co.
Beers, H. A., A century of American lit., 1776-1876, 16".

$: Holt.

Blaisdell, A., Study of English classics, 120, $1.

Bost., New Eng. News Co. Cruttwell, C. T., History of Roman lit., cr. 8°. $2.50.

Chas. Scribner's Sons. Conant, Mrs. H. S., Primer of German lit., 320. 40 c.;

pap., 25 c Harder.

Gladstone, W., Homer (Lit. primer), 45 c Appleton.

Hosmer, J. K., Short history of German lit., large 12*.

$2.25... St. Louis, G. I. yones Gf Co.

Irving's Sketch-book, school ed., $1.—Selections from

Sketch-book, by H. B. Sprague, 50 c Putnam.

— Six sel. from Sketch-book, notes, etc., by H. B. Sprague and M. E. Scates, 120, +40 c. ; pap., t3o c.

Ginn cV Heath. Jebb, R. C, Greek lit. (Lit. primer), 180, 45 c...Appleton. Johnson, Eliz. W., The studio arts, 16° (in the new series

of hand-books), 60 c Holt.

Johnson, S., Six chief lives of the poets, etc., ia°, $2.

Holt: Macmilian. Lefflngwell, C. W., Reading-book of English classics.**


Lawrence, E., Primers of English lit.: Romance period:

Classical period, 2 v. 32°. ea., 40 c.; pap., 25 c.. .Harper.

Milton, Lycidas, ed. with notes by H. B. Sprague, i»\

pap., taoc Ginn cV Heath.

Quack en bos, J. D., Illustrated hist, of ancient lit., u

$1.50 , Harper,

Richardson, C. F., PrimerVjf American lit., 18*. 50 c.

Houghton, Osgwd£r*tC*.

Shakespeare, Much ado about nothing.—Hamlet,, ed. with notes by W. J. Rolfe, ea., sq. 16*, 70 c.; pap., 50 c.

Harper. Shakespeare, Select plays (Clark and Wright):—Merchant of Venice.—Richard II. —Macbeth.—Hamlet.— King Lear.—Tempest (Jephson), Reduced to, ea., 50 c.

Macmillan. Stevens, E. T., Annotated poems of English authors, il.

16° ,.Lippincott.

Tyler, M. C, History of American lit., The colonial time,

1697-1765, a v. 8°, $5; hf. cf., $9.50 Putnam.

Weber, A., History of Indian literature, tr. from the German, cr. 8°, $5. Houghton, Osgood b* Co.

White, Lucy C, Story of English lit. for young readers,

$1.35 Lothrop.

MATHEMATICS. See Arithmetic, Astronomy, Drawing, Geometry, Natural Philosophy.


Mkntal And Moral Philosophy.

See also Literature, Teachers' Aids, 1.

Bascom, John, Growth and grades of intelligence, 13°,

$1-50.—Ethics,** Putnam.

Day'B Ontology; or, the philosophy of knowledge of

being, ia°, $1.75 Putnam.

De Graff*, E. V., Schoolroom chorus, sq. 160, 35 c.

Syracuse^ Davis, B. & Co. Hunt, H. G. B., A concise history of music, 16°, $t.

Chas. Scribner's Sons*

NATURAL HISTORY ^GENERAL). See also A natomy, Botany, Geography, Geology, Object

Teaching, Zoology. Calkins, N. A., and Diaz, Mrs. A. M., Prang's natural hist. ser. for children, not. 1-6, il. 8°, ea., 50 c.

Bost., L. Prang &r Co.

Huxley, T. H., Physiography, an in trod, to the study of

nature, il. and col. plates, 12°, $2.50 Appieton.


Beechey, F. S., Electro-telegraphy, Book for beginners, fcap. 8°, 60 c E.& F.N. Span.

Prick's Physical technics, new ed., il. cr. 8°, $3.50.


Hotze, C. L., Questions and problems in elementary physics, ia°, 75 c St. Louis, Central Pub. Co.

Mayer, A. M., Sound, a series of experiments in the phenomena of sound, il. 12°, $1 Appieton.

Frescott, G- B., The sneaking telephone, talking phonograph, and other electrical novelties, il., 8°, $3. Appieton.

Todhunter, I., Key to mechanics for beginners, 12°, $2.50 Macmillan.

OBJECT AND KINDERGARTEN TEACHING. Proebel, F., Mother play and nursery son as, from the

• German, il. 40, bds., $2 Lee cV Shepard.

Hand-'book for the kindergarten, sq. 8°, pap., $1.

Springfield, Mass., Milton Bradley &* Co. Kantner's Utust. book of objects, 40. $3.50.

