Text-book on the Steam Engine

C. Lockwood and Company, 1880 - 296 páginas

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Página 11 - Physical Geology, " which sets forth the Leading Principles of the Science; and "Historical Geology, " which treats of the Mineral and Organic Conditions of the Earth at each successive epoch, especial reference being made to the British Series of Rocks. By RALPH TATE.
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Página 51 - Heat is a very brisk agitation of the insensible parts of the object, which produces in us that sensation from whence we denominate the object hot ; so what in our sensation, is heat, in the object is nothing but motion.
Página 21 - Any persons wishing to acquire knowledge cannot do better than look through Weale's Series and get all the books they require. The Series is indeed an inexhaustible mine of literary wealth." — The Metropolitan. " WEALE'S SERIES has become a standard as well as an unrivalled collection of treatises in all branches of art and science.
Página 5 - The chief merit of the work is its practical character. . . . The workers in the trade will speedily discover its merits when they sit down to study it.

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