Handbook for Travellers in Southern Germany: Being a Guide to Würtemberg, Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, &c., the Austrian and Bavarian Alps, and the Danube from Ulm to the Black Sea

J. Murray, 1867 - 633 páginas

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Página 65 - Susanna in the other room ; but whether the ground of this picture has been repainted, or the white horse, which was certainly intended to make the mass of light broader, has lost its brightness, at present the Christ makes a disagreeable string of light.
Página 253 - It is a cataract, which, when the river is full, may be almost compared to that of Schaffhausen for magnitude, and possesses the same peculiar characters of grandeur, in the precipitous rush of its awful and overpowering waters, and of beauty in the tints of its streams and foam, and in the forms of the rocks over which it falls, and the cliffs and woods by which it is overhung.
Página 64 - Rubens in my possession : he never afterwards had so brilliant a manner of colouring ; it kills every thing near it. Behind are figures on horseback, touched with great spirit. This is Vandyck's first manner, when he imitated Rubens and Titian...
Página 65 - ... of light. He has also the defect which is often found in Rembrandt; that of making his light only a single spot. However, to do him justice, his figures and his heads are generally well drawn, and his drapery is excellent; perhaps there are in his pictures as perfect examples of drapery as are to be found in any other painter's works whatever.
Página 268 - They arrest the attention by the singularity and picturesqueness of their forms, by their sharp peaks or horns, sometimes rising up in pinnacles and obelisks, at others extending in serrated ridges, teethed like the jaw of an alligator; now fencing in the valley with an escarped precipice many thousand feet high, and often cleft with numerous fissures all running nearly vertically. They are perfectly barren, destitute of vegetation of any sort, and usually of a light yellow or whitish colour.
Página 283 - That enthusiastic sportsman, led away on one occasion in pursuit of a chamois among the rocks above, by ill-luck missed his footing, and, rolling headlong to the verge of the precipice, was just able to arrest himself, when on the brink of destruction, by clinging, with his head downwards, to a ledge of rock, in a spot where he could neither move up nor down, and where to all appearance no one could approach him. He was perceived from below in this perilous position, and as his death was deemed inevitable,...
Página 55 - TTEAL and SON have observed for some time that it would •*-'- be advantageous to their customers to see a much larger selection of Bedroom Furniture than is usually displayed, and that to judge properly of the style and effect of the different descriptions of Furniture, it is necessary that each description should be placed in a separate room. They have therefore erected large and additional...
Página 474 - Four streets, intersecting each other at right angles, divided the several parts of this great edifice, and the approach to the principal apartment was from a very stately entrance, which is still denominated the Golden Gate.
Página 53 - Each of the Three Volumes or Parts of the Alpine Guide may be had with this INTRODUCTION prefixed, price 1s.
Página 575 - Servians ; so that none of the three parties can intermix for the purpose of buying or selling, nor can they touch each other's goods. On this account the building where the market is held is divided by three partitions, breast high, behind which the dealers of the three nations are congregated. In an open space in the centre is a table, by the side of which the Austrian quarantine officers take their stand, aided and supported by a guard of soldiers with fire-arms and fixed bayonets to enforce order...

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