A Russian Journey

Houghton, Mifflin, 1871 - 321 páginas

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Página 47 - When~the sun is in the west! Ruddy gold on spire and belfry, Gold on Moskwa's placid breast; Till the twilight soft and sombre Falls on wall and street and square, And the domes and towers in shadow Stand like silent monks at prayer.
Página 61 - As soft it swells, What memories o'er me steal ! Again I hear the Moscow bells Across the moorland peal! The bells that rock the Kremlin tower Like a strong wind, to and fro, — Silver sweet in its topmost bower, And the thunder's boom below.
Página 111 - D. Proctor. Kazan, Defile of. An extraordinary pass in the Lower Danube, through which the river rushes. A road is carried along the bank by tunnelling through the perpendicular cliffs. Kearsarge, The. A Union ship of war, commanded by Capt. Winslow, which, on the 19th of June...
Página 153 - THE EMPIRE OF THE EAST. Hail to the glorious morning When the Cross again shall shine On the summit of Saint Sophia, O city of Constantino! And that day of sack and slaughter When the wild, despairing cries Of " Kyrie Eleison ! " fainter Went wailing up to the skies, Shall be lost in the splendid triumph . As the Church reclaims her own, And the Patriarch welcomes our Lord, the Czar, To the Caesars
Página 25 - ACROSS the steppe we journeyed, The brown, fir-darkened plain That rolls to east and rolls to west, Broad as the billowy main, When lo ! a sudden splendor Came shimmering through the air, As if the clouds should melt and leave The heights of heaven bare, — A maze of rainbow domes and spires Full glorious on the sky, With wafted chimes from many a tower As the south-wind went by, And a thousand crosses lightly hung That shone like morning stars, — 'Twas the Eremlin wall!
Página 62 - Easter dawn When all the world is fair, God's angels out of heaven are drawn To list the music there. And while the rose-clouds with the breeze Drift onward, — like a dream, High in the ether's pearly seas Their radiant faces gleam. O when some Merlin with his spells A new delight would bring, Say : I will hear the Moscow bells Across the moorland ring ! The bells that rock the Kremlin tower Like a strong wind, to and fro, — Silver-sweet in its topmost bower, EL MAHDI TO THE TRIBES OF THE SOUDAN.
Página 85 - Now, by the Tower of Babel, Was ever such a crowd? Here Turks and Jews and Gypsies, There Persians haughty-browed; With silken-robed Celestials, And Frenchmen from the Seine, And Khivans and Bokhariotes, — Heirs of the Oxus plain. Here stalk Siberian hunters; There tents a Kirghiz clan By mournful-eyed Armenians From wave-girt Astrakhan; And Russ and Pole and Tartar, And mounted Cossack proud, — Now, by the Tower of Babel, Was ever such a crowd...
Página 78 - Mangu; toot the Khan replied to him: " The Mongols are not ignorant of the existence of a God, and they love him with all their hearts: there are as many, and more ways of being saved, than there are fingers on your hands ; and, if God has given you the Bible, he has given us the Magi,
Página 154 - Victorious chants we'll raise, While the saints look down with loving eyes, And the gems of the altar blaze. Hail to the day when the Eagles And the Cross shall gain their own, As the Patriarch welcomes our Lord, the Czar, To the Caesars
Página 118 - There is no god but God and Mohammed is His Prophet and Ali is His Friend and Mehdi is the Last Imam and Moses is the Word of God and Jesus the Spirit of God. . .Now Hanum, look in the water.

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