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Again with lays they charm the sacred gates, In his commands with signs of homage move,
And graces double, while the fung repeats ; And kiss the gracious offers of his love:
Again within the sacred guardians sing,

Ye fusely perish if his anger flame,
And ask the name of their victorious king; And only they be bless'd that bless his name.
And then again, the Lord's the name rebuunds Thus does the Christ in David's anthems shine,
From tongue to tungue, catch'd up in frequent With full magnificence of art divine;

Then on his subjects gifts of grace beftcw,
New thrones and powers appear to lift the gate, And spread his image on their hearts below;
And David ftill pursue's their enrer'd rate.

Às when our earthly kings receive the gloce,
Oh, prophet! father! whither would'st thou fly? The sacred unction, and the purple robe,
Oh, mystic Israel's chariot fur the sky;

And mount the throne with golden glory crown'd,
Thou, sacred f;irit! what a wondrius height, They scatter inedals of themselves around;
By thee supported, soars his airy flight!

There heavenly fingers clap their vary'd wings,
For glimple of Majesty divine is brought,

And lead the choir of all created things.
Among the shifted prospects of the thought : Relare his glory's everlasting priine,
Dread, sacred sight! I dare not gaze for fear, His fame continued with the length of time;
But fit beneath the finger's feet, and hear;

While, ere the sun shall dart a gilded beam,
And hold each found that interrupts the niind, Or changing moons diffuse the silver'd gleanı;
Thus in a calm by power of verse confin'd.

Where-e'er the waves of rolling ocean fent,
Ye dreadful ministers of God, disuleas'd, Enconipass land with arnis of wide extent.
In blasting tempests be no longer rais'd!

Hail, full of mercy: ready nations cry!
Yedeep-mouth'dthunders, leave your direful groan, Hail, oh, for ever, ever bless'd on high:
Nor roll in hollow clouds around the throne. Hail, oh, for ever on thy beauteous throne!
The still small voice mure juflly will express Thou Lord that workest wondrous things alone !
How great Jehovah did the Lord address.

Still lct thy glory to the world appear,
And you hright-feather'd choirs of endless peace, And all the riches of thy goodness hear.
A while froni tuneful Hallelujah's cease;

But thou, fair church, in whom he fixes love, A while stand fix'd, with deep attentive care, Thou queen accepeed of the Prince above; You'll have the time to sing for ever there.

Behold him, fairer than the sons of mon; The royal Prophet will the silence break,

Evibrace his effer'd heart, and thare his reign ; And in his words Almighty goodness speak.

In Moses' laws they bred thy tender years; He spake (and smild to see the business done), But now to new coniniands incline thine ears, 'Thou art my first, my grcat begotten Son,

Forget thy people, bear no more in mind Here on the right of Majesty sit down,

Thy father's household, for thy spouse is kind. Enjoy thy conquest, and receive thy crown,

Within thy soul let vain affections die, While I thy worship and renown coniplete, Him only worship, and with him comply. And make thy foes the foot-fool of thy feet; So shall thy Spouse's heart with thine agree, For I'll pronounce the long-resolv'd decree,

So shall his fervour ftill encrease for thee.
My sacred Sion be reserv'd for thee.

Come, while he calls, supremely-favour'd queen,
From thence thy peaceful rod of power extend, In heavenly glories drels thy soul within ;
From thence thy Messenger of mercy send, With pious actions to the throne be brought,
And teach thy vanquilh'd enemies to bow, In clofe connection of the virtues wroughe;
And rulc where hell has fix'd an empire now.

Lct these around thee fura garment shine,
Then readyinations to their rightful king

And be the work to make them pleasing thine : The free will offerings of their hearts shall bring, Comc, lovely queen, advance with stately port : In holy beauties for acceptance dress'd,

Thy good companions shall complete thy court, Aud ready with pardon bless'd; With joyful souls their joyful entrance fing, Meanwhile thy dawn of truth begins the day, And fill the palace of your gracious king ; Enlighten'd fubjccs shall encrease the fway; What though thy Moses and the prophets cease, With tuch a splendid and unnumber'd train, What though the priesthood leaves the settled As dews in morning fill the grally plain.

race, This by myself I swore; the great intent

The father's place their offspring well supplies, Has past my sanction, and I can't repent :

When at thy spouse's ministry they riso; Thou art a king, and priest of peace below,

When thy blels'd household on his orders go,
Like Salen's monarch, and for ever so.

