The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mrs. Delaney, Rev. from Lady Llanover's Edition

Roberts Brothers, 1879

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Página 272 - But it is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing, and not only when I am present with you.
Página 449 - And yet it is as certain as anything of the kind can be, that there...
Página 41 - Soon after this, lord Peterborough endeavoured to convince her of his partial regard for her; but, agreeable and artful as he was, she remained very much upon her guard, which rather increased than diminished his admiration and passion for her. Yet still his pride struggled with his inclination ; for all this time she was engaged to sing in public, a circumstance very grievous to her, but urged by the best of motives, she submitted to it, in order to assist her parents, whose fortune was much reduced...
Página 77 - King differing so much from the last, that all the pageantry and splendour, badges and trappings of royalty, were as pleasing to the son as they were irksome to the father.
Página 337 - They curl and wear a great many tawdry things, but there is such a variety in the manner of dress, that I don't know what to tell you is the fashion ; the only thing that seems general are hoops of an enormous size, and most people wear vast winkers to their heads.
Página 110 - Hogarth has promised to give me some instructions about drawing that will be of great use, — some rules of his own that he says will improve me more in a day than a year's learning in the common way.
Página 346 - James Saurin, a very celebrated preacher, born at Nismes, 1677, died 1730. He published several works ; amongst others, Discourses, Historical, Critical, and Moral, on the most Memorable Events of the Old and New Testament : Haye, 1735-39.
Página 212 - ... honeysuckles, periwinkles, convolvuluses and all sorts of twining flowers which spread and covered the petticoat, vines with the leaves variegated as you have seen them by the sun, all rather smaller than nature, which...
Página 21 - I was married with great pomp. Never was woe drest out in gayer colours, and when I was led to the altar, I wished from my soul I had been led, as Iphigenia was, to be sacrificed. I was sacrificed. I lost, not life indeed, but I lost all that makes life desirable—-joy and peace of mind...
Página 215 - I'll charm thee thus again. O come, thou Goddess of my rural song, And bring thy daughter, calm Content, along ! Dame of the ruddy cheek and laughing eye, From whose bright presence clouds of sorrow fly: For her I mow my walks, I plat my bowers.

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