English and Scottish Ballads: Book VIII (pt. 4-25) Historical and quasi

Francis James Child
Little, Brown and Company, 1859

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Página 46 - And take your bows with speed: " And now with me, my countrymen, Your courage forth advance; For never was there champion yet, In Scotland or in France, " That ever did on horseback come, But if my hap it were, I durst encounter man for man, With him to break a spear." Earl Douglas on his milk-white steed, Most like a baron bold, Rode foremost of his company, Whose armour shone like gold.
Página 29 - Dogles, And all that ever with him be. The fattiste hartes in all Cheviat He sayd he wold kill, and cary them away : " Be my feth," sayd the dougheti Doglas agayn, " I wyll let that hontyng, yf that I may.
Página 67 - But the arrow bounded back agen. Then Horseley spyed a privye place With a perfect eye in a secrette part ; Under the spole of his right arme He smote Sir Andrew to the heart.
Página 45 - Lo ! yonder doth Earl Douglas come, His men in armour bright ; Full twenty hundred Scottish spears, All marching in our sight ; All men of pleasant Tividale, Fast by the river Tweed.
Página 47 - Ere thus I will out-braved be, One of us two shall die : I know thee well, an earl thou art, Lord Percy, so am I. But trust me, Percy, pity it were, And great offence, to kill Any of these our harmless men, For they have done no ill : Let thou and I the battle try. And set our men aside.
Página 278 - (quoth young Cordelia then) " Which to your Grace I owe, Shall be the duty of a child, And that is all I'll show." " And wilt thou show no more," quoth he, " Than doth thy duty bind ? I well perceive thy love is small, When as no more I find. Henceforth I banish thee my court, Thou art no child of mine ; Nor any part of this my realm By favour shall be thine.
Página 44 - The hunting of that day. The stout Earl of Northumberland, A vow to God did make, His pleasure in the Scottish woods Three summer's days to take; The chiefest harts in Chevy-Chase To kill and bear away.
Página 52 - Under the greenwood tree. Next day did many widows come, Their husbands to bewail ; They washed their wounds in brinish tears, But all would not prevail. Their bodies, bathed in purple blood, They bore with them away ; They...
Página 102 - Other fifty mile upon the sea, Lord Percy called to Douglas himselfe, Sayd, " What wilt thou nowe doe with mee ? " " Looke that your brydle be wight, my Lord, And your horse goe swift as shipp att sea ; 210 Looke that your spurres be bright and sharpe, That you may pricke her while she'll away."
Página 31 - Both with spear, byll, and brande : Yt was a myghti sight to se. Hardyar men both off hart nar hande Wear not in Christiante.

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