The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons from the Restoration to the Present Time ... Illustrated with a Great Variety of Historical and Explanatory Notes ... with a Large Appendix ...


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Página 282 - Much more, sir, is he to be abhorred, who, as he has advanced in age, has receded from virtue, and becomes more wicked with less temptation, who prostitutes himself for money which he cannot enjoy, and spends the remains of his life in the ruin of his country.
Página 283 - The heat that offended them is the ardour of conviction, and that zeal for the service of my country which neither hope nor fear shall influence me to suppress. I will not sit unconcerned while my liberty is invaded, nor look in silence upon public robbery.
Página 282 - Sir, the atrocious crime of being a young man, which the honourable gentleman has with such spirit and decency charged upon me, I shall neither attempt to palliate nor deny, but content myself with wishing that I may be one of those whose follies may cease with their youth, and not of that number, who are ignorant in spite of experience.
Página 119 - I ever offered a reward to any member of either House, or ever threatened to deprive any member of his office or employment, in order to influence his vote in Parliament, there might have been some ground for this charge.
Página 283 - Sir, if this be to preserve order, there is no danger of indecency from the most licentious tongue : for what calumny can be more atrocious, or what reproach more severe, than that of speaking with regard to any thing but truth.
Página 118 - ... can never be prudent for us to engage ourselves in war, especially with Spain, where we have always had a very beneficial commerce. These hopes, it is true, sir, at last proved abortive; but I never heard it was a crime to hope for the best. This sort of hope was the cause of the late convention. If Spain had performed her part of that preliminary treaty, I am...
Página 115 - ... the crowns of France and Spain, with the Imperial dignity, and the Austrian dominions. It was therefore highly reasonable, both in France and us, to take the alarm at such designs, and to think betimes of preventing their being carried into execution. But with regard to us, it was more particularly our business to take the alarm, because we were to have been immediately attacked. I shall grant, Sir, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for Spain and the...
Página 118 - ... war. If our attacks upon the enemy were too long delayed, or if they have not been so vigorous or so frequent as they ought to have been, those only are to blame who have for many years been haranguing against standing armies; for, without a sufficient number of regular troops in proportion: to the numbers kept up by our...
Página 282 - I may perhaps have some ambition to please this gentleman I shall not lay myself under any restraint, nor very solicitously copy his diction, or his mien, however matured by age or modelled by experience.
Página 118 - ... of the whole cabinet council than to me. If there is any ground for this imputation, it is a charge upon King, Lords, and Commons, as corrupted, or imposed upon. And they have no proof of these allegations, but affect to substantiate them by common fame and public notoriety ! No expense has been incurred but what has been approved of, and provided for, by Parliament. The...

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