And rule for him where-e'er he reigns below.
Allo what thou wilt, 'tis thine the Gentiles' claim; Come, qucen exalted, come; my lasting long
For thy possession take the world's extreme. To future ages shall thy fane prolong.
The kings shall rage, the parties strive in vain, The joyful nations shall thy praise proclaim,
By persecuting rage, to brcak thy reign;

And, for their safety, crowd beneath thy name.
Thou art my Christ, and they that still can be Oh, bounteous Saviour: ftill thy mercy kind,
Rebellious subjects be destroy'd by thee.

Still what thy David sung thy servants find; Bring, like the potter, to severe decay,

Still what thy David sung thy servants see, Thy worthless creatures, found in humble clay; From thee seng down, and sent again to thee. Then hear, ye monarchs, and ye judges hear, They see the words of thanks, and love divine Rejoice with trenibling, serve the Lord with fear; In strains onyferious intcrmingled hine,

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P As sweet and rich unire in costly waves,

At length on wings half-clos'd slide gently down, When purlingi gold the purpled web receives; Andione attempt shall all my labours crowa, And still the church he shadow'd hears the lays, In others' verse the rest be better shewn, In daily service, as an aid to praise.

But this is mure, or hould be more, thine own, At there her temper good devotion warms,

If then the spirit that supports my lines And mounts aloft with more engaging charms : Have prov'd unequal to my large designs, Then, as she strives to reach the losty sky,

Ler others rise from earthly passion's dream, Bids gratitude aflift her will to fly;

By me provok'd to vindicate the theme. In these our gratitude becomes on fire,

Let others round the world in rapture rove, Then fecis its flames improv'd by strong desire; Or with strong feathers fan thc breeze above, Then feels desire in cager wishes move,

Or walk the dusky shades of death, and dive And wish determine in the point of love.

Down hell's abyss, and mount again alive. Such hymns to regulate, and such to raise, But, Oh, my God! may these unartful rhymes Approach, ye founding instruments of praise : In sober words of woe bemoan my crimes. 'Tis fit you tune for him whose holy love,

'Tis fit the forrows I for ever vent In wish aspiring to the choir above,

For what I never can enough repent; And fond to practise ere his time to go,

'Tis fit, and David shews the moving way, Devoutly call'd you to the choir below;

And with his prayer instructs my soul to pray. There, where he plac'd you, with your folenn Then, since thy guilt is more than match'd by me, sound,

And since my troubles should with thine agree, For God's high glory, fill the sacred ground, O Muse, to glories in affliction born! And there, and every-where, his wondrous name May thy humility ny soul adorn. Within his firmanient of power proclaim.

For humblest prayers are most affecting strains, Soft pleasing lutes with easy sweetness move, As mines lye rich in lowly planted veins; To touch the sentiments of heavenly love; Such aid I want, to render mercy kind, Affis the lyre and voice, to tell the charms

And such an aid as here I want, I find : That gently stole him from the father's arms; Thy weeping accents in my numbers run, Gay trenibling timbrels, us'd with airs of mirth, Ah, thought! ah, voice of inward dole begun! Afit the loud Hosannah rais'd on earth;

My God, whose anger is appeas'd by tears, When on ap ass he meekly rides along,

Bow gently down thy mercy's gracious ears; And multitudes are heard within the song. With many tongues my sins for justice call, Full-tenor'd psaltery join the doleful part,

But mercy's ears are manifold for all. In which his agony pofseft his heart;

Those sweet celestial windows open wide, And seem to feel thyself, and seem to show, And in full streams let fost compaffion glide; A rising hcaviness and signs of woe.

There wash my soul, and cleanse it yet again, Sonorous organ, at his passion nioan,

O throughly cleanse it from the guilty stain; And utter forth thy sympathizing groan,

For I niy life with inward anguish fee, In big How murniurs anxious sorrow fpeak,

And all its wretchedness confess to thee. While melancholy winds thine entrails fhake. The large indictment staods before my view, As when he suffer'd, with coniplaining sound, Drawn forth by conscience, most amazing true; The storms in vaulted caverns fhook the ground; And fill'd with secrets hid from hunian eye, Swife cheerful cymbals give an airy strain,

