Andalucia, Ronda and Granada, Murcia, Valencia, and Catalonia; the portions best suited for the invalid

John Murray, 1855

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Página 146 - The most triumphant death is that of the martyr ; the most awful that of the martyred patriot ; the most splendid that of the hero in the hour of victory ; and if the chariot and the horses of fire had been vouchsafed for Nelson's translation, he could scarcely have departed in a brighter blaze of glory.
Página 29 - Director-General of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland ; and JAMES NICOL, FRSE, FGS, Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen. Constructed by ALEX. KEITH JOHNSTON, FRSE, &c., Geographer to the Queen, Author of the "Physical Atlas,
Página 312 - ... is again given up to the past and to the Moor ; then, when the moon, Dian's bark of pearl, floats above it in the air like his crescent symbol, the tender beam heals the scars, and makes them contribute to the sentiment of widowed loneliness. The wan rays tip the filigree arches, and give a depth to the shadows and a misty undefined magnitude to the saloons beyond, which sleep in darkness and silence, broken only by the drony flight of some bat.
Página 35 - A Symbolic French and English Vocabulary. For Students of every Age, in all Classes; in which the most Useful and Common Words are taught by Illustrations. By LC RAGONOT, Professor of the French Language.
Página 107 - qui ne vaut pas la peine d'être dit, on le chante.
Página 310 - Their faces are barbecued, and their manes cut like scales of a griffin, and the legs like bedposts, with the feet concealed by the pavement, while a water-pipe stuck in their mouths does not add to their dignity.
Página 29 - Volume, size 20 * 13^ inches, consisting of a series of 48 original and authentic Maps, constructed by ALEX. KEITH JOHNSTON, FRGS, Author of the " Physical Atlas," &c., and beautifully engraved and coloured in the finest style by W. & AK JOHNSTON, with a Special Index to each Map. A Cruise in Japanese Waters. By Captain SHERARD OSBORN, CB, Author of " Leaves from an Arctic Journal," " Quedah,
Página 312 - ... the tomb, not the home of the Moor. It may disappoint those who, fonder of the present and a cigar than of the past and the abstract, arrive heated with the hill, and are thinking of getting back to an ice, a dinner, and a siesta.
Página 313 - The baying of the dog and the tinkling of a guitar, indicating life there, increase the desolation of the Alhambra. Then, in proportion as all here around is dead, do the fancy and imagination become alive. The halls and courts seem to expand into a larger size; the shadows of the cypresses on the walls assume the forms of the dusky Moor revisiting his lost home in the glimpses of the moon, while the night winds, breathing through the unglazed windows and myrtles, rustle as his silken robes or sigh...
Página 43 - Differing in plan and execution from many works published with similar intent, ambitious eulogium of the scenery to which the volume is meant to be a guide, has been studiously suppressed. A plain and intelligible account is given of those localities most worthy of the attention of strangers, and of the means by which they can be reached. By adopting this course, space has been found for the incorporation of...

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