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Gospel Temperance Hymnal


Rev. J. E. RANKIN, D.D., and Rev. E. S. LORENZ.

Endorsed by FRANCIS MURPHY, and used exclusively in his meetings.

This is the first practicable Collection of Hymns and Tunes abounding in vigorous pieces adapted to the Gospel Temperance Movement. It is also the best book for Church Prayer Meetings.



Abbott on the Gospel of" Luke. A popular illustrated Commentary for Christian Workers. Rev. Dr. Storrs says that Mr. Abbott's work "is thoroughly vitalized with independent and helpful force." 8vo, $1.50.

Hand-Book of Punctuation. With instructions for Capitalization, Letter-writing, and Proof-reading. Useful to all writers. Teachers will find it of special value in criticising the Composition work of their pupils. 127 pp., i6mo, cloth, 60 cents.

Texas; the Coming Empire. By Mcdanibld and Taylor. Narrative of a two thousand mile ride on Horseback through the Lone Star State, with lively descriptions of People, Scenery, and Resources. iamo,

cloth, $1.50.

Nine Lectures on Preaching. By Rev. R. W. Dale of England. Delivered at Yale College, October, 1877. Contents: Perils of Young Preachers; The Intellect in relation to Preaching; Reading; Preparation of Sermons: Extemporaneous Preaching; Evangelistic Preaching; Pastoral Preaching; Conduct of Public Worship. iamo, cloth, bevelled, $1.50.

The Commonwealth Reconstructed. By

Dr. C. C. P. Clark, of Oswego, N. Y. Setting forth why our Democracy is a Partial Failure, with a Remedial Method. Svn, cloth, $1.50.

A Critical History of the American War.

By Asa Mahan, D.D. 461 pp., 8vo. $3.

Life of P. P. Bliss.

Sankhy. Price, $2.

The miracle of To-day; showing the Oneness of
Genesis and Science. By C. B. Warring. $1.50.

Finney's memoirs. By himself. $2.

"The most fascinating religious biography I ever read."— Rev, Lyman Abbott. "What a fiery John the Baptist he was!"—Rev. R. S. Starrs, D.D. "A wonderful volume it truly is."—Rev. T. L. Cuyler, D.D. "The reading of this book has stirred our blood."—Rev. T. De IVitt Tabnage.

Abbott on Matthew and mark. (1 vol.) $2.50.

By Whittle, Moody and

Abbott on the Acts of the Apostles." $2.

"For typographic finish, pictorial embellishment and illustration, condensation, richness, and freshness, we know nothing to equal it."—Sund. Sck. Journal, Dr. Vincent, Editor.

The Students' Common Place Book. A

Cyclopaedia of Fact and Illustration. Interleaved for Addi-
tions. By Prof. Henry J. Fox, D.D. This work com-
bines a Printed Manual of Literature for handy reference,
with the Blanks of an Index Rerum. 500 pp., 410. $4.50.

Poems of Consolation. A Poet's Gift to Sorrowing
Mothers. Daintily embellished, 410, full gilt. $1.50.

The World's Fair. A Critical Account of the great
Exposition at Philadelphia, 1876. By Gen. Francis A.
Walker, Chief of the Bureau of Awards. 68 pp., 8vo.
Price, 75 cents.

The Working Classes in Europe, and other
Essays; or. Labor And Republicanism. (Atlas Series,
vol. III.) By Thomas Hughes, M.P., and other eminent
writers. 183 pp., 8vo. $t.

Formation of Religious Opinions. Hints to the Young. By Rev. Ray Palmer, D.D. lamo. $1.35.

Ray Palmer's Poetical Works. $4.

True Success In Life. By Ray Palmer. $i.a$.

Remember me. (ray Palmer on The Communion.) $1.35.

Battles of the Revolution. By Gen. H. a Car

Rington, U.S.A. 800 pp., royal 8vo. $6.

"Will fill an important place in the history not yet occupied."— W. M. Evarts.

Principles and Acts of the Revolution. By

H. Nilbs. (Reprint.) 522 pp., royal 8vo. $3.

"Our young men can hardly go to a higher or better source for both information and inspiration."—Vice-President Henry Wilson.