When, foolish man, thy God stood witness byWhed, having bravely broke the doubled chain Then, oh, thou majesty divinely great, Of deach and hell, he left the conquer'd grave, Accept the fad confcflions I repeat, And rose to visit those he dy'd to save,

Which clear thy justice to the world below, And as he mounts in song, and angels sing, Should dismal sentence doom my soul to woe. With grand procession, their returning king, When in the silent wonib my shape was made, Triumphant trumpets raise their notes on high, And from the womb to lightsome life convey'de And make them seem to mount, and seen to fly, Curs'd sin began to take unhappy root, Then all at once conspire to praise the Lord, And through my veins its early fibres shoot ; In music's full consent, and just accord :

And then, what goodness didst thou shew, to Ye fons of art, in such melodious way,

kill Conclude the service which you join to pay, The rising weeds, and principles of ill; While nations fing Amen, and yet again

When to my breaft, in fair celestial flame, Hold forth the note, and fing aloud Amen. Eternal truth and lovely wisdom came,

Here has my fancy gone where David leads, Bright gift, by simple nature never got, Now softly racing o'er the grafly meads;

But here reveal'd to change the ancient blot. Now nobly mounting where the monarchs rear This wondrous help which miercy, pleas'd to grant, The gilded spires of palaces in air;

Continue ftill, for ftill thinc aid I want; Now shooting thence, upon the level flight, And, as the men whom leprofies invade, To dreadful dangers and the toils of fight,

Or they that touch the carcase of the dead, Anon with utmost stretch ascending far,

With hysop sprinkled, and by water clean'd, Beyond the region of the farthest star;

Their former pureness in the law regain'd; As sharpeft,fighted eagles towering fly,

So purge niy soul, diseas'd, alas! within, To weather their broad fails in open lky,

Aud much polluerd with dead works of fina

For such bless'd favourg at thine Hand I fue, She, gently treading all the walks arourid,
Be grace thine hyfop, and thy water too.

Adinic': the springing beauties of the ground,
Then shall my whi:eness for perfection vie The lily, gliitering with the morning dew,
With blanching snows that newly leave the sky. The rose in red, the violet in blue,
Thus, through my mind, thy voice of gladness | The pink in pale, the bells in purple rows,

And tulips colour'd in a thousand fhows: Thus speak the joyful word, I will be clean'd; Then here and there perhaps she pull'd a flower, That all my strength, consum'd with mournful To strew with moss, and paint her leafy bower; pain,

And here and there, like her, I wene along, May; by thy saving health, rejoice again : Chose a bright strain, and bid it deck my song. And now no more my foul offences see,

But now the sacred finger leaves mine eye, O turn from there, but turn thee not from me; Crown'd as he was, I think he mounts on high; Or, left they make me too deform'd a fight, Ere this devotion bore his heavenly Psalms, Oh, blot them with oblivion's endless night. And now himself bears up his harp and palms. Then further pureness to thy servant grint, Go, saint criumphant, leave the changing light, Another heart, or change in this, I want.

So fitted out, you suit the realms of light; Create another, or the change create,

But let thy glorious robe at parting go, For now my vile corruption is so great,

Those realms have robes of niore effulgent show ; It seems a new creation to restore

It flies, it falls, the fluttering filk I see; Its fall'n estate to what it was before.

Thy son has caught it, and he fings like thee, Renew my spirit, raging in my breast,

With such election of a theme divine, And all its passions in their curre arrest;

And fich sweet grace, as conquers all but thine. Or turn their niotions, widely gone astray,

Hence every writer o'er the fabled strearis, And fix their footsteps in thy righteous way; Where frolic fancies sport with idle dreams; When this is granted, when again I'm whole, Or round the fight enchanted clouds dispose, Oh ne'er withdraw thy presence from my soul; Whence wanton Cupids shoot with gilded bows, There let it shine, so let me be restor'd

A nobler writer, strains more brightly wrought, To present joy, which conscious hopes afford. The:nės more exalted, fill my wondering thought: There let it sweetly shine, and o'er my breast The partcd skies are track'd with flames above, Diffuse the dawning of eternal rest;

As love descends to meet ascending love; Then friall the wicked this compassion see,

The seasons fourish where the spouses meet, And learn thy worship, and thy works, from mé. And earth in gardens spreads beneath their feet; For I, to such occasions of thy praise,

This fresh-bloom prospect in the bosoni throngs, Will tune my lyre, and confecrate my lays.

When Solomon begins his song of songs, Unseal my lips, where guilt and phanie have hung, Bids the wrapt soul to Lebanon repair, To stop the passage of ny grateful tongue,

And lays the scene of all his actions there; And let ny prayer and song ascend, my prayer

Where as he wrote, and from the bowcr survey'd Here join’d with saints, my song with angels there; The scenting groves, or answering knots he made, Yet neither prayer I'd give, nor songs alone,

His facred art the lights of nature brings, If either offerings were as much thy own :

Beyond their use, to figure heavenly things. But thine's the contri:e spirit, thine's an heart

Great Son of God! whose gospel pleas'd to throw Oppress’d with forrow, broke with inward smart; Round thy rich glory veils of earthly show; That at thy footstool in confession shews,

Who made the vineyard oft thy church design, How well its faults, how well the judge it knows; who made the marriage-feast a type of thine; That fin with fober resolution flies,

Aflift my verses, which attempt tu trace This gift thy inercy never will despise.

The shadow'd beauties of celestial grace, Then in my soul a mystic altar rear,

And with illapses of feraphic fire And such a facrifice I'll ofer there.

The work which pleas'd thee once, once more inThere shall it stand, in vows of viriue bound,

fpire. . There falling tears thall wash it all around;

Look, or illusion's airy visions draw, And sharp remorse, yet sharper edg'd by woe,

Or now I walk the gardens which I saw, Deserv'd and fear'd, inflict the bleeding blow;

Where silver waters feed a flowering spring, There shall my thoughts to holy breathings fly,

And winds salute it with a balmy wing. Instead of incenfe, to perfume the sky,

There, on a bank, whose shades directly rise, And thence my willing heart aspires above,

To screen the sun, and not exclude the skies, A victim panting in the flames of love.

There fits the sacred church; methinks I view
The spouse's aspect, and her ensigns too.

Her face has features where the virtues reign,

Her hands the book of sacred love contain,

A light (truth's emblem) on her bosom fines, As through the Pfalnis, from theme to theme And at her side the meelest lamb reclines : I chang'd,

And oft on heavenly lectures in the book, Methinks like Eve in Paradise I rang'd;

And oft on heaven itself the casts a look, And every grace of song I seem'd to fee,

Sweet, humble, servent zeal, that works within, As the gay pride of every sealun fhe;

At length bursts forth, and raptures thus begin :


Let him, that him my soul adores above, She cries, Oh present to my ravisa'd breift,
In close comniunions breathe his holy love;

This sweet coinmunion is an inward feast,
For these bless'd words his pleasing lips impart, There fits the king, while all around our heads
Beyond all cordials, cheer the fainting heart. His grace, my spikenard, pleasing odours sheds
As rich and sweet the precious ointments stream, About my soul, his holy comfort flies;
So rich thy graces flow, so sweet thy name

So closely trcasur'd in the bofom lies Diffuses sacred joy ; 'tis hence we find

The bundled myrrh, so sweet the scented gale Affection rais'd in every virgin mind;

Breathes all En-gedi's aromatic vale.
For this we come, the daughters here, and I, Now, says the king, my love, I see thee fair,
Still draw we forward, and behold I dy;

Thine eyes, for mildness, with the dove's compare. I fly through mercy, when my king invites,

No, thou, belov’d, arc fair, the church replies, To tread his chambers of fincere delights;

(Since all my beauties but from thce arise ;) There, join'd by mystic union, I rejoice,

All fair, all pleasant, these communions how Exali my temper, and enlarge my voice,

Thy counsels pleasant, and thy comforts so. And celebrate thy jogs, supreniely more

And as at marriage feasts they (trow the flowers, Than earthly blifs; thus upright hearts adore. With muptial chaplets hang the summer bowers, Nor you, ye maids, who breathe of Salem's air, And make the rooms of smelling cedars fine, Nor you refuse that I conduct you there;

Where the fond bridegroom and the bride recline; Though clouding darkoefs hath eclips'd my face, I dress my soul with such exceeding care, Dark as I am, I shine with beams of grace,

With such, with more, to court rhy presence there. As the black tents, where Ishmael's line abides, Well hast thou prais'd, he says; the Sharon rose, With glittering trophies dress their inward fides; Through flowery fields a pleasing odour throws, Or as thy curtains, Solomon, are seen,

The valley lilies ravish'd fenfe regale, Whose plaits conceal a golden chrone within. And with pure whitenefs paint their humble vale : 'Twere wrong to judge me by the carnal fight, Such names of sweetness are thy lover's due, And yet my vifage was by nature white;

And thou, my love, be thou a lily too, But fiery suns, which perfecute the meek,

A lily set in thorns; for all I fee, Found me abroad, and scorch'd my rosy cheek. All other daughters, are as thorns to thee. The world, my brethren, they were angry grown, Then she; the trees that pleasing apples yield, They made me dress a vineyard not my own, Surpass the barren trees that clothe the field; Among their rires (their vines) I learn'd to dwell, So you surpass the fous with worth divine, And in the mean employ my beauty fell;

So shade, and frnit as well as fhade, is thine. By frailty loft, I gave my labour o'er,

I fat nie down, and saw thy branches spread, And my own vineyard grew deform'd the more. And green protection flourish o'cr my head; Behold I turn; Clay, my soul's desire,

I saw thy fruit, chc soul's celestial food, Where dost thou feed thy flock, and where retire I pull'd, I caited, and I found it good. Torelt that flock, when noon-tide heats arise ? Hence in the spirit to the blissful seats, Shepherd of Israel, teach my dubious eyes

Where love, to fealt, mysteriously retreats, To guide me right; for why should thine abide He lid me forth; I saw the banner rear, Where wandering shepherds turn their flucks a- And love was pencil'd for the motto there. fide?

Prophets and teachers in your care combine, So spake the church, and figh’d: a purple light Stay nie with apples, comfort me with wine, Sprung forth, the Godhead stood reveal'd to sight. The cordial promises of joys above, And heaven and nature smild; as white as snow For hope deferr'd has made me fick with love. His seamless vesture loosely fell below :

Ah! while my tongue reveals ny fond defire, Sedate and pleas'd, he nodded; round his head His hands Tupport me, left my life expire ; The pointed glory shook, and thus he said : As round a child the parent's arms are plac'd, If thou, the lovcliest of the beauteous kind,

This holds the head, and that enfolds the waist. If thou canst want thy shepherd's walk to find, Here ceas'd the church, and lean'd her languid Go by the foot-steps where my flocks have trod,

head, My faints, obedient to the laws of God;

Bent down with jos; when thus the lover said: Go, where their tents my teaching fervants rear, Behold, ye daughters of the realm of peace, And feed the kids, thy young believers there. She sleeps, at leatt her thoughts of forrow cease. Should thus my flocks increase, iny fair delight, Now, by the bounding roes, the skipping fawes, I view their numbers, and compare the light Near the cool brooks, or o'er the grally lawns, To Pharaoh's horses when they take the field, By all the tender innocents that rove, Beat plains to dust, and make the nations yield. Your l'ourly charges, in my facred grove, With rows of gems thy comely cheeks I deck, Guard the dear charge from each approach of ill, And chains of pondani gold o'crflow thy neck, I would not have her wake bus when lie will. For so like gems the riches of my grace,

So relt the church and spouse : my verses fo And so defcending glory, cheers thy face: Appear to languith with the flames you flew, Gay bridal robes a flowering silver {trows, And pansing rest; but not the pause be long, Bright gold engrailing on the border glows. For fill thy Sulonnn pursues the fong.

He spake; the spouse admiring heard the found, Then keep the place iis vicw; lei liveets more raro Then, meekly bending on the facred ground, Than caith produces all the purpled 21;

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Let something folcmn overspread the green, But long expectance of a bliss delay'd
Which seems to tell us, Here the Lord has been! Breeds anxious doubt, and tempts the sacred maid;
But let the virgin still in prospect shine,

Then mists arising strait repcl the light,
And other strains of her's enliven mine.

The colour'd garden lies disguis'd in night; She wakes, she rises : bid the whispering breeze A pale-horn'd crescent leads a glimmering throng, More softly whisper in the waving trees,

And groans of absence jar within the song. Or fall with silent awe; bid'all around,

By night, she cries, a nighư which blots the Before the church's voice, abate their sound;

mind, While thus her shadowy strains attempt to Mew I seek the lover, whom I fail to find : A future advent of the spouse below;

When on my couch compos'd to thought I lie, Hark! my beloved's voice! behold him too! I search, and vainly search, with reason's eye; Behold him coming in the distant view :

Rise, fondly rise, thy present search give o'er, No clambering mountains make my lover stay, And ask if others knew thy lover more. (For what are mountains in a lover's way ?) Dark as it is, I rise; the moon that shines Leaping he comes, how like the nimble roe Shows by the gleam the city's outward lines : He runs the paths his prophets us'd ro show!

range the wandering road, the winding street, And now he looks from yon partition-wall, And ask, but ask in vain, of all I meet, Built till he comes'tis only then to fall,

Till, toil'd with every disappointing place, And now he's nearer in the promise feen,

My steps the guardians of the temple trace, Too faint the fight-'tis with a glass between: Whom thus my wish accosts : Ye sacred guides, lirom hence I hear him as a lover speak,

Ye prophets, tell me where my love resides? Who near a window calls a fair to wake.

'Twas well I question'd ; Scarcel pass'd_then by, Attend, ye virgins, while the words that trace Ere my rais'd sosul perceives my lover nigh; An opening spring design the day of grace.

And have I found thee, found my joy divine ? Hark! or I drean, or else I hear him say,

How faft I'll hold thee, till I make thee mine! Arise, my love; my fair-one, come away;

My mother waits thee, thither thou repair, For now the tempests of thy winter end,

Long-waiting Hael wants thy présence there. Thick rains no more in heavy drops descend; The lover smiles to see the virgin's pain ; Sweet painted flowers their filken leaves unclose, The nists roll off, and quit the flowery plain. And dress the face of earth with varied shows; Yes, there I come, he says, thy sorrow cease ; In the green wood the singing birds renew

And guard her, daughters of the realmıs of peace, Their chirping notes, the silver turtle coo: By all the bounding roes and skipping fawns, The trees that yield the fig already front,

Near the cool brooks, or o'er the grassy lawns ; And knit their blossoms for their early fruit ; By all the tender innocents that rove, With fragrant scents the vines refresh the day, Your hourly charges, in my facred grove Arise, my love; my fair one, come away.

Guard the dear charge froni each approach of ill, O come, my dove, forsake thy close retreat, l'll have her feel my comforts while she will. For close in safety halt thou fix'd thy feat,

Here, hand in hand, with cheerful heart they go, As fearful pigeons in dark clefts abide,

When wandering Salem sees the folemn show, And fase the clefts their tender charges hide. Dreanis the rich pomp of Solomon again, Now let thy looks with modest guise appear, And thus her daughters fing th' approaching scene Now let thy voice salute my longing ear,

Who from the desert, where the waving clouds For in thy looks a humble mind I see,

High Sinai pierces, comes involv'd with crowds? Prayer forms.tly voice, and both are sweet to me. For Sion's hill her fober pace the bends, To save the bloomings of my vineyard, haste, As grateful incense froni the dome afcends. Which foxes (false deluding teachers) waste; It seems the sweets, from all Arabia shed, Watch well their haunts, and catch the foxes Curl at her lide, and hover o'er her head. there,

For her the king prepares a bed of state, Our grapes are tender, and demand thy care. Round the rich bed her guards in order wait, Thus speaks my love : surprising love divine ! All mystic Israel's sons, 'tis there they quell I thus am his, he thus for ever mine.

The foes within, the foes without repel. And, till he comes, I find thy presence still, The guard his ministry, their swords of fight, Where fouls attentive ferve his holy will;

His facred laws, her present state of night. Where down in vales unspotted lilies grow,

He forms a chariot too, to bring her there, White types of innocence, in humble show.

Not the carv'd frame of Solomon fo fair ; Oh, till the spicy breath of heavenly day,

Sweet smells the chariot as the temple stood, Till all thy shadows fleet before the ray;

The fragrant cedar lent them both the wood ; Turn, my beloved, with thy comforts here, High wreaths of silver'd columns prop the door, Turn in thy promise, in thy grace appear,

Fine gold engrail'd adorns the figur'd floor, Nor let such fwiftness in the roes be shown

Deep fringing purple hangs the roof above, To save themselves, as thou to cheer thine own; And silk embroidery paints the midit with love. Turn like the nimble hares that lightly bound, Go forth, ye daughters; Sion's daughters, go; Before the stretches of the fleetest hound;

A greater Solomon exalts the show, Skim the plain chace of lofty Bether's head, If crown'd with gold, and by the qucen bestow'd, And aiake the inountain wonder if they tread. To grace his nuptials, Jacob's monarch rode;

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