Engineering Drawing and Design (A Text-book Of): Including Practical Geometry, Plane and Solid, and Machine and Engine Drawing and Design ...

C. Griffin & Company, 1900

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Página 25 - English and Foreign Boilers with their Heat Efficiencies shown in Fifty Tables — Fire Grates of Various Types — Mechanical Stokers — Combustion of Fuel in Boilers — Transmission of Heat through Boiler Plates, and their Temperature — Feed Water Heaters, Superheaters, Feed Pumps, &c. — Smoke and its Prevention — Instruments used in Testing Boilers — Marine and Locomotive Boilers — Fuel Testing Stations — Discussion of the Trials and Conclusions — On the Choice of a Boiler, and...
Página 49 - GENERAL CONTENTS. — Introduction.— Water Supply: Drinking Water, Pollution of Water. — Ventilation and Warming.— Principles of Sewage Removal. — Details of Drainage ; Refuse Removal and Disposal.— Sanitary and Insanitary Work and Appliances. — Details of Plumbers
Página 30 - TABLE, in place of the usual Fifteen minute computations required. This alone is evidence of the assistance which the Tables ensure to every user, and as every Surveyor in active practice has felt the want of such assistance FEW KNOWING OF THEIR PUBLICATION WILL REMAIN WITHOUT THEM.
Página 38 - Shipping World. Handsome Cloth. Fully Illustrated. Price 7s. 6d. MARINE METEOROLOGY, FOR OFFICERS OF THE MERCHANT NAVY. BY WILLIAM ALLINGHAM, Joint Author of "Navigation, Theoretical and Practical.
Página 30 - INTRODUCTION. — Tool Grinding. — Emery Wheels. — Mounting Emery Wheels. — Emery Rings and Cylinders. — Conditions to Ensure Efficient Working. — Leading Types of Machines. — Concave and Convex Grinding. — Cup and Cone Machines. — Multiple Grinding. — ' ' Guest " Universal and Cutter Grinding Machines.
Página 16 - SKETCHES OF BRITISH BIRDS IN THEIR HAUNTS. BY CHARLES DIXON. The Spacious Air. — The Open Fields and Downs. — In the Hedgerows.— On Open ; Heath and Moor. — On the Mountains. — Amongst the Evergreens. — Copse and Woodland. — By Stream and Pool. — The Sandy Wastes and Mudflats.— Sea-laved Rocks.— Birds of the Cities.— INDEX. "Enriched with excellent illustrations. A welcome addition to all libraries.
Página 40 - Price 6s. A MEDICAL AND SURGICAL HELP FOR SHIPMASTERS AND OFFICERS IN THE MERCHANT NAVY. BY WM. JOHNSON SMITH, FROS, Principal Medical Officer, Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich. ".* The attention of all interested in our Merchant Navy is requested to this exceedingly useful and valuable work. It is needless to say that it is the outcome of many years PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE amongst Seamen. "SOUND, JUDICIOUS, BEALLY HELPFUL."— The Lancet.
Página 27 - EDITION, Revised. With numerous Plates reduced from Working Drawings and 280 Illustrations in the Text. 21s. A MANUAL OF LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERING \ A Practical Text-Book for the Use of Engine Builders, Designers and Draughtsmen, Railway Engineers, and Students. BY WILLIAM FRANK PETTIGREW, M.lNST.CE With a Section on American and Continental Engines.
Página 34 - The standard work on the application of water power." — Gassier s Magazine. Second Edition, Greatly Enlarged. With Frontispiece, several Plates* and over 250 Illustrations. 21s. net. THE PRINCIPLES AND CONSTRUCTION OF PUMPING MACHINERY (STEAM AND WATER PRESSURE). With Practical Illustrations of ENGINES and PUMPS applied to MINING, TOWN WATER SUPPLY, DRAINAGE of Lands, &c., also Economy and Efficiency Trials of Pumping Machinery. BY HENRY DAVEY, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Member...
Página 29 - Lubricants.— VIII. The Systematic Testing of Lubricants by Physical and Chemical Methods. — IX. The Mechanical Testing of Lubricants. — X. The Design and Lubrication of Bearings.— XI. The Lubrication of Machinery.— INDEX.

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