Heading, Pa., IV. C. Kantner. Kraus-Boelte, Maria, and Kraus, J., Kindergarten guide,

8th, oth, and 10th gifts, il. 8°,l$i ; pap., 70 c Steiger.

Miller, Mrs. E. P., Mother Truth's melodies, a kinder*

garten, il. 12°, $1 Car let on.

Peabody, E. P., and Mann, Mary, After kindergarten, what? primer of reading and writing, 12°, bds., 45 c.

Steiger. Wiebe, E-, The paradise of childhood, practical guide to kiodergartners. new ed., sq. 8°, $a; pap., $1.50.

Springfield, Mass., Milton Bradley cV Co.


Howe. Hon. J. B., The political economy of Great Britain, the United States, and France in the use of money, 8°, $3.50 Houghton, Osgood &* Co.

Mason, A. B., and Lalor, J. J., Primer of political economy, new ed., 60 c.Chicago, Jansen, McClurg cV Co.

Perry, A. L., Elements of political economy, rev. ed., $3.50 Chas. Scribner's Sons.

Richardson, H. W., Paper money ; principal historical facts,-13°, pap., 15 c Appieton.

Roscher, W., Principles of political economy, tr. by J. J. Lalor, a v. 8°, $7 Holt.

Schurz, Carl, Honest money and labor, 25 c .. .Putnam.

Smith's Wealth of nations, $1.25 R. Worthington.

Walker, F. A., Money, 8°, $4 Holt.

Woolsey, T. D., Political science, 2 v., $7.

Chas. Scribner's Sons.


Indestructible ",My" primer, printed on linen, il. 40,

60c Lippincott.

Kent, V. J., Lessons for little folks, sq. 12°, 7^ c.

Chic, Fairbanks 6* Co.


See also Elocution, History, Literature, Primers.

Appleton's Fifth (school) reader, $1.25 Appieton.

Haub, A. N., Normal readers:—First, 15 c.—Second, 28 c.—Third, 40 c.—Fourth, 50 c.—Fifth, 70 c.

Porter cV" Coates.


Riola, H., How to learn Russian: a manual for students of Russian, 160, $3.—Key to the exercises, $1.35.

Houghton, Osgood cV Co.


"Watson's complete speller, oral and written, 16°, bds., 35 c Barnes.


See also Anatomy.

Macaliater, A., Zoology of the vertrbrate animals, rev.

by A. S. Packard, jr., ft. 16°, 60 c Holt.


General Education, School Management, Reading Courses, Language, Etc.

Angell, H. C, M.D., How to take care of our eyes, il.

16*, 50 c Roberts Bros.

Archibald, F. A., The library key, 12°, mor., $1.50.

Akron, 0., West & Hale. Atkinson, W. P., On the right use of books, 16°, 50 c.

Roberts Bros.

Bardeen, C. W. Common-school law, rev. ed., 24°, 50 c.

Syracuse, Davis, Bardeen & Co.

Blakistone, J. R., The teacher,** Macmillan.

Cross, J. G., Eclectic shorthand, 12°, $2.

Chicago, S. C. G*-iggs cV* Co. Freedley, E. T., Common sense in business, 12", $1.50.

Claxton, R. & H.

Hale, E. E., What career? Ten papers on the choice of

a vocation and right use of time, 16°, $1.25. Roberts Bros.

Huntington, F. D., Unconscious tuition, 16°, pap., 25 c.

Syracuse, Davis, Bardeen &* Co.

Johonnot, Ja., Principles and practice of teaching, 12°,

$i.5° Appieton.

Kiddle, H., and Schem, A. J., Year-book of education for

1879, 8°,** Steiger.

Lockwood, Florence B., The training of children, 16°,

pap., 25 c Phil., E. Stern cV Co.

j Mathews, W., Oratory and orators, 12°, $2, $2.50.

Chicago, S. C. Griggs & Co. Morris, W., Decorative arts, their relation to modern life

and progress, pap., 30 c Roberts Bros.

Nesbitt, M. L.. Grammar-land ; or, grammar in fun for

the children of Schoolroom-shire, sq. 16°, $1.25 Holt.

Petit, Amelia V., How to read and hints in choosing the

be>t books, 12°, $1 ... A^. V., S. R. Wells cV Co.

Porter, Noah, American colleges and the American public, ia*5, $1.50 Chas. Scribner's Sons.

Ralfe, C. II., Exercise and training, sq. 24°, 40 c.

Appieton. Richardson, C. F.,and Clark, H. A., The college book,

il. 40, $10 Houghton, Osgood & Cv.

Royce, S., Deterioration and race education, 120, $2.50.

Lee 4V Shrpard.

Schedler. J., An illustrated manual for the use of the

terrestrial and celestial globe, rev. ed., ia°, 50 c. ; pap.,

■5 c Steiger.

