Journal, Parte2

Most vols. 1794/95-1853, have appendices consisting of reports of various State offices.

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Página 1443 - For the purpose of this act the words "dependent child" and "neglected child" shall mean any child who for any reason is destitute or homeless; or abandoned; or dependent upon the public for support ; or has not proper parental care or guardianship; or who habitually begs or receives alms; or who is found living in any house of...
Página 1444 - In any case where the court shall award a dependent child to the care of any association or individual in accordance with the provisions of this act, the child shall unless otherwise ordered become a ward and be subject to the guardianship of the association or individual to whose care it is committed.
Página 1970 - That any person, firm or corporate body who shall, by himself, herself or themselves, or by his, her or their agent or servants, manufacture, sell, ship, consign, offer for sale, expose for sale, or have in possession with intent to sell, any article of food...
Página 1445 - ... be placed in an approved family home and become a member of the family by legal adoption or otherwise," Second, in the extension of the juvenile court.
Página 2176 - An act in relation to the laying out, opening, widening, straightening, extending or vacating streets and alleys, and the construction of bridges in the several municipalities of this Commonwealth, the grading, paving, macadamizing or otherwise improving streets and alleys, providing for ascertaining the damages to private property resulting therefrom...
Página 1350 - ... or compartments, at or in which voters may conveniently mark their ballots, so that in the marking thereof they may be screened from the observation of others, and a guard rail shall be so constructed and placed...
Página 1512 - An act defining the powers of the several courts of quarter sessions of the peace, within this commonwealth, with reference to the care, treatment and control of dependent, neglected, incorrigible and delinquent children, under the age of sixteen years, and providing for the means in which such power may be exercised.
Página 1679 - Domini one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one, entitled -"An act to provide for the health and safety of persons employed in and about the anthracite coal mines of Pennsylvania, and for the protection and preservation of property connected therewith...
Página 1513 - No railroad or other corporation, or the lessees, purchasers, or managers of any railroad corporation, shall consolidate the stock, property, or franchises of such corporation with, or lease or purchase the works or franchises of, or in any way control any railroad corporation owning or having under its control a parallel or competing line...
Página 1661 - Home for the Training in Speech of Deaf Children Before They Are of School Age.

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