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^r/ Publishers,

Salesroom, 79 White St. Factory, 586, 588, and 540 Pearl St.

WE are able to offer to the Trade FLORAE. ILLUMINATED and PICTORIAL CARDS in large varieties, adapted for EASTER, BlRTHDA Y, ADVERTISING CARDS, and many other

purposes. We make a specialty of the most attractive SUNDAY SCHOOL and DAY SCHOOL REWARD CARDS at prices which offer great inducements to Superintendents and Teachers, and they are recommended to apply for our goods at their Booksellers' and Stationers'.

In FINISH and QUALITY our Goods are equal to the Finest Imported, and lower in price than the best American.

In introducing ourselves to the Trade as Art Publishers, we would state that we shall constantly increase our varieties and shall produce many novelties.

KEUFFEL & ESSER, 127 Fulton Street, New York.


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Best Steel Pen, made on new principle.
Send for Circular.



Drawing-Papers, Mathematical Instruments, Colors, Brushes, etc., Drawing and Artists' Materials.


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tfbs. 105 and 107 North Fifth St., Philadelphia.

OUT IN 1878:

Art and Artists of Connecticut. By H. W.

French. 4to, tinted paper, full gilt, $3.75.

An American Consul Abroad. By Samuel Sampleton. lamo, cloth, $1.50.

Agamentlcus. By E. P. Tenney. Classic size, $1.25.

Klufl'toii. By Rev. M. J. Savage, iamo, $1.50.

Burying the Hatchet. By Elijah Kellogg. $1.25.

Deterioration and Race Education. By Samuel Royce. 121110, cloth, $2.50.

Donald's School Days. By Gen O. O. Howard, U. S. A. i6mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.25.

Edwin Booth's Prompt Books. Edited by William Winter. 50 cents each. 15 vols, ready.

Elementary Course of Geometrical Drawing, By George L. Vose. 38 plates. Net, $5.

England from a Back Window, By James M. Bailey. 12010, cloth, $1.50.

The Fall of Damascus. An Historical Novel. By Chas. Wells Russell. i2mo, cloth, $1.50.

Historical Student's Manual. By Alfred Waites. 8vo, 75 cents.

His Inheritance. By Adeline Trafton. i2mo,$i.5o.

Ike Partington and His Friends. By B. P. Shillaber (Mrs. Partington). Illustrated, $1.2.

The Intermediate World. By L. T. TownSend, D.D. i6mo, cloth, $1.25.

Lake Breezes; Or, The Cruise of the Sylvania. By Oliver Optic. i6mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

The Land of Burns. By Wallace Bruce. Illustrated by J. D. Smillie. 410, cloth, gilt, $1.50.

Little Pitchers. By Sophie May. Ill Us., 75 cents.

Live Boys; Or, Charley and Nasho in Texas. By Arthur Morbcamp. i6mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.

ITIeg, a Pastoral. And Other Poems. By Mrs. Zadel B. Gustafsoh. i6mo, cloth, $1.50.

Mother-Play. By Frederick Froebel. Ryl. 4to, $2.

Mother Goose Masquerades. The Lawrence Mother Goose. By E. D. K. 75 cents.

Mr. Peter Crewttt. By the author of "That Husband of Mine." i6mo, cloth, $1 ; paper, 50 cents.

Nobody's Husband. By Samuel W. Cozzens.

i6mo, cloth, $1 ; paper, 50 cents. Nursury Rhymes; Or, Melodies of Mother Goose.

Illustrated. By J. F. Goodridge. Boards, 50 cents. A Paper City. A Novel. By D. R. Locke (Petroleum

V. Nasby). urno, cloth, $1.50. Plzarro; His Adventures and Conquests. By Geo. M.

Towle. i6mo,-cloth, illustrated, $1. Primer of Design. By Charles A. Barry. 75

cents, net; by mail, 90 cents. Readlns Club. Number Five. I dited by George

M. Baker. i6mo, cloth, 50 cents; paj r 15 cents. Rlverdale Stories. By Oliver O Tic. 12 volumes.

For Little Folks. Per vol., 35 cents. Rock of Ages. By Augustus Montague Toplady.

Illustrated, small 4to, full gilt, $1.50. Rothmell. By the author of "That Husband of

Mine." nmo, cloth, $1.50. Seola. An anonymous Romance. i6mo, cloth, $1.50. Select Poems of Harvey Rice. 121110. $1.50. Songs of the Golden Shore. By Prof. D. F.

