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So meteors flatter with a dazzling dye,

Then flowers in canifters he haftes to bring, Which no existence has, but in the eye.

The wither'd product of a blighted spring i As distant prospects please us, but when near With cold solanum from the Pontic shore, We find but desert rocks and fleeting air ;

The roots of mandrake and black hellebore; From stratagem to stratagem we run,

The griper senna, and the puker rue, And he knows most, who latest is undone.

The sweetener fassafras, are added too; Mankind one day serene and free appear; And on the structure next he heaps a load The next, they're cloudy, fullen, and fevere; Of sulphur, turpentine, and mastic wood; New passions new opinions still excite;

Gums, foffils too, the pyramids increas'd; And what they like at noon they leave at night. A mummy next, once monarch of the east; They gain with labour what they quit with Then from the compter he takes down the file, ease;

And with prescriptions lights the folemn pile. And health, for want of change, becomes dis- Feebly the flames on clumsy wings aspire, case,

And smothering fogs of smoke benight the fire, Religion's bright authority they dare,

With forrow he beheld rhe sad portent, And yet are slaves to superstitious fear.

Then to the hag these orisons he sent : They counsel others, but themselve deceive;

Disease! thou ever most propitious power, And though they're cozen'd still, they still be- Whose kind indulgence we discern each hour! lieve.

Thou well canft boast thy numerous pedigree, () So false their censure, fickle their esteem, Begot by soth, maintain'd by luxury. This hour they worship, and the next blafpheme. In gilded palaces thy prowess reigns,

Shall I then, who with penetrating sight But flies the humble sheds of cottage fwains,
Inspect the springs that guide each appetite; To you such might and energy belong,
Who with unfathom'd searches hurly pierce You nip the blooming, and unnerve the strong,
The dark receffcs rof the universe ;

The purple conqueror in chains you bind,
Be aw'd, if funny emmets would oppress; And are to us your vassals only kind.
Or fear their fury, or their name caress?

If, in return, all diligence we pay
If all the fiends that in low darknels reign To fix your empire, and confirm your sway,
Be not the fictions of a fickly brain,

Far as the weekly-bills can reach around, That prospect, che dispensary they call,

From Kent-Itreet end, to fam'd St. Giles's pound; Before the moon can blunt her horns, shall fall. Behold this poor libation with a smile,

With that, a glance from mild Aurora's eyes And let auspicious light break through the pile. Shoots through the cryftal kingdoms of the skies. He spoke ; and on the pyramid he laid The savage kind in forests ccale to rnam,

Bay-leaves and vipers-hearts, and thus he said: And sots, o'ercharg’d with nauseous loads, reel As these consume in this mysterious fire, home;

So let the curs'd dispensary expire ! Drums, trumpets, hauthoys, wake the slumbering And as those crackle in the flames, and die, pair,

So let its vessels burst, and glasses fly! Whilst þridegroom fighs, and thinks the bride lefs But a sinister cricket straight was heard; fair;

The altar fell, the offering disappear'd. Light's cheerful smiles o'er th' azure waste are As the fam'd wight the onien did regret, spread,

Squirt brought the news the company was met. And mifs fron inns of court bolts out unpaid; Nigh where Fleet-ditch descends in sablc ftreams; The fage, transported at th' approaching hour, To wash his footy Naiads in the Thames; Imperiously thrice thunder'd on the floor;

There stands a structure on a rising hill, Officious Squirt that moment had access, ..

Where Tyros take their freedom out to kill. His trust was great, his vigilance no lcse,

Some pictures in these dreadful shambles tell, To him thus

How, by the Delian god, the Python fell; My kind compassion in this dire affair,

And how Medea did the philtre brew, Which is more light, fince you assume a share; That could in Æfon's veins young force renew; Fly with what haste you us'd to die of old, How mournful Myrrha for her crimes appears, When clyfter was in danger to be cold;

And heals hysteric matrons still with tears; With expedition on the bcadle call,

no more, To summon all the company to th' ball.