Barnes' Centenary History: One Hundred

Years of American Independence. Superbly illustrated. 700 pp., 8vo. $6.

History of New York City. By Mrs. Martha

J. Lamb. Volume I. now ready (subscription). $10. f

Publishers' Principal Warehouse,



J^^ rZT^ AMERICAN *l f


Jf»'M w^«VA if incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular


Publication Office, 37 Park Row, New York. Vol. XV., No. 2. NEW YORK, January 11, 1879. Whole No. 365.




The Speaking Telephone,

Electric Light, And Other Recent ElectriCal Inventions. By George S. Prescott. New edition, with 200 additional pages, including illustrated descriptions of all of Edison's inventions. 8vo, 616 pages, 214 illustrations, cloth, $4.


Health Primers:

A Series of Hand-books on Personal and Public Hygiene, edited by eminent medical and scientific men of London. Now ready:

By C. H. Rolfe, M.D.


ALCOHOL: Its Use and Abuse.

By W. S. Greenfield, M.D. To be followed speedily by "Premature Death: Its Promotion or Prevention;" "The House and its Surroundings;" "Baths and Bathing;" "The Heart and its Functions," etc., etc. In square i6mo vols., cloth, 40 cents each.



from the German of Paul Heyse.

Forming number 15 of Appletons' "Collection of Foreign Authors." Paper cover, 60 cents; cloth, $1.

The publication of this volume and the recent translation of "In Paradise," his latest novel, open to English readers both classes of works by which Paul Heyse has won his position in contemporary German literature. His stories are noted for their grace and exquisite art.


My Guardian.

A Novel. By Ada Cambridge. With illustrations, i2mo, paper, 60 cents.

"Interest well sustained ; character sketches and the dialogue in some parts are excellent." —London Athenaum.


Appletons' Hand-book of Winter Resorts:

For Tourists and Invalids, with Principal Routes of Travel. New edition, revised for winter 1878-79. With Maps and Illustrations. Large i2mo, paper, 50 cents; cloth, 75 cents.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,

549 & 551 Broadway, New York.

Ure's Dictionary



Containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice. By Robert Hunt, F.R.S., Keepei of Mining Records, formerly Professor of Physics, Royal School of Mines; author of "Re searches on Light, ' etc. Assisted by numerous contributors eminent in science and familiar with manufactures. Vol. IV. supplementary to the Seventh Edition; pp. 1028, with 440 wood-cuts. Medium 8vo, price $12.50 (42J.), cloth.



Complete in four vols., including Supplement. With 2604 wood-cuts. Price $36 (£7. js.), cloth.

J^P3 It was discovered, when the latter pages of the Third Volume of this Dictionary were printed, in 1875, that several of the articles in the earlier portions of the work required some additions, owing to the advances which had been made in the useful applications of science, and that new articles were necessary to record the progress of several examples of inventive ingenuity. To meet this necessity it was determined to produce a Supplementary Volume, in which all the required additions should be made, and all improvements and new applications of value carefully recorded. It is hoped this has now been done in 3 satisfactory manner, and that this Supplementary Volume will be found to include everything relating to Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, which has claimed attention since the publication of the previous volumes, and to represent faithfully the state of these divisions of human industry up to the commencement of 1878.

BLAINE. Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports. By D. P Hlaine. With above 600 wood-cuts (20 from designs by John Leech.) 8vo, $9.

BOURNE (John). Hand-book of the Steam Engine. Illustrated with 67 wood-cuts. i2mo, cloth, $2.

Recent Improvements in the Steam Engine. With 124

wood-cuts. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, $2.50.

BRANDS Sc COX'S DICTIONARY. A Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art By W. T. Brande and G. W. Cox. New Edition, greatly improved and enlarged. Three vols., Svo, cloth, $22.

BUCKLE (Henry Thomas). History of CiviliJ zation in England and France, Spain and Scotland. New

edition of the entire work, with a complete Index. Three

vols., crown 8vo, cloth, $6.


