A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America, Against the Attack of M. Turgot in His Letter to Dr. Price, Dated the Twenty-second Day of March, 1778, Volumen2

J. Stockdale, 1794

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Página 58 - But whilft they made fo vigorous a war upon the Pope, they could not defend themfelves againft the captains and their adherents. The envy and indignation with which the Guelphs looked upon the Eight, made them grow fo bold and infolent, that they often affronted and abuied them, as well as the reft of the principal Citizens.
Página 66 - enemies are opulent indeed, but divided ; their " difunion will give us the victory, and their " riches, when we have got them, will maintain " it. Let not the antiquity of their blood, nor " the meannefs of our own, with which they fo> " infolently upbraid us, either dazzle or overawe " you. All families having the fame original, " are of equal antiquity ; nor has Nature lliewn «' any partiality in the formation of mankind.
Página 11 - Nedham, as any to be found; — yet the judicial power is here separated, and the people could so little trust themselves or the anziani with this power, that it was given to foreigners. " 'By such discipline in their civil and military affairs, the Florentines laid the foundation of their liberty; and it is hardly to be conceived, how much strength and authority they acquired in a very short time; for their city not only became the capital of Tuscany, but was reckoned among the principal in Italy;...
Página 117 - ... againft the government, and, at the fame time, to confole them in fome meafure after their mourning for the lofs of...
Página 132 - August, 1453, he called the people together into the piazza, and there compelled them, by force of arms, to do that which they would not so much as hear of before. Pitt had also very rich presents, not only from Cosimo and the signiory, but from all the principal citizens, who vied with each, other in their generosity to him ; so that it was thought he had above twenty thousand ducats given him at that time; after 'which he became so...
Página 107 - Italy at that time who furpafied him either in courage, or military (kill, or bodily accomplifhments : and having always commanded the Infantry, they had fuch an opinion of him, that it was generally believed he could influence them to execute any purpofe, and that they would follow him in any undertaking whatfoever. This Baldaccio was very intimate with Neri, for whom he had the higheft efteem on account of his valour and other good qualities, of which he had long been a...
Página 132 - Speaking of the government of Florence, our historian informs us, that " Luca Pitt, a bold and resolute man, being now made gonsalionere of justice, having entered upon his office, was very importunate with the people to appoint a balia ; but perceiving it was to no purpose, he not only treated those that were members of the council with great insolence, and called them opprobrious names, but threatened them, and soon after put his threats in execution: for having filled the palace with armed men,...
Página 106 - ... and thirtyfour of the colleges, though the whole number of them amounted to no more than thirty-feven. All perfons were prohibited to write or receive any letters from them ; every word, or fign, or gefture, that difpleafed the governors, waspunifhed with the utmoft feverity.
Página 94 - Uzzano, and the other heads of that party, were fufficiently aware of thefe bafe artifices, and had feveral private meetings to confider of proper means to prevent the effect of them, yet they could not fix upon any expedient. It was very dangerous, they knew, to connive at them, and not lefs to proceed to open violence : Uzzano himfelf was averfe to any remedies of that kind.

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