Hodges. Small 4to, half bound, 35 cents. The Trip to England. By Wm. Winter. 75 cts. The Unity of the New Testament. By

Frederick Denison Maurice, A.M. nmo, cloth. $2.50. VascodeGamo. His Voyages and Adventures. By

George M. Towle. $i. Voyage of the Paper Canoe. By N. H. Bishop.

Crown 8vo, $2.50. A Woman's Word, And How She Kept It. By

Virginia F. Townsend. 121110, cloth, $1.50. Wordsworth. A Biographic and /Esthetic Study.

By George H. Calvert. i6mo, $1.50. A Year Worth Living. By W. M. Baker, tamo,

$1.50. Young Folks' Opera. By Mrs..E. P. Goodrich.

8vo, boards, $1.


Spiritual Manifestations.

i2ino, cloth, $1.50.

This work attempts to reduce the teachings of Spiritualism to some consistent form, and investigate in a kindly spirit their relations to both science and religion. The work is not controversial in the ordinary acceptation of the term, but an earnest and discriminating effort at investigation. Its object is to discriminate between the uses and abuses of true Spiritualism, to investigate the relation of the material system to the spirit world, and to establish some hypothesis or theory which will consistently account for all known facts.

The Neiv York Herald says it is: bi Likely to cause some commotion in orthodox circles in spite of the author's explicit declaration that he speaks only for himself."

The Danbury News says: "Mr. Beecher's book is principally occupied by an explanation of Christian dogmas made from a-spiritualist's point of view and is exceedingly fair and perfectly temperate in tone. He shows no more favor to the iconoclasts among Spiritualists than the most devote deacon might, but he explains away a great many of the hard problems in Christianity."

Midnight Marches Through Persia.

By Henry Ballantine, A.M., with an introduction by President Seelye of Amherst College. i2tno, cloth, fully illustrated. $2.50.

So little is known of Persia to-day, though once the pride of the world, that great value will be attached to this volume, giving a clear, vivid and entertaining account of the wonderful march of a thousand miles made by the author's little caravan through the interior of Persia to St. Petersburg. The journey wai made during the summer of 1875 and is thus mentioned by

The Nrtv York Evening Post. 11 A remarkable journey on horseback made by himself last summer, with his wife and child, through the interior of Persia, a distance of about a thousand miles. He took this 'out-of-the-way' course to go from Bombay to St. Petersburg, and thence home to New York. He left the Persian Gulf at Bushire, and proceeded by the way of Shiraz and the ruins of Persepolis, to Ispahan. Thence he went to Teheran, and, finally, came to the Caspian Sea, at a place called Resht. It required no small amount of courage to undertake such a trip, through such a dangerous region, in a private and unofficial capacity, with a lady in charge, and with no attendants or assistance, except such as the country afforded. Mr. Ballantine accomplished the task with success, though not without some perilous adventures.'*

Art and Artists in Connecticut.

By H. W. French. Full gilt, 8vo, $3.75.

This elegant volume comprises sketches of nearly two hundred artists, whom Connecticut claims either by birth or adoption. The work is beautifully illustrated with full-page and letterpress designs, comprising portraits of Artists, Engravings of their work, and in many cases original designs, specially prepared for this book.

The Philadelphia Progress says: "In its way this is a pioneer volume and reflects great |credit on the author, the publishers, and the State whose art Tiistory it celebrates."

The following is extracted from a long review which appeared in the

Religious Herald.

"It was no easy task to collect the materials for such a work, but Mr. French had the advantages of persistency and enthusiasm, and intimate acquaintance with many of the living artists whose biographies he has given us, and much valuable historical information has been preserved in these papers, which will render them permanently valuable."

The Trip to England.

By William Winter. An unique and dainty volume.

i2mo, price, 75 cents.

A delightful experience of ten weeks in England and France. A memorial of lovely scenes and happy moments. Dedicated to Whitelaw Reid, of the New York Tribune.

Sold by all Booksellers, and sent by mail, post-paid, upon receipt of price. Our illustrated holiday catalogue, 32 pages, free to any address on application.

LEE & SHEPARD, Publishers, Boston.

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With which is incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular

[established 1852]
Publication Office, 37 Park Row, New York.

Vol. XV., No. 5. NEW YORK, February 1, 1879. Whole No. 368.


Will Publish February 6th:

Goethe and Schiller.