Simmons, P. L., The commercial products of the sea,

il. 12°, $1.75 Appieton.

Smith, B. P., History of Dartmouth College/6°, $5.

Houghton, Osgoad cV Co. Steiger's Classified descriptive catalogue of publications on education and general philology, etc., 8°, pap., 10 c.


— Educational directory for 1878, 8°, $1, $1.50 Steiger.

Stone, K. C, Topical course of study for common schools,

pt. x, x8°, 40 c Barnes.

Thwing, C. F., American colleges, 160, $1 Putnam.

"Ward, Mrs. H. O., Sensible etiquette, 12°, $2.

Porter cV Coates. "Wedgwood, G. S., Topical analysis, rev. ed., 12°, bds.,

30c Chic, S. R. Wine hell.

"What shall I read? 160, 75 c Nelson cV Phillips.

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F. Leypoldt, Bibliographical Editor.
R. R. Bowker, General Editor.

FEBRUARY 15, 1879.

Publishers are requested to furnish title-page proofs and advance information of books forthcoming, both for entry in the lists and for descriptive mention. An early copy of each book published should be forwarded, to insure correctness in the final entry.

The trade are invited to send "Communications" to the editor on any topic of interest to the trade, and as to which an interchange of opinion is desirable. Also, matter for "Notes and Queries." Notes from librarians will also be gratefully received.

In case of business changes, notification or card should be immediately sent to this office for entry under " Business Notes." New catalogues issued will also be mentioned when forwarded.

"Every man is a debtor to his profession, from the which, as men do of course seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves by way oj amends to be a help thereunto."Lord Bacon.

EDUCATIONAL BOOK PUBLISHING. So many of the Western states have caught the fever of state supply that the new departure promises to affect seriously, for a term of years, the methods of educational publishing. That this fashion of state supply will be permanent is by no means proven, for its disadvantages will become evident only after some years' experience. Whether permanent or not, there are certain present effects that it is worth while to consider, which convey a moral in fact to the miscellaneous as well as the educational publishing trade. The latter have learned from experience the unwisdom of pursuing methods which lead necessarily to the demoralization of their trade, and it is to be hoped that the former may take a hint before it is too late. We have often undertaken to show, what we have most firmly believed, that American school-books are, on the whole, at once the best in the world and the cheapest, considering the price which the publisher actually gets for them. Nevertheless the present fashion of state supply has been brought about in direct response to a popular cry and a settled belief of the people that school-bo6ks were dear. The key is the simple one of nominal vs. actual prices. The educational publisher has not and does not net sufficient margin to make the business of school-book -publishing nearly as profitable as the brains and the work put into it demand. His actual return per book is practically too

low; the charge of high prices has found its basis in the fact that, in the nominal price which was commonly quoted in the hue and cry, there was included a disproportionate and misleading addition for so-called "trade discounts" which practically did not exist, and for the extravagant expense of school-book agents, who did not increase the total sales of books and who were simply costly high-privates in an internecine and useless warfare. We venture tosay that if educational publishers had pursued in time the wiser course of cutting down the tremendous agency expenses, reducing the socalled "trade discounts" to a real discount basis, and so lowering the advertised prices (prices which were really paid only by the few simpleminded parents who presently became the "awful examples" of the demagogues) to a rate fair to consumers and to distributing dealers, there would have been no basis for the public outcry we have heard. The agents practically disgusted the public and excited its suspicion by the constant and useless changes of books which they promoted, and the public was very right in stopping that.

We have yet to see the results of the state system. Little has been heard recently of the project to make books Jby the state, which would probably have operated usefully by its early failure and a consequent reaction. But the present system will probably display its weaknesses. If prices are too low, the middlemen (who are not eliminated practically, after all) must fail, or the contracting publishers must lose money till they get relief in higher prices; jobbery and corruption will show themselves in the awarding of contracts (now affording a tremendous temptation because of their magnitude), simply transferred from the agents to the other people; and the inducement to publishers to better their books from time to time is much reduced.

Meanwhile the "new scale" of "trade-list prices" has to a considerable extent deprived the publisher of the aid of the local dealer as a distributer, though it is he who may wisely take the place of the "agent." It is through him that competition may be reclaimed from the demoralizing competition of cut-throat prices and "inducements," to the wholesome competition of quality. If he keeps in stock the various lines of school-books, the committee or the teacher will select those best fitted tothe particular school's special needs, and, on the whole, each publisher will sell about the same proportion of books as under the highpressure agency system.. To accomplish this there must be a fair, fixed retail price, such as a parent ought to be asked to pay for a single copy. The wholesale discount should be based

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