Ollendorff's New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the Italian Language Adapted for the Use of Schools and Private Teachers with Additions and Corrections by Felix Foresti

D. Appleton & Company, 1846 - 533 páginas

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Página 470 - Being one day called out of his study into the next room, Diamond was left behind. When Sir Isaac returned, having been absent but a few minutes, he had the mortification to find that, Diamond...
Página 533 - On the contrary, modern authors, influenced by the existing principles relative to social improvement, and by a philosophical criticism far superior to that of the ancients, wrote in Italy, as elsewhere, with more depth of thought, freshness and vigour of style, and in a tone and spirit more in accordance with the opinions and taste of the present time ; and it is quit* probable their writings will be more relished by the readers of to-day.
Página 139 - You have neither been in mine, nor in that of my friend, but in that of the Englishman. 98. Has the Italian been in our warehouses, or in those of the Dutch ? — He has neither been in ours nor in those of the Dutch, but in those of the Germans. — Hast thou already been at the market ? — I have not yet been, but I intend to (Obs.
Página 110 - It is the third, (Lesson XIV.) — What day of the month is it to-morrow ? — To-morrow is the fourth. — Are you looking for any one ? — I am not looking for any one. — What is the painter looking for ? — He is not looking for any thing. — Whom are you looking for ? — I am looking for your son.

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