Revive in sacred plants, and health restore;

V Away the friendly coadjutor flies,

How sanguine swains their amorous hours repentig Swift as from phial Iteams of hearts-hurn rise. When plealure's past, and pains are permanent; The nagus in the interim mumbles o'er

And how frail nymphs oft', by abortion, aim Vile ternis of art to some infernal power,

To luose a substance, to preserve a game.
And draws mysterious circles on the floor,
But from the gloomy vault no glaring spright.
Ascends, to blast the tender bloom of light.
No niystic sounds from hell's detested womb
In dusky exhalations upwards come.

(a) Thou that wouldīt lay whole states and res And now to raise an altar he decrers,

gious waste, To that devouring harpy cali'd Diseale:

Sovací than vie thy cormorants mould falta


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93 Soon as each member in his rank was plac'd, 'Tis therefore my advice, in hafte we send, The assen:bly Diafenaa* thus address'd :

And beg the faculty to be our friend; My kind confederares, if my poor intent,

Send swarms of patients, and our quarrels end. As 'tis fincere, had been but prevalent,

So awful beadlen, if the vagrant treat,
We here had rer on some no - safe delign, Straight turn familiar, and their fasces quit,
And on no other business but to dipe;

In vain we but contend, shat planet's power The faculty had still maintain'd their sway, Those vapours can disperse it rais'd before. And interest then had bid us but obey;

As he prepar'd the mischief to recite, This only emulation we had known,

Keen Colocynthus paus'd, and foam'd with spits. Who best could fill his purse, and thin the town, Sour ferments on bis shining surface swim, But now from gathering clouds destruction pours, Work up the froth, and bubble n'er the brim : Which ruins with mad rage our halcy in hours : Not beauties fret to much if freckles come, Nifts from black jealousie the tempest form,

Or nofe should redden in the drawing-room; Whilst late divisions reinforce the storm

Or lovers that mittake th' appointed hour, Know, when these feuds, like those ar law, were Or in the lucky minute want the power. past,

Thus he-thou scandal of great Pæan's art, The winners will be losers at the last.

At thy approach the springs of nature start, Like heroes in fea-fights we seek renown;

The nerves unbrace: nay, at the sight of chee, To fire some hostile fhip, we burn our own. A scra:ch turas cancer, itch a leprosy, Whoe'er throws duft against the wind, descries Could'st thou propok, that we, the friends of He throws it, in effect, but in his eyes,

fates, That juggler which another's fleight will show, Who fill churchyards, and who unpeople states, But teaches how the world his own may know. Who baffle nature, and dilpose of lives,

Thrice happy were those golden days of old, Whilst Ruffelt, as we please, or starves or thrives, When dear as Burguudy, ptisans were sold;

Should e'er submit to their despotic will, Wlien patients chose to die with better will, Who out of confolation scarce can kill? Than breathe, and pay the apothecary's bill; The towering Alps fliall rooner sink to vales, And, chcaper than for our assistance call,

And leeches, in our glasses, swell to whales ; Might go to Aix or Bourbon, spring and fall. Or Norwich trade in instruments of steel, Then pricts increas'd, and piety decay'd,

And Birmingham in ftuffs and druggets deal! Churchmen the church's purity betray'd,

Alleys at Wapping furnih us new nodes, Their lives and doctrine flaves and atheili. And Manouth-{treet, Versailles with ridinge made

hoods! The laws were but the hireling judge's fenfe; The fick to th' hundreds in pale throngs repair, Juries were sway'd hy venal evidence. V And change the gravel-pits for Kentish air! Fools were primoted to the council-board,

Our properties 17:uft on our arins depend; Tools to the bench, and bullies to the sword. 'r'is next to conquer, bravely to defend. Pensionis in private were the femace's aim;

'Tis to the vulgar dea:h too harsh appears; And patriots for a place ahandon'd fame.

The ill we seel is only in our fears. But now no influencing art remains,

lo die, is-landing on some Glent shore, For Somers has the scal, and Naffauoreigns. Where hillows never break, nor tenpefts rcar: And we, in spite of our resolves, must bow, Ere well we feel the friendly Itroke, 'tis o'er. And suffer by a reformation too.

