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that in God alone can consolation, patience, and joy be found, even in the midst of tortures, his sentiments became so happily changed that he cannot sufficiently bless God, or sufficiently praise the Christians, in whom he has observed, in this emergency, examples of a virtue beyond reproach.

One of the Fathers of our Society happened to be at Three Rivers when the Iroquois passed on their return, and was fortunately impelled to go and visit those good Christians in the bonds of their captivity in the enemy's camp. He was so greatly consoled thereby, that he wrote of it in the following terms:

Bene omnia fecit. In truth, my Reverend [20] Father, the judgments of God are wonderful. I have seen the flower of the Huron Congregation carried away into captivity by the Infidels, with many others whose devotion would appear extraordinary even in a Cloister. Praise be to him forever, since bene omnia fecit. You may judge how deeply this has afflicted me, since I had so great an affection for that poor nation. I had the happiness of visiting them three times in the Iroquois camp, about half a league from Three Rivers. I confessed them all, after making them pray to God. Assuredly, faith reigns in their hearts; never have they been more fervent or bold in manifesting their devotion, than on that occasion, in the presence of all the Iroquois. And these showed no aversion to prayer; for, when I seized the opportunity on five or six occasions, in various cabins, to say a word about Paradise and Hell, they always listened to me with great respect.

I found among them a young woman, eighteen years of age, named Agnes [21] Aoendoens, who was ne se feroit pas mieux conseruée dans la pieté. En vn mot ie n'ay point de termes pour vous expliquer tout ce qui s'est paffé dans ce rencontre. Voilà ce que le Pere nous a escrit.

Il n'y auoit pas huit iours qu'il auoit quitté ces bons Chrestiens à l'Ile d'Orleans, où il auoit demeuré auec eux depuis vn an, son obeïssance ne l'en ayant detaché que pour le ioindre à la trouppe de ceux qui sont allez à Onnontaghe.

baptized by the late Father Jean de Brebeuf, and whom I heard in Confession. Truly, I have never seen any one more innocent; a person shut up in a Cloister could not preserve her piety better. In short, I cannot find words which would express to you all that passed on that occasion.” That is what the Father has written to us.

Not more than eight days had elapsed since he had left those good Christians on the Island of Orleans, where he had dwelt with them for a year; and his obedience took him away from them solely that he might join those who were going to Onnontaghe.




ES peuples nous ayant desirés, on enuoia l'année

1655. deux Peres de nostre Compagnie en

leur pays, pour decouurir leurs dispositions pour la [22] Foy & leurs inclinations pour les Fran. çois. Apres qu'ils les eurent pratiqués enuiron fix mois, comme il se voit dans la Relation de l'année precedente, l'vn des deux descendit à Quebec. Quoy qu'il nous parlast auantageusemặt de la bonne volõté de ces Iroquois, il n'effaça pas neantmoins de nostre esprit les defiances que nous auions pris raisonnablement de leurs déloiautés & de leurs trahisons. Si bien que lors qu'il fallut, comme on dit, fondre la cloche, & conclurre l'establissement d'vne Miffion & d'vne demeure en leur païs, nous nous trouuasmes merueilleusement en peine, aussi bien que Monsieur nostre Gouuerneur, duquel dependoit l'affaire en premier reffort. On examina meurement les raisons de part & d'autre: Et on en trouuoit de tres-fortes & de tres-puissantes des deux costés. Nous sçauios bien que le mensonge, les fourbes, les déloiautés estoient presque aussi naturelles à ces peuples que la vie. Nous les cognoiffions tres-portés & tres. accoustumés au sang, au feu & au carnage. Nous nous souuenions de la destruction de [23] nos pauures





S these people had asked for us, we sent, in the

year 1655, two Fathers of our Society to their

country, to ascertain their dispositions toward the [22] Faith and their inclinations toward the French. After associating with them for about six months,- as set forth in the Relation of last year,one of the two came down to Quebec. Although he spoke favorably of the good will of those Iroquois, nevertheless he did not efface from our minds the distrust of their perfidy and treachery that we had, with reason, conceived. Thus, when it became necessary to cast the bell, as the saying is, and to decide upon the establishment of a Mission and a residence in their country, we found ourselves extremely perplexed, as also did Monsieur our Gov. ernor, upon whom the matter devolved at the very start. We fully examined the reasons both for and against; and found very strong and forcible arguments on both sides. We were aware that falsehood, deceit, and treachery were almost as natural to those people as life itself. We knew how much they were addicted and accustomed to bloodshed, fire, and carnage.

We remembered the destruction of [23] our poor Huron Churches, and the cruelties which

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