ENt-lNEERINU. Historical, Theoretical, and Practical. Illustrated by upward of 3000 engravings on wood, by R. Branston New impression. One large vol., Svo, cloth, $13.50.

COX'S HISTORY OP THE GREAT PERSIAN WAR. By Rev. George W. Cox, M.A. Cloth, $1.40.

DISRAELI'S NOVELS. Single volume edition. Ten vols., t .mho, cloth, full gilt, $15.

DYER'S HISTORY OP RO.YIE. Maps, etc. 8vo, $4.50.

FROUDE. Short Studies on Great Subjects. By J. A. Kroude, M.A. Cabinet edition. Three vols., i2mo, cloth, $7.20.

PROUDE'S (J. A.) HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Twelve vols. Popular edition. Post 8vo, cloth (Longman's), $22.50.

HOOKER (Dr. J. D.) A General System of Botany, descriptive and Analytical. By E. Le Maout and J. Decaisne. The Orders arranged by J. D. Hooker, C.B., F.k.S , etc. With 5500 wood-cuts. Imperial 8vo, $13.50.

JAMESON'S WORKS. Comprising History of our Lord; Sacred and Legendary Art; Legends of the Madonna; Legends of the Monastic Orders. Six vols., square 8vo, beautifully illustrated, cloth, $40.


New edition. Imperial 8vo, cloth, $7.50.

LONDON ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF GARDENING. Illustrated with many hundred engravings on wjod. New edition. 8vo, cloth, $9.

- ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PLANTS. 3000 illustrations New impression. One large vol., 8vo, cloth, $13.50,

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AGRICULTURE. With upward of 1200 engravings on wood, by Branston. One large vol., 8vo, cloth, $9.

lUACAULAY'S WORKS. Library edition. Complete in eight vols. 8vo, cloth, best ed., $37.50.

England and Essays. Twelve vols. Cabinet edition.

Post 8vo, cloth, $24.

History of England. Five vols., 8vo, cloth, $25.

Lj^"* [This is the best large type Library Edition.]

Complete Works. New edition. History of England,

two vols. Critical and Historical Essays, one vol Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches, one vol. Together, four vols., crown 8vo, cloth, $9.

Life and Letters. By his Nephew, G. Otto Trevelyan

In two vols., 8vo, half calf, $13.50.

.TUCK I VALE (Charles, D.C.L.). History of the under the Empire. Eight vols., izmo, cloth, $16.50.

POLE (Win., F.R.S.). The Theory of the Modem Scientific Game of Whist. i8mo, cloth extra, $1.

PROCTOR. Prof. Proctor's Popular Account of lh« Past and Coining Transits of Venus, from 1639 to 3112. Illustrated with 20 plates (twelve colored) and numerous wood-cuts. Crown 8vo, cloth, $2.25.

SMITH'S (Rev. Sydney) WORKS. Wit and

Wisdom, one vol. Life and Letters, one vol. Essays, one vol. Uniform edition in three vols., cloth, $4.

STONEHENGE ON THE DOG. Including the Point;* of Characteristics of Toy Dogs. Crown Svo, illustrated, $3.25.

WATTS. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied

('.ranches of other Sciences. By Henry Watts, F.CS. assisted by eminent scientific and practical chemists. Five vols., Svo, cloth, $50 25. Ditto, first supplement, $11.35Ditto, secend supplement, $13.50.

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-One page $18 00

Half page 10 00

■Quarter page 6 00

Eighth page - 4 00

4Per line 20

Special rates for yearly or other contracts.

A deduction at the rate of%*\pirpage* throughout these terms, for each re-insertion of standing matter. Pages for re-insertion must be ordered kept standing.

Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for special pages will be honored in order of receipt.

All advertisements not ordered re-inserted or contracted for, to be charged at single rates. In case of imperfect ■fulfilment of contracts, all pages inserted to be charged up at single rates.

Books Wanted* or for Exchange, or Rare and Secondhand Books for Sale^ 10 cents per line. Situations Wanted, free insertion of five lines.

Short advertisements must be paid in advance.