The wise through thought th' irsults of death For now late jars our practices detect (b).

defy : And mines, when once discover'd, lore effect. The foots through blest insensibility. Dissensions, like snall streams, are first begun,

'Tis what the guilty fear, the pious crave; Scarce seen they rife, but gather as they run; Sought by the wretch, and vanquish'd by the brave, So lines that from their parallel decline,

It cases lovers, sets the captive free; More they proceed, the niore they still disjoin. And, though a tyrant, offers liberty.

Sound but to arms, the foc shall foon confess Our force increases, as our funds grow less; And what requir'd such industry to raise,

We'll scatter into nothing as we pleale, (6) But now late jars our practices detect,

Thus they'll acknowledge, to annihilate For mines, when once discover'd, Infe ch' effect.

Shews no less wondrous power than to create. Diffensions, like small streams, are first begun,

We'll raise our numerous cohorts, and oppose Scarce seen they rise, but gather as they run,

The feeble forces of our pigniy fues; So lines that from their parallel decline,

Legions of quacks shall join us on the place, More they advance, the more they still disjoin.

Tron grear Kirleus down to Doctor Cafe. 'Tis therefore my advice, in hafte we send,

Though such vile rubbish sink, yet we shall risex And beg the faculty to be onr friend.

Diredors still secure the greatest prize. As he revolving stood to say the rest,

Such poor fupports serve only like a stay: Rough Colocynthus thus his rage exprcft.

The trec once fix'd, its reft is corn away,

* Dare, an apothecary. the Giffrop, an apothecary.

t & celebrated undertaker pf funcrals.



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Or grant

So patriots, in tinie of peace and ease,

some grave pretenders have of late · Forget the fury of the late disease :

Thought hit an innovation to create;
On dangers past serenely think no more,

Soon they'll repent what rally they begun
And curse the hand that heal'd the wound before. Though projects please, projectors are undone.

Arm therefore, gallant friends, 'tis honour's call; | All novelties must this success expest,
Or lec us boldly fighi, or bravely fall!

When good, our envy; and when bad, neglect:
To this the session seem'd to give consent, If reason could direct, ere now each gate
Much lik'd the war, but dreaded much th' event. Had borne some trophy of triumphal state ;
At length, the growing difference to compore, Temples had told how Greece and Belgia owe
Two brothers, nam'd Ascarides *, arose.

Troy and Namur to Jove and to Nassau.
Both had che volibility of tongue,

Then, since no veneration is allow'd,
In meaning faint, but in opinion strong.

Or to the real, or ch' appearing good;
To speak they both assum'd alike pretence; The projed that we vainly apprehend
The elder gain'd his just pre-eminence.

Must, as it blindly rose, as vilely end.
Thus he: 'Tis true, when privilege and right Some menibers of the faculty there are,
Are once invaded, honour bids us fight.

Who interese prudently to paths prefer.
But ere we once engage in honour's cause, Our friendihip, with feign'd airs, they poorly
Find know what honour is, and whence it was.

court (C),
Scorn'd by the bale, 'tis courted by the brave; And boast, their politics are our sopport
The hero's tyrant, and the coward's flave;

Them we'll consult about this enterprise,
Born in the noisy camp, it lives on air,

And boldly execute what they advise.
And both exists by hope and by despair;

But from below, while such resolves they took,
Angry whene'er a moment's ease we gain, Some Auruni Fulminans the fabric fhook.
And reconcil'd at our returns of pain.

The champions, daunted at the crack, retreat,
It lives, when in death's arms the hero lies: Regard their safety, and their rage forget.
But when his safety he consults, it dies.

So when at Bathos earth's big offspring strove
Bigoted to this idol, we disclaim

To scale the skies, and wage a war with Jove;
Reft, health, and ease, for nothing but a name. Soon as the ass of old Silenus bray'd,

Then let us, to the field before we niove, The trembling rebels in confusion fed.
Know, if the gods our enterprise approve.
Suppose th' unthinking faculty unveil
What we, through wiser conduct, would conceal:
Is't reason we should quarrel with the glass
That shows the monstrous features of our face?

