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After Sending for the savages of three Rivers, he had all the wares of the merchants of quebec seized, etc.

25. The abbé said in his sermon that he The abbe's cavil. would have benediction of the blessed Sacrament every Thursday in the year, and on saturdays in advent, in honor of Our lady.

27. The shallop returned from three Rivers without the savages; they were detained there by the french.

DECEMBER. 3. We received A second summons to Appear in court for the lawsuit about the 6000 livres.

2. St. francis Xavier's feast falling on the ist sunday in advent, The office for the same was postponed till monday, the 3rd of the month. On sunday, the 2nd of the month, we had benediction, beginning with iste Confessor, Magnificat, the anthem Alma, etc. On Monday, the 3rd of the month, Father Claude pijart said high Mass at 9 o'clock, and preached; the mass was sung with music. At half past 2, vespers were said with music. Collation. All went well.

8. Monsieur Sevestre died happily at noon, Monsieur Sevestre. and was buried next day in the church.

25. The Father Superior said the midnight Christmas. mass; it was sung with music, which was worth nothing. They forgot to sing the Te Deum at the beginning. Our chapel was quite full of people; many received Communion; the Alguonquins were present. The Hurons

Cabaret aux trois


la messe de minuict a 1 hospital qui fut ditte par le P Mercier. le P Piiart La dit aux Vrsulines on sonna chez nous le jer coup a onze. le 2 a onze heures et demi & Le dernier a onze heures 3 quarts. Nostre chappelle estoit toute pleine de Luminaires bien disposez & fut fort chaude tant a cause que le temps fut doux que pour le feu qu'on y auoit mis.

Antoine 8ab8kima me donna des lettres des trois Riuieres. Il estoit arriuè le soir veille de Noel.

26. 2 francois arriuerent de trois Riuieres. la perle et la motte.

le 9 decembre on dressa vn cabaret aux trois riuieres, ou 1 on vendoit aux sauuages du vin deux pots pour castor d hyuer vn pot pour castor d estè... Ce cabaret fut etabli par Mr de la poterie du consentement de quelques habitans: et comme les desordres ne cessoient pas par ce moyen, on se pleignit de ce cabaret. si bien que Mr de la poterie fut oblige d’enuoyer a quebec pour scauoir la volonté de Mr le gouuerneur touchant le dit Cabaret. la Conclusion fut qu'il ne failloit point continuer. on ne laissa pas toutefois de Continuer.

31 le fus saluer Mr L abbè Malade et luy donné le boniour et le bon an par auance.

abbè Quelus malade


Tavern at three


heard midnight mass at the hospital, which was said by Father Mercier. Father Pijart said It at the Ursulines'. We rang the ist bell at eleven, the 2nd at half past eleven, and The last at a quarter to twelve. Our chapel was quite full of Lights, well arranged, and was very warm, both because the weather was mild, and on account of the fire that had been provided.

Antoine Waboukima gave me some letters from three Rivers. He had arrived on the evening before Christmas.

26. 2 frenchmen arrived from three Rivers, la perle and la motte.

On the oth of december, a tavern was set up at three rivers, at which wine was sold to the savages, - two pots for a winter beaver, and one pot for a summer beaver. . . . This tavern was opened by Monsieur de la poterie, with the consent of some of the habitans; but, as disorderly acts were not stopped by this device, complaints were raised against that tavern, insomuch that Monsieur de la poterie was obliged to send to quebec, in order to learn the will of Monsieur the governor with regard to that Tavern. The Conclusion was, that it must not be continued. Nevertheless, it was Continued.

31. I went to greet Monsieur The abbé, who is Sick, and wished him good day, and, in advance, a happy new-year.

Abbé Quelus sick.

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SOURCE: We follow a copy of the original Cramoisy (H. 110), in possession of The Burrows Brothers Company, Cleveland. In this volume appear chaps. i.- xvi.; the rest of the document will be given in Volume XLIV.

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