British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volumen59


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Página 122 - ... it is contrary to experience that a miracle should be true, but not contrary to experience that testimony should be false.
Página 473 - THE HISTORY OF THE REFORM MOVEMENT in the Dental Profession in Great Britain during the last twenty years.
Página 233 - GENERAL' RECEIPT-BOOK : comprising a copious Veterinary Formulary and Table of Veterinary Materia Medica ; Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists
Página 436 - Defervescence of temperature, after its rise with excitement or with apoplectiform attacks, often precedes the other symptoms of toning down to the usual state. 5. Moderate apoplectiform attacks, or moderate maniacal exacerbations, are, however, not invariably associated with increased heat of body. 6. A transitory rise in temperature may occur without any apparent change in mental or physical state to account for it. 7. The evening temperature is usually higher than the morning temperature in general...
Página 449 - ... 10. The most serviceable forms in which to use arsenic, named in the order of their value, are : solution of the chloride of arsenic, solution of the arseniate of potassa, that of the .arseniate of soda, and the arseniate of ammonia, arsenious acid, iodide of arsenic, and the arseniates of iron and quinia ; of as yet untried efficacy, solution of the chloro-phosphide of arsenic and arseniate of antimony.
Página 449 - ... eczema, pemphigus, acne, and lichen, in proper cases and when due regard is paid to the secretory organs, and to diet and other elements of general health; of less certain value in lupus, ichthyosis, sycosis, verruca and epitheliomatous and cancerous diseases ; it is absolutely useless or harmful in the syphilodermata, the animal and vegetable parasitic diseases (except in rare cases), in elephantiasis Graecorum and Arabum, in purpura, true prurigo, herpes zoster, scleroderma, molluscum contagiosum...
Página 5 - ... oil, as well as by the most nutritive articles of diet. But when the disease is ushered in with symptoms of acute bronchitis or pneumonia, with its attendant fever and scanty disordered secretions, it is obvious that such treatment is wholly unsuited for the occasion ; and that...
Página 77 - ... an arched form of the lumbar part of the spine, which cannot be straightened so long as the thigh is straight, or on a line with the patient's trunk. When the limb is raised or bent upwards upon the pelvis, the back rests flat upon the bed; but so soon as the limb is allowed to descend, the back becomes Dislocation upl notch.
Página 79 - ... offer the ordinary resistance to extension and counter-extension, and where the ends of the broken bone have once been completely displaced, no means have yet been devised by which an overlapping and consequent shortening of the bone can be prevented.
Página 350 - Vichy water, which is mainly a strong solution of carbonate of soda, only it is a natural instead of an artificial one. Now it is quite true that with alkalies, provided enough be taken, these deposits will disappear; the uric acid will no longer be deposited; the urine will become less irritating ; the annoying symptoms will be diminished or got rid of. And of course the patient is very much pleased with this new condition of clear urine and disappearance of all deposit. And you will say,

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