(c) If things of use were valued, there had been * The Pearces, apothecaries.

Some workhouse where the monument is seen.


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Not far from that frequented theatre,

Long has this darling quarter of the town.
Where wandering punks each night at five repair; For lewdness, wit, and gallantry, been known.
Where purple cmperors in buskins tread,

All sorts meet here, of whatso'er degree,
And rule imaginary worlds for bread;

To blend and julle into harmony,
Where Bentley *, by old writers, wealthy grew, The critics cach adventurous author scan,
And Briscoe lately was undone by new; And praise or censure as they like the man.
There triumphs a physician of renowo,

The weeds of writings for the flowers they cull;
To none, but such as ruft in health, unknown. So nicely tasteless, so currectly dull!
None e'er was plac'd more fitly, to impart The politicians of Parnassus prate,
His known experience, and his healing art. And poets canvass the affairs of state;
When Burgess deafens all the listening press The cits ne'er talk of trade and stock, but tell
With peals of most seraphic emptiness;

How Virgil writ, how bravely Turnus fell.
Or when mysterious Freeman mounts on high, The country-dames drive to Hippolito's,
To preach his parish to a lethargy

First find a spark, and after lose a nose.
This Æsculapius waits hard by, to ease

The lawyer for lac'd coat the robe does quit,
The martyrs of such Christian cruelties.

He grows a madman, and then turns a wit.

And in the cloister pensive Strephon waits, * Two booksellers,

Till Cloe's hackedy comes, and then retreats;




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97 And if th' ungererons øyngh a fliaft lets fly, Then let us arm, we need not fear fuccess; More fatally than from a sparkling cye,

No labours are too hard for Hercules.
Mirnuillo *, that fani'd Opifer, is nigh..

Our military enligns we'll display;
The trading tribe of thither throng to dinc, Conquest pursues, where courage leads the way.
And want of elbow-room supply in wine.

To this defign fhrill Querpo * did agree,
Clry'd with variety, they surleit there,

A zealous member of the faculty;
Whilst the wan patients on thin griel fare. His fire's pretended pious steps he treads,
'Twas here the chanıpions of the party met, And where the doctor fails, the saint fucceeds.
Of their heroic enterprise to treat.

A conventicle flesh'd his greener years,
Each hero a tremendous air put on,

And his full age the righteous rancour shares. And stern Mirmillo in these words begun : Thus boys hatch game-eggs under birds of prey, 'Tis with concern, niry friends, I meet you To make the fowl more furious for the fray.

Slow Carus † next discover'd his intent,
No grievance you can know, but I must share. With painful pauses muttering what he meant.
'Tis plain, my interest you've advanc'd so long, His sparks of life, in spite of drugs, retreat,
Each fee, though I was mute, would find a tongue. So cold, that only calentures can heat.
And, in return, though I have strove to rend In his chill veins the sluggish puddle flows,
Those statutes, which on oath I should defend ; And loads with lazy fogs his fable brows.
Such arts are trifles to a generous mind :

Legions of lunatics about him press;
Great services as great returns Tould find.

His province is, loft reason to redress.
Aud you'll perceive, this hand, when glory calls, So when perfumes their fragrant scent give o'er,
Can brandilh arms as well as urinals,

Nought can their odour, like a jakes, restore.
Oxford and all ber passing bells can tell,

When for advice the vulgar throng, he's found By this right-arm what mighty numbers fell. With Jumber of vile books besieg'd around. Whilst others meanly ask'd whole months to slay, The gazing throng acknowledge their surprise, I oft dispatch'd the patient in a day :

And, deaf to reason, Till consult their eyes, With pen in hard I push'd to that degree, Well he perceives, the world will often find, I scarce had left a wrerch to give a fee.

To catch the eye is to convince the mind. Some fell by laudanum, and some by steel,

Thus a weak Itace by wife distrust inclines And death in ambush lay in every piil.

To numerous stores, and strength in magazines. For, save or flay, this privilege we claim,

So fools are always most profuse of words, Though credit suffers, the rewards the fame. And cowards nerer fail of longest swords.

