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Art. IX. Major-General Sir Howard DOUGLAS, Bart. &c. on

Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Mi-

litary Operations,


X. Experiments on the Expansion and Contraction of

Building Stones, by Variations of Temperature.

By William H. C. BARTLETT, Lieutenant United

States Engineers,


XI. Observations on Saline Crystallization. By Henry

Ogden, M. D., Extraordinary Member of the Royal

Medical Society of Edinburgh. Communicated by

the Author,


XII. On the Magnitude of the Ultimate Particles of Bodies;

Infusory Animals not formed immediately from

Dead Matter; Extraordinary Minuteness of the

Infusoria ; Improved Arrangement of the Infuso-

ria; Marvellous Multiplication of the Infusoria ;

Estimate of the relative Value of the Microscopes

of Chevalier, Ploessel, and Schiek. By Prof. C.

G. EHRENBERG of Berlin,


XII. Outline of the Geology of the Bhurtpoor District.

By James HARDIE, Esq. Bengal Medical Esta-

blishment. Communicated by the Author, 328

XIV. Meteorological Tables, deduced from a Register of

the Weather, kept at Bancoorah in the East

Indies, during the Years 1827 and 1828,


XV. On the Graphite or Black-Lead of Ceylon,


XVI. Analysis of several Indian, Chinese, and New Hol-

land Coals. By J. PRINSEP, Esq. Secretary to the

Physical Class of the Asiatic Society of Calcutta, 347

XVII. On the Fossil Flora,


XVIII. Notice by Dr GRAHAM of Botanical Excursions into

the Highlands of Scotland from Edinburgh this



XIX. Description of several New or Rare Plants which

have lately flowered in the neighbourhood of

Edinburgh, and chiefly in the Royal Botanic

Garden. By Dr GRAHAM, Professor of Botany

in the University of Edinburgh,


XX. Celestial Phenomena from October 1. 1832 to January

1. 1833, calculated for the Meridian of Edin-

burgh, Mean Time. By Mr GEORGE INNES, As-

tronomical Calculator, Aberdeen,


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