Their Lives And Works. Including a Commentary on Faust. By Professor H. H. Boyesen, of Cornell University.

One volume, i2mo, cloth, $2.

Professor Boyesen's study of Goethe and Schiller is a noteworthy addition to three distinct departments of his subject— th* biographer's, the interpreter's, and the commentator's. It combines a review of Goethe's life and work, which takes in all that long biographical research has furnished as to the facts, with a critical examination of his writings that gives us the cream -of the German "Goethe literature," as well as the fruits of Professor Boyesen's own scholarship. The essay on Schiller is hardly less minute than that on the greater master. The volume has received the aid and approval of Mr. Bayard Taylor, and is likely long to remain the best American contribution to the study of the two great Germans.


Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion

As illustrated by the Religions of India. By F. Max Muller.
One volume, crown 8uo, $2.50.

These lectures are the first of a series which has been established by the Hibbert Trustees, at the suggestion of a number of eminent English divines and laymen. Prof. Max Muller consented to begin the series, and his lectures delivered in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey last spring form the volume announced.

These discourses are, of course, free from any trace of sectarian bias, and are deeply interesting and suggestive. There is no retelling of old tales; the reader is brought into contact with a master mind, and has laid open before him the riches of an investigator who, in this special field, has scarcely a rival.


St. Paul at Athens.

By Charles Shakspeare, B.A. With a Preface by Canon Farrar, D.D. One volume, i2mo, cloth, $1.25.

One sign of the reaction which is taking place against the positive philosophy which has so strongly influenced recent English thought, is to be found in the appearance of such works as "St Paul at Athens," by the Rev. Charles Shakspeare.

This volume considers-the relations of Christianity to some aspects of modern thought, and has received, among others, the endorsement of Canon Farrar, who, in a preface which he contributes, says: "It is the work of one who is competent, by learning and culture, to deal with the subjects of which he speaks; and of one who( in the fairness and moderation of his tone, has tried to catch something of the spirit of that great apostle of whom he is writing."

*#* The above books for sale by all booksellers, or will be"sent, prepaid, upon receipt of price, by


743 and 745 Broadway, New York.



Personal Literary and Anecdotal Biographies.

This series is designed to furnish, in a cheap and popular form, a personal, literary, and anecdotal biography of the leading American Authors, who have attained a world-wide celebrity. It is projected with the belief that the American people know too little and would gladly know more of those great writers who have reflected so much glory on their country by their literary labors.

Prof. D. J. Hill, of Lewisburg University, the author of this series is well known by his popular books, "Elements of Rhetoric and Composition," and " Science of Rhetoric."

Each volume will have a steel plate likeness of the subject, and contain from 250 to 300 pages, and be bound in the most attractive style, and be published at the lowprice of $1.

Each book aims to present a truthful picture of its subject as a man. Everything will be done to make the reader feel personally acquainted with the author whose life he is reading. Hence anecdotes, personal experiences, the opinions of contemporaries, and extracts illustrating views and principles, will be found prominent features of each Biography.


Being the first volume of this series of Popular Biographies of GREAT AMERI-
CAN AUTHORS. By Prof. David J. Hill, of Lewisburg University.
With steel-plate likeness of Irving. Price, $1.

The Life Of William Cullen Bryant.

The Second of the Series, will be ready very soon.

Prof. Hill is a master of compact, vigorous,"and brilliant writing. The very low price at which these biographies are pub1 ished, and the thorough manner in which they have been prepared, must render them popular to thousands who have not time to read the elaborate and expensive lives of these great men heretofore published.

Every Bookseller should have this new series. They need only to be seen to sell. Send in your orders.



By Jos. H. Cuthbert, D.D. One vol., i2mo, with steel-plate likeness, price, $1.50.
An elegant biography of a really great man.


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One page $18 oo

Half page 10 oo

Quarter page 6 oo

Eighth page . 400

Per line 20

Special rates /or yearly or other contracts.

A deduction at the rate o/%$ptr Page, throughout these terms, /or each re-insertion of standing matter. Pages for re-insertion must be ordered kept standing.

Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for special pages will be honored in order of receipt.

All advertisements not ordered re-inserted or contracted for. to be charged at single rates. In case of imperfect fulfilment of contracts, all pages inserted to be charged up at sinele rates.

Books Wanted^ or /or Exchange, or Rare and Seconahand Books /or Sale, 10 cents p;r line. Situations Wanted, free insertion of five lines.