What though the art of healing we pretend, Abandon'd authors here a refuge meet, He that designs it least, is most a friend.

And froin the world to dust and worms retreat. Into the right we err, and must confess

Here dregs and sediment of auctions reign, To oversights we often owe success.

Refuse of fairs, and gleanings of Duck lane. Thus Beisus got the battle in the play;

And up these walls much Gothic lumber climbs, His glories cowardice restor'd the day.

With Swiss philosophy, and Ruric rhymes.
So the fani'd Grecian piece own its defert

Hither, retriev'd froni cocks and grocers, come
To chance, and not the labour'd strokes of art. Mede's works entire, and endless reains of Blome.

Physicians, if they're wise, ihould never think Where would the long neglected Collins fly,
Of any arms but such as pen and ink:

If bounteous Carus should refuse to buy? But th' enemy, at their expence, thall find

But each vile scribbler's happy on this score : When honour calls, I'll fcorn to stay behind. He'll find fome Carus still to read him o'er,

He said; and feald th' engageñent with a kiss, Nor must we the obsequious Umbra $ (pare,
Which was return'd by younger Ascaris;

Who soft by nature, yet declar'd for war.
Who thus advanc'3: Each word, Sir, you impart, But when Conie rival power invades a right,
Has something killing in it, like your art, Flies set on flies, and turtles turtles tight.
How much we to your boundless friendship owe, Else courteous Umbra to the last had been
Our files can speak, and your prescriptions show. Demurely meek, infipidly fercnc.,,
Your ink defcends in such excessive showers, With him, the present still somé virtues have;
'Tis plain, you can regard no health but ours. T'he vain are sprightly; and the stupid, grave;
Whilst poor pretenders puzzle o'er a case, The llo:hful, negligent; the foppish, neat;
You but appear, and give the coup de grace. The lewd are airy, and the fly discreet;
O that near Xanthus' banks you had but dwelt, A wren, an eagle; a baboon, a beau;
When llium first Achaian fury felt!

Colt |, a Lycurgus, and a Phocion, Rowe .
The horned river then had curs'd ja vain

Heroic ardour now th' assembly warnis,
Young Peleus' arm, that chok'd his stream with Each combatant breathes nothing but alarnis.

For future glory while the schene is laid,
No trophies you had left for Greeks to raise; Fam'd with Horoscope thus offers to dissuade :
Their ten years toil, you'd finish'd in ten days. Since of each enterprise th' event's unknown,
Fate smiles on your attempts; and, when you lift, We'll quit the sword, and hearken to the gown.
In vain the cowards fly, or brave refift.

+ Dr. Tyron.

# Sir H. Dutton Colt.
Dr. Gibbons.
* Mr. Parrot.

1 Mr. Anthony Rowe. VOL. VII.




# Dr. Howe.

Dr. Gould,

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Nigh lives Vagellius *, ogé reputed long

The gentle Ifis claims the iyy crown,
For strength of lungs, and pliancy of tongue. To bind th' immortal brows of Addison.
For fees, to any form he moulds a cause,

As tunéful Congreve tries his rural strains,
The worst has mèrits, and the best has flaws. Pan quits the woods, the listening fawns the
Five guineas make a 'criminal to-day;

"And ten to-morrow wipe the stain away.

And Philomel, in notes like his, complains.
Whatever he affirms is undeňy'd,

And Britain, since Pausanias * was writ,
Milo's 'the lechet, Clodius th' homicide ;.

Knows Spartan vií tuệ, and Athenian wit.
Câto perniciouś, Catiline a faint,

When Stepney paints the godlike acts of kings,
Orford suspected, Duncomb' innocent,

Or, what Apollo didates, Prior fings;
To law then, friends, for 'r is by fatè decreed, The banks of Rhine a pleas'd attention fhow,
Vagellius, and our money, shall succeed.

And silver Sequana forgets to flow.

thow/ Kdow, when I first invok'd disease by charms Such juít' examples carefully read o'er, To prove propitious to our future arnis,

Slide without falling'; without siraining, foar. IlI ' o mens did the facrifice attend,

Oft' though your strokes surprise, you should not
Nor would the Sibyl from her groc afcend.