Advertisements should reach the office not later than Wednesday morningy but are desired as much earlier as possible.


One year, postage prepaid $3 20

Three months, postage prepaid... 1 00

Single copies, 8 cents ; post-paid, 10 cents.

All subscriptions payable in advance.

Remittances should be made by draft on New York, P.O. money order, or registered letter. We cannot be responsible for loss.

Address P. O. Box 4295, N. T.

Publication Office:, 37 Park Row, N. Y.


An originil novel of American life and character, published anonymously under the title of "As it may happen," is nearly ready from the press of Porter & Coates. The ms. or advance sheets have been read by several competent to judge, and all, as may be noted elsewhere, unite in prophesying for it a deserved success. It is said to combine much interest •of plot with humor in delineation, and one prophet speaks of it as the American novel we have all of us been waiting for.

Lee & Suf.i'ari) have nearly ready " Midnight Marches through Persia," by Henry Ballantine, a work of such interest that President Seelye, of Amherst, has written an introduction for it; and a volume on " Spiritual Manifestations," by Rev. Charles Beecher, which cannot fail to attract general attention. Spiritualists will be glad of such reinforcement as he brings to their cause, which has had hard luck for many months past; and intelligent people not spiritualists will gladly listen to a man of mind and character like Mr. Beecher.

D. Al'PLETON & Co. have just ready " The Speaking Telephone," by Geo. S. Prescott, in which he also includes readable papers on the electric light and other recent electrical improvements. "Tales from the German of Paul Heyse," forming No. 15 of Collection of Foreign Authors, and "My Guardian," by Ada Cambridge, make up their list of fiction for this week. "Exercise and Training," by C. H. Rolfe, and "Alcohol," by W. S. Greenfield, are the first of the valuable series of Health

Primers, and the "Appleton's Handbook of Winter Resorts" has been revised for the winter of 1878-79.

Harper & Brothers will send out next week Samuel Smiles' new book, illustrated, on the Scotish geologist, "Robert Dick, Baker of Thurso," of which we have already spoken; an eclectic volume on Samuel Johnson, as described by Boswell and other chroniclers and in his own writings, edited by E. T. Mason; a story of colonial days, "Captain Nelson," by the well-known chronicler Samuel Adams Drake, in the Library of American Fiction; and in the Half-Hour series, a welcome little "Primer of Spanish Literature" by Helen P. Conant, and Goldsmith's "Vicar of Wakefield."

Besides the two volumes nearly ready at Chas. Scribner's Sons, already noted,—Jules Simon's History of the French Government under Thiers, and Prof. Boyesen's book on Goethe and Schiller,—they have in preparation, for early in the new year, two volumes of Gladstone's essays, of whjch there will be five in all, embracing, under the title of "Gleanings of Past Years," his most important contributions to periodical literature during the entire period from 1843 to 1878; Max Midler's Hibbert Lectures, delivered in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey, "On the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated by the Religions of India;" a volume of sermons by Rev. Chas. Shakspeare, with introduction by Canon Farrar, presenting, on the text of "St. Paul at Athens," a defence ol spiritual Christianity in relation to certain aspects of modern thought; and a revised and enlarged edition, the final one, of ex-President Woolsey's important work on " International Law."

Henry Holt & Co. promise some pleasant reading for the new year in Frances Anne Kemble's "Records of a Girlhood." of which they will presently issue a handsome one-volume American edition, containing all the matter of the three English volumes, with a lovely portrait of Fanny Kemble as a girl, engraved here for their edition. Her reminiscences of those famous days of the English stage when she herself was a rising star, and of her acquaintance with the most famous people of that time, have already much delighted readers of the Atlantic Monthly, but these articles form only a portion of the book. An index has been prepared for this volume. Henry Holt ,t Co. also have nearly ready a book on "Demonology and Devil-lore," by Moncure D. Conway, who claims on his title-page a double right to treat of the subject, as both a B. D. of Divinity College, Harvard University, and a member of the Anthropological Institute, London. The book will be one to take rank with E. B. Tylor's important and interesting works on primitive culture and folk-lore, and will make two large volumes, with a number of illustrations depicting various imaginings of His Satanic Majesty.