Short advertisements must be paid in advance.

Advertisements should reach the office not later than Wednesday mornings but are desired as much earlier as possible.


One year, postage prepaid.. $320

Three months, postage prepaid... 1 00

Single copies, 8 cents ; post-paid, 10 cents.

All subscriptions payable in advance.

Remittances should be made by draft on New York, P.O. money order, or registered letter. We cannot be responsible for loss.

Address P. O. Box 4295, N. Y. Publication Officii, 37 Park Row, N. Y.


The spring trade sale is announced, it will be noted, for Thursday, 3d April.

Harper & Bros, have nearly ready the work on " Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates," by Lady Anne Blunt, who is the daughter of Lord Byron's daughter Ada; a volume on " English Church History;" and, in Half-hour books, "Goldsmith's Poems," " English Literature— Modern Period," and " Modern France."

The volume for the current year of that most valuable compilation, "The Statesman's Year Book," edited by Frederick Martin, may be expected immediately at Macmillan & Co.'s. This is notable for the full information it gives as to foreign countries, with bibliographical references. Matthew Arnold's new volume of "Mixed Essays" is also on the way.

The next lot of books at G. P. Putnam's Sons will be Judge Hughes' considerable work on "The Currency Question," from the Southern point of view, and the two Economic Monographs, Secretary Schurz's Boston speech on " The Currency of the Country" and M. L. Scudder's paper on " National Banking." This house will presently resume the Current Discussions series by the issue of a third volume, on " Social and Economic Topics."

J. B. Lippincott & Co. have just ready in their important Library of Contemporary Science, which gives the latest word as to each of the leading sciences in such shape as to enable general readers to obtain a comprehensive view thereof, the volume on "^Esthetics," translated

from the French of Eugene Veron by W. H. Armstrong, B.A. This covers very wide ground, including architecture, sculpture, painting, the dance, music, and poetry, and should be especially valuable in this country at this time. The fifth volume, on " Philosophy," by Andre Levevre, is nearly ready.

Sheldon & Co. have just ready the first volume of their promised series on " American Authors," under the editorship of Prof. D. J. Hill of Lewisburg University, already known as the author of successful text-books of rhetoric. The volumes will be neat and tasteful i6mos, of about 300 pages each, giving a biographical, literary, and critical sketch each of an author and his writings, with a steel portrait, and will be issued at $1 each. The volume now ready is that on Washington Irving; the biography of Wm. Cullen Bryant will follow in about a month. The same house has also just ready a Life of Richard Fuller, D.D., the eminent English divine, written by Rev. Dr. Jos. H. Cuthbert.

Next week, with Joseph Cook's "Heredity," Houghton, Osgood & Co. will publish Henry James' (Senior) new book, "Society the Redeemed Form of Man, and the Earnest of God's Omnipotence in Human Nature." It is not a book for babes, but for men and women who are able and willing to think earnestly and patiently on themes of serious importance. Mr. James hates cant and humbug, reverences goodness and duty, and in this book he applies his vigorous analysis and love of truth to the relations between men, individually and in society, and their Maker. It can by no means be described in a nutshell, but will surely repay careful reading. The next additions to the Riverside edition of the British Poets will be Butler's " Hudibras" in one volume, and the poems of Churchill, Parnell, and Tickell, in two volumes.

T. B. Peterson & Bros, have ready still another of the popular novels of Mme. Henri Greville, who finds eager readers for all she can write. This is "Philomene's Marriages," a novel of French society, not Russian, translated in Paris from the author's manuscript by Miss Helen Stanley, for the American publishers. For this edition she has written a special preface addressed to her American readers, of very great personal interest. In the course of it she says: "The novels of my contemporaries that are the most frequently read in other countries are devoted to painting the exceptions of life, both in regard to good and evil ; my desire is to make you know French people as they are, as one meets them in ihe street, at the theatre, in shops, at their own houses—especially in their own houses, in their modest homes, which are as respectablr, and as well ordered, as the greater part of those in other countries. We have been given the reputation of a people who are never at home, whose women are all perverse, whose men all bad. Alas! for the interest that criminals inspire! Thank God, also, for the cause of morality, we are an honest people, whose sons respects their mothers, whose mothers sacrifice themselves for their children, whose husbands are devoted ones, and whose wives are courageous and loving, exactly as they are elsewhere; no more so, perhaps, but not less so, than in other countries !".

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