As Horoscope urg'd farther to be hcard, A themie to mighty for a virgin Muse.
He thus was interrupted by a hard t :

Long did Apelles his fami'd piece decline;
In vain your magic myfteries you use

His Alexander was his last design.
Such sounds che Sihýl's lacred cars abuse.

'Tis Montague's rich vein alone must prove,
These lines the pale divinity shall raise,

None but a Phidias should attempt a Jove.
Such is the power of sound, and force of lays. The fury, paus'd, till with a frightful sound (1)
$ Arms meet with arms, fauchions with fau- A rising whirlwind burst th’ unhällow'd ground.
u chions clash,

Then she-The deity we fortune call,
“ And sparks of fire struck out from armour flash. Though diftant, rules and influences all.
6. Thick clouds of dust contending warriors raise, Straight for her favour to her court repair;

|| And hideous war o'er all the region brays. Important enballies afk wings of air. [soul,
- Some raging ran with huge Herculean clubs, Each wondering stood ; but Horoscope's great
dc Some masly balls of brass, lonxe mighty tubs That dangers ne'cr alaşnı, nor doubts control,
"Of cinders bore.

Rais'd on the pinions of the bounding wind, Naked and half-burnt hills with hideous wręck Out-flew the rack, and left the hours behind. “ Affriglit the skies, and fry the ocean's back.** The evening now with blushes warms the air,

As he went : umbling on, the fury straight The steer resigns the yoke, the, hind his care. Crawl'd in, her limbs could scarce support her The clouds above with golden edgings glow, weight.

And falling dews refrella the earth below.
A rueful rag' her meagre forehead bound,

The bar with footy wings flits through the grove,
And faintly her furr'd lipš these accents found: The reeds scarce rustle, nor the aspines move.
'Mortal, how dar'it thou with such lines address And all the feacher?d folks førbear their lays of
My awful feat, and trouble my recess?
-373. "Effex marshy hundreds is a céll,

Through the transparent region of the skies,
Where lazy fogs and drizzling vajours dwell : Swift as a wish, the missionary flics :
Thither raw danıps on drooping wings repair,

With wonder he surveys the upper air,
And shivering quartans shake che sickly air. And the gay gilded mercors sporting there;
There, when fatigu'd; some filent hours I pass, How lambent jullies, kindling in tlie night,
And substitute' physicians in niy place.

Shoot through the æther in a trail of light;
Then dare not; for the future, oncs rehearse How riling ltcams in th azure fluid blend,
The diffonance of such untuneful 'verfe;

Or fleet in clouds, or soft in flowers descend;
Butin juur lines let energy be found;

Or, if'the flublorn rage of cold prevail,
And learn to rise in fenfe, and link in sound. In flakes they fly, or fall in moulded häil;
Harsh'words, though pertinent, uncouth appear; How honey-dews embalm the fragrant morn,
None pleale lhe fancy, who offend the eas. And the fair oak with luscious (weats adurn;
In sense and numbers if you would excel,

How heat and moisture mingle in a mass,
Rad Wycherley, consider Dryden will.

Or belch in thunder, or in lightning blaze;
In one, what vigorous'turns of fancy shine! Why nimble corriscations frike the eye,
In th? vther, Syrélis warble in each line.' !

And bold tornados bluster in the sky;
If Dorlet's sprightly Mufe but touch the lyre,
The smiles and graces mielt in foft desire,
And little loves consess their amorous fire.(a)

Afer (a) these lines are omitted:

(6) The fury faid; and vanishing from fight... The Tiber now no gestie Gallus fees,

Cry'd out, To arms'; so left the realnış of light.
Kut smiling Thanics cujoys ber wurmanbys. The combatlits to theuerpside consent,

And the next day fmild on the great eyćat.
* Sir Barth. Slover. + Sir Richard Placis more.
$ King Arthur, ju. 30.7. i King Arthur, p. 347.
☆ Prince Arthur, p. 130

* Pausanias, written by Mr, Norton,

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