January 13, 14, 3.30 F.m. :—Theological and Miscellaneous books. Bangs.

January 20, 3.30 P.M. :—Library of the late Chas. S. Hunt, comprising rare and valuable works on polit. econ., nuance, currency and banking, hist., and general lit. Bangs.

January 21, 3 P.m.:—Miscellaneous books (consigned I directly from England). Bangs.


In this /iV, the titles in brevier are direct transcriptions from books actually received, according to the rules 0/ tke American Library Association; those in nonpareil are from tke best information available, and will be repeated in brevier token the book is received for registry.

The notes followed by a number are those which are sent out on printed title-slips, as revised by tke Library Association authorities; unless bracketed, which means that tkey have not yet been so revised. Those not fol/owea by a number are on the sole authority of the Whekly, and are not included in tke title-slip registry.

Tke abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B; Benjamin; C: Charles; D: Daniel; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G; George; H: Henry; I; Isaac; J; John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W; William.

Sixes are designated as follows; F. {folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (tfo: under 30 cm.); O. (Svo : 25 cm.); D. (tamo; 20 cm.); S. (i6mo; 17% cm.); T. {.i^mo; 15 cm.); Tt. {yzmo; la1^ Cm.); Fe.(4&mo: \ocm.). Sq.^obL, nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of tkese heights. Where figure instead of letter symbols are used, the record is from publisher's designation, and not measurement.

Imported books are marked with an asterisk; authors' ana' subscription books, or books Published at net Prices, with two asterisks ; educational books published at " wholesale** prices, ivith a dagger.

Addison, Jos. The spectator: moral, humorous, satiri- , cal, and critical essays. Handy ed. 3 v. in 1. N. Y., R. Worthington, 1878 3t8 + 301 p. 120. cl., $1.95.

Archibald the cat, and other sea yarns, by the old sailor "out of the World." With ii. by F. S. Church. N. Y.( The World, 1878. 60 I p. sq. S. (" Out of the World" ser., no. 3.) | pap., 25 c.

13 amusing stories of personal adventure on the sea ; told in sailor dialect.

Barnwell, R. Grant. Histrjry of the Russo-Turkish I war. Phil., J: E. Potter & Co., 1878. 15 + 640 p. maps, plans and il. 12°. cl., $2.50.

Boy's own book: cyclopaedia of all athletic, scientific, recreation, outdoor and indoor exercises and diversions. | 5th ed., rev. N. Y., R. Worthington, 1878. 120. cl., $1.25.

Caledonia, described by Scott, Bums and Ramsay; II. by J: Macwhirter, eng. by R. Patterson. N. Y., R. Worthington, 1878. 441 p. il. 4*. cl., $7-5°

Famous boys and how they became great men. [New issue.] N. Y, R. Worthington, 1878. 300 p. il. 120. cl., '$1.25. Frazier, Mark. Who did it? N. Y., Authors'

Pub. Co. Ll878J- *37 P- S<1- s- (Satchel ser.)

pap., 30 c.

Story of suspended animation—a girl's apparent death, burial, and secret removal; takes place in a small New England town in 1857.

German (The): how to give it, how to lead it, how to dance it; by two amateur leaders. Chic, Jansen, McClurg & Co., 1878. 132 p. 120. cl., $1.25.

Hall, F. de Havilland. Differential diagnosis:

a manual of the comparative semeiology of

the more important diseases. Am. ed., with

'extensive add. Phila., D. G. Brinton, 1879.

7-205 p. sq. D. cl., $2.

Presenting in tabular form the diagnostic points of the more frequent and important diseases. In two parts—I. General diseases, including fevers and diseases of the blood. II. Local diseases, including those of the nervous system, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urinary. Index.

By a well-known spiritualist and medium, and society lady ; compilation of poems, prose extracts, etc., from celebrated authors recognizing a belief in a continuity of life beyond the crave, and intercourse and communications between so-called spirits and denizens of this world. The second part consists of spiritual communications made to the author and others, through mediums.

Page, H. A. Famous men. INew issue.] N. Y., R.

Worthington, 1878. 41c p. 12*. cl., $1.25. Proctor, R: A. Pleasant ways in science. N. Y., R.

Worthington, 1878. 6 + 402 p. ia°. $3.50.

Raspe, Rudolph Erich. Travels and surprising adventures of Baron Munchhausen. [New issue.] X. Y., R. Worthington, 1878. 251 p. il. 120. cl., $1.25.

Sayre, L. E. Conspectus of organic materia medica and pharmacal botany; compr the vegetable and animal drugs, their phys. character, geog. origin, classification, etc.: table of tests and solubilities of alkaloids app. Phila., D. G. Brinton, 1879. 3-220 p. D. cl.,

1 rcating especially of drugs proper and their characteristics; subjects systematically arranged and suitably ill us trated ; a chart given of medical properties, doses, etc., for easy reference and study ; table of incompatible* and antidotes. In the compilation, standard text-books followed: in drugs, classification of Prof. John M. Maisch. Index. Designed for students of materia medica.

Tennyson, Alfred. Complete works. N. Y., R. Worthington, 1878. 8 + 436 p. 120. cl., $1.

Same. Illustrated ed. 8 + 436 p. 8°. cl., $1.75.

Hill, Rosamond and Florence D. The recorder of Birmingham: mem. of Matthew Davenport Hill, by his daughters. N. Y., Macmillan, 1878. 19 + 515 p. 8°. cl., •$4.50.

Hit tell, J: S. History of San Francisco, and, incidentally, of California. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & Co., 1878. 500 p. 8°. cl., $4.

Houghton, George. Drift from York Harbor, Maine. [Poems.] Bost., A. Williams& Co., 1879. 48 p. sq. D. pap., 35 c.

23 poems, mostly brief, the longest being entitled, Alongshore, The Gate-way, The summer storm, The building of the bridge, The witch of York, The black boars, Niagara.

Hylton, J. D. The bride of Gettysburg: an episode of 1863, in three parts. Palmyra, N. J., T. D. Hylton, 1878. 172 p. D. cl., $1.

A poem based upon events in our late war.

Janet, Paul. Final causes ; tr. from the French by \V: Affleck. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1878. 8°. cl., $6.

Lawrence, Mrs. Cornelius W. Do they love us yet? N. Y., Ja. Miller, 1879. 4 + 234 p. S. cl., $1.50.

N. Y., R. Worthington, 1878.

Trebor (vscud?). As it may happen : a storv of American life and character. Phila.. Porter & Coates, 1879. 3-416 p. S. cl., $1.50. 1 'ramatic in plot and situations; characters taken from a

middle class of life ; scenes laid in a small village in Penna.;

interest centres chiefly in an eccentric, miserly old man and'

his beautiful daughter, and the events growing out of a love


Vaughan, C. J. My son, give me thine heart: sermons preached before the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, i876-'78. N. Y., Macmillan, 1878. 263 p. 160 cl , •$1.50.

"Ward, Adolphus W: On some academical experiences of the German Renascence: address introd. to the session i878-'7a of Owens Coll., Manchester. N. Y., Macmillan 1878 J4 p. 8". pap., «4o c.

Whittaker, James T. Physiology: preliminary course lectures. Cin., Robert Clarke & Co., 1879. 12 + 28S p. il. S. cl., $1.75. By professor of physiology and clinical medicine in the Medical College of Ohio, etc. 12 lectures for first course students, on the influence of physiology upon practice • the conservation of force; the origin of life, and the evolution of its forms; and on protoplasm, bone, muscle, nerve, and blood.

"Wilson, Andrew. Leisure-time studies, chiefly biological. N. Y„ R. Worthington, 1878. 15 + 381 p. il. it*. cl., $3.50.

World's (The) almaniac for 1879 : compendium of useless and interesting information ; with il. by F. S. Church. N. Y„ The World, I878. 61 p. sq. T. (" Out of the World " ser., no. 2.) pap., 25 c. New comic fables, verses, odd stories, and other humorous

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