Early Lessons: In Four Volumes, Volumen2

Baldwin and Cradock; Longman and Company; Harvey and Darton; J. Booker; Hamilton, Adams, and Company; Simpkin and Marshall; Smith, Elder, and Company; and Houlston and Son., 1833 - 280 páginas

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Página 2 - I should be," said she, as she passed a toy-shop, " if I had all these pretty things !" "What, all! Do you wish for them all, Rosamond?"
Página 8 - Yet, that purple flower-pot. Oh, indeed, mamma, these shoes are not so very, very bad! I think I might wear them a little longer, and the month will soon be over. I can make them last till the end of the month, can't I? Don't you think so, mamma?" "Nay, my dear, I want you to think for yourself; you will have time enough to consider the matter, whilst I speak to Mr Sole about my clogs.
Página 12 - But what shall I do with it, mamma ? " " That I cannot tell." " But it will be of no use to me, mamma." « That I can't help." " But I must pour it out, and fill the flower-pot with water." " That's as you please, my dear.
Página 6 - Rosamond thought that was a great pity. But now her foot, which had been hurt by the stone, began to give her so much pain, that she was obliged to hop every other step, and she could think of nothing else. They came to a .shoemaker's shop soon afterwards.
Página 51 - O, that's my father's voice ; he is dressed ! he is dressed, and I am not half dressed !" Rosamond's eyes were full of tears, and she was a melancholy spectacle, when her mother, at this instant, opened the room door. " What ! not ready yet, Rosamond ! and in tears. Look at this cross face...
Página 190 - Harry, and the blacksmith said that he wished every little boy was as attentive and as useful. He now began to blow his large bellows, which made a roaring noise, and the wind came out of the pipe of the bellows among the coals upon the hearth, and the coals became red, and by degrees...
Página 61 - But tell it to me, notwithstanding," said her mother, smiling, "because the way to prevent yourself from being foolish again is to find out what made you so just now. If you tell me what you think, and what you feel, perhaps I may help you to manage yourself so as to make you wise, and good, and happy; but, unless I know what passes in your little mind, I shall not be able to help you.
Página 174 - ... that was in it. As soon as Lucy had eaten the breakfast, which her mother had given her, she sat down on her stool, and took her work out of her work-bag, and worked some time; then her mother told her, that she had worked an hour, and that she did not choose that she should work any more : so Lucy got up and brought her work to her mother, and asked her, if it was done as it ought to be done? And her mother said, " Lucy, it is done pretty well, for a little girl that is but six years old; and...
Página 10 - I'm sure the flower-pot would make me happy," said she, putting on her old shoe again; "so I choose the flowerpot." "Very well, you shall have it; clasp your shoe and come home." Rosamond clasped her shoe, and ran after her mother. It was not long before the shoe came down at the